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  1. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Charles Davis thinks 6 edge players go first round. I hope that’s the case.
  2. Tigra in Bengals Jersey

    That's the best I've seen that "B" logo look.
  3. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Understood and I agree the takes like McGee's are crap. However the Bengals are trying to walk a fine line IF they go Chase/Pitts at 5. They will have to hope for no run on OL in first/early 2nd. Hope there is OL THEY grade as starter as rookie over any other position. Then most importantly have that player work out. I mean if we are being honest we've talked about OL in the 2nd for multiple years on this board and a lot of the names thrown around aren't solutions today and much less their rookie years. Slater hands down fixes RG this year. Worse case he's a Zietler type guard. I know that's not ideal with the 5th pick. Medium case he's dominant guard like Nelson. Best case he's high level tackle starter in the mode of Whitworth.
  4. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Slater is a perfect fix for RG for this year. Then bump out to RT. Wouldn’t touch him at 5 if he’s full time guard.
  5. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    That was at home. This was in Cleveland. Fred was targeted by the Cleveland DL. They moved their DL over him and then it seemed everyone lined up over him made a highlight play. Now Xavier, Spain and of course Rief weren't with the Bengals in this game. Just a lot of faith put on those dudes to stay healthy. They need multiple WRs and OL in this draft and I hope at pick 38 there are guys at that position they feel good about. But after getting reminded about the OL incompetence last night and how dangerously thin they are; I'll be on pins and needles until pick 38 comes up with some OL starting competition. Then probably pick 69 too.
  6. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Had the pleasure of re-watching game number 2 of 2020. Bengals @ Browns. Thursday Night Football. Man, they need players everywhere. After watching Fred get dominated at RG probably at least 10 snaps could have been career altering for Burrow. I think I'm moving off Pitts/Chase. I would love those players but its just pure incompetence on that line.
  7. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    Isn't Tee Higgins rumored to be changing his number?
  8. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I would take Pitts over Chase anyway. I think he fits Burrow's strengths. Major weapon. I would take Slater over Sewell. Those would be my top 2 targets in this scenario.
  9. 2021 NFL Draft

    Yeah if they go Sewell or Slater at 5, I would rather double dip on the line given the players after Brown in Kipers mock.
  10. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    Won’t please everyone but that’s as close to what I was hoping for. I wish they would have went with block numbers but are a great improvement and the black home jersey reminds of the 8Os model. Thumbs up, if that’s them.
  11. 2021 NFL Draft

    Where the Bengals could get burnt in this draft is an unprecedented run on OL after the 5th pick between the 38th I count OL - 4 first rounders. 8 2nd rounders. 7 3rd rounder. 19 players. To have 33% of the players taken in the first 37 be Offensive line seems kinda high considering the QBs. Really 12 OL taken in 32 picks after 5. 19 in the first 67 sounds high too. If that run happens on OL then there is going to be a gem sitting there and probably alot of unhappy Bengal fans, I guess.
  12. 2021 NFL Draft

    Offensive line for the Bengal fans and media pundits is a self fulfilling prophecy at this point. The Bengals will ruin Burrow. Bengals line sucks. Boom...Burrow gets injured. There is underlining truth and misinformation in that prophecy. The Bengals line did suck. Burrow did take hits (some on him). The injury however occurred at a time the hits reduced dramatically and in a game in which a vaunted pass rush couldn't get home. A lineman tangled up with a defender falling into his knee after the ball was gone is what happened. You can't draft linemen to prevent the actual play. Its a false narrative. Drafting Chase, Pitts, Slater, or Sewell is all a step in a direction to maximize Burrow's talent. They must do both and 1 will not work without the other. No matter who the pick is at 5 nothing is fixed if picks 38 and beyond don't materialize. They need upgrades in WR and multiple picks on OL. Sewell or bust mentality is dumb. He might not even be the best tackle in the draft class. The only scenario that would be justified riots is if they use a top 50 pick on defense without a trade down that adds picks. They need to get Fred Johnson off the roster. They need to bust up the quality but we all do the same thing WR group. Need to give Xavier/Spain a run for their money at starting jobs.
  13. General Free Agency Thread

