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  1. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    The absolute best Big Ben drama queen moment was when he hurt his shoulder in the playoff game but rode the cart out. LOL.
  2. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Interesting. Good stats and info.
  3. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Do they count holding calls in that metric? I think Hendrickson has forced multiple ones and maybe some procedure penalties too.
  4. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    IMO, Andy was gifted a BS PI call that first drive. Overall the truth with this defense will be the division games and how they perform. They have shut down two top RBs. My biggest worry is 3rd down but you also have a ton of new starters so hopefully they get off the field at higher rate. KC is about unstoppable so I don't know, I'm sure yards/points will drop their ranking. The litmus test for me is Lamar Jackson they haven't come close to stopping him since he was named starter. Just a nightmare draft taking Price over him. Thanks Marv
  5. Its simple. Bengals lost. NFL history shows teams that lose the TO margin have their chances reduced to somewhere around the 20%. The chances for success are further reduced as the TO disparity grows. Probably goes below 5% for a road team with a -3 margin. The reason for the TOs were poor execution by the players. The question begs an explanation why is there any other reason to look past that very clear reality? By rule of the game, Zach Taylor can't call offensive plays when his team doesn't have the ball. So how do you look at game plan and play calls as a primary issue when in fact they never got a chance? The 2nd half of the game was wrecked by careless QB play, poor pass protection and poor ball security. The fact they only lost by 3. Is a huge credit to the defense and IT IS at odds with those questioning game plan because the plays work when Joe Burrow makes a good throw and the intended target catches it and holds on. Amazing. The last paragraph is exactly what needs to be said to Burrow and Chase IF there is a true beef with play calling in the lockeroom.
  6. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Watts leg is falling off but my guess is he'll play and somehow trump the time Ben had a 200 degree fever and avoided death.
  7. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    He's biting my penis, help!
  8. Stats, Super Bowl Champions, and HOFers realize the importance of Turnovers. Somehow ZT is supposed to buck this trend through deep passing with a poor pass protecting team. OK
  9. This past year, teams that won the turnover battle posted an incredible 166-40 (.806) record – the third out of the past four years that the league-wide winning percentage was above .800 for teams that turned the ball over fewer times than their opponents. A fumble recovery or an interception by the defense does not just represent an extra possession for your ballclub; it is one less opportunity your opponent has to score. “To win in the NFL is very simple,” says Baltimore Ravens linebacker RAY LEWIS, who has caused his fair share of turnovers. “If you don’t turn the ball over, you win.” There is no statistic to explain the shift in momentum after a turnover. It’s huge. If a team squanders opportunity after opportunity – especially down towards the red zone – it can eat away at the confidence of the offense and demoralize the defense, which is left with the responsibility of trying to stop an invigorated opponent. “Turnover differential is the number one factor in winning games,” says former Cowboys and Dolphins head coach JIMMY JOHNSON. Though coaches at every level stress the importance of turnovers on a daily basis, it’s just too important not to emphasize. “You have to work on it and talk about it and sell it and players have to get it done,” says Kansas City Chiefs head coach DICK VERMEIL. “But it’s a difference maker in this league.” Records of teams that won the turnover battle in the past 10 seasons: YEAR W 1994 134 1995 150 1996 153 1997 149 1998 150 L T 42 0 40 0 40 0 40 2 44 0 WIN PCT. YEAR .761 1999 .789 2000 .793 2001 .785 2002 .773 2003 W L 157 46 171 41 142 56 174 38 166 40 T WIN PCT. 0 .773 0 .807 0 .717 1 .819 0 .806 3 .784
  10. Over the past five regular seasons, teams that have won the turnover battle have won their games 76.8 percent of the time and covered the spread 76 percent.
  11. When turning the ball over 4 times or more, teams combined to go 0-28; over the past three seasons combined, teams with 4 turnovers or more are 6-90 (.063). From a 2017 study. Someone needs to tell NFL coaches they need to throw the ball deep in order reverse this trend, lol.
  12. I believe the broadcast had a screen shot of this and referred to umbrella coverage.
  13. What do you think winning percentage in the NFL is being negative 3 in TO margin?
  14. General Free Agency Thread

    NFL people believe in Vigil so much he’s on his 3rd team and is working on a 1 year deal again. Not sure what the point is other than the coaching that didn’t draft him was supposed to coach him into a pro bowler his 1 year with the current staff? I also think he was offered a deal with the Bengals and passed.
