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  1. Watching the NFL in Europe

    Pre-season games are still free, but he is right, regular season is locked up by the NFL. It does work well though. I was forced to travel on business last December and nfl.com streaming audio was my only option to listen to the Bengals @ Steelers game from a hotel room in Sweden. Worked great, even on my OS X Mac PowerBook. nfl.com does charge a fee and uses Real Player. I signed up the day before I left and canceled after the game, effectively taking advantage of the free trial for one game. If I had to do it again I would not hesitate to pay the fees, it is worth it. I arrived in Europe the day of the game and had not slept for 30 hours, so, my only problem was staying awake through the long silences for commercial breaks (at least they mute the commercials when you pay ;-)
  2. Watching the NFL in Europe

    SlingBox is an option if you have someone back home to house your Slingbox and connect it to both a local video source and a good broadband connection, as SlingBox is a "place shifter". SlingBox needs a video source, it takes the video fed to it and streams it over the web to you. Provides a way to remote access a TiVo box or such as well. No monthly fees for using SlingBox (other than internet connection fees of course). Needs good upload speed for the source location. Multiple PCs can log into a SlingBox stream, I guess you could share the feed with others, although if you recouped costs by charging others to connect to your SlingBox stream it would be a copyright violation.
  3. Great news for us in town Bengals fans... Live pre-season games beat tape delay even in town.... Great news for us in town Bengals fans ... who's livelihood forces us to travel occasionally. I recall 2 yrs ago listening to a Bengals pre-season game from an Atlanta hotel room over the internet after discovering sports bars do not carry preseason games other than the national feed. Not like the regular season when all the games are availalble. Had it been on national TV I could have watched it in my hotel room at least the web audio feed for pre-season is free Preseason Sunday Aug 13 Redskins 8p Aug 17-21@ Bills Monday Aug 28 8p Packers Aug 31 - Sep 2 @ Colts
  4. As I recall, that is just a restatemt of the policy in place since day 1. Granted, it clarifies it a bit, but it isn't really a change. It seems they are warning you that now they are seriously going to keep track of incidents. I am a season ticket holder, my job sometimes prevents me from making it to every game, and I sell my tickets through eBay. As you get two strikes, until someone burns me for the first one, I will continue to sell tickets I can not use on eBay. You can not lose your seat license over a single incident. Sure would be bad to have someone else create a strike against me, but then I would just have to stop my occasional eBay selling I guess.
  5. game @ 1pst or 4pst?

    game is at 4:30 pm Eastern Standard Time, i.e. 1:30 pm Pacific Standard Time. I wish we got the 1p EST time slot, the sunlight would go a long way toward offsetting the cold 4p PST, no thanks, 7p EST would only be colder , at least we will be in the 4th quarter by then
  6. Playoff tickets arrived US Mail today ... and to my surprise they weren't my season seats, I got extras too! Section 314 row 27 seats 15/16 Enter Gate B marked ... $80.00 ea - AFC Playoff Game 1 Date and Time TBD $103.00 ea - AFC Championship January 22, 2006 Who dey! season ticket seats for playoffs still to come ... -
  7. Playoff tickets arrived today

    Well I completely agree, I hate all the squealers fans that appear in our stadium for regular season games, but it has been happening for so long in such surprising large numbers, visiting Cincinnati for a game has become a tradition for many of them. Just the same, you gotta admire the loyalty of a fan who would put up the bucks to purchase an away playoff game ticket on the hopes they end up there. Granted they can recover all or most of their investment if the team doesn't go, but it still ties up lots of $$$ on an if come. That is certainly putting their money where their mouth is.
  8. Playoff tickets arrived today

    Interesting thought - delivery was local. While the Bengals are a sure thing for the playoff, the squealers are not. Now that would really be a loyal fan buying away game playoff tickets on the hope the squealers make our playoff game. I would not expect the opposing team fans to start buying until the opponent is actually set. I just assumed only Bengals fans would be buying tickets this early. Do not have to remind me to do that I make noise when the defense is on the field, it is down 1-3, and the play clock is moving. All season long. Lots of noise, so yes, I welcome the opportunity to disrupt the opposing teams offense, regular season or playoff
  9. Playoff tickets arrived today

    Wow, on a lark, I put the upper deck tickets on eBay, at what I considerd overpriced. One day offer, no auction - buy it now only, in time for Christmas delivery. Much to my surprise, a Bengal fan snatched them right up . The profit on the two upper deck tickets covered my 1st game playoff ticket costs for all four seats, so I go for free Cincinnati Bengals Home Playoffs, 2 playoff tickets
  10. Playoff tickets arrived today

    The tickets representing my season ticket seats arrived today (Thursday), now these are the pretty ones ...
  11. Playoff Tickets

    I did receive this email earlier today ... ----- Date: Monday Dec 19, 2005 10:59am Subject: Cincinnati Bengals Playoffs Ticket Tracking This is an auto-generated system message. Please do not reply to this address. Dear Playoff Ticket Holder, Your Cincinnati Bengals Playoff Tickets have been shipped to you via USPS First Class Mail. You should receive them within 10 days of receiving this email. Should you have any questions or concerns, please call the Bengals Ticket Office at 513-455-8383 option 3. Thanks and enjoy the Playoffs. ----- Who Dey!
  12. Due to a mixup on seat commitments, I am selling my two (2) primo season ticket seats (so I can sit in another section with another couple in a group of four seats). eBay auciton - 2 tix Colts @ Bengals MidField row 14 – parking option - Item number: 6580504283 Seems the last post in ticket exchange was two days ago, curoius to see if this is even noticed
  13. Steelers fans at PBS?

