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  1. It's time to sign DP and OT

    Defensive end Travis Johnson, the 16th overall selection and the first defensive lineman taken, missed just two practices before signing his first NFL contract Saturday night. It would seem we are expecting even more from David Pollack, offer him the same contract with the appropriate slotted money and get on with it Will he be on the field this afternoon?
  2. Tickets are on their way

    The tickets have bar codes this year. The tickets contain the date of the game, the game number, and a graphic of the opponent's helmet. Nowhere on the ticket does the name of the opponent appear in text. That is a switch. BTW I scanned the tickets at 300 dpi then scaled them down for the images you see here. If you click on any regular season ticket above, it will open the orignal scan of the ticket. You can see the tattoo on Justin Smith's arm in the original scans
  3. What is Warrick's mind set?

    That really is it. I agree, if he returns to good health he will win the starting spot. If his health does not return, the Bengals are still good to go ;-)
  4. Which Cincy WR will have the most yards

    if Warrick's health is 100%, he will win the #2 slot. He is an excellent route runner, tough in the red zone, his first move after a catch is among the quickest in the league and he finally learned to run downfield for decent YAC - instead of cross field No other receiver on the team is a bettter downfield blocker on running plays, which helps in the competition for #2 slot - and benefits Rudi when he gets to the secondary and Warrick is clearing the DB! If the peg is damaged beyond repair, so is his career. if he's healthy, he will have a great free agency after a great season
  5. No, the brokers really want to buy tickets, at a fraction of face if they can get you to accept it. Those are licensed ticket brokers holding signs along the streets. So if you want to buy tickets, you are right, a broker will be able to provide as well. Bengals ticket sales of single games did not happen last year, they sold out in package sales where you had to purchase seats for groups of games. That all happens in late July, early August as I recall. Posting a "wanted to buy" will likely draw response from season ticket holders with extra tickets. You can always get tickets to any game, it is really a question of how much you want to pay and when you want to pay it. Many season ticket holders sell seats the weeks before the games on eBay. I transitioned jobs Sept last year and sold tickets to six home games on eBay (ensured $$ for this year's tickets ;-). I sold mine on three day auctions, up on Monday 5p, closed Thu 5p, game on Sunday. BTW I sold my Steelers tickets to guy in central Illinois who brought his son. He offered me the same amount of last year's winning auction (4x face value). He is a Steelers fan. I haven't accepted his offer, I am taking Mr Lewis' words to heart, my Steelers tickets WILL go to Bengals fans or I will sit there. (I still attend home games, just less choice seats than my own last year.)
  6. Planning a November Trip

    Anyone with an European Union member passport (including UK) has all they need to enter the USA for up to six months as a visitor. Shots are for travel to 3rd world destinations, not to or from EU countries. Entry visas are a political thing, typically and currently EU member passport holders don't need them. -------- For the road game, Bengals do play the Lions in the Silverdome this year. Detroit always plays a home game on Thanksgiving Thursday (Nov 24 this yr) I am hoping the Bengals might get that date in Detroit Home, Pittsburgh is always good, although we get a lot of Steeler fans too - that has to stop outside the division home game, Colts should be fun Even though we know who we play at home and away, the exact dates and times for the 2005 Bengals schedule will not be announced until late March-early April.
  7. Warrick to be released?

    well, in the article referenced above it says ...
  8. Chad's agent

    holdouts don't sign a lot of endorsement contracts, sponsors want stability (to get retrun on their investment) CJ can up his income off the field, hence, new agent
  9. Running Backs

