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  1. Pass for me. There will be bigger impact than Center in the first round. I would rather target a tackle or another spot for a trade up or really first round selection. I reserve the right to change my mind. If they start saying this guy is Quentin Nelson like or something crazy. I'm holding out hope that Pollack has a veteran Free Agent target he can get at Center.
  2. 2022 Schedule

    The BIG question is will they finally get a player featured on the Sunday Night intro?
  3. 2022 NFL Draft

    Does this include the use of ketchup bottles?
  4. Chase, Hendrickson, Mixon Make Pro Bowl

    I think Jones is going to prove to be a good starter but I hope that train of him being ROY has derailed. It would be criminal not to give it to Chase. 1st rookie since Moss to win Player of the week twice, I think I saw that posted.
  5. Good point comparing Chase and Dillon. Was trying to think of a dominant comparison and couldn't until then. He was unstoppable. - I think the line is improved BUT much to go. I think the biggest thing is how much do you trust Tobin/Pollack? They only keep 9. So the use of a pick in the top 150 will force them to cut a player previously well though of. I truly only see two openings for a high pick on OL Center and Tackle. (You can sub in Free Agent acquisition as well). I'm not expecting half the room to turnover like last season/off season. There of course room to improve depth and trim fat but to have a good shot at a starter top 150 is a good bet.
  6. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    lol, he's got that look of "Oh Jesus, not this shit again"
  7. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    That’s worth playing starters for. The problem Titans and Texans play same time as bengals
  8. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    For those going keep in mind there will be a Monday Night playoff game this year.
  9. Urban Meyer in Bad Decline

    Marvin Lewis would be excellent in Jacksonville. Go show the clueless owner how to set up an organization a few years. Then fire his ass because he can't win big games.
  10. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Debating on whether to go. I trust they'll have rocking sold out crowd. That last home playoff loss was a killer for me. My first game was the last playoff game they won against Houston. I've been to every home playoff game since and even some on the road. Its probably time I sit one out.
  11. Chase, Hendrickson, Mixon Make Pro Bowl

    When Zac pulled Andy Dalton and started Finley and probably cost the Bengals some meaningless wins (in 2019) his number 1 job became: develop a franchise QB. He's done that. I don't really understand the fans that want to shift credit away from ZT because he has Burrow(nobody here). That was the point. I don't really understand the play calling focus in losses that the team loses the TO battle by more than 2. He's got a division title, double digit win season in his 3rd year. Make him COY. Every single one of us would have taken that deal on the day he was hired. 2 losing seasons. 10 wins, Division Champ in 3rd year with franchise QB settled. IMO, from this point on ZT is measured on getting Burrow to a Superbowl. If they run into a playoff brick wall in the future then you fire a former COY.
  12. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    Saw on another board that ticketmaster appears to only have secondary market tickets available. So I guess its sold out already.
  13. Wild Card Weekend: Raiders @ Bengals

    I would like to avoid Ravens/Steelers. Its hard to whoop somebody 3 times in a season. Not impossible but tough. I would like either Chargers as revenge game or somebody they haven't beaten or played. Emphasis on a weak run defense too.
  14. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    Damn Baker talking his way out of Cleveland. We need to sit everyone next week and let him throw for 500 yards so they give him that $40mil a year contract.
  15. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    Things turn quickly in the NFL. Isn't it like 4 new playoff teams each year?
  16. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    Yeah. NOBODY do anything different at this point in the season. Everything is going good. I trust everyone is still wearing the same underwear from Sunday.
  17. Fart Scott probably did us a favor vs. the Ravens going forward. Any kind of grey area hits from Ravens on Burrow or any Bengal probably gets more attention now. Puts pressure on that organization of following in the foot steps of Ray and Ed.
  18. Chiefs Fans

    I generally think sports officiating was never intended to be so exact. Half the shit they call is BS, IMO. But whatever just got to know its going to bite you back at some point.
  19. Chiefs Fans

    If Mahomes is throwing it.... probably 50/50. Burrow throwing it more like 100/0
  20. Chiefs Fans

    Bandwagon fans that jumped on with Mahomes and probably don't know how to deal with set backs. NFL officiating is bad because the rule book has morphed away from black and white into grey and it intentionally favors offense. So I'm positive they've gotten some calls.
  21. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    Anticipation of no one playing.
  22. Week 18: Bengals @ Browns

    yes it happened!!! Who Dey!!
  23. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    AFC North CHAMPS!
  24. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Where is the.. gimme a lineman crowd now?
  25. Week 17: Chiefs @ Bengals

    Who Dey