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  1. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    I’m sure he’s trying to claw back some that Bears deal he lost out on. I would think he’s still an option but might be waiting.
  2. Bubble? BUBBLE?

    Might also care if it created some more tailgate spots or if it was big enough to watch Training camp in the AC.
  3. Bubble? BUBBLE?

    Don’t really care. It’s one the most overblown Bengal fan topics. Now if they build a facility that could help with the indoor turf field shortage in the region that might be worthy of my concern. There is such a need for lacrosse/soccer indoor practice facilities.
  4. Offseason Thoughts

    Kinda blah on the whole OT whine party from this past post season. I could care less how they do it. I think they should just do a extra 8 min qtr. In the regular season its a tie if nothing resolved. In post season sudden death like the old OT rules in the playoffs. I think games take to long anyway so I wouldn't be against not having OT in regular season.
  5. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    A potential 3rd round of Dalton's revenge possible. So far his team has bested the Bengals twice.
  6. O-line Watch 2022

    Could be a handful of things. Age? Recent play? Maybe the Center draft class is impressive? FA speaks all truths and money dries up fast. The name guys left on the market eventually will land somewhere but it likely won't be with a mega deal that was seen the first day of tampering period. Bozeman I think had to settle for a 1 year deal. IMO, Center is that much of an impact position.
  7. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    If you read Browns forums they are all now forced to be legal experts, lol. Reminds me of Bengal boards circa 2005-2008. But I agree with win at all costs. Yes it is a head ache when you have a dirt ball playing for your favorite team, but that dirt ball would be playing somewhere in the league. Unless the league completely expels these character issue players then you have to consider them and how they would function within your football team. Now fair media coverage is a different story because Bengals were always vilified during their troubled times.
  8. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Only chance would be to get up into the top 10. I would take his running mate too.
  9. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Nelson would be an excellent signing. Don’t know why Philly hasn’t extended him. I know his opposite CB Slay hopes he returns. Was burnt by the Steelers and so the revenge factor is an added bonus. i would take Haden too.
  10. O-line Watch 2022

    Hopefully not long. It'd be great to have 100 yard rusher and 0 sack game right out of the chute this season.
  11. Offseason Thoughts

    Lucky that shit didn't happen during a game. That could have been way worse with a mass group of people.
  12. O-line Watch 2022

    Bobby Hart was reported as 3 year 21 but details showed it was 3 year 16m. He never saw the 3rd year. Great value on Collins, if OTC has the details correct. Cap hits never reach the Dallas contract. Bengals can move on after 1 year and pick up cap space (IF necessary). Hopefully he's a pro bowl player for the Bengals, but he didn't have much of a market. $7m of the contract is wrapped up in per game roster bonus. Great deal by the Bengals.
  13. 2022 Schedule

    I think we are to the point of having luck with injuries and players/coaches bringing the A game each and every week as the biggest factor. On paper they are or should be considered 1 of the AFC favorites and serious contender for 1 seed. Hopefully they avoid some scheduling disadvantages like Monday Night on the road following a road trip or Monday Night following a road trip etc. They got stuck with 3 road games in a row last year and those can be tough. Hopefully bye week falls were they need it too.
  14. 2022 Schedule

    Another great thing about this Free Agency period; there was no shortage of rival fans playing strength of schedule card and pointing out the Bengals will catch first place finishers. Well all the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place AFC finishers are better on paper and the NFC East. I think SOS is one of the most overrated analysis for the NFL, but this is one talking head/rival fan things that has flipped since FA started.
  15. O-line Watch 2022

    DJ updated his mock again and the Iowa Center falls to the Bengals at 31. But the spots all the OL goes have changed again. There must be some unsettled opinions on the OL class because I can't recall such swings on who is the top prospect and where that prospect will go. Penning is now back to low teens.
  16. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Cleveland/Pitt games would be so entertaining IF Baker ended up there.
  17. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Salary Cap is not a myth. The Chiefs had some big cap hits to deal with this year and next. Next year LT and LG without any cuts/restructure will cost more than a franchise QB. How long their window stays open will depend on how well they back fill via the draft. You didn't know what would happen but you could tell they were going to have to manage some cap issues. I think I read they have 8 top 135 draft picks this year so they could restock.
  18. O-line Watch 2022

    Not impossible to take a OL in the top 150 but its very unlikely. The reality is any OL player taken in the top 150 will be mixed in with similar graded players at other position groups however it will be very hard for that player to crack the top 6 in the OL group this year or next. The current line returns in '23 without a shocking turn of events. They will simply be looking at other position groups with those picks that can get on the field this season. Carmen and Adeniji could be "Bodine" bad at LG and they still could have a top 10 line. Based on what I've seen their floor is above "Bodine" bad. Some mock scrolling across the TV has them getting CB Clemson Booth at 31. That's Bucky's 2nd ranked CB. IF that's all reality (debatable) but that's a player that gets a role in TC. Where as Smith, Linderbaum, or Zion are good worthy players at that spot they might not be targeted front line starters until year 3.
  19. O-line Watch 2022

    Typically 9. The complication is injury. Adeniji going down early probably extended the stay of someone else.
  20. O-line Watch 2022

    They typically keep 9. It doesn't stop them from drafting OT in the top 150. An action in doing so probably punts Fred or Prince off the roster. The issue will be drafting that OT over player that could push someone for snaps immediately at another position.
  21. O-line Watch 2022

  22. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    CB and pass rush would be the biggest needs now, IMO.
  23. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    They need to beef up holes on defense. AFC was tough this past year and with all the moves this offseason on paper it will be tougher. Would love help at CB and also 3T pass rush. I'm hopeful they can get Larry O. back. I'm sure they'll take on more risk with the physical since they know the player a little more.
  24. O-line Watch 2022

    FA has never been this fun. Even the traffic and weather ladies are talking about it, lol.
  25. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Did they just sign Gilmore too? Or is it a fake Twitter account reporting it. I just got done driving from Da Ville, just catching up.