    Probably because we spend good money on providing them a strong offensive front, top $ QB and receivers, and that doesn't leave a lot of $ for them Trouble is, you don't have to pay top 5 money to find a RB who can succeed in those conditons. Seriously, do you think CD would have gained all those yards in Oakland this year? Even hall of famer OJ was a joke until they put a good line in front of him. Rudi's biggest strength is he IS PROVEN, durable, was always on the field when called on, never missed a snap due to injury did he? How many other RBs can say that last year? Rudi played as well if not better at the end of the game, he didn't wear down. On the other hand he is below league median on 3rd down conversions less than 3 yd. That is an important stat to ML and is what limits Rudi's value. Of course we would like him back at a fair price. I have high hopes for Chris Perry too, but the memory of Ki-Jana Carter is still too fresh for me to depend on Perry just yet. Problem is, with the O line and passing game the Bengals have in place, Bengals coaches feel confident they can find RBs who will succeed in their system without messing up the cap.
  10. Who's Going to the GAME ??

    weather will not keep me away - secton 154 - who dey!
  11. Bengal blizzard?

    Wow, this is one of the worst game day forecasts since ratbirds in '02. likely a high of 28 degrees and accumulating snow at game time, with the temperature falling during the game. Actually not terrible at this point, but not to late for a winter storm to brew 8-{ Wind will make a really BIG difference at those temps. National Weather Service Forecast Sunday. Snow likely. Moderate snow accumulations possible. Early highs in the upper 20s. Then temperatures falling into the lower 20s by late afternoon. Chance of snow 60 percent. Cincy switched to Field Turf (artificial) this year after 3 years of difficult live grass fields. Can’t wait to see what Field Turf is like in slop and cold ;-) The original grass field heating (and drainage) systems are in place and retained for the Field Turf system.
  12. tsk tsk.....

    Pats scored a field goal first, so it was 21-3 at end of 1st qtr, enclosed is a scoring summary and some stats. No Dillon and just 5 yds rushing!. Pats turnovers on Pats 2nd & 3rd possesions helped Squeelers jump out to quick lead. Steelers dominated the Pats at Heinz field. TEAM Q TIME PLAY DRIVE SCORE N.E. 1 11:39 Vinatieri 43 FG 7-40; 2:18 0-3 PIT 1 3:46 Burress 47 pass from Roethlisberger 6-80; 4:10 7-3(Reed kick) PIT 1 0:29 Burress 4 pass from Roethlisberger 5-27; 3:02 14-3(Reed kick) PIT 1 0:13 Townsend 39 Interception (Reed kick) – ; – 21-3 PIT 2 2:06 Reed 19 FG 9-79; 5:29 24-3 N.E. 2 0:42 Givens 2 pass from Brady 7-56; 1:24 24-10 (Vinatieri kick) PIT 3 13:06 Bettis 2 run (Reed kick) 4-17; 1:37 31-10 N.E. 3 10:41 Vinatieri 25 FG 11-59; 2:25 31-13 PIT 3 2:06 Reed 29 FG 14-61; 8:35 34-13 N.E. 4 6:33 Givens 23 pass from Brady 10-86; 3:14 34-20 (Vinatieri kick) RUSHING: N.E. – Faulk 5-4; Cobbs 1-1. PIT. – Staley 25-125; Bettis 15-65, 1 TD; Haynes 3-17; Ward 1-11; Roethlisberger 5-3. PASSING: N.E. – Brady 43-25-2, 271, 2 TD. Pit. – Roethlisberger 24-18-0, 196, 2 TD. RECEIVING: N.E. – Givens 8-101, 2 TD; Faulk 8-72; Brown 5-59; Patten 4-39. Pit. – Ward 6-58; Randle El 6-44; Burress 3-63, 2 TD; Haynes 2-18; Kreider 1-13. TEAM STATISTICS 1st Downs Pats 19 (0-17-2) Steelers 25 (12-11-2) 3rd Downs Pats 3-9 (33%) Steelers 9-16 (56%) 4th Downs Pats 0-0 (0%) Steelers 0-0 (0%) Total Net Yards Pats 248 Steelers 417 Plays-Avg. Pats 53-4.7 Steelers 73-5.7 Rushing Yards Pats 5 Steelers 221 Att.-Avg. Pats 6-0.8 Steelers 49-4.5 Passing Yards Pats 243 Steelers 196 Sacked by Opp. Pats 4-28 Steelers 0-0 Pass-Att.-Comp.-Int Pats 43-25-2 Steelers 24-18-0 Punts-Avg. Pats 3-52.3 Steelers 4-44.3 Penalties Pats 6-55 Steelers 9-90 Fumbles-Lost Pats 3-2 Steelers 1-0 Time of Pos. Pats 17:02 Steelers42:58
  13. Who Dey! Sellout number 7 for the 2004 season, sell out the Giants and it will be the first time since, what, 1992 that every home game sells out?
  14. Rudi and TJ next year