  15. They only scored 3 points in the 3rd quarter because Higgins dropped a deep pass and Burrow was sacked twice. One of which was WR error not running a screen. I believe that was the K. Mack sack. Then Higgins fumbled at mid field. Those were critical errors because the Bengals were bogged down in the first half with poor filed position (Drive starts 9, 32, 7 and 8) The 2nd half they got better starting drive spots and then promptly squandered it away. Finally trailing 3-10. Burrow completed a chunk play of 22 yards. Moved it out to mid field once again and then threw a pick 6. I could be mistaken but you can't continue to run plays IF the other team takes the ball away from you, right? Kinda hard to determine its vanilla offense WHEN the QB throws a PICK 6. These are the most critical errors when the game was in reach. If you are searching for the reasons they lost these can't be ignored.
  16. All I know is Boyd was standing by himself wide ass open. Burrow threw it into the guy's back. I also know scheme got Higgins wide ass open and after securing the catch he gave up an opportunity to gain a bunch more via a fumble. Boyd got some open looks and capitalized. They scored on every drive in the 2nd half in which they didn't turn the ball over. Its weird how a bad game plan or bad play calling can be so extreme. 4th and 1 play. Ref decided to keep his flag in his pocket. Higgins ran a route that got the DB in a bad situation and the ref bailed the DB out. The overall point is the extreme nature of the results is at odds of the theory that play calling or game plan is bad. If that's the case then they wouldn't have these opportunities for success at all. The difference is making the play. There were a few plays left on the field in a 3 point loss.
  17. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Fair questions. Carman not starting isn't an issue if Burrow is protected. He's not. So yeah its a pretty big issue he isn't playing right now. Evans has potential, but its looking bad about cutting Gio and you still don't have an extension for Bates. On the opening day of FA they could have had Zeitler for $9m? Too expensive, I guess. But its probably because they called too many 2nd down runs. Not because these fucking guys can't fucking pass block. By the way the Burrow played like ass yesterday and it needs to be said and recognized by Bengal fans. When the scheme/play call gives you a wide ass open Boyd its pretty bad when you throw it into the covering guys back. Then later in the day throw a pick 6, and two other picks. Good lord. The sheep around Bengal nation.
  18. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Mem is suggesting that if we mix up play selection the avoidance of paying guards and cutting Gio would not be a problem. Meanwhile people that watch film without bias can see pass blocking failures. The Bengals saved cap money to sign Bates. Hasn't happened and now the plans of better protection is proving to be failures. Has to be Zac Taylor, right? Bengals are averaging an average 3.9 per rush.
  19. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    I have no idea what you are talking about running 100%. The reason Burrow is getting sacked is the failure of blocking while executing pass plays. It seems to me you are demanding more of that. The Bengals scored on every drive in the 2nd half in which they didn't turn the ball over. Somehow you are making this about play selection. Dumb.
  20. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Double burn when you think of cap room saved with Gio hasn’t manufactured a Bates extension to this point.
  21. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    How times has he been sacked handing the ball off? Film break down is is disputing your thesis. Through two weeks apparently Hopkins, TEs,RBs, and Xavier are missing blocks that are leading to the hits.
  22. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    The answer to your question. QB on his 2nd game on repaired knee has dropped back 57 times and been sacked 9. Its a horrific stat for those assigned to protect Burrow. Evans nailed a reception to set up a FG. Hopefully see more of him, BUT… they turned the ball over 4 times in row after that play. Hard to do when you give the ball away.
  23. Higgins had the ball in his hands twice in 2nd half and failed to make the play. Does that count as being put in the position to succeed? An empty set pick play in the first half gave Burrow a wide open Boyd. He threw in the back of the coverage guy. Seems like a chance for success to me.
  24. Dude they scored or turned the ball over on every 2nd half possession. What magic play call do you want to see exactly?
  25. Very weird 2nd half for sure; Facts about the offense: Bengals 2nd half every drive was producing point or a TO. 1. First Drive - ended in a FG. Burrow sacked twice. Hit once out of bounds drew a flag. Hit late once not called. Burrow/Higgins failed to connect on deep throw. 2. 2nd Drive - Fumble after 1 play. Higgins 14 yards with room to run at 50 give it up. 3. 3rd drive - makes into Chicago land at 48. Burrow hit a 22 yard gain to Boyd previous. INT PICK 6. 4. 4th drive - 2 plays. 1st pass INT. Not sure what Burrow was doing here but he screwed the pooch twice in a row and if it weren't for a defense the game is over here. 5. 5th drive 1 play. Int. Too much pressure again. 6. 6th drive - 6 plays. 42 yards to Chase TD. Burrow and Chase failed to hook up earlier in the drive on a deep pass. Burrow threw out of bounds. 7. 7th drive - 1 play Higgins TD.