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  1. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Last year fans look at PFF grades for the second half of the season and concluded the line improved. Wrong. They simply stopped asking the line to perform difficult protection and thus the offense production declined and o-line grades improved. It's been this way and declining since Cedric replaced Smith at RT and got worse once Whit and Z left. The line is so bad that they must have the ball out in 2.5 seconds. It's going to be difficult to win the number of games necessary having to do that over 16 game season even with Burrow. So yeah, media takes and twitter takes like the one above can be drastically wrong or uninformed but he underlining conclusion is correct. The solution is better run game which comes down to better run blocking. Of course better pass pro. Then additional speed in the WR core that forces CBs to give a bigger cushion opening up sideline throws (which is an extension of the run game anyway) Then the ability for a handful of plays during the game to competently pass pro for 5/6 seconds and hit chunk plays.
  2. Defensive Coaching Shakeup Coming?

    The mix of the Bengals WR core is fools gold. A bunch of quality WR that excel at the same thing and severe lack of elite speed. Higgins clearly has the biggest upside and helps that he is on rookie deal. Boyd, Tate (if they could trade one that would be good.) There's a lack of separation. Can't afford to lose Jackson, Lawson or Bates. Any loss would require some luck to replace IF you don't use a top 50 pick or pay the required cap room anyway. Jonah Williams - was stamping himself as a starting caliber player at a franchise spot, that is being proven difficult to find. Have no idea now because of the injury. If Mixon isn't on the field and if they aren't going to get him blocking it's wasted resources. To really get this thing out of the hole they need a bunch of draft picks OR a bunch of former drafted top 150 signed... however with Jackson, Lawson and Bates needing to be signed I'm not sure we'll see a repeat of last year's FA class. With Burrow out you are seeing how good he was and how bare the talent is.
  3. The Knee

    Any new coaching staff will have to have a front office that can fix the lack of talent this team has. Marvin Lewis didn't win when the cabinets were going bare. Zac isn't winning. Marvin came in at a time the Brown family was admitting they needed to change. They further changed after 2010. This front office is stuck in that mode trying to recreate that run of offseason success. Does anybody see ALL PRO AJ Green out there? Is it scheme or is it age? That's 18 mil in cap room which is 2 good O-line starters. This coaching staff is paying the price for the front office having faith in their draft process.
  4. The Knee

    Probably especially when you saddle the new coaching with all the old coaching staff’s players. Then stand pat the first year. Marvin inherited an underachieving roster with a couple pro bowlers or soon to be pro bowlers. Then in 2003 and 2004 they signed a bunch of former 1st/2nd round draft picks from other teams. The front office simply has not done a good job for the new staff when compared to Marvin’s first 2 years.
  5. The Knee

    The need OL and speed at WR. They aren’t going far until both are fixed. Very hard to run an offense week in and week out for 16 games absolutely needing your QB to throw in 2.5 seconds and needing 10/12 play drives. The last two games Burrow started it was 6/7 in coverage jammed in 20 yard space.
  6. The Knee

