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  1. Changing Things Up With Free Agents / Draft

    So far he hired a QB coach that could really help Dalton or whoever under center.
  2. Ready for the Valentine's!

  3. Changing Things Up With Free Agents / Draft

    Yeah as return to the 4-3 and really think that they need to go back to it. And that has doomed them the past few years not going to it.
  4. Super Bowl LIII is Coming!

  5. RIP Turk Schonert

    Such a young age to die. May he RIP!
  6. Super Bowl LIII Coming

  7. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    But the big question is now who will be hired as the Head Coach. Fifteen years is a long time. An eternity over in NFL years.
  8. Happy New Year 2019!

  9. BengalszoneBilly

    Praying and thoughts are with his loved ones. So sad. Seems like a great guy.
  10. Ready for Christmas Time to Come!

  11. OT: Favorite Christmas Toy or Bengals gift

    Wish kids these days would grow up to something like that. As really oldies yet goodies!
  12. Positivity Thread - What to look forward to

    Yeah as really think the rest of the season, Bengals will try to fight blackouts of TV and having empty stadium for the rest of the year.
  13. Christmas Time is Coming!

  14. Preston, Andrew Brown both to IR - done for season

    Hate that both are down for the year. Hope they heal.