    i sure hope he does that. The remaining defenses will sure be a challenge.
  15. Rudi and TJ next year

    does anybody know how IR works toward the cap? I was under the impression there was a mechanism to defer part of the IR cap money to the next year (or spread it out somehow). How else do you maintain 10+ IR guys under the cap. My point is, has IR deferred cap money consumed the dead money that is being freed up?
  16. Defense suddenly playing GREAT

    I am not going to argue much, but five runs doesn't count the gains cancelled by penalties. Penalties are death to the running game.
  17. Defense suddenly playing GREAT

    I don't want to make any excuses for the defense - the games is certainly an anomaly. But. I have maintained that any time a QB change occurs, the first two games for the new QB are like the opponents defense didn't do their homework - because they can not completely. The opponents have no fresh film to study on his tendencies. May seem small but its the little things that tip balance in the age of parity. How many times do you hear players talk about film study? So the fresh QB has a small advantage on his first game and usually his second. If you think about it, even with the one big run, they contained Cleveland's running game when they had to. Holcomb was certainly a wild card that made Bengals D look unprepared.
  18. Defense suddenly playing GREAT

    Absolutely oldschooler! Warrick's blocking skills certainly don't get mentioned loud enough Peter Warrick is one of the best downfield blockers in the game. PW's blocking contributed to the breakawy runs that are less common this season. Neither CW or TJ come close. PW's blocking benfited CJ at times too.
  19. Hobson on Dillon Trade

    Corey Dillon is a gifted athlete with defective character. If you recall he dropped to the second round because of concerns about his personality in spite of his demonstrated ability. While he stayed out of serious trouble, his character flaws made him unpopular here. The Patriots were a good place for him to land, he can stay out of the spotlight, keep his mouth shut and do what he does best.
  20. Perry, O'Neal Likely Sunday

    The Browns have 12 on IR at this point. Reference: 2004 Cleveland Browns Roster It appears the Bengals have 11 (not including Weathersby's pre-season non-football injury) maybe I am missing one? Reference: Bengals Roster Injury reports for the game vary depending on who you reference The Browns have 3 questionable and 1 doubtful this Sunday - The Bengals have 1 out, 1 doubtful, and 2 questionable. (and 7 probable) Bengals Injury Report Browns Injury Report Bengals IR Kyle Richardson - P Greg Brooks - CB Ricot Joseph - S Nate Webster - MLB Khalid Abdullah - OLB Frank Chamberlin - MLB Thatcher Szalay - C Belton Johnson - OT Peter Warrick - WR Tony Williams - DT LaDairis Jackson - OLB
  21. I am forced to be somewhere else on Sunday. Put my tickets on eBay — 2 tix Steelers @ Bengals MidField row 14–parking option
  22. My job requires me to be in Las Vegas on Monday October 25. I wish i could be at PBS. Guess I will have to watch the game from a sports book. Anyway, I have two seats in section 140, 14th row I am selling. Put them on eBay. Broncos @ Bengals 2 Tickets MidField Lower Level I also have a parking pass in Lot C (East side of stadium, grilling OK) which I am not selling on eBay. Will sell that to anyone interested for what i paid for it ($25)
  23. Seems not only Bengals fans attend NFL football games at PBS. Sold to two Broncos fans who drove in from Illinois. Glad their day wasn't perfect ;-) Anyway, experience indicates ending the auction Friday before the game returns a good value. Broncos @ Bengals 2 Tickets MidField Lower Level
  24. What am I missing, isn't that the standard price for overnight express mail delivery?