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  1. Bengals proved with Marvin/Tobin they could add talent/develop talent to participate in the NFL parity. At some point they qualified for playoffs at greater rate than their fair share in a parity system. Zac/Tobin they have at least shown signs that maybe they could participate in that cycle again. We'll see. No frustration (with the season as a whole) , yet but still have 4 tough games.
  2. Week 15: Bengals @ Broncos

    Hmmmm this at odds with what the advance stat sites are saying in regards to pass protection.
  3. Its been the same all year. They've had a negative TO ratio the entire season and never a losing record. In addition the QB getting hit at a high rate which isn't exactly causing the TOs or at least recently. For this to exist you are getting above normal production from somewhere. You see this with Russ Wilson and Lamar Jackson. If they can buck this trend all the way to the playoffs, great. However I think we have to start eliminating the negative plays from the offense to see the post season.
  4. Week 15: Bengals @ Broncos

    Interested to see if that new punter is the next generation replacement for Huber.
  5. Week 15: Bengals @ Broncos

    She did an awesome job. The first time I saw this "ruler" in the preseason it was a cluster. On Sunday it was awesome. A lot of empty seats but the atmosphere was really good.
  6. Week 15: Bengals @ Broncos

    The Bengals have allowed 11 sacks and are -3 in TO margin. A comedy of errors and enough oddities that they resulted in drastic momentum and point swings. If you want to look at whats gone wrong the past 2 weeks start there. Turnovers are bad enough but its been kinda freakish with the point swings. Vs. Chargers they avoided a TD with a weird INT, They avoided another TD with a strip/sack that only needed a split second more. They got a TD off Mixon Fumble, 49ers got 10 points of kick return mistakes and Bates dropped a pick 6 or at least a FG chance.
  7. Week 15: Bengals @ Broncos

    If the Bengals aren't involving Burrow in the coach decision then its a mistake. You can't ignore the situations across the league of high profile QBs taking their ball and threatening to go home. May not like it but that has to be a big factor. Although I would love to have Byron Leftwhich as HC.
  8. 3 of 4 probably means division IF Ravens, Browns are in the “3”.
  9. Hilton's a stand up guy but that quote screams say something but don't finger point. The biggest problem with the team ALL year is ball security or lack there of. The past two weeks these turnovers as bad as they are by themselves are now causing big point swings in close games. I guess you can throw Bates in there for dropping a possible pick 6 with 24 seconds left.
  10. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    IMO it doesn't apply to Burrow at all. Its a manufactured stat cherry picking certain games. Limiting the sample to "entering" 4th quarter. Burrow has had excellent 4th quarter play in his career. If he entered the 4th tied or with a lead and that was given up but they still won it eliminates those games. Minnesota, Jacksonville. Heck yesterday. Burrow got them a lead in OT after getting it tied in the 4th. Bates holds on to an Int and its probably a win. The defense subsequently giving up a TD in OT not sure how those defensive plays apply to Burrow. Its Applicable to ZT because it accounts for everything even though its still cherry picking games. Edit: Case in point, this year Jacksonville took the lead 33 seconds into the 4th quarter.
  11. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    After so much glory for the line after Pittsburgh that unit has struggled the past two games. Turnovers have been an issue all season long. No one values the football and its finally catching up to them unfortunately. They just find creative ways to give it back to the other team. Bates I don't know what you do with that guy if he insists on being top paid. He's kinda settled in William Jackson/Lawson area where he got some love from advance stat service but the big plays just aren't there. I'm guessing you'll see some kinda offseason marketing plan justifying the lack of take aways by Bates from his team similar to what Lawson's camp put out there about his lack of sacks. I'd like to have him back but he isn't the top safety in the league this year.
  12. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    The light: 3rd and 3….sack. 5 sacks. Lost turnover battle by 2. but you have answers, lol.
  13. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    Can’t run the ball against cover 2 AND can’t protect a QB….. yeah play calling. The delusion of message board heros Oh they also lost the TO battle 0-2.
  14. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    3rd and 3…..sack
  15. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    3rd and 3…..sack.
  16. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    3rd and 3……sack.
  17. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    I’ve never been unemployed for 18 months, suck a dick
  18. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    How about all of it IF you want to blame a coach. Can’t run against cover 2 can’t protect a QB. What magic pill do you want to hire?
  19. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    5 sacks 34 drop backs.
  20. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    He was sacked, right? They threw the ball and the QB was dumped for the 5th time.
  21. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    But they sacked him, right? Your desired strategy resulted in a sack, correct? Is 3rd and 3 bad in your eyes?
  22. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    5 sacks on 34 drop backs.
  23. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    Then blame the run game guru that can’t run vs Cover 2.
  24. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    He was sacked right? That’s why they had to kick a FG, right?
  25. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    Burrow sacked when he did throw it, right? ignore reality all you want.