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  1. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    At some point you got to start winning and the young players need to lead the way. I'm still rooting for that to happen regardless of how meaningless it means for playoffs etc. Otherwise you are in the Cleveland Browns cycle.
  2. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    I'm not trying to advocate for Zac at all because eventually he has to win and the number of "close" losses is concerning. However, the cycle we are in is the direct result of hanging on to Lewis too long and Tobin's inability to build a line despite several big pieces being drafted.
  3. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    Geno and Carlos thing doesn't bother me as much as far as Zach Taylor. We had a college DC come in here interview for the job and turned it down and he noted lack of talent. That's a fact. At the time I didn't believe it because we had "name" players along the D-line. The lack of talent at LB took most of the blame of horrible defense but this D-line hasn't defended the run in a long time starting under Lewis. I'm all for trading Carlos and Geno because they simply haven't gotten done under their contract extensions. Good luck to them and get a much as you can in a trade. If Pauly G can get the old magic going for these guys in Vegas more power to them it just isn't happening currently and it probably won't happen and we need draft picks.
  4. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    Not real impressed with the Defensive coaching. Colts had guys coming open quickly on big 3rd downs. They seemed to know what buttons to push against Sweet Lou. 3rd and 1 plunge to FB was fine, IMO... IF you are going to for it on 4th. But if it's get this first or we are kicking mentality then you need to get something better. I thought they should have went for it on 4th because the defense just was having trouble with the Colts O. Of course IF Bullock makes the FG, then maybe I feel differently but I was kinda expecting a miss.
  5. General Free Agency Thread

    He played both. His last season here, I thought he was effective as DT rusher in regards to destroying pass protection schemes. He can bull rush just about anybody. He just can't shed and corner to get the sack most of the time.
  6. Farewell Andy Dalton

    It would not surprise me to learn Marvin Lewis in the stadium with Cowboys gear on. I’ve seen that primetime flop so many times.
  7. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Prime time Andy. Tough to watch any more.
  8. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    I think Williams only played a few snaps last game.
  9. General Free Agency Thread

    I thought he blocked a FG or PAT this year. Maybe week 1 or something?
  10. General Free Agency Thread

    I’ve always thought Hunt got a bad wrap because he over drafted and Zimmer put the kiss of death on him during hard knocks mentioning he and Watt in the same sentence. I don’t know what he is now, but he was always and blocking scheme eater. Lacked that final athleticism to produce the stat.
  11. "The Bengals Did Something Different"

    I thought Defense played a solid game against the Ravens.
  12. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    They’ll need to drop some coin on their own guys this year or they’ll tread water. Lawson, Bates, Jackson. Not sure when all their deals are up but they’ll be significant. It would be nice to add a decent starter along the line from FA.
  13. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    For the record! Addressing a lot of message board scuttle butt and sports talk show hot takes regarding AJ Green lip reading and quitting based on him running off on the Int. Once again IF you are in the business of producing hot takes - YOU NEED THE ALL 22! The lip reading - I have no idea. I don't see it personally. Him quitting on the tackle during the INT - THAT IS NOT TRUE. As I expected when I first saw the small TV clip AJ Green wasn't running away. He was getting a pursuit angle. I caught the all 22 in a review of pass pro at Cincy Jungle. Confirmed this is what AJ was doing. He had no shot a making the tackle going straight for the Interceptor. His only chance was to dart up field and cut him off and in the ALL 22 you see exactly that and AJ looking over trying to estimate their cross point. Radio show hosts and twitter are crap. TV viewpoints are not reality. Lots of depth lost.
  14. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Mekcia Becton from Louisville was reportedly making an impact (I think he got dinged) for the Jets. So there's hope. I'm targeting Alex Leatherwood from Bama. He decided to come back he was projected near top 10 last year. Like Jonah Williams he has been the top tackle in his class for a very long time. Coming out of high school he was ranked higher than a lot of recent first rounders including Andrew Thomas and Becton. They've had good success from Bama. The only downside is these guys go through a meat grinder down there and it seems a ton of Bama draft picks need a year off. All of our recent Bama draft picks pretty much had a red shirt year. Might as well as turn this thread into Lineman draft talk.
  15. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    The bad news is..... If you go through the names we've bantered around previous drafts wanting in the first or second rounds for offensive linemen; instant success is not there or very hard to acquire. Watching the Bills tonight reminded me of Cody Ford and how they tried to trade up for him. From a PFF standpoint he's sub 60 and barely better than Jordan. Tytus Howard not very good, Hart maybe PFF graded higher. Andre Dillard is out of the season. I'm sure there is a decent ranked starter in there somewhere but it looks like the Bengals got one of the few in Jonah Williams. Could very easily be in a Colts/Luck situation in which their line sucked. They invested in it first rounders, but by the time the developed and got a true impact Linemen in Nelson....Luck already had enough after missing several starts over multiple seasons. Even if they scout perfectly. How quickly this line develops is also dependent on factors outside their control like actual quality of the draft class. Is there a Quentin Nelson line prospect sitting in the top 10 of this year's draft class? I hope so, but doubt it.
  16. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    I say let the season play out. Sure if the Bengals wanted to fire someone in-season, I wouldn't complain. The hard truth is the next playoff head coach for the Bengals won't do it with this crap on the offensive line, lack of deep threat and a rookie QB.
  17. Farewell Andy Dalton