    Good news! Burrow did not die during surgery. It was deemed as a success
  7. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Cincy Jungle notes Fred being a healthy scratch 2 weeks in a row indicates Adeniji had won the “swing” tackle spot.
  8. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Everyone pays attention to QB scouting more. In 2019 Zac showed up to Oklahoma pro day and everyone thought "Kyler Murray", later that draft it was rumored the Bengals were trying to trade up to select Cody Ford. Last year there was late speculation that Herbert was in play for the Bengals. They were confirmed at the Oregon vs. Arizona game. I can't find anything saying they were at the Rose Bowl last year. Oregon was one of the few schools to hold a pro day and the Bengals were there. Oregon has a bunch of OL working out that day (not sure if Sewell did). However it's easy to talk to position coaches etc. I'm sure they already got a decent report on Sewell already. I would say the same for Leatherwood considering they spent a lot of time scouting Williams.
  9. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    From: Mike To: Zaccie RE: great team motivation - part 2 Let's quarter the bananas
  10. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    on the 0-line. It's basically Jonah Williams and a bunch of late round drafted or UDFAs. The exception being Jordan. When All-Pro and Pro Bowl teams are awarded no one will be claiming any of our O-line has been robbed. With the exception of Williams there is a good chance multiple draft OL prospects from this class will grade out better than what they have entering the draft. The worry part is if you read prior Bengals.com reports they have stood by this same group that hasn't delivered. Spain removing Jordan (vs. Giants) is very worrisome. So do they have an accurate read on these guys or not? Probably not. Are they going to go against their initial scouting thoughts? The talk of Spain is also worrisome because he's clearly an upgrade but still closer to a journeyman vs. All-Pro. They need at least one more guy and probably two along with Williams that people can legitimately argue can be future All-Pros. It's possible to find these guys later in the draft but it's unlikely. It's becoming harder to find those guys in the first round. So if Sewell has the grade that matches his hype, it's hard to pass up, IMO. However, it's a deep class and they need everywhere.
  11. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Way too early to get worked up about what Hobson says. He's got 3 month of draft talk staring him in the face. He was saying "trade down" last year and entertaining Dalton return as starter. Year before he was entertaining DTs and LBs and the name Jonah Williams was absent from his early "Hobson Choice" whenever he talked about OTs. Pimping Jawann Taylor. In both those cases after the draft it was clear Burrow and Williams were the top targets and it was determined early in the process. In the case of Williams they pimped LB so hard that most people still think and the Steelers clearly thought they had to trade up to steal Bush from us. Hobson isn't giving you anything accurate, he's got to do something to entertain draft talk for 3 months. Lap is the only guy that shown accuracy in projecting the first round pick and that usually comes a week or two before. Although last year it was a bad kept secret the Taylor loved Burrow and that was leaked via the Nebraska ties between the two families.
  12. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Break out the Hobspin.....Tom Landry.
  13. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Mixon being out complicates it as well. You'd like to see next year's candidates for line jobs block for Mixon to see the timing etc.
  14. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    Simple there's probably 10 guys that are getting snaps that they should know are on the bubble for next year's roster or getting those snaps next year. Go ahead and take those snaps away and give them to the guy next in line. It's a low risk deal because if the entrenched starter goes blabbing to Elise Jesse (which is happening), cut them and they'll end up fodder on the next roster they are on anyway. Easy examples are Hart. He's a low tier starting RT in this league. He'll probably be your starter opening day TC. They don't need to see anymore. Start Fred or Hakeem and see if it's possible to replace Hart. Jordan/Redmond same thing. Do we need to see Fat Randy kick anymore? Nope he is what he is.
  15. Bengals @ Dolphins Game Thread

    The Bengals go out and sign Spain. A multi year starter that had to sign 1 year FA deal and then was benched after an 3 yr extension. He comes in here with very little practice and plays RG, RT, and LG. Easily playing at a level equal or better than the previous starter. It's an improvement over the 1st year when Jerry and Smith come in off the street and improve the spots. That story repeats itself up and down this roster. You can fire a coaching staff all you want, BUT if the next coaching staff has to deal with this reality it's just rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic
  16. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    IF that’s true.... then it doesn’t matter what coach you bring in here. It’s completely rational to think you’ll make playoffs with an offense needing to deliver the ball in 2.5 seconds or less. What a joke.
  17. Defensive Coaching Shakeup Coming?

    Sweet Lou was like their 4th choice and his units can’t make critical stop, IF they could crazy as it sounds the Bengals would be fringe playoff. So it wouldn’t be a shock. That said... nobody wanted the job before and the best players aren’t extended. Who would take it?
  18. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    They will have 4 young tackles under contract at the end of this season. Drafting a tackle means cutting somebody, so....... this is concerning because in their mind they are set at tackle.
  19. 2021 NFL Draft

    If they don’t go OL early then they need to address speed in the receiver core. Maybe consider a TE with speed. Those are the top two offensive needs, IMO.
  20. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    If you can get Willie Anderson AND Ray Lewis you pass on Ogden. But of course staying put and grabbing Ogden isn’t a wrong move either You could unite Williams and Leatherwood AND Burrow with Chase. Last draft it was predictable that Herbert would be awesome. He is and in theory could have had extra picks. They need a bunch of players.
  21. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Leatherwood m (or another tackle) comes into play if they somehow win games down the stretch or trade out. Sewell could be all that, BUT like last year they are in need of a bunch of players.
  22. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Leatherwood is generally considered a “safe” player to take. He rarely gets beat the knock on him is that he doesn’t have the crushing blocks on film you expect given his natural talent level. Leatherwood is in the same mode as Jonah Williams, obviously the Alabama link but like Williams he has been the No. 1 tackle of his class since high school which includes some already 1st NFL picks. So there’s something to say about a kid that’s delivered on high expectations. But there is also Alabama to worry about because a lot of their players need an “off” year it seems to recover from the grind that is Alabama.
  23. Giants @ Bengals Game Thread

    It’s a self fulfilling prophecy for some Bengal fans.... see I told you he would get injured. I told you they’d ruin his career. Reality is there wasn’t a whole lot of pressure in that game and the injury wasn’t the result of bad o-line play. The rest is just noise.
  24. The Knee

    They can fire the entire coaching staff and I would would be fine with it. But this staff faced a deeper rebuild than Marvin/Palmer and Marvin/Dalton eras.
  25. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    If Sewell is a good as they rank him then you probably should take the franchise tackle. But we’ll see how guys fly up the draft board once scouting heats up.