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  1. A look ahead

    The ravens might lose their next three. Bengal fans need to recite the wishy wyche philosophy: really good offense beats really good defense; reallly good offense and good defense gets you to the superbowl.
  2. chiefs assessment

    I've been critical of the defense all along, but his week they played like a unit. Hawkins played well in the unit. Individually he stinks but he shined in the role given to him. The offense is capable of 30 points per week. The special teams need alot of work. The first half was ugly, but Warick's return made up for alot. He makes me nervous every time he fields a punt. Hopefully it will become because I expect a score every time. Coaching is excelllent, but game management can be imroved. Defense A Offense B Special teams C+ Coaching B+ I like the trend of the game (not provided).
  3. Corey Dillion - well pumped up!

    You make a good point scottish lad. He was indeed fired up about running backward into a mass of humanity to gain a yard and a half. He doesn't look like the back that could run when he wanted but I'm sure he is hurt. Rudi is the now. If CD gets healthy the team formerly known as the bungles may shock the world.
  4. Peter Warrick

    Peter Warrick is a great example of the new coaching staff maximizing their weapons. Apparantly he has been misused for years, but I do cringe often when he fields punts. Unfortunately it's the whole unit. IF THE PLAYOFFS ARE TO BE MADE THEN SPECIAL TEAMS WILL BE A BIG FACTOR!
  5. Corey is now the number two back on this team. Healthy or not, Rudi gets the ball until he cannot perform effectively. Hopefully CD will get his body and mind healthy enough to boared this playoff bound ship. Two good backs, a capable QB and a peaking Defense can go a long way. Especially if special teams can contribute with field position and points. ps if CD wants to be a bengal in 2004 then he might need to take a pay cut.
  6. Poll on ESPN!!

    What Parcells has done is impressive. I have yet to see a cowboy game, but I noticed that the tuna coaxed a good back out of retirement in Adrian Murrell. Fortunately their running back situation had an obvious resolution; letting emmitt go. Perhaps the bengals now have such a situation. BUT my vote for coach of the year right now goes to Coach Lewis, I just can't get myself to call him Marvin. Maybe it's the name. KUDOS to coach Lewis!
  7. Marvin Gives a Game Ball to...

    I am happy Mikey seems to have finally done something right. Kijana was the worst player on that penn state team...... Hopefully coach lewis will develop his game time management to the level of his pregame management and then the bengals will really be something. We should have made that field goal.
  8. Marvin Gives a Game Ball to...

    lest never forget Mike Brown's bungling precipitated the bungles
  9. we beat the Chefs, but what .........

    PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR or BUST. The ravens can't score enough to win against a decent offense, so there's one win. The steelers are struggling and coach lewis will not lose to a mentor twice in one season. The browns are a wayward ship. Flutie is too old for this defense. SanFransisco is a jekyl and hyde. Who ever their other opponent is might win. Sum it up and a 5-1 finish is possible. Who Dey! not dem cherkifs.
  10. whoDEY?!!!!

    I was the first to say Begals 41 Chiefs 37. I may be off of my rocker, but I believe that if it's close then the bungles will win going away. Now we need to shut up and play the game. but side note: If CD plays a significant amount then the bungles will likely lose. mohamad yaweh brigham young peace cropdog
  11. Weeks ago, when corey dillon popped his mouth off I suggested getting a veteran, benching him and docking him for conduct detrimental to the team. I suggested a back named Adrian Murrell. Check out this link http://www.usatoday.com/sports/football/nf...owboys/home.htm Good backs aren't hard to find if you have scouts. Fortunately we have more now than last year.
  12. 9and 0 here we come

    WHO DEY!!!!! I need no reason to justify my belief in the bungles winning 41-37 sunday. Oops, I mean BENGALS. Old habits are hard to break. Call it religion if you will. If I need a reason to believe then it is because I think Dick Vermeil wants to lose this game. He is a motivator. You have to lose some time in the nfl. It's just a matter of how many.
  13. Dillion

