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  1. Week 9: Browns @ Bengals

    The hard truth for fans that want to blame only ZT or MB for the past two weeks or anytime this team loses is that IF that is truly the talent level of Higgins, Chase, Boyd, and Burrow then we might as well start drafting replacements because no sustained winning will be done with that many mistakes on the field and quite frankly its been a weakness all year but the volume of mistakes certainly increased in this game. I like to think this is growing pains because that group has played at a higher level in the NFL against harder competition.
  2. Week 9: Browns @ Bengals

    Chase and Higgins dropped big gains. He had time at times there was definitely break Downs in pass pro but the offense moved the ball. They left a bunch of plays on the field.
  3. Week 9: Browns @ Bengals

    Mike Brown has nothing to do with a franchise QB having bad placement on an out route that turns to pick 6. Quit excusing the poor play of these players and coaches via the Mike Brown crutch. They’ve proven a certain level of play this season and simply haven’t matched it two weeks in a row. It’s on everyone in that lockeroom. As soon as you let them point to the boogie man it’s over.
  4. Week 9: Browns @ Bengals

    This offenses is so careless with the football and unfortunately the QB is a big part of that. Defense can’t have a good game against a decent OL. Oh well, move on in2 weeks and hope they right the ship.
  5. Week 9: Browns @ Bengals

    I would say yes. He has no dead cap so you can cut him free if trouble arises. Burrow and he know of each other via LSU. I think the lower end WR spots are redundant and need more speed anyway. Keeps him away from any other AFC rival. I would say no. The offense is explosive but struggles in grinding out 1st downs. It would be hard to get an effective mix with Chase, Higgins, and Boyd and you certainly need Higgins and Boyd in a groove to move chains. I doubt he makes it to the Bengals. Hopefully a bottom feeder takes him off the market and he doesn't land in Baltimore.
  6. Helmet to Helmet

    Just doesn't need to be on the field. Take steps and time to review and remove bad actors from the league. Including drug cheats. I guarantee you if Little Johnny in Pee Wee was head hunting he'd be removed and some leagues going all the way back to the 70s had weight limits by age. But you expect a middle age Ref to catch it all? Dumb. Use your resources and make this a better TV product at the same time.
  7. Helmet to Helmet

    Roger Godell is a clown. There shouldn't be flags thrown except for the obvious head hunting while in the game. Its pure stupidity this is how they choose to deal with it. They have experts at their disposal, endless video, and time. Take it off line out of the game and review every play every week AFTER the game. Tally the helmet to helmet violations. Assess fines/suspensions. Then in the minority cases were a player refuses to correct remove them from the league for a longer period of time. There is no reason for these ticky tack calls that are subjective and effect the out come of games and should be working toward removing players that can't play the game without using the head as a target or weapon. Shazier would be out of the league but fully capable if this were process and goal.
  8. Other team gets paid too. Its hard to win 3 in a row in general in the NFL and especially 3 in a row on the road. Loss didn't really bother me other than failure to knock off a good achievement of bucking NFL trends. Competition for playoff spots in the division and AFC will have these set backs too.
  9. General AFC North thread

    Mayfield plays better without OBJ, doesn’t he? I always thought that was the Cleveland fan theory
  10. General AFC North thread

    Post more videos OBJ's dad. Cause as much distraction as possible.
  11. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    Yeah ZT hasn’t gotten enough credit.
  12. General AFC North thread

