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  1. Training Camp

    If the report is from Cincy Jungle then it's questionable. I read that piece and it's pure speculation based off a sight of a scar on the inside of his ankle and then a doctor speculating at what type of procedure that could have been and then if it was that procedure then it could be up to 6 months. I haven't seen Eifert live at camp because I have not been but I have seen reports he's out of the boot and tweets with pictures of him running with trainers.
  2. Training Camp

    Back on topic: Just summarizing the daily radio reports. The seems like the defense wins everyday of practice. The D-line has been dominant over the o-line. Will be interesting to hear the reports from the Viking practices.
  3. Training Camp

    I think back in the day Sports sections out of the newspaper used to cover big matches coming up. That was back when they tried to play it off as being real.
  4. Training Camp

    ESPN really covered wrestling? lol. Once NFL Network came along, ESPN died. Only watch it now for games or the occasional 30 for 30. Tom Jackson and Primetime highlight show back from the 90s was classic. It's hard to think that highlight show is now outdated, along with the pregame show they do.

    I wouldn't call myself a fan but I rooted a lot for the Rams in the 80s/90s while they were in LA just because they were division rivals of the 9ers. They had some good players and teams. Didn't really care for them much when they moved to St. Louis. Just didn't seem right. I would love it, if they would go back to the classic Yellow and Blue uniforms of the LA Rams and ditch the St. Louis look. I hope they don't yuck up the uniform situation. Make it classic LA Rams. Kevin Greene was my favorite non-Bengal player while with the Rams. Then of course he cements himself as HOF player with the Steelers, yuck.
  6. William Jackson III

    Agree. I wish they would expand it for more than 1 player too. NFL needs to be smarter. Most people hate the preseason because of Injuries to players in meaningless games and the cost. Well the Bengals and I think other teams have cut the price of tickets in half for preseason games. I think expanding the IR return rule would help with the angst over injuries. It has gotten to the point in which fans don't even want their star players to practice. Kinda of crazy when you think back to the days of true 2 a days and they just mauled each other in drills throughout the summer. I think you definitely see "bad football" for the first month of the season as a result of being soft.
  7. Training Camp

    Saw some tweets over at Cincy Jungle that had Eifert on the alternate field working out with a trainer. Next step will be seeing him running routes. There is some still curious statements floated about that could have Eifert out until late September or even October. Hopefully his workouts progress into Football work and not back into a boot.
  8. William Jackson III

    From Bengals.com. Interesting. So I guess WJIII will go on IR as normal but after 8 weeks they COULD select him or anyone off IR to return. So there's no need to designate him or anyone at the end of camp.
  9. Training Camp

    Heard on the radio, Eifert boot watch is over. He is out of the boot. Next step is to watch for him to be on the alternate field doing field work with a trainer.
  10. William Jackson III

    Just popped up on NFL.com that the injury will need surgery. However he could still play in 2016. It will largely depend on him being the best candidate for the IR/designated to return when it comes time to use it. Estimated 3/4 month recovery time.
  11. William Jackson III

    Read or heard, can't remember, that WJIII was going for a second opinion. Hopefully it's not a bad tear and doesn't take him out for the season. Since there is no rush or need for injury reports we likely won't know until final cut roster day. Of course if it's clearly a bad tear he'll be IR sooner.
  12. Training Camp

    Fisher can even fulfill the FB, Blocking TE, and H-Back blocking duties.
  13. William Jackson III

    In some fan circles there's always got to be whipping boy.
  14. William Jackson III

    Leon Hall is one of my favorites and I would have loved to have him back but it's just because he's a name we are familiar with. The young guys late last season played very well in tough spot as the secondary was injured. We'll see, good luck to Leon.
  15. William Jackson III

    Dre is better than what he gets credits for. He's had some ugly moments in which he got picked on by QB/WR. IMO, his biggest area to improve on and punch his ticket to a bigger $$$$ contract is catching the ball. He's a ball hawk or should be. He could have had 4/5 ints on easy balls he put himself to intercept. He had 0. Those type of plays cover up coverage problems and grabbing a bunch is a fast ticket to a pro bowl. Even still, I think the guy just based on last year is ticketed for a sticker shock FA deal. Teams are playing DBs more snaps, cap is going up and more teams are in good cap positions. Dre is probably already in a position to grab a Sanu level contract. If can't improve coverage or secure the interceptions then it might be best to let another team pay him his market value regardless of what happens with WJIII.
  16. William Jackson III

