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  1. Max jeane Gillies 2nd rounder

    I like the idea ..... although I think Max will go in the last 1st round
  2. Stadium Naming Rights

    it's a shame .... but then again ....
  3. Grady or Adams

    It doesn't take a Sherlock Holmes I think to see that the team is making the transition to a 3-4 and has slowly been doing so since before last year (this takes time and the necessary pieces) Hint 1: The team continues to bring in LB's in FA realizing they will need at least 6 to pull off the 3-4 2. They drafted a DE/OLB tweener in Pollack 3. The team cut Clemons who was a traditional DE 4. The team is interested in Sam Adams (who could play NT) 5. The team also seems to be looking for a role for Fanene (a DE who is 290 lbs = the kind needed for a 3-4) 6. The team tried using Geathers inside and likes that he is gaining weight (he is also at 280 lbs = the size needed for a DE in a 3-4) = I think the 3-4 is the way the Defense should go .... * Justin Smith could play OLB and rush off the edge as could Pollack and Landon * The DE's would be Fanene,Geathers,Robinson, and JT (if not cut) * and then you rotate Sam Adams and Shaun Smith at NT (and draft a Gabe Watson type to groom to replace Sam) * Also you could have Simmons and Odell in middle
  4. Ok so how about this idea ..... the Bengals purge and cut both JT (who sucks and would save about 2 mil) and Robinson (who is really a DE who has proven ineffective as well) .... and take that money and instead sign the 2 Run Stuffers in Sam Adams and Grady Jackson .... Now I know that Adams and Jackson may be a few years older but they are much better .... and would probably cost about the same. Now before you go and say that these 2 blobs would be inneffective .... let me remind you that when Marvin produced the best Defense ever on the planet .... he did it with a speedy Middle linebacker and 2 - 350 lb Defensive tackles (in Sam Adams and the Goose) ..... We have our Ray Lewis in Odell .... now lets get the hogs up front to occupy blockers like the newly signed LeCharles Bentley. A comparison .... Sam Adams 6'4 345 lbs Age 32 Grady Jackson 6'2 355 lbs Age: 33 VS Bryan Robinson 6'4 301 lbs Age: 31 John Thornton 6'3 297 lbs Age: 29 - Now Sam Adams has played for Marvin and already called Willie saying he was interested ..... and today Bengals.com said that the Bengals have contacted Grady Jackson expressing interest .... so why not sign them both ????
  5. The Dream Scenario ...... Round 1 Gabe Watson, DT, Michigan Height: 6-3, Weight: 339 Reps: 36 40-yard dash: 5.10 Round 2 Leonard Pope , TE, Georgia Height: 6-7 Weight: 250 40-yard dash: 4.62 Vertical jump: 37 in Round 3 Mark Anderson, DE, Alabama Height: 6-3 Weight: 254 40-yard dash: 4.61 Vertical jump: 42 in 3-cone drill: 6.95 ........
  6. DT Sam Adams, OLB Lavar Arrington, and DB Charles Woodson are just what this team and defense needs .... - Sam Adams is the whole pluging DT who can spend a few years grooming the others and he has already thrived and won a Superbowl under Marvin in Baltimore. Plus Sam Adams already called Willie and has said he wants to be reunited with Marvin. - Lavar Arrington is the amazing talent that has the potential to be the best OLB in the game, and has already played under Marvin in Washington. Plus sources are reporting the Bengals are interested. - Charles Woodson is an amazing talent who could move to Free Saftey and he has already thrived under Chuck Bresnahan in Oakland. I think that with the 10 + million in Cap room and the extra money garnered by releasing Clemons (1.3 mil), Thornton (would save 2 mil), Herring and Simmons (would save a few mil) that the plan is doable ..... and would firmly mean that Cincy is making a run for the Superbowl now ..... as for the OL contracts .... I think you might be able to resign Eric and Bobbie and then push the two tackles into the upcoming season where you resign one and let the other walk with Stacy as his replacement. So Whadda ya say ?
  7. Maake a Panther

  8. Sam Adams

  9. Bonds, SI Cover story, "EXPOSED"

    Give him a Steelerisk *