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  1. Yeah as McCarron would be a good fit for SF!
  2. Wonder if the Last Jedi will be grossing over the last Star Wars movie.
  3. April is Awesome!

  4. Chad Johnson great W.R. but lousy human being.
  5. Easter is Coming!

  6. Wonder what Al Davis is doing in his grave? As he has to be either rolling in his grave or patting his soon on the back.
  7. Happy April!

  8. Really Goodell has ruined the game of football IMHO with his crappy rules!
  9. Legends Never Die!

  10. It does sound like a well oiled machine indeed.
  11. Spring Fling!

  12. Yep it is sexy Rexy going!
  13. Happy St Patty's Day!

  14. Yeah maybe sign him to a medium value and mentor for about a year would do so good.