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  1. NFL Top 100

    Coming in at No. 29 is Geno Atkins. Wasn't ranked last year (shouldn't have been either) but has been previously ranked in years past. That makes 6 Bengals from 2016. With AJ Green still looming. It is quite possible the Bengals might have the most from 2015 season.
  2. NFL Top 100

    Dalton is deserving based off his 2015 season. As people look forward towards the 2016 season most assume the Steelers have the advantage at QB. If Dalton is at his 2015 level. He is the best QB in the division.
  3. NFL Top 100

    Bengals hit another. Andy Dalton at no. 35. This is the 5th Bengal from the 2015 season. All have been continuing the trend of not being ranked the year prior or at anytime during the past top 100 exercises.
  4. Tailgating Vehicles

    I'll try to be helpful. There are team controlled lots and non-team controlled lots. Team Controlled lots you will contact the Bengals ticket line. From there you'll be able to inquire about parking passes and availability. Lot E used to be their RV/Big Vehicle lot. Team controlled lots open later because the NFL has a standard rule about opening so many hours before kickoff. It's worth a call to see what availability they have and I'm assuming they'll be able to give you the rules. Non-team controlled lots are going open earliest. They are going to operate by their own rules and each lot could be different. There is a big tailgate lot "Longworth Hall" very popular. I have seen RV etc in the lot and I think they just charge extra. There is also a gravel/concrete business near PBS off Mehring way that accommodates big tailgate vehicles. There are also two big flat lots that get a lot of tailgaters down 3rd Street (?) across from a UPS facility. I'm not sure who manages these lots and if they have contact info for questions. Hope this helps.
  5. Gio extended!

    3 yr 15.5. Not to shabby for a guy that produces 1,200 all purpose yards.
  6. Gio extended!

    Sanu and Jones have never produced 1,200 yards in a season. Gio I believe has done it every year. To secure that much of your offense and only locked in for 3 years is a steal when you look at the deals given this past offseason and up coming trend.
  7. NFL Top 100

    Tyler Eifert landed at 44
  8. OTAs

    Crocker probably would be a good coach. He was Just a guy in the NFL but no one can argue the improved play whenever Zimmer brought him back to lead the secondary. I'm kinda surprised he isn't up doing his internship with Zimmer.
  9. Andy Drives Away With Gas Pump Still In Car

    On the bright side he wasn't riding a bicycle when he did this.
  10. Schedule Out Tonight

    If you are season ticket holder, having the 4th preseason game at home sucks. It's on a Thursday before a holiday weekend. I don't buy the "jobs on the line" selling pitch because the roster is 99.9% set prior. Just sit around hoping a key reserve player doesn't get hurt. But if you are able to pick tickets up on the cheap. The 4th game is good entertainment to start the long weekend. This year the Bengals drastically dropped the price of preseason tickets and spread the difference over the regular season. Which is smart and lessens the sting a little.
  11. Andy Drives Away With Gas Pump Still In Car

    One time I commented on how I thought somebody looked better with a buzz cut. I was scolded for being an asshole because his hair was falling from kemo. I honestly had no idea he was sick. I follow the same pregnancy rule. I don't comment until they offer the information. Hair styles. Weight gain or loss. It's worth it not to comment.
  12. NFL Top 100

    For those scoring at home. Not a current Bengal but his Bengal season landed him at No. 60. Reggie Nelson. So far all Bengal related rankings have the distinction of not being rated the years before.
  13. Bengals 53 man roster

    Hobson mentioned Freeney yesterday during his OTA notes. Usually that is a positive sign of an up and coming addition. Apparently Dansby and Freeney share the nutritionists. Hobson got Dansbys thoughts on the prospects of Freeney joining the team.
  14. OTAs

    I think Rey and Burfict were over the team's weight requirements when OTAs kicked off. Both were not active on the field. Clearly Burfict has gotten on the field, so maybe Rey has some more pounds to drop? Could be an injury too.
  15. Burfict Suspended

    I think the Bengals have been the more physical team over the Steelers for a while. I think it's been slow on a national stage to be recognized because the Steelers have so many fan boys in the media that everyone assumes they have Mean Joe Green and Co other there all the time. However, I think our guys definitely have little brother syndrome going on with the Steelers. Steelers are definitely crying in the media a lot lately.
  16. Bengals 53 man roster

    Heard Lap on the radio yesterday that Freeney seems to be a split vote. Mostly the age is the concern.
  17. Here We Go Again!!!

    If there's a silver lining, I guess. Eifert not exactly a good blocker last year. Hewitt/Fisher give them options to improve blocking while trying to fill that void.
  18. Here We Go Again!!!

    Next man up is as generic as it gets but also rings true. This team has been a playoff qualifier for a long time and in order to do that you have to constantly redefine what the team's strengths are. I don't really look at Tyler Kroft as filling the void. I look at Dalton/AJ Green. Green has the ability to be a 1,800 yard guy. He was mainly a decoy last year. Dalton and him have to up their chemistry and eliminate some of the negative plays that have occurred when they have forced the ball to him. I look at the OC getting away from Hue's magic and putting the line in a spot to maximize Jeremy Hill. Of course, Hill already shoulders a lot of redemption.
  19. Here We Go Again!!!

    Don't remember all the details but this Eifert deal reminds me of Marvin Jones 2014. He's coming back, he's coming back, he's back ooops he's out for the season. Same with Burfict.
  20. Here We Go Again!!!

    IF I had access to a baby seal, I definitely would club it right now.
  21. Here We Go Again!!!

    Wonderful. Minimal surgery out for three months. Chase Coffman still in the league?
  22. Burfict Suspended

    I think they should embrace it and at the same time start working the media. If I were a local Bengal scribe, I'd take that above tweet and attach the photo DeCastro's hands in Gilberry's face mask. Too bad Hobson's too busy trying to figure out how to restate the cap room.
  23. OTAs

    Eifert was hurt in the pro bowl and is recovering from that foot or ankle problem, probably taking it slow. Can't remember if it required surgery but he was in a boot afterward.
  24. Burfict Suspended

    I would definitely send somebody after their punter in that first match up.
  25. Burfict Suspended

    Ugh what a mess. I believe Burfict is a dirty player but also a player that is DYOP level. I have no idea if his suspension is warranted or fair because this standard is constantly changing. The coverage is absolutely annoying. Steelers simply have more blind homer fans that have more "fan boy" media types pandering to those viewpoints. Their former players show way more love towards the franchise vs. the Bengals. Cincinnati media is considerably more negative and lives on the side of being "fair" . Pitt players have been crying to the media about dirty hits. What bullshit. Anybody can watch that game film and see the dirty play was on both sides. All we need isCollinsworth to denounce his former team as dirty, while we all know he loved Steeler foooootball when they blatantly broke a punters jaw. Fuck them. The 3 game suspension is just rest for Burfict to wreck more havoc in those remaining 13 weeks and playoffs.