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  1. Once a NFL player, now broke!

    This has me thinking.....has anyone seen a study about the financial health of retired veterans? With the average 'career' being about three years, I would bet that being broke is a common occurence. edit googling .....60% of nba players are broke within five years of retirement. http://www.briancuban.com/why-athletes-go-broke/
  2. He's having surgery! He's having surgery!

    staph how about the work on the wrong ankle ange scrap his career just kidding
  3. I don't know that vindicated is the right word. Odell had a lot of potential as being our big time LB and I hate to see that shot. However, if I'm piecing the puzzle together correctly, the whole issue appears to revolve around him missing a league substance test. If you are the Bengals and you know he's in Georgia longer than anticipated, you probably realize he didn't make it back for the test, also realizing that means he's going on another long vacation from the NFL. The best I'll say is that I'm glad the Bengals anticipated a problem and addressed it instead of hiding from it as is team policy and/or history. Maybe we are turning a corner. vindicated may not be the perfect word. But there were some scraps in a few threads about this.
  4. Hope all but lost for Odell

    If he is not under contract with any nfl team, how could he be required to take a test??? I don't get it.
  5. Look who changed his mind

    he is a cancer that needs to go, maybe worse than the villain dillon. eff ocho stinko chad is living off his reputation now. His best play is in the past....yeah he made the probowl last year but only after about ten receivers begged out.
  6. I must say that everyone who suspected more to the odell situation must feel vindicated. kudos to the bengals for being proactive and not reactive. I hope to see more of it in the future.
  7. Old school

    Great post billy. I remember the day very well. I didn't see much of the game as I was pasting the parking lots with flyers to make some dough. But we managed to get into a bar by fountain square at the beginning of the fourth quarter. Boy was it a crazy seen as the game ended. The square was packed with screaming fans. Seeing how we couldn't get out of town for a bit we headed down to Ogdens and sent our good buddy home with a woman of a certain size he wouldn't have touched without the euphoria in the air. (although she might have said the same about him) great times.
  8. Thurman to be released? Merged

    Put me solidly in the camp of people that believe there is MORE to this. Could the team be saving him a league suspension? More likely is that they are saving the team from tolerating another suspension. My guess is that he has been on a bender, made promises he couldn't keep (I'll be there tomorrow, tommorow.....) and finally the bengals blinked. Who knows. I have moved on.
  9. The reason why Utecht came to the Bengals...

    That is exactly what I wonder. Brat has never used the TE effectively (IMHO). So it will be interesting to see if Brat has something up his sleave.
  10. Chad Johnson

    you must not have seen his old deal. His new contract pays him less

    Fitzgerald had the Leverage. The cardinals signed him to a ridiculous contract that he cashed in every escalator. he was scheduled to make something like 30 mill in the next TWO YEARS. So what if chad doesn't like it. Chad can go eff himself anytime he likes.
  12. And......Begin!

    Not a # 4 pick..... I'd argue that all the top five picks have hurt this organization as much as anything. You're hamstrung into paying huge money to unproven talent. Number nine is as high as I'd like to be. Yeah Carson seems to be working out just fine, but for every successful top five pick there are two that don't pan out.
  13. Rogers didn't want to come to Cincy

    We only won 4 games last year? Congratulations Cleveland fan, you appear to be completely qualified to post on this message board. Please don't forget to always denigrate our ownership, and remember, it's 1998 in here. Alright you prick, theres a reason I put that question mark there. I wasnt sure, but now I looked it up its 7. That is still a losing record and is not going to cut it to get into the playoffs. Thats not even counting the fact your star reciever hates the place and wants out and you guys are having trouble on bringing guys in to improve this team while everone else in the AFC North is. reading this you'd think the lions had a defense last year. Cleveland gave up A LOT to get this fellow. I'd trade a lazy fat ass for a quality corner, a decent draft pick and a cool million to boot any day, any time, any year. Cleveland now needs to ready themselves for a draft with no first day picks.....good luck.
  14. when did

    When did television become a faster broadcast then radio? Has tradio been slowed down? Has anyone else noticed the 3-5 second lag on radio to television lately? It kind of ticked me off. Hearing it before you saw it was always a charm of the radio broadcast. Maybe the geek in Billy's post has something to do with it.
  15. when did

    Yeah...that's me. Hanging with my geek homies. BTW, good to see you here Mat. Thanks billy. I troll through but not posting too much. I figurred some other member here would listen to the radiocast while watching the games and might have noticed the same thing. Joe buck is awful so I'm always looking for an alternative.
  16. The Official 2008 Bengals Draft Question...

