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  1. Sick of palmer immitating manning (the good one)

    I dunno Matt. A lot of Palmer's shots aren't showing up in the form of sacks. He's getting rid of the ball early causing disastrous third down attempts (as per Hair) and interceptions introducing the question: "Why aren't the refs calling hits below the QB's knees as per the rules?" I haven't seen too many knee shots, but I will concede (and if I weren't so lazy I'd compile some stats on this) that he is being hurried some, but I do not know if it's any more than any other QB. I'd say at least one and maybe two of last Sunday's INT's were a direct result of palmer assuming this player would be here because of his at the line shenanigans. Line up and PLAY BALL. On a side note, the packers showed yesterday that running the ball isn't that important UNTIL THE FOURTH QUARTER. peace love and a bengals win will bring happiness
  2. Sick of palmer immitating manning (the good one)

    Exactly. The offense isn't dictating squat. When the offense is loaded taking what you want should be the order of the day not what the D will give. Yeah willie, braham wah wah.....Palmer isn't taking a beating so there isn't too much there to the line stinking. Maybe they stink at run blocking, but you have to try to run the ball to find out that you cannot. I'd like to say it's all Brat's fault, but this manning immitation makes that difficult. I just would like to see them line up and dictate the game rather than the other way around.
  3. Sick of palmer immitating manning (the good one)

    I am not 'blaming' palmer for anything more than trying to do too much. I think the O would be more effective if they trusted the play called and didn't try to supersize every snap. The defenses are catching up, or is it have caught up, to this nonsense at the line of scrimmage.
  4. Titans @ Bengals prediction

    Being the homer that I am, I'll pick the bengals as I do every week. Thank gawd I don't wager.
  5. examining the hysteria

    I apologize if these points have already been made. There is a serious over reaction going on about the team and all this fire Coach Lewis rhetoric. I've examined the performance of the previous Bengal coaches. This is what I found Lewis finished his first three years at 27-21, making his current record 29-26. Coincidently, after three years Wishy Wyche stood at 25-23 and earily in his fourth season the team stood at 2-5 through the first seven, leaving his record at 27-28 at that point. The team did finish 7-9. Forrest Greg rocks his first three at 25-16, but one of those was a strike year. His best three were 32-25. The great Paul Brown went 15-26-1 in his first three with an expansion team making shewlala's 11-37 and costless's 14-34 first three years (yes there were more) look down right awful. P.B. did manage a three year run of 28-14. So there is the coaching history (minus a couple of forgetable seasons) and Lewis looks pretty good to me at this point. He does need to establish an identity that is not thug related. I like what is going on with the defense. They have won the second half the last two times out. The offense has issues and I'll call for Bratkowski's head again as I have for YEARS. The idea of trading Chad almost got me banned over two years ago from this site reference http://www.pro-football-reference.com/teams/cinindex.htm
  6. Honoring Bengalszones Top 50 "Old Timers"

    You know yourself well. Great find OX. I think it was my need to vent that lead me here.
  7. Honoring Bengalszones Top 50 "Old Timers"

    It's an honor to be included since I haven't been around much lately. I looked for my first post, but couldn't find it. I would guess it was something about getting rid of Corey Dillon.
  8. Celebratory Boobs/Boobiemiester Is Back

    very nice OX. who is she?
  9. Celebratory Boobs/Boobiemiester Is Back

    I don't know about one of your pics Billy. It kind of looks like Michael Jackson got him some gigantic implants. Otherwise great post.
  10. Ben-Gals

    LOL If you scroll until the face disappears they all look okay....except the one with the shaved belly
  11. Rutgers.

    I'm not ready for preseason just yet. But, if Rutgers can keep the jersey boys in state then they should have a quality team for a long time. Having said that, I don't see how the dynamic duo in Morgantown will not be the favorite in the East.
  12. who is number one?

    Now that the buckeyes have been beaten badly, who would you vote number one? If I were a voter in any poll I would have a hard time not casting my ballot for BOISE STATE. Snicker if you like, but they are 13-0 and have beaten some quality teams.
  13. who is number one?

