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  1. Thursday Night Games on Twitter This Year

    Would it be the Network's broadcast over twitter? I have no clue really of how that would look like.
  2. Pac Man Gone?

    Not trying to be an bengal insider. Pac is supposedly moving out of the area. I just happen to know someone that talks to him about a couple times a month. I guess he could still be a Bengal but this is odd if true.
  3. Burfict Update

    Steelers are annoying. The Bengals failure to consistently beat them is even more annoying. Still believe 3 games off for Burfict is not a complete negative. He throws his body around and offensive players are constantly at his knees.
  4. Thursday Night Games on Twitter This Year

    Oh come on! You know exactly who. The same person it always is. The guy in my head that was created by opinions expressed via radio or social media. My bad. Poor choice of words. I focused on "networks getting screwed" and melted it all together with negative opinions about London, twitter, Thursday night football etc.
  5. Thursday Night Games on Twitter This Year

    Why do NFL fans get all up in arms whenever the league is expanding the distribution of their product?
  6. Mike Brown growing impatient with Marvin Lewis?

    Playoff jinx is one thing but in the history of the league there have been quite a few mediocre Coaches and teams win in the wild card round. Yes, in Cincinnati that's a huge deal. I would love it. It should be Superbowl or bust with this group. They've had the talent for multiple years and have lost key regular season games (mostly primetime) and playoffs games in just about every way imaginable.
  7. http://espn.go.com/blog/cleveland-browns/post/_/id/17771/karlos-dansby-wonders-why-his-play-doesnt-merit-more-recognition Ponder some numbers for two players, both at the same position. Player A played 13 seasons, had 1,229 tackles, 41.5 sacks and 22 interceptions, two returned for a touchdown. He went to eight Pro Bowls, four times was named first team All-Pro and once was named defensive player of the year. In 12 seasons, Player B has 1,208 tackles, 41 sacks and 19 interceptions, six returned for a touchdown. He has not been to a single Pro Bowl and has never been first team All-Pro. One other fact: If Player B gets one more interception, he becomes the fifth linebacker in the history of the league to have 40 sacks and 20 interceptions. And if he returns it for a touchdown he will have more touchdown returns than any linebacker ever (and as many TD returns as safety Ed Reed). Player A is Brian Urlacher, considered one of the best middle linebackers in recent times and a future Hall of Famer. Player B is confused, befuddled, perplexed and upset.
 He also plays for the Cleveland Browns. "I don't understand what it takes to, I guess, be nominated to be a Pro Bowler or an All-Pro; I guess that's the right language," Karlos Dansby said this week. "My body of work speaks for itself. Now I'm embarking on a journey that only four men in the many years of football have been able to do. "It's a blessing to be named with those men, but for them to be retired and I'm still playing -- that says a lot." Exclusive company Where does Karlos Dansby rank in the "20-40 club" (LBs with 20 INTs and 40 sacks)? Player Years Sacks INTS INT for TD Tackles * tackle total unofficial courtesy of profootballreference.com Brian Urlacher 13 41.5 22 2 229 Seth Joyner 13 52 24 2 1,056* Ray Lewis 17 41.5 31 3 1,562 Wilber Marshall 12 45 23 3 1,020* Karlos Dansby 12 41 19 6 1,208 Others of note: Junior Seau 20 56.5 18 0 1,522* Cornelius Bennett 14 71.5 7 1 1,048* Derrick Brooks 11 20.5 12 2 732* That journey would be to join what Dansby calls the "20-40 club" -- linebackers with 20 career interceptions and 40 sacks. Urlacher, Seth Joyner, Ray Lewis and Wilber Marshall are the only four NFL players in that club. Dansby is one interception away. That's an element of pride for Dansby, who discussed his frustration at not being recognized in the vote by fans, coaches and players (one-third each) for the Pro Bowls and the media vote guided by The Associated Press for All-Pro. He couldn't explain it, and he didn't understand it. It was a discussion about perceptions, why some players are perceived certain ways and others not. It was about production. And it was about respect. At this point in his career, wouldn't he have earned one stinking Pro-Bowl nod? The more Dansby talked, the more compelling his case became and the more sense he made. When it comes to tackles and the "20-40 club," Dansby is 333 shy of Lewis, but only eight shy of Urlacher, whom he should pass next season. He has more than Joyner and Marshall. Does this mean Dansby is better than Urlacher or Lewis? That's not his argument. His argument is that he doesn't understand what he has to do to be mentioned as one of the better linebackers in the league. "You can't say I don't make plays, because my numbers say it," Dansby said. His unashamed goal is to make the Hall of Fame (he does not lack for confidence). Some would say that is not realistic. But ProFootballReference.com rates players' careers and compares them to other players at the same position. Two of the players with careers comparable to Dansby's are in the Hall: Dave Robinson of Green Bay and Andre Tippett of New England. Dansby hears that some say he has not been dominant. But in 2013 he was in the discussion for defensive player of the year when he had 135 tackles, 6.5 sacks and four interceptions (two returned for TDs) playing middle linebacker for Arizona. He also points to consistency. In his career, he has played the Will (weakside), Sam (strongside) and Mike (middle) linebacker spots. He had at least 100 tackles in eight of the past 10 seasons, missing 100 only when he missed games to injury. In 2012 in Miami he had 133 tackles playing with a torn bicep. From 2005 to 2010 he forced 14 fumbles. In Arizona in a playoff win against Green Bay following the 2009 season, Dansby started the game by tipping an Aaron Rodgers throw that was intercepted, and then forced a Rodgers fumble. He ended it returning a Rodgers fumble for a touchdown. This past season, he felt he was on track after the first few games for 140 to 160 tackles. But when the Browns had trouble covering the tight end early, coordinator Jim O'Neil went to Dansby and asked him to play man on the tight end on passing downs. The former safety at Auburn agreed. He doesn't know what more he has to do to have his contributions acknowledged. "How is it possible that I can have the same numbers and not have the same accolades?" he said. "That's what baffles me. But it's motivation in the same breath. "That's what drives me to continue to play the game the way I play the game and respect the game the way I respect the game." Dansby isn't noticed for big hits, demonstrative celebrations or long flowing hair. He focuses on preparation and detail. He calls it the game within the game, which he says all must respect. "I'm trying to do something that only four guys have done in 50 years of football," Dansby said. "Don't disrespect these four guys who are in this class of elite players. Not recognizing what I do, that's disrespecting all four of them. "I respect these four guys who have been able to do this thing because I know how hard it is. For me to set that goal and hit it, I'm so close to it, I've got to go get it. "I can't give up now."
  8. Mike Brown growing impatient with Marvin Lewis?

