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  1. Bye Week Game Thread

    Browns cover on S.I. is such a joke!
  2. Happy November Here!

  3. In-Season Roster Moves Thread

    Thanks for the updates Hoosier Cat! Appreciate it.
  4. Time to begin the rebuild

    Yeah as if he does not win again or get a winning season and making at least a wild card, think Dalton's days with the team are over and done. It is about being clutch down the line.
  5. Happy October and Autumn Winds!

  6. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    Well need to have a spark to seek out first win!
  7. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    Tough game but really proud of how they played despite losing. Shows that the new coach knows what he seems to be doing. Losing by one point.
  8. Very much loving NFL again!

  9. Andrew Luck Retires

    Really think that the crowd was really not nice when they booed him. Andrew even admitted it. It is due to injuries and burnout. Plus his wife is expecting!
  10. Chiefs Preseason Glorified Practice

    Need to be a comedian my friend LOL!
  11. Ready for Back to School!

  12. Ready for August!