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  1. The O-Line Roster

    Yeah as really however they will need to find a pick at 21 that could play at right away. Meaning the future is now. So possibly a C or G!
  2. Ready for Spring!

  3. The O-Line Roster

    Yeah as Fisher could be that of a bust there!
  4. Ready for April!

  5. The O-Line Roster

    Yeah as really it is about possibly either drafting guys and the vets show them the ropes. Or on that of in the competing for jobs with those who have one or two good years left in them.
  6. Eifert Re-Signs with Bengals

    Glad he is back. But hope he can have a winner this time as this could be his last in a Bengals jersey.
  7. Bengals' Interested In Safeties

    Yeah as what is Bengals or other 30 teams loss is the Saints gain.
  8. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    Yeah as it seems he has a different kind of heart and really a normal person would not have that kind of heart.
  9. Quenton Nelson

    Indeed as wonder what he could do over on the team if drafted.
  10. NFL Playoffs

    Fly Eagles Fly as they say!
  11. AFC Super Bowl Teams the Last 15 Years and a Question

    Yeah Peyton Manning played an unusual supporting role in his last game due to age and injuries. Proving defense does win you the game.