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  1. Yeah hope the team does get good news.
  2. Happy Belated Birthday My Friend!
  3. Happy Valentine's Day 2017!

  4. Really why they keep Marvin Lewis though he is a playoff choker is beyond me?! Nice guy though.
  5. SB Pats Champs!

  6. SB LI is Here!

  7. Great Kicker and a great Person even!
  8. Really can't get used to the LA Chargers! Need a new name.
  9. Yeah as really the team has it's own reasons for keeping Lewis. And that Katie and Lewis may have a pretty good relationship. Despite the fact not winning a playoff game.
  10. NFL Title Games!

  11. January Jumping!

  12. Really think that Pacman had his chances. And has messed them up pretty badly. Time to dump him and move on.
  13. AFC-NFC Wild Card Games