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  1. NFL Boycott? Are you watching?

    No still watching it. Been through thick and thin. Thirty one years and counting. Only sport I watch!
  2. Andy Dalton's contract for 2018 and beyond

    Dalton is a great QB but just can't seem to win the big game.
  3. Ready for November to Remember!

  4. Is Andy Next?

    Maybe in a sense that Browns thing with A.J. McCarron did not work out. In case Andy falters and A.J. gets the nod to start.
  5. Ready for November Remember!

  6. Bring on the Colts! I guess.

    Barely won against the Colts today! But a win is that!
  7. Ready for November!

  8. Bengals @ Steelers chat/game thread.

    Just need to think positive. Hope that they can pull off a win.
  9. Revised Prognostications

    A young player team! As really hope they can develop into elite.
  10. Breast Cancer Awareness!

  11. Bengals @ Browns

    Could get their first win today!
  12. UPDATE: Burfict Suspended 3 Games

    Yeah as really think that they need him to return. To help them out. Suffering over the two losses.