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  1. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    Chase is literally the version of Peter Warrick while he was at FSU….just faster
  2. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    Probably Zac’s equivalent to Marvin’s KC win. I expect the town to get all decked out in orange and black after this one.
  3. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    Who Dey!
  4. (Tap Tap Tap) This Thing On?

    Lot's to catch up on.....
  5. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    I hope you had a blast! Who Dey!
  6. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Kudos to Lou’s crew holding at the end of 1st half!
  7. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Burrow real deal. He wasn’t going to let Lawrence beat him. Speaking of Lawrence….he’s legit
  8. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Who Dey! Urban ate our lunch play calling first half. Give Zac credit, great play calling 2nd half. Last drive was masterful. I hope everyone at the stadium had a blast! Who Dey!
  9. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    The signal biggest non stat reason for Kenny HOF bid is that he was the first long term successful West Coast Offense QB. Which is one of the biggest offensive influences in the NFL. If he flops in that system then the effects of that offense along with Bill Walsh's rise is delayed. Other than being Steelers, I have no problem with those Steeler teams having the amount of HOFers that they do. Those were great teams. However, the Bengals should have more than 1 player off their 2 AFC Championship teams in the HOF. If any Bengals player wants a bid to the HOF they basically have to enter the non Brainer zone like a Munoz were his greatness could not be denied. Bengals in the grey area will have their successes marginalized by the voting population more so than any other NFL market.
  10. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    I believe Kenny Anderson was a Jacksonville coach at one point, I think. Anyway the best story post career was when he was QB coach here in Cincy. Akili and co. all had nagging arm soreness in camp so Kenny threw 7 on 7 etc. and it was the the best day by any QB so far in camp. Hmmmm kinda forgot Kenny won a Superbowl ring as Steelers coach on Tomlin's staff.
  11. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Based on the radio show last night, I think a bunch of teammates have made their way back for Kenny's and Anthony's induction. That's the hidden value in all of the ROH thing. Alumni coming back and connecting with the franchise. I think it sounded like they might be on the sidelines during the game.
  12. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    I just hope this game counts in October then.
  13. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    2nd market prices are climbing for this game, I’d expect the best crowd atmosphere since 2015.
  14. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    Marvin era Bengals were horrible on NBC Sunday Night Football and Playoffs. They were completely win less. Preseason, Regular, and Post if it was on NBC Sunday Night Football in American it was a loss. I think that also extends to Saturday broadcast as well. Marvin fared slightly better on Monday Night but not great. In regards to primetime, I'm guessing Thursday was his best prime time slot because those games are pulled from an inventory of what would be regional broadcasts Sunday at 1. With the small market and fan base, IF the Bengals get pulled into Sunday Night Football its against another top team. If the Burrow Bengals get flexed on Sunday Night Football it will undoubtedly be another powerhouse team. Hopefully the Bengals shine big on Thursday and maybe Burrow and company continue to make a name for themselves and they get thrown an easier game in primetime in the future.
  15. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    With such a young roster it would be nice to have some of the fresh faces of the Bengals show up big time for a National Audience. Really helps with hyping the team up. Win this and its a huge game with the Packers coming in. (See I would fall victim to the trap game).
  16. Beautiful zone blocking on the bottom. Could teach a McNally clinic
  17. It was nice that Ben didn’t get the milestone 400th TD pass
  18. If that’s Carman’s run blocking grade then PFF isn’t reliable.
  19. Week 4: Jaguars @ Bengals

    I would hope Waynes would play as I guess this was the plan since they didn't IR him. Get him back for a couple practices then play vs. Jags. Otherwise they should have IR'd him and filled the spot for a few weeks.
  20. General Free Agency Thread

    This is exactly right. Eli Apple is a bottom tier CB but worlds better than some other CBs that have to fill CB2 or 3 role. Its clear Eli is the weak point and teams are targeting. They will get stuff against him but it has been and could be far worse.
  21. General Free Agency Thread

    Its clear teams are picking on Eli Apple but I've seen worse CBs that are a weak point. I can't remember his name but the dude from last year was a complete disaster IF you wanted to play good D.
  22. Spain and Carman had multiple finishing blocks that serves as examples of bullying them.
  23. Somehow the Steelers had a couple OL graded higher than our guys. That group got abused all day long and couldn't run the football without holding. As a typical Steeler football game they could have called twice the amount of holding too.
  24. Highest-graded players on defense for the #Bengals 1. Jessie Bates - 82.4 2. Trey Hendrickson - 80.3 3. Josh Tupou - 77.7 4. Vonn Bell - 76.6 5. Germaine Pratt - 73.5 What a balanced effort by the defense, many more guys graded-out well. Too many to name. So Wilson isn't among the highest graded defensive players? It was a solid all around effort but its strange that the MVP from the game isn't on the list. (He got the game ball in the lockeroom).
  25. 2021 rookies

    Carman looked pretty damn good yesterday, IMO. Chase - of course play maker but we have not seen the YAC superstar that is an absolute quality he has. So just wait, I guess.