    D line must be addressed either in the draft or free agency. We need a tight end badly too (but would brat use him ). It's a low priority, because JJ does fine, but the schmitt kid out of wvu would be a nice addition to the offense. I don't know if it's brat's crappy schemes or a reflection of the talent level, but the offense would be a whole lot better if it utilized the FB and TE more. They are allowed to run and catch
  17. Bengalszoners Party - 2008 ??

    Dude. Newport "Sin City" Kentucky is just across the Ohio River. That place is FULL of strip clubs! I should know. I held my first bachelor party there! The Newport of old doesn't really exist anymore. It's not Vegas as it was in the 1950's. It's not the run down prostitute filled place it was in the 1970's and 80's. They have made the riverfront all fancy and trendy. Not saying there aren't any clubs, but they don't dominate city blocks any longer. Rumer has it that the best club up there is out by the race track which is a good haul from downtown.
  18. LSU vs. Ohio State

    LSU beat the pants off of the buckeyes exposing what the experts claimed.....A big ten title ain't what it used to be. BUT I cannot call LSU national champs. Not with the way WVU demolished Oklahoma and Georgia looked pretty good too. USC looked great against another crappy midwestern team. If this kind of controversy can be generated again next season we might get a playoff. Check out what the head of the ncaa is saying. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/09/sports/n...html?ref=sports
  19. Buffet: Guide to watching all 32 bowls

    I haven't seen any where near 32 of the games, but USC, GA and WVU look like the cream so far. I don't know if LSU or OSU could have beaten any of the three. (yes I think the BCS is stoopid. and I hate the nfl network.) At first I was surprised by WVU's success, but after about five minutes I realized why they had a shot at the title game and wished I had taken the line. USC just looked dominant. How about Michigan? Florida looked a little over rated and it has me thinking the buckeyes might win their bowl game too. I'd love to have Owen Schmitt in stripes. I doubt he'll be there in round 2.
  20. Front office showdown coming?

    I hope this means that both coordinators are shown the door. I've want brat gone for years now but he keeps being brought back, so I don't really expect him to be fired, but I WANT IT SO BADLY. This offense is plain vanilla...saving rant for another time As for players, I think TJ has more trade value than CJ. I am hoping for a sign and trade deal. Possession receivers don't get paid by mikey. Someone might give a 2nd rounder for henry, maybe the broncos want him. Thinking about this team who has trade value?
  21. I am fed up with palmer trying to be manning. It's obvious to me that defenses have figured out how to confuse the offense by disguising coverages etc. How does bengalzone feel?
  22. Sick of palmer immitating manning (the good one)

    Thank you for sying it better than I could.
  23. Does anyone feel the ncaa's hyprocacy with overtime in college football? There is no clear cut winner to the season yet each week there must be one. I do not get it. Until there is a tournament to decide the championship, I'd like to see overtime removed from college football's highest level. Where's the shame in LSU being 10-0-2? I'm not an lsu fan. If the powers that be want controversy, they'd get a whole lot more this way. (who would be ranked higher a 11-1 team or a 10-0-2 team?) Bring controversy or give us a tournament.
  24. Lets Go Razorbacks!!!!!!!!!!&#

    lsu is over rated. they lack the speed necessary to win it all. I still wonder how a team without a decent QB could be ranked #1. there should be a rule that if you lose to KY in football then you are ineligible for any post season occalades. You might be able to add basketball to that too this year.
  25. college football overtime

    why is it necessary??? There is no clear winner determined throughout the season so why have a 'winner' every game?