    I like the way this thread is morphing And I cannot believe the buckeyes stayed so highly ranked.
  14. Ohio State Buckeyes @ Florida Gators

    My response too. I had been avoiding this forum because of all the blind buckeye love. This quote is my sentiment “Honestly, we’ve played a lot better teams than them,” Moss said. “I could name four or five teams in the SEC that could probably compete with them and play the same type of game we did against them.” It's a shame (sham?) that the best teams do not get to play. Once meatchicken was destroyed by USC I thought the buckeyes were in trouble. Is Florida the best team? I do not know. Did the big ten even win a bowl game?
  15. Michigan/OSU is here!

    Even if it is homerish of me, I have to agree. OSU cleaned Michigan's clock despite the score. It's not suprising that the defenses looked weaker than usual, each team has dominant offensive capability, especially OSU. Mistakes are part of the game, but Troy has shown great ability to minimize his mistakes. Despite Troy making some huge mistakes, OSU still pulled out the win. Is there a team out there that never looks "beatable"? I am confident OSU can beat any team out there this year except possibly themselves (boy did they try it yesterday too). What makes you think that USC, CAL or any other college team is likely to beat OSU? How about minus three in the turnover department? How about the phantom defense allowing a "outmanned Michigan team" to score at will (except when the D had its back to the wall). Clock cleaning or not, the final score doesn't indicate that to have been the case. Granted OSU could have put them away many times (and if they are a great team they would have. Gawd forbid a rematch. Neither team has that dominant look that 13-0 teams have had over the years. That's all I am saying. This season is a great example of everything that is wrong with crowning a national champion in football. Somehow choice must be removed from this determination. I'm still miffed at winning your conference but not playing the other good/great teams in it (thinking Wisconsin might give the buckeyes more than they want to handle.) At least the SEC, big 12 and the others have a remedy for this. The big ten needs to address this.
  16. Michigan/OSU is here!

    After watching the game, I say both teams look very beatable. Sure they played well at times, but at other times both teams looked kind of JV-ish. (think about snapping the ball, poor tackling etc, disappearing defenses). From their performance yesterday, I don't think (nor see how) you can determine that Michigan is the second best team in the country. Great teams put a +3 defensive performance into the win column. BUT give OSU credit. Their defense stood tall when it had too. Random other thoughts: I think both defenses would struggle against WVU. Neither defense looked fast enough to me. I watched the first half of the CAL/USC game and both those teams looked (to me) every bit capable of hanging with both the Buckeyes and Wolverines. Going out on a limb here I say neither OSU nor Michigan will win the national title UNLESS they play each other or OSU gets to whip up on Notre dame.
  17. Louisville and Rutgers

    Give me a break. Your presumptious position disregarding rutgers and everyone else in an 'all hail to OSU' is sickening. So they beat texas BFD, so did Kansas state I imagine you were in the boat that WVU had no chance in last year's sugar bowl. I will be pulling for Michigan this week so all this Buckeye blind love will disipate. And since OSU has not and will not play Wisconsin, I will be unable to call them big ten champs (if your scenario plays out). I do agree with you in that a rematch of any kind is bad for college football. All this makes me less of a college football fan. Why can cinderella exist in every sport except football?
  18. U of L vs. WVU

    I know most everyone on the board loves the buckeyes, but there was always a little love for the mountaineers too. I'm going out on a limb and predicting a big mountaineer victory tonight, maybe by as many as ten points. Whatever the outcome, since OSU and UM play later, the debate for number two will continue. If the winner tonight wins out and the other game doesn't end in a 0-0 tie, then I say that team will be worthy of a title shot. It may make no difference though because the buckeyes look awfully good.
  19. Louisville and Rutgers

    Now if they can only go to Morgantown and win. I say it won't happen. But if it does then rutgers deserves a shot at the title.
  20. Louisville and Rutgers

