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  1. It's F'n Bratkowski!

    I am in complete agreement that Bratkowski's time is up. Nursing a 7 point lead with time running out is not the time to throw the ball. Just run the damn ball, eating as much clock as possible, then PUNT. Sure a first down win's the game, but why throw in that situation?
  2. Offseason Moves/Priorities/Draft a WR

    Draft Linebackers? Why? Brandon Johnson & Jeanty are only RFA's next year and Brandon should get a multi year contract. Unless its the 5th round or later we shouldn't touch linebacker in the draft. Correct me if I am wrong but aren't Jeanty and rey have broken legs. Maybe they will be 100% maybe not. Jones is OLD. johnson has a future. So you have rivers an old guy, two with broken legs and a couple I've never heard of. So yeah I am thinking about linebackers. Maybe by April I will not be thinking this way.
  3. The Shayne Graham Thread

    Well I will question the legitimacy of the numbers because I have lost a lot of hair when the bengals have punted instead of trying a 45+ yard field goal. I agree that sometimes it is prudent to punt instead of trying a long field goal, but not a lot of the time.
  4. kicker debate

    I've been critical of brat and graham for awhile. The loss sunday made me think about this poll. Indeed kickers in San Diego have a lot of great weather to kick in, but I'm not certain if graham would/could have made the kick the charger's made.
  5. kicker debate

    This might be different today I am not happy though
  6. Offseason Moves/Priorities/Draft a WR

    1) Sign Zimmer 1a) Fire brat 1c) banish shane graham 2) get simpson involved or release him. 3) draft linebackers, receivers (really, really tall ones so carson doesn't look pathetic) and beef for both sides of the ball get a GM to run the circus
  7. Jets at Bengals 1/09/10 Wild Card Game Thread

    I'd say it's time for a nerve calming cocktail. My having a bloody mary might be what the boys need to pull out the win. cheers GO BENGALS!
  8. kicker debate

    Really? That kick made at the end of the half against Cleveland--about 52 yards, was it not? It was officially 53 yards. A blind squirrel finds a nut too.
  9. kicker debate

    Wow there is a lot of hate on here these days. This thread is different than the others. Maybe I should ask membengal's or bengalsis's approval before I start a thread. Especially if it might be critical of the chosen one. I think Graham is the most over rated kicker in the nfl. yeah yeah he has the most accurate kicker title. SFW! It seems that Coach never asks him to try 50 yarders unless it's the end of the half or game. For a notoriously frugal franchise to spend so much on the kicker is mind blowing. Almost as mind blowing as all the man love for shane graham and his carrot top on this board. He is average at best but is getting paid like the best. I have absolutely no faith in him to make a game winner. I'll happily eat crow should the time come. Oh- Graham making that kick is a coin toss at best.
  10. Daugherty stealing my stuff

    I'd say WTF. Do you ever make any post that doesn't link to your wallet? I'm sure it's great.
  11. You guys are the best...

    Ah, 1 cent per hit, now I know why you only insert a link instead of cut and pasting your article here. You must be related to Mike Brown somehow. Just kidding! It's actually that whopping one cent that causes them to own my work, thus I can't reproduce the articles here. Apparently, I'm both easy AND cheap! I do owe you guys an apology, though. I should have been upfront about the pay thing. I didn't want anyone thinking they had to click just to put a penny in my SoP-like pockets, but I should have been upfront. I'm sorry. which is exactly what I hate about your posts. Since you've come out of the closet I might, I doubt it, but I might click one of your links. On another note--where are the icons? I wanted to put something friendly up. never mind this new format is so easy to use
  12. Ochocinco wants a piece of James Brooks

    ugh and thanks for the prop florio, I mean greg I'm sure it's a great read.
  13. Carson Palmer on 'The Herd'

    Dear Greg- Could you please save me the trouble of inflating the traffic to the website and post your comments here directly? It irritates me to the point that I will not, did not, read the post Sorry but this is a pet peeve of mine. mat
  14. Happy Birthday Redsfan2 !!!

    no wonder he said age is relative (or something like that). Happy b-day redsfan
  15. We have a choice here

    I'll root for the bengals and will forever think chad is a douchey malcontent who has no concept of team.
  16. Cowboys cut Ellis per rotoworld

    Put yourself into his shoes and you realize that signing now is stupid unless someone throws stoopid money in front of you. This way he signs as training camps begin and avoids all off season workouts. So who knows where he will play next season.
  17. Trying to gauge where historically everyone sees chad.
  18. focusing the hate/love for chad

    yeah, the results will be skewed. Invalidated, even. Yeah- Mikey was an after thought. Perhaps he shouldn't be listed, but he is a fan favorite If he is excluded then I will go with dillon. Maybe I am a bit older and am handling the chad situation better than I did the dillon thing. Perhaps chad will try to top dillons striptease.
  19. Happy Birthday Richmond_Mat

    Thanks fellas. 41 doesn't hurt like 40 did. I'm holding on to 39 with all my might, although I retire when I turn 40, so there's that... retiring at 40? I bet a second career is in the offing. Nothing like two paychecks. I reckon I'd want to retire asap with the state of the world too. Will the army let you out? I've heard about some folks being retained beyond their tour obligations and such.
  20. Happy Birthday Richmond_Mat

    Thanks fellas. 41 doesn't hurt like 40 did.
  21. Hobson and the TE should consider

    You remember those!?! That seems like eons ago. I remember that too. Not many regular posters are left from that long ago era. maybe a new poll is in order. Is the pitch of chad bashing any where near that of the dillon bashing? I'll leave that for another time. This thread is veering way off topic.
  22. Hobson and the TE should consider

    Nice pome Matt ..... easy to see why you teach math and not English lit. thanks redsfan....I think?
  23. I've ranked the first round draft Bengal running backs

    That is one depressing list. So much so that I am very happy they didn't waste another first round pick on one. Would any one of them not be labeled a bust?
  24. Hobson and the TE should consider

    I am busting a gut right now. Joepong must have issues. Maybe I should have used 'popular' instead of 'cool'. whatever. Anyway, I simply think that brat doesn't employ a tight end into his offense effectively. We could go round about personnel, not having a pass catching tight end, utecht and palmer being hurt etc. I will say this: the tight end is normally a very productive part of any offense worth its salt. They are big targets that are normally durable. Joe pong go find the bong so you might lighten up.
  25. Hobson and the TE should consider

    I agree army, but I am still not convinced that the OC knows what/when/how or who the TE is or would/could be used. Brat's stale offense is part of the problem. This will be my third year hating on Brat and my fourth hating on ochostinko. I was an ocho hater before it was cool.