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  1. Is Andy Next?

    Yeah it is playoffs or bust in particular winning for that of in the Andy Dalton era that is running thin.
  2. Ravens @ Bengals Game Thread

    Really should had won that game. And really needed in the draft last spring to beef up the line. And not having Whitworth in there really kind of hurt them.
  3. Ravens @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Well thanks for that Hoosier Cat! Appreciate it.
  4. Fake Game #3. Bengals @ Redskins.

    Three preseason weeks down, one is more to go.
  5. August is Passing! September is Ready!

  6. Fake Game 2: Chiefs @ Bengals

    It is the preseason. Just chill people. Just think regular season is coming!
  7. Fake Game 1: Bucs @ Bengals

    Well the preseason week 1 now in the history books. Glad to see the coach back in action.
  8. Solar Eclipse Coming

  9. Camp Thread

    Just hope he can heal and not put pressure on it.
  10. Loving School Back in Session!

  11. Great News Everybody!

    Nope nothing would be surprising now would it? As really need to strengthen their O.L.