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  1. Ready for Christmas and 2021!

  2. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    It was coming for Matt Patricia? Why not Adam Gase?!
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  4. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Would be nice to see the Bengals hand the Steelers their first loss there. A huge confidence burner.
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    Hate that the team traded Carlos. But best of luck to him.
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    Wow you are on it Hoosier Cat. Keep up the good work!
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    Yeah as really fix that of in the O-Line. And really need to protect the QB Joe Burrow!
  10. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Yeah as the O-L needs to really find chemistry and beef up!
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  12. Mixon Extended

    You can only hopes he will live and learn from those mistake. Good for him.