    Steeler fans are lame and obsessed with the Bengals, lol. As they try to claim they don't see the Bengals as a big rival. According to many of them, this is what the Bengals get for trying to screw the Steelers, lol. Newsflash: Bengals love them some first round DBs or Proven Vets (typically former first rounders). By the way, it's paid off because they've had a great secondary over multiple seasons. True there isn't a single player that's has gotten individual recognition as "top 5" like a Geno Atkins. They are solid across the board including sub packages. Which is why Coyle and Joesph were robbed off the staff. Bengals also don't draft for "need". They are going to take the perceived higher talent at the position they value more.
  17. William Jackson III

    Better move on Leon soon. Pitt could be in the running as they lost a CB to an injury as well.
  18. William Jackson III

  19. Training Camp

    The Eifert Tower still has a boot on so that's the first step. Coley Harvey saying the boot comes off next week. We are officially on boot watch 2016!
  20. Andy Drives Away With Gas Pump Still In Car

    On the Dalton contract: His injury probably cost him about 5 mil. He has escalators in the deal that jump his base up certain levels if he plays a certain percentage of snaps and makes divisional round, conference champ, and Superbowl. Bengals were oh so close to getting a top seed to get to the divisional round. Loses to Pittsburgh and Denver late in the regular season doomed them. Andy would have given them a better chance to win those games. Of course the Bengals had Pitt beat until Hill fumbled in the WC. I think Dalton would have rolled up bigger numbers vs. Denver and Pitt as they used more zone to slow down the offense led by AJ. Andy upped his game last year to pick apart soft coverage. Looking towards 2016. I don't think Andy Dalton has gotten enough credit from the season he had last year. Pundits will automatically strike up Ben and Pittsburgh as a big advantage at the QB position. Dalton was the better QB, last year.
  21. Training Camp

    Burfict landed on some no action injury list or something. Not thought to be serious.
  22. Marvin Jones Hopes Spoiled for 2016?

    Yep. It will be interesting to see how much of that deal Jones actually sees too. Detroit is in that danger zone of rebuild if they don't get it done soon. Jones has a 7 mil salary next season that becomes guaranteed 5 days into the league year and will represent cap savings. Could easily end up like Michael Johnson and Collins with Tampa Bay.
  23. Marvin Jones Hopes Spoiled for 2016?

    Boldin doesn't draw extra safety coverage too much. He was an excellent big target, move the chains target for Flaco during their Superbowl year. Jones was a good system player for us. AJ Green drew a ton of attention. It seems like there are so many Free Agent stories of failure when the #2 guy goes off on his own. There typically is favorable coverage and often overlooked is a good on field relationship with the QB that makes them so successful. I hope Jones does well but I also hope the Bengals rebound better than they did when they lost Housh to FA. It's my opinion that Housh and the Bengals would have been a lot better off with each other in 2009 and 2010. Of course, if they don't completely suck in 2010 there's no reboot or AJ Green and Carson drama which was probably the biggest catalyst to have Mike Brown finally become a wall flower.
  24. Training Camp

    What a job would that would be. Hey rook, go see if you can piss off Burfict!
  25. So It's Not Just Bengal Bias!!!

    Steeler players are rewarded for being loyal to the franchise and fan base. Sports memorabilia shows are often packed with Steelers including "no-names". Their fees for signing are often higher. Same with appearances etc. If you go too far against the organization, you could be risking $$$$$$. Just the same if you are uber positive then you probably can add $$$$. There's a much much much smaller market for that for former Bengals. IMO, the Bengals receive much more respect today than per Marvin or even early Marvin. It is lukewarm respect or slow coming. For example: I think since 2013 the Bengals have spent the most weeks in first place in the division and for any season (2013, 2014,2015 and 2016) have never been the clear cut favorite. But a lot of coverage has called them talented and has complemented on their drafting etc. But the main thing the Bengals are never going to change the biased critic. Never. You have to drown out their voice with positive Bengal coverage. Bengals are horrible at marketing etc.