    Any number you put it on it is a guess - last year, there was more Steeler yellow than I would like to see. Over the pre Marvin years the only sellouts were to opposing team fans. The Steeler fans have had almost fifteen years of easy access to our stadiums - they are in the habit of making the trip. Pittsburgh travel agencies organize excursion with transport, lodging and tickets in a package. The local street vendors last year offered terrible towels and Rothlisberger jerseys. Hope a bunch of Steeler fans show up this year and can't find tickets on the street. Through legitimate brokers, eBay, StubHub ,et all, there very well may be 15-20,000 seats available to the highest bidder. Last year I was unemployed and sold my season tickets Steelers seats (50 yd line 14th row) on eBay (and attended the game in less choice seats). My tickets were purchased by a Steeler fan (living in Illinois), he paid more than any Bengal fan was willing to pony up. This year that will not happen, I will be in the seats wearing Bengal Orange, doing my part not to help any Steeler yellow at PBS.
  14. NEW Bengals Website

    Many thanks JoiseyCat Aparently the gameday page is not complete, there are some bad links, etc. But the weekly release is working. It seems the web staff can be reached at the Fan Feedback forum. They indicated they are working on returning easier access to these releases in this thread -- Pregame press releases, call for return of press releases Here: http://www.bengals.com/team/gameday050925_bears.asp That schedule band with all the team logos about halfway down the page? The logos are links to the gameday page. Only the links for the first two games vs. the Browns and Vikes are active, but I figured there must be a gameday page for the bears game by now. Since they're all the same format (gameday[date]_[team name].asp) it was easy to check. The link to the weekly .pdf file is there (the weekly press releases for each team). Why they're "hiding" this page, who knows? ... For anyone interested, here are the links to this weeks releases ...WEEK THREE, GAME THREE (Bears)Monday, September 19, 2005 C H I C A G O B E A R S NEWS RELEASE Chicago Bears (1-1) vs. Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) Sunday, September 25, 2005 -- Noon CT Soldier Field (Natural Grass) -- 61,500 Week 3, Game 3 (Bengals) Cincinnati Bengals WEEKLY NEWS RELEASE Sept. 20, 2005 Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) at Chicago Bears (1-1) Sunday, Sept. 25, 2005 at Soldier Field
  15. NEW Bengals Website

    I can not seem to find the weekly press releases that were posted in acrobat (.pdf). (The Benglas relese and their next opponent's release). They were linked to the two helmuts on the left colmn of front page of the old site. Does anyone know where this info can be found on the new site?
  16. KW Same As Last Year

    ? Dugans was significantly injured and terminated with an injury settlement. How does that compare?
  17. Warrick, Pollack Updates From Hobson

    In which case, we should just cut him -- in fact, should have cut him long ago when his cap space would have been useful in free agency. And all this talk of his knee and his salary and who's liable for what if situation X occurs is a big waste of time. I repeat: we're done here, aren't we? Cut him. I am not disagreeing with you, but I suspect the Bengals are biding their time because the bulk of the 2005 cap hit was determined six years ago and is going to be counted no matter if he is here or cut / gone. Since there going to take the hit, might as well wait it out and see what they can make of it in return.
  18. Warrick, Pollack Updates From Hobson

    And it will remain a huge unknown until they let him practice. I mean, only one way to answer the question, right? If he practices one day under his current contract, the Bengals are obligated to pay him for the year - 2.2m. If his knee swells up the next day and he never steps on the field again, they still pay him the full amount. The Benglas are asking him to share the risk, re-structure, he can have the 2.2m if he plays the bulk of a season (incentives). Otherwise, with the receivers you have on the roster, why take the risk? Peter is special, but is he that special? I guess the Bengals are looking at what they have and saying - no.
  19. What do you want to bet that kind of restructure is the best offer he recieves? share the risk. Any team would do the same.
  20. TKOdell

    i think you underrate Marvin Lewis's ability to evaluate linebackers.
  21. Bengals.com First Day Interviews

    If only it were that simple. I believe the point is, in the NFL, it is not as simple as running where you are told as the "where" is a variable that unfolds with the play.
  22. Bengals.com First Day Interviews

    He scored a 9 on the Wonderlic - my 10 year old would easily double that. He is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, and I was surprised Marvin picked him - he prefers intelligent players. At WR, you don't really need an Einstein. Relevant questions for WR: 1. Will he run where he is told? 2. Will he catch the ball when gets where he is told to run? 3. Is he fast enough to run more after catching it without being easily caught? 4. Will he block someone with some enthusiasm when not running the ball? If the answer to each of those is "yes", you are good to go at that spot. It's not like he has to be calling out formations etc. or figuring out line blocking schemes... Huh? All the skills in the world won't help in the NFL if you are not executing the conditional part of the play correctly. I thought one of the most important skills is to analyze the coverage after the snap, as the play unfolds. The direction and field position of the receiver's break is determined by the coverage as he departs the line. How many times have we seen the receiver break one way while the quarterback threw the other way? i.e. not being on the same page with the QB? Receiver's mistake becomes the QB's interception on the stats. Pattern recognition and quick memory recall are needed at minimum. Sounds like intelligence to me
  23. If they play it, we will be there