    The real issue is 12 wins and a 3rd seed with a team that could have easily been 12+ wins and 1 seed. You can go back and play ifs and buts in any particular 1 game but the reality is Marvin has had a stacked team and they rarely perform their best against the best in primetime or playoffs in numerous games. I don't know how long their window stays open but we are watching a Super Bowl slip through our hands.
  9. Mike Brown growing impatient with Marvin Lewis?

    You never want to get on Mike Browns impatient list, lol
  10. Mike Brown growing impatient with Marvin Lewis?

    Nfl.com reporting 1 year extension for Lewis. Under contract for 2017
  11. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    If you think of Fischer as a Guard. Tackle isn't as outrageous especially with Zeitler heading into FA creating a potential hole at RG. There is a Texas A&M tackle ranked about were their second round pick is. Just a guess.
  12. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    I think they'll dial up D-line and maybe another offensive tackle in the top 4 rounds of this draft. There's too much depth at those positions in this draft. Of course that all depends on how it falls
  13. Brandon LaFell

    It's official like volcom said. Up on NFL.com.
  14. Dansby Perspective....Impressive

    lol, when I read this I thought of Willie Anderson Willie Anderson is destined to join the "s/b HOFer" list along with Ken Anderson
  15. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Not sure if it's official but NFL.com has just put it up. Bengals to sign Karlos Dansby. This is a good outside add for the Bengals. Assuming his skill and durability remains the same for 2016. This gives the Bengals another 3 down LB (if they choose). His game definitely fits the Bengals needs vs. the Steelers. His pursuit and coverage will help close windows Ben has to throw into and allow our DBs to play more zone protecting the deep ball. If the Bengals can get Burfict and Dansby on the field together it's a good upgrade.
  16. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Edit: Easier way to say it. At some point Bengals will add or retain pieces. These will largely be overlooked unheralded when they happen. Some will flop and some will be better than what anyone could have imagined. At the end of the day when you are carving your Turkey the rest of the AFC North will have to deal with the Cincinnati Bengals. There are too many existing pieces on this team that will have to falter or regress for them not to be a factor. Now, they've lost Primetime and Postseason games in so many ways that there isn't a Free Agent available that's realistically going to be able to solve that issue on paper at this point in the offseason or at the beginning of the offseason. Quite frankly it doesn't matter what they add/retain this group of players/coaches/management doesn't deserve the benefit of the doubt of gaining elite status and post season success until they actually do it.
  17. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Caught Hobson on the radio this weekend. He seemed positive towards the LaFell and Dansby flirtations and that they would be Bengals. At least that's me reading the tea leaves. Basically with the draft on the horizon the FA market is slow and nobody is in a hurry do anything quickly like the first day of Free Agency.
  18. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Lafell also released would not count against comp picks. Dansby is supposedly taking a physical for Bengals.
  19. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Both would not, I believe. Dansby was released and certainly wouldn't.
  20. Brandon LaFell

    The Brandon that owes you $20?
  21. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Los Dansby visiting today.
  22. Gio or Jermey

    That was so much bullshit. Shazier clearly used his helmet as weapon. To have that guy not flagged or fined afterward is the biggest fucking joke ever.
  23. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Mays isn't worth the worry or worth the effort of getting fired up about. He found his niche in the NFL due to Lemur's injury. He got replaced when Lemur got healthy. Zimmer dumped him because he got Lemur. Bengals went to the back up plan in Mays because they lost Lemur. IF Mays makes the roster he's chasing punts and filling LB cover duties. It's up to Dawson/Rey or another LB to make sure there isn't a situation for Mays role to grow.
  24. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Saw Andre last year at an early July TC practice. The guy could basically didn't give a fuck, IMO. Standing behind guys, messing around with water bottles during position drills. It was to a point that I thought he was hurt and being held out. Nope perfectly healthy. He was more than content to let Winston or whoever take his reps. This coming after he made the public statement of wanting to be elite and of course being in a contract year. He was a decent player for the Bengals but his best seasons were before the contract extension from the Bengals.
  25. 2016 Bengals Free Agents

    Dansby said something like "I'm sure the Bengals are licking their chops", after his release. So there probably is some interest and we'll see if it ever matures enough to get a contract offer/acceptance. Edit: Coyle, I guess was Dansby's coordinator in Miami for a little bit.