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  1. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Yep. They also lost an offensive weapon. Their draft is questionable, IMO. Daxton Hill was the better player over Hamilton out of high school and it probably plays out that way in the pros. Linderbaum wasn’t top 15 either. Wildly overrated in Bengal nation. Still good prospect.
  2. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Need CBs and pass rush bad! Much happier getting Hill at 31 vs what Ravens did.
  3. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Not bad. Should be able to contribute some this year. The whole secondary aside from 2 CBs will be Free Agents after the year.
  4. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Lol the Jets fans on NFL network.
  5. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Jets having a great draft Ravens head scratcher of a draft.
  6. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Thank God Burks didn’t end up in Balt.
  7. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Ravens have already traded back into first round at 23
  8. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    Probably COVID causing the fever
  9. Round 1 (31): Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

    REACH, omg!
  10. Worst Draft Pick

    Just think if they would have convinced Boomer to stick around. Went with Troy Vincent, Daryl Williams and Carl Pickens?
  11. Offseason Thoughts

    Would love that- Mel would not love - Todd
  12. Offseason Thoughts

    The TE or Skinny Mcdickweed, is worth a flyer?
  13. 2022 NFL Draft

    Dre has 119 NFL games. A lot of snaps on playoff units. Not putting him in the HOF but it’s not hard to find worse former 1st round CBs. 10+ year career and counting I think.
  14. Worst Draft Pick

    Burrow was another great pick. But getting QBs like Boomer and Dalton in the 2nd rounds was a great piece of drafting.
  15. Worst Draft Pick

    I don’t know about the worse but there have been some great draft picks over the years. Munoz, Green, Chase those dudes were expected to be franchise changers and proved 1st season. Shame AJ never got Super Bowl.
  16. Bubble? BUBBLE?

    Riverfront was viable. It financially was unviable for the Bengals when the Reds blocked renovations that would have added club seats, luxury boxes etc. Once the Reds blocked those upgrades it put county/city on the path of new stadiums or lose a team.
  17. Bubble? BUBBLE?

    Length of new lease with those renovations will be interesting. Don’t see a new stadium happening.
  18. 2022 NFL Draft

    Nothing against the prospects but I would poop on this draft.
  19. 2022 NFL Draft

    I think there is very little chance they don't pick that option up or enter long term extension talks at some point. The offensive line has been horrible for a very long time but it has stunted rational thought, IMO. What you are looking at on paper already is a massively improved line. That could mean several things. 1. Burrow MVP 2. Bengals need to add 20 yards to last year's average to get near top 5 yardage offense. 3. Need to add 4 points a game to be top scoring team Any Offensive Free Agent/Assistant Coach associated with this offense is gonna find themselves in demand. IF the above becomes reality. The Left Tackle of that unit isn't won't be looking for work very long.
  20. 2022 NFL Draft

    Of all the late mock draft jockeying Winfrey has intrigued me the most
  21. 2022 NFL Draft

    I would love Karlaftis. I think the pick will be defensive BPA. Look at next year's CB group and they have 2 under contract for next year. I believe they don't have a single safety under contract for next year. I think they typically keep a total of 10 DBs. D-line the roster numbers don't look bad. I think they still are 1 short of their typical roster number. The issue there is improving the rotation. An strong case can be made for multiple picks at DE, DT, CB, and S in the top 100-150. As stated before, I really think they dig themselves into a hole drafting IOL in the top 100. I'm sure the IOL prospects are worth it but I'm not convinced the common target Linderbaum is any more valuable than the typical group of Defenders that are projected in that range. Just hope their isn't a crazy run on defensive positions.
  22. 2022 NFL Draft

    LG isn't even a problem. You can hide a singular interior weak spot IF Collins is what we hope. I think at worse he's comparable to RR. I hope his head is in it but I worry about his team friendly deal and past this year. At Best he pulls a Pacman (on field) and gives us years of solid top tier play. If you want to talk yourself into a hole its at tackle. "IF" you want to talk yourself into a hole on this line. Collins might be a little risky. He has had drug issues, injury issues, lazy issues. Again IF. Then they always have some snaps for swing tackles even when the top 2 are playing at an effective level. You know Prince could be on the back 9 of his NFL career. If Collins is what we hope. Then you can slide protect all day long. You have two bona fide upgrades at C and RG that will absolutely pick up loops, twists better than the previous Interior combo. Based on who they have now for LG candidates. They'll play above the MJ, Redmond, Bodine levels at worse. The injury to Joe and sack numbers have blunted rational thought on message boards and media. Sure its excusable. Media can always claim smokescreen but that 31 pick or the first pick isn't going to be used on IOL. Its not even an issue, IMO and I doubt the Bengals see it as one too. With Larry O. not signed. You are missing 700 snaps and 7 sacks from a D-line that managed through lack of rotation on the edge then being backed up with CBs 3-6 all being 1 step away from street FA status. Not to mention your top Safety is on the tag. I think its pretty clear were the focus of the entire draft will be.
  23. 2022 NFL Draft

    IMO, mocks with IOL listed at 31 is in the same mold as last year of them still putting Sewell or in the minority Slater. Lazy. Last year I believe the Bengals confirm Williams would be the LT, then signed Reif. That made it clear that the pick would go Pitts/Chase. I think it is unlikely they will do the shuffle along the IOL with critical areas of defensive depth needing addressed.
  24. 2022 NFL Draft

    NT type DT would be an example of BPA over need. I don't agree with the thought above there are limited options. BJ/Larry sucked up 1,200+ snaps last year. BJ role may grow but you are still short 500-700 snaps with a large portion being pass rush 3T, I would guess. Then you add into the reality that both Hubbard/Hendrickson accounted nearly 1,600 snaps playing approx 72% of the time which is not ideal. Then the reality that there is still room for more pass rush even if you get last year's production. There are alot of options to create a better D-line rotation . A pass rusher selected may not meet definition of starter but there a lot of snaps there. That does not even factor in a risk they have brewing at CB. Any draft pick first or 2nd round doesn't even have to beat out a current top 3 CB to have a shot at maybe 15-25% of snaps that would right now be served via UDFA or Flowers.
  25. 2022 NFL Draft

    I was tempted by the WRs and the possibility of one of the top ones falling. Someone like Burks. But as I look deeper into it. They have a scary situation along the Dline and CB. The number of snaps Hendrickson and Hubbard played in the regular season then add extra 4 games while currently being down 700 snaps without Larry O. has to be a focus of the draft, IMO. Without some kinda of significant upgrade in rotation, I can't really see a repeat of the same performance as their Superbowl run. Look at the current depth chart, I believe they are actually 1 player down from their typical cut down day roster number at DT. Between DT and DE you can make strong case of needing 2/3 to build a better Dline rotation. I know they get the preseaon wonder pass rusher DE back. CB, IMO, is almost equally as concerning. Eli and Flowers gave them quality play. It is eye opening those guys go on the market and come back on 1 year deals. Good for Bengals but that is a risk for sure and statement of the actual quality or lack they maybe counting on. Factor in 5th and 6th CBs are UDFA and they will enter training camp with spots 3-6 a notch above street FAs. There is another case of needing some bodies. 1/2/3 maybe. Luckily there are still options of decent vets on the FA market. I assume those guys are going to hold out until draft weekend or past and see if they get an uptick in interest as team's look to fill spots they don't fill in the draft. I'd almost like a trade down to see if they could pick up an extra top 100-150 pick.