    I kinda like to see the Browns win to get the Battle of Ohio back in the spot light and national attention. Been a long time since it mattered. Either way the loser of Browns/Steelers game is facing a scenario of needing a win badly the following week.
  13. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    Chicken or egg thing. Do the Bengals have to convert 2nd/3rd and manageable better to get Higgins and Boyd more productive? Or do Higgins and Boyd have to be more productive to convert 2nd/3rd and manageable? Bengals are an explosive offense but haven't excelled at ball control, yet. I think eventually these guys will find big plays as coverage cheats over to Chase.
  14. I will also say we are only a bad week of football away from getting complete opposite articles. The roller coaster of thoughts from the media on this team is idiocy.
  15. My only beef with the article there still seems to be an overall assumption that Chase and Sewell were equal in terms of prospect. That is a false narrative. Sewell received December comparisons to Munoz and then only graded out to be a top 10 prospect but wasn't even the clear cut choice as Slater received whispers of being better. I've not kept up with their progressions but Slater was impressive early on and Sewell has not been. Chase was the Chase Young of this draft class. The clear best Non-QB talent only to be challenged by Kyle Pitts. I think that reality is what drove the decision over his relationship with Burrow and modern offense. If the tables were flipped, tackle probably would have been the choice. After that media/fans underrated or ignored any OL upgrades acquired .
  16. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    ZT and Burrow mix well. I don't think the QB values the football like an elite QB should, yet. I also think they are shaky on 2nd and manageable and bad on 3rd and manageable. So it isn't perfect but they are getting mismatches at high rate for big plays.
  17. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    I'm not attempting to place blame so I don't want to go down that path. If I think about what areas have been the Bengals weak spot the first part of the season what comes to mind is the INTs and the near miss INTs (which have been quite a few). To focus on this game Wilson has thrown 9 INTs and he won't play. White threw 2 in his appearance last week (I hope he plays and continues that trend) The rookie QB has been a disaster for NY. Given up 20 sacks too. Jets could get a boost from having a Qb that's not going to throw the ball to the other team so pedestrian Flacco could be a boost to them simply by getting the ball out and playing small ball. There's simply alot of negative plays that could go away with a unspectacular vet QB.
  18. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    Thing that worries me about this game are the amount of Int thrown by Burrow. Bengals are -3 on the year TO margin. 6 ints have come on the road so they are bucking a major trend winning on the road despite that. I think that speaks to how good they’ve been and maybe how much better they can be. But it’s playing with fire, Jets Defense I don’t think has an Int this year and through circumstance the source of their TOs isn’t playing via injury. They can not reduce the gap by being careless with the ball. I think they have been to a certain degree. Jets could jump up by simply not having a QB playing that’s thrown 11 so far. Burrow has thrown 8.
  19. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    I'm buying in. Any question regarding to the Bengal will involve some sort of response mentioning the Superbowl. Why not? I know I can survive disappointment. As Browns fans are learning now and what the Marvin years taught us, each year stands on its own and can be derailed by injury or other factors AND the easiest step to take is no expectations crap team to playoff contender. The hardest step is taking the championship step. Bengal fans feel they are the only snake bit franchise, but through the years there are plenty of teams that don't make it. Better enjoy it while you can.
  20. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    For some reason it has always been hard for a WR to get traction in the AP MVP talk. It is mainly a QB award with some RBs sprinkled in with maybe a Lawerence Taylor type sneaking in 1 year. I think in the modern era WRs should get more consideration. Although, I selfishly would want Burrow to get one first just because there was so much talk about how he'd be ruined by the Bengals.
  21. Week 8: Bengals @ Jets

    I'm not worried about not handling success. I worry about the same things prior to the Bears game. The Jets players get paid too and they'll spend all week getting trashed. Never as bad or good as the previous week. It just takes a few bad plays to shrink the gap. Really makes the last two weeks more impressive. Each week had bad Ints that could have sparked a home team rally but didn't.
  22. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    I'll just say a few Bengal fans saw it for what it was. 1st Trevor Lawerence deserved No. 1 overall. The next player off the board should have been Chase or Pitts. Then 3rd should have been the remaining of Chase/Pitts. There were a few pundits putting Slater over Sewell and I think its playing out that way right now. But the over all point is many took the Sewell is the next Munoz hype and never let it go and completely overlooked what a prospect Chase was. Bengals got lucky because the team's drafting in front of them fell in love with QBs and thankfully Falcons took Pitts. You can't pass on a talent like Chase for a high graded but not elite OT prospect.
  23. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    Carman just destroyed that guy.
  24. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    Very key block if you look at the highlight
  25. Week 7: Bengals @ Ravens

    Herbert didn’t look so good against these Ravens 1 week ago. Burrow had a career game. Just sayin