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  1. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    Well seems like you will win against the Jets. Don't get overconfident like the Titans did with NYJ at week 3.
  2. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Well need to get the ball in Joe Burrow's hands and off and running if you all have to get the ball in the first quarter and Steelers defer it
  3. 2021 Final Roster Thread

    Irwin does have a presence. And hope he is on there. For years to come.
  4. Ready for August Crush

  5. 2021 Training Camp and Pre-season News and Chatter

    Well hope that Jordan will get to do that. And it pays off for him.
  6. Ready for August Opening

  7. 2021 Off-season OTA/Mini-Camp Stuff

    Yeah may need to drink a lot of liquids if you go to training camp.
  8. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    Wonder if the new uniforms will sell like hotcakes?!
  9. Ken Anderson, Boomer Easiason, Jim Breech