    I'm listening and it's 15-8 somehow. I haven't been listening carefully. Now that dishes are done and wife is resting I'll give it a more careful analysis. A Rutgers win would be oh so interesting.
  21. U of L vs. WVU

    You're right... Wisconsin is playing well, but they have a loss in the conference. Even if the Big 10 attempted to fix this with a championship game, it would just be a re-match of OSU Michigan... because Michigan would be tied with Wisconsin having only one loss in the conference... but they beat Wisconsin. Sorry that OSU didn't play Wisconsin... but maybe they are the lucky ones. When the schedules were determined I doubt anyone thought OSU was trying to avoid a tough match-up... but you could say the opposite is true for Wisconsin. P.S. the SOS stat is determined by computers. It takes into consideration the records of the teams they play, and also takes into consideration the teams they played play. In other words, if Louisville were to beat Boise State, it would help their SOS... but not much. The reason is because even though they are undefeated, Boise State hasn't played anyone with who has beaten anyone... and so on. It's fairly confusing to explain... but it is a good stat. That's why they play the games I want leagues with round robins. eff all this championship game crap, television is ruining sport. why cannot a game be tied? honor. BUT How does a schedule have any strength before the season has begun? Perhaps all the preseason crapola has been filtered from this thing by now (which partially explains why losing to louisville didn't hurt wvu in the computers) Rutgers
  22. U of L vs. WVU

    Whatever you say buddy. Nevermind that Ohio State's Stength of Schedule is stonger than any team in the Big East... including WVU and Lousiville. Nevermind that despite that fact, Ohio State continues to have the largest margin of victory average in the country, outscoring their oppponents 340-76 (an average of 26.4 pts/game). Nevermind that in all of the polls, the highest ranked one-loss team is Texas... a team that OSU beat like a red-headed step child in their house. Yep... WVU beat the Terps. I've got no argument. Once again I'll say Texas is over rated. OSU is really good. Michigan looks pretty good. Wisconsin is playing really good football, but OSU will not play them so any big ten trophy they might win should have an asterics. It's a shame that conference allows this to happen. Just because Texas had a great team last year doesn't mean they are great this year. They still have A&M on the schedule and a likely big 12 championship game, so another loss is likely for them. No one in the sec will finish with one loss IMHO. So that leaves Louisville (who I think might be upset by Rutgers tonight). God forbid Rutgers finishing undefeated. I hate the strength of schedule stat. What is it and how is it determined????? I know what it's supposed to measure, but I doubt it's a quality stat.
  23. U of L vs. WVU

    This is part of what I dislike about college football today. You cannot have a great team for one season and be considered championship caliber. Let's examine this weekend's games. Maryland beats Clemson At Clemson (WVU THUMPED the terps earlier this year, but they haven't played anyone, right ) Mississppi State thumped Alabama at alabama (WVU thumped MSU at MSU, but they haven't played anyone ) Meanwhile, OSU squeeked past Illinois, the perenial power. Michigan BARELY beats ball st (ball state I cannot stop laughing) yet these are great teams??? Give me a effing break. The SEC is well the SEC and Florida is not a very good football team. They will lose another before the year ends, so forget about them. Same goes for Arkansas and Auburn. If Louisville runs the table they shoud play the MU-OSU winner for the title. But the way those two played yesterday it's imaginable that both of them will have a loss by the end of the year.
  24. Chad fined

    I don't think that we have ever agreed before
  25. U of L vs. WVU

    I'm here to eat a plate of crow You cannot lay the rock on the ground and win. Oh and you have to cover punts. It was painful to watch in many ways. The good news for WVU fans is neither Slaton nor White can go to the NFL next year. Louisville is very impressive offensively. If they have a meltdown at rutgers things will get interesting in the BCS picture. I'm now thinking the Big East will finish in a three way tie between UL, WVU and Rutgers each with one loss. Speaking of gaudy defensive numbers, check out Rutgers'. I've watched Auburn a few times and they play really good defense, but where's the Offense (same for Florida). I doubt either team could score enough points to beat Louisville (or WVU).