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  1. I know camp hasn't opend just yet, but does anyone know when Bengals will mail season tickets this year? (First home preseason is 18-Aug ... 3-1/2 weeks ... )
  2. Request info on training camp

    FYI the reason admisison is free is due to an NFL rule that essentially says, if training camp is free, no other NFL team may send personnel to observe. If a team charges for training camp, any other NFL team may send scouts to sit in the stands. Hence, pretty much all NFL training camnps are free. Redskins tried charging one season when Snyder first took over, and sure enough, every team that was on their schedule had a scout in the stands. Needless to say, Redskins didn't charge the next year ;-)
  3. Henry's Confirmed Passed Test

    I suspect the prosecutor is keeping silent until the official results from the Kentucky Alternative Program drug test. KAP administers the test for Kenton County, and their final reuslts are not in. The negative result is from a different test, administered by Ky State Division of Probation & Parole (which are done for the Florida Division of Probation and Parole, not Kenton County). Just the same, if he passed the state test, it is highly unlikely he failed the other, and even if he did, the negative would be a good way to impeach the positive (hmm, which test was done first?). I suspect the state test was done last, or the lawyers would not be so confident.
  4. 2007 Schedule!!!

    Actually, it is the third year in a row Bengals have played a regular season game at KC. Jan 1, 2006; Sep 10, 2006 and now Oct 14, 2007.
  5. Yep, got mine today. Whew, they sure are expensive. I'll be glad to pay the price, however, cause that means we will be there! Long shot to win the division and play at home, don't you think? Whether a home playoff game happens or not, the Bengals get your money - by Dec 5! It is little more than a way for them to get their money for next year's season tickets earlier. Another one of those hidden costs of season ticket ownership. I love the way they dangle the Super Bowl carrot in the accompanying info sheet. Season ticket holders purchasing playoff tickets are the only ones eligible to be awarded Super Bowl tickets from the participating teams allotment. Then again, if the Bengals win out, the chances of getting there will be much better after beating the Colts and the Broncos in the regular season <fingers crossed>. Sure glad I don't have Club seats. All Lower level and center of upper level are same price!
  6. Monday Over, Now It's Patriots Week

    Yes, by taking out his knee, that is why Carson was wearing the knee brace for the 2005 season. Previous two weeks were the 58-48 Clowns victory, and the come from behind 27-26 shredding of the Ravens D in their house. Palmer was hitting his stride. The week before the game bengals.com ran a story about how Carson Palmer made three winning drives or comeback victories in the fourth quarter (Carson Comeback). In Foxboro, Palmer was bringing the Bengals back again when the injury occurred, Dec 12, 2004 L 28-35. Pretty much ended Bengals chances for the playoffs that year. With the recent spate of sacks, one has to be concerned about # 9's health over the course of the season. Here is hoping the O-line gels a little better. As for the Patriots, I think the Bengals have what it takes send them to 2-2, it will be another good test against a championship caliber team. Who - Dey!
  7. Reshuffling the Sunday Night Schedule

    As mentioned above, that is only for weeks 10-17, as indicated on the NFL league wide schedule - weeks marked * Note: One of the Sunday games will move to 8:15 p.m. Sunday night. are eligible for schedule shift. Makes a bit of sense, schedule shifts once the season is established and the contests start to make a bigger difference. I just hope Steeler / Bengals game on December 31 does not get moved to 8:15 pm Sunday night. Mix in late start extended tailgating and New Year's eve and I for one do not want to be on the highways after that game. Here is hoping the Bengals will have clinched another division title and the game will not matter by then. 1:00 start in the cold of winter suits me fine.
  8. Any info on Dexter Jackson

    Thanks for the on topic info . I would not want to minimize the loss of any starter, but as it pertains to the Squealers next week, losing Dexter Jackson will have the biggest impact. He was strong insurance against the big play. We have seen what Kaesviharn can do, he is not cutting it. LBs are deep, OL is deep, receivers are deep - safety continues to be our vulnerability since we can't keep two starting quality safeties on the field with any regularity. Madieu can not do it all by himself, as Marvin says, it takes 11 guys.
  9. Health for Sunday's Opener

    Agreed our second team is one of the best we have seen. But listen to Marvin, listen to the players - they all focus on continuity and playing together as a unit. The more your first group plays together, the better they will perform. Glad to see all the starters on the field.
  10. Marvin Blows Up in Press Conference

    just listened to it on bengals.com - 9/6-Marvin Lewis Press Conference (9/6/06) I do not think he was responding to something we could hear, either they edited out a question or it was off mic Carson's press conference went a lot smoother though 9/6-Carson Palmer Press Conference (9/6/06)
  11. Carson question

    Gee, I did not read it that way. I interpreted that statement to be, would you rest him in preparation for the next game, pulling him in the second half of a game the Bengals are blowing out the other guys . Reduce the risk, reduce the wear and tear. No logic in pulling him the next game cuz he is playing well
  12. Odell Article on ESPN

    He addresses it (barely), he has been well coached on what (not) to say, so it almost slips by
  13. Cincinnati must cut 2 players by 4pm

    2 down, 22 to go. the big cutdown is Saturday after the Colts game when they need to cut down to the regular season roster of 53 players. So most of your observations on who may have gone today will still be very valid on Saturday too
  14. New Odell Rumor

    No longer a rumor ....
  15. Jones is locked up!!!! (merged)

    Gives them another positive thing to talk about at the press conference tomorrow ...
  16. Jones is locked up!!!! (merged)

    Anderson and Steinbach. And the Center, Rich Braham, signed a 2 year contract in May 2005, although it matters less ...
  17. Jones is locked up!!!! (merged)

    Bengals.com now says its a done deal ...
  18. Jones is locked up!!!! (merged)

    Arrested, not convicted, night after Super Bowl in February 2004 - charges were later dropped. Sounded like "wrong place, wrong time ..."
  19. Hmm, pro-bowl alternate gaurd on the last year of his rookie contract - not pictured on a ticket pretty good but non-pro bowl gaurd on the first year of his new long term contract - pictured on a ticket so what are the criteria I wonder?
  20. BTW I received an email from the Bengals today ...
  21. I have to be on the road for the Carolina game this year. My two season tickets are midfield, 14th row, section 140, behind the visitors bench, and I have a parking pass in Lot C (tailgating / grilling OK lot). If there is value in wrapping up seats now, I could be per$uaded to forgo running them on eBay a week before the game ...
  22. The team showing loyalty to those who have put the money in their coffers through thick and thin is not unfair, quite the contrary, it is just reward. Season tickets are still available if you need seats. The ticket packs are going to those who have already put up that price of entry.
  23. Season Ticket sellout near for PBS

    Here is hoping for a season ticket sell out, because the next step is no visitor fans in the Jungle - who dey!
  24. There is only one thing I want to see this year ... surprisingly good health for the team. The Bengals have all the pieces of the puzzle. Top quality personnel with lots of game changing players. Quality coaching staff across the board. Third year the offensive starters are together except 3rd receiver which is well covered. Healthy secondary and the defense becomes whole. Mr Lewis' fourth year on the job. If they can keep their best players on the field, this team will dominate on both sides of the ball. All the impressive stats will be the result. Who dey!
  25. well, not according to nfl.com 's Prospect Profile on Johnathan Joseph