    Post 2016; Dalton covered up a lot of protection issues. The Bengals need to bring out the Finley playbook for Burrow and dial in this running game instead of putting the entire offense on Burrow's very capable shoulders just to protect Burrow from massive amounts of hits. Burrow is not going to get rid of that football without keeping his eyes down the field and looking to make a play. Let's not ruin that.
  18. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    The offensive line isn't an easy situation to fix. Vet guys can be hit or miss too and there's clearly a longer development time with the top college linemen.
  19. RIP Joe Morgan

    Oh man, that's sad. So many kids used to mimic his batting stance.
  20. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    The first quarter yesterday IS the biggest red flag for those that want to believe in Zach Taylor. I"m not saying he's ruining a playoff team because Tobin has saddled him with scrubs along the offense line, but.... Against SD Zach called a game like he thought he had to score 60 when in reality he had a small lead or faced a small deficit. Yet he's calling pass after pass, lining up 4/5 wide. Letting his QB get hit countless times. Yesterday we open up with an RPO first down throw and catch by Sample for a first down. Then a 5 yard carry by Mixon. 2nd and 5. Zach decides to throw. Incomplete. Then you are forced to throw on 3rd and 5. SACK. Dumb. Then down 0-10 end of the first quarter. He throws 3 times in a row resulting in an INT. Just the worst game management, I've seen in a long time. Keep in mind we had Marvin Lewis for a long time. Zach is just going to have to learn that his line can't pass protect for 1.5 seconds against a good D-line. Thus you should avoid 3 and 5 or longer at all cost. If you face them early in the game then play for a punt. He's running 4/5 wide or a lot of play action that had Burrow turning his back on the rush for a second. You must adopt under the center run Mixon up the middle AND the Andy Dalton shotgun chuck and duck. Probably not going to be a great offense but at least it save the franchise QB hits.
  21. Farewell Andy Dalton

    It looks like Dalton vs. Burrow is going to happen this season in PBS. Dalton has a good chance to end up in the playoffs that division is on pace to be won by 7 win team. Dalton had great command on his offense while he was here and avoided a ton of hits and sacks. Burrow as a rookie with his great promise simply doesn't have that yet. Burrow hasn't mastered the chuck and duck yet. The Bengals have failed since 2016 to improve pass protection. Shameful and the worse part is that every talking head that claimed Bengals will ruin Burrow might have been right.
  22. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Center is the last priority, IMO. We have seen you can build a top Offensive line with a league's bottom Center. Hopkins is probably good enough for right now but he's not a long term solution, assuming he's getting the calls right. On that note; as pointed out by Gannon during the broadcast Ravens there are free runners and assignment issues. Not sure if that goes to the Center making wrong calls. I think you got to sure up the edges first. You have to be better at flattening the edge pressure.
  23. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Hypothetical: Bengals cut every starter tomorrow. Would you agree with the future: Williams: Easily has multiple claims and finds himself starting by seasons end with new team. Jordan: Gets claimed off wavier wire. Doesn’t start for new team unless injury Hopkins - becomes FA. Signed to cheap deal resigned to back up. Maybe cut in two years; starting a cycle of journeyman Redmond - out of football Hart - becomes street FA. Signed as back up. Will be out of football shortly afterward
  24. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    Mayfield getting ribs x-ray. I swear if this is Burrow next week, I will chain myself to PBS until Turner and Zach are fired.
  25. Farewell Andy Dalton

    OMG that Dak injury is sooooooo nasty! I hate it for him because he was betting on himself for a new contract and turned down huge offers.