    Tobin appears to be correct in stating there are OL starting grades through out the draft. The 2016, 2017 and 2018 classes appear to be producing a lot of NFL prospects.
  14. General Free Agency Thread

    Eichenberg at 38 is probably too good to be true. I'm not sure why any Bengal fan wanting OL would be upset with his selection. He's was a 4 star rated tackle out of Cleveland. The same class as Jonah Williams which has produced several high quality D1 Power 5 starters that have gone on and got drafted in the NFL. Landon Young from Kentucky would be a player to keep an eye on for later rounds out of the same class. Tommy Kraemer from ND would be another.
  15. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    They had a chance to sign a guy they drafted in the first round. Started from day 1 for them. Rumored to offer 7-9 mil a year deal and watched him become the highest paid guard. 3 years later they determined there was better value and watched him sign with a rival for $7 mil a year. WTF? That's really my only hold back to getting "OL in the 2nd round" plan. The immediate need is guard. The probability of seeing a starting quality guard is high at 38. But in reality the sweet spot for the Bengals is grabbing a Tackle that can fill guard spot for a year maybe two then kicking out. Leatherwood and Dickerson worry me because recent Alabama draft picks seem to need a red shirt year. So you don't fill the need. Lose one year of 4 and then if the player is what you scouted him to be....you'll let him go because "guards too expensive"
  16. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    I can't think of a tackle the Bengals drafted in the 1st or 2nd round that ended up starting with them; that didn't get at least 1 multi year deal past their rookie contract. Willie, Levi, Whit, Smith all got deals. I think even Stacy Andrews got a deal after getting tagged, maybe? Even Anthony Collins got a deal, I think. Pike or Cincy 360; whoever made that point is off base historically speaking. They'll pay tackles. Guards. I agree. They should never draft a guard in the top 50 again. They'll won't drop the money into the player IF they get the pick right. Happened twice Steinberg and Zeitler. Billy Price might break that streak because he'd be a bargain prove it player. Which is concerning for this draft because there is likely a starting guard starring them in the face at 38.
  17. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Slater vs Sewell is important because there will be large portion of Bengal nation mad if the pick isn’t Sewell. I think Sewell could slide to the bottom top 10 if Bengals don’t take him.
  18. General Free Agency Thread

    Going from memory the Bengals pursued him as UDFA. Wouldn’t hurt but I’m not sure Moss is anything special. Good to take a flyer plus his sister is still local, I think, and he has ties to the area played at least 1 year at Boone County.
  19. Big Pro Shop Clearance Sale Coming Soon

    Eh, you know the new look jersey will be used in the draft pick announcements. So it won’t be 1st round draft night. It won’t be too far ahead because people will want to buy the 1st pick. I’m guessing a week before the draft.
  20. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Some recent mocks coming out have Slater going off the board before Sewell. some secret scouting info from pro scout sources say so..... smoke screen or truth?
  21. Yeah, I don't bring it up (until now) because Ken Riley has a great INT number due to longevity, BUT Lemar Parrish was the better CB. IF Bengals were a bigger market both would get their due. However, I have ran into Bengal fans that lose their mind over Ken Riley and if everyone is being honest its mostly on INT total, which is fine but Lemar was the better CB. Ring of Honor is a marketing deal. So if you are trying to appeal to fans that don't remember the Superbowl years then Chad is certainly the go to guy under Marvin Lewis era. Great they are doing it. Many ways to slay the dragon on inductions.
  22. I could go Ken and Boomer too. Both AFC champions, league MVP represented in the first class with Paul Brown and Anthony Munoz. Covers a lot of high points
  23. Ken Anderson and Willie Anderson is who I would vote for first.
  24. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Florio and Dan Patrick aren't going to risk sounding like idiots saying a QB wouldn't want to play for Urban and are not willing to risk blacklash from a huge market like NY.
  25. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    At 4 I think there is a risk of trade up for a non QB prospect like Chase or Pitts. Slight chance. The Bengals won't be screwed because they still have a good selection of the remaining and IF a QB lands at 5 there would be a trade down scenario.