    Everyone wonders why I rail on Mike Brown. Perhaps the contract for Dillon is realization enough that the man don't know football. For years CD fans have been blinded by how dire the franchise was/is. (I still don't know if coach Lewis can right this wayward ship, but he is off to a darn good start.) As if one player can save your franchise from mismanagement, misappropiations, rampant nepotism and an owner that has no clue on football, yet insists on operating the team like his great-late father. The team has stank since mikey's been in charge and we still need a few years to purge his decade + of bad decisions.
  14. The Defense hasn't been stellar, but as several people have mentioned, they've avoided the big play. What is big? I remember tuxan scores that came quickly, very quickly. The secondary is slow, but efficient and much improved. In fantasy terms, if you had Boomer's offense you'd win alot, but Kitna is no Boomer, but he has been very efficient. Which reminds me: Why didn't we draft a safety? but Kaeshevaharn is better there than wherever he was before, much better. Kudos to the coaches most of the time. Aside: Special teams better step up if there is to be any chance of victory sunday.
  15. assessment

    Today on offense is what I expect from the team. Unfortunately, the defense STINKS. The special teams are WORSE. Can anyone return a kick? Say goodbye CD or get on board. The ship will sail through the chiefs this week. Brashness says a 41-37 win is in the mix. whe dey? not CD
  16. Houston predictions

    No Dillon equals Bengals win; 31-10. Dillon plays and we Bungle 12-10. Rudey! (or any other young hungry back) Trade CD and Mike Brown. (perhaps keep the one who gave us hope (again) with coach Lewis.)
  17. comic tragedy

    Sunday reminded me of why I still pay attention to the good old Bengals. I've come to enjoy the comic-tragic element that every game brings. I much prefer to expect the worst than win. Futility is so much more difficult.
  18. is it time for carson palmer?

    NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!! Who dey gonna play? CD STINKS, give the ball to Rudi. ALL IN THE JOHNSON FAMILY. BUT MAYBE?
  19. Overall. Kitna STANK today, but so did the WHOLE team. Kitna's play today reminded me of the times I've called for his head. The defense is as porous as lava. Why does every rookie back run like a great one against us? Special teams. The new punter seemed good but he's no better. I still wonder about Warrick returning punts. Sometimes he's terriffic but mostly its nail biting. Coaching. We seemed to be playing to lose. Maybe it's a fox in sheep...whatever. I love what Marvin has done, but Mike Brown is still in the house!
  20. Dillon wants out?!

    I'd like to see the numerical comparisons. Greatest is very subjective. I never heard Walter Payton crying like a dillon. He said nothing when the Fridge was given the gimme touchdown in the superbowl!!!!! CD would have been committed to the asylum. CD and the Bengals' time has passed. Hopefully Marvin can motivate him to play at a 3 yard per carry clip the rest of the year and generate an amicable divorce in the offseason. Why did Mike Brown, the root of all bengal woes, sign him to this contract? I sure miss PB.
  21. Dillon wants out?!

    Yes Dillon has a rookie rushing record and held the single game mark for awhile. He also has the dubious career records for most plays that went for NEGATIVE YARDS and for total NEGATIVE YARDS. Wake up Bengals fans, CD is a liability that needs to be shown the exit.
  22. Dillon wants out?!

    I have wanted to be rid of Corey Dillon for years. I had hoped that he would not make it through training camp. Unfortunately we're stuck with him for the rest of the year. Perhaps they can suspend him for conduct detrimental to the team. Then after he misses a paycheck or two his attitude will change. I have predicted for weeks that he will not be a bengal next year. He is a premadonna that has had a few BIG games, but otherwise has been a durable mediocre back. Another possibility is to place him on IR and go get an unsigned veteran (like Adrian Murrell) or a rookie off of someones practice squad. I think Ickey (the current) could have gotten the yards Dillon has this year.