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  1. UDFAs

    The Texas A&M Running back could make a few bottom of the roster players nervous come last cut down day.
  2. Bengals 53 man roster

    Hunt can contribute, I think. I seriously doubt it's anything world shattering. At this point if he could up his snap counts to 25% and grab 3/4 sacks, I'd take it. I don't think he'll ever be anything like the superstar that his natural athletic skill hints at. In his limited playing time late last year, if you watch you'll see him walk a tackle back into the qB with one hand a couple times. But the guy doesn't have the killer instinct or something.
  3. Bengals 53 man roster

    Tate as a Kick Returner would be a whole different story if he was more of a factor as a WR in the offense, he isn't.
  4. Bengals 53 man roster

    In terms of Kick return experimenting with RBs as returners is something the Bengals haven't done in a while but it isn't that odd. So that's something for Burkhead too. May give up potential for game breaker for more consistent upgrade in return yardage. With the touchback being moved to the 25 yard line, it may change team's approach all together.
  5. Bengals 53 man roster

    Different ball game this year for WR production. Last year Green/Sanu/Jones were 99.9% of the WR production. Bengals had great luck with WR health last year of the top 3. That allowed them to use a game day spot for a sole KR. Tate had 3 targets and 2 catches, 1 TD as a WR. This year behind Green it's all open. I also think the spots behind Green won't be easily filled with just 2 players right off the bat it will take time or maybe completely different approach. That's going to force the Bengals to evaluate the KR only spot they had last year. My guess is Tate will have to show more as a WR to stay around.
  6. Bengals 53 man roster

    Sims had a tackle for loss and batted pass in key series in the playoff game. Basically took over on that series. He's shown that ability since he was a rookie. Sure it only appears a few times over a season but I think it's his role to lose in the DT rotation. Flowers will have a say in the LB ranks. Also Burfict doesn't count for 3 games so that helps keep numbers around then make decisions. I don't think their 6th and 7th round picks this year are locks for the 53. Margus Hunt? Who knows? Had that back injury that clearly limited him. They carried him inactive then his role in the defensive started to appear in the 2nd half of the season. Sure be nice to have this guy have a pre season that challenged for a bigger role. I've become a doubter that will ever happen.
  7. 6th Round: Cody Core, WR, Ole Miss

    There's going to be a scrum for Special Teams only roles. Tate got his game day spot as primary KR because Sanu and Jones had such strong roles in the offense. Now that's unsettled. I don't think Tate will win a spot as WR role. If the Bengals can't find 2 WR to fill the Sanu/Jones role and that grows to 3, that's trouble for Tate. Also prior to knee injury Wright was a great gunner for LSU. Alford runs sub 4.4. They just added sub 4.4 corner. Then there's Hewitt and Burkhead. If a combination of these guys push for active game day roles as apart of the offensive/defensive gameplan it's going to effect the Special team's only roles that Tate and Peerman have had.
  8. Third Day

    Bengals have been doing a great job 5th round and beyond. Just go through the names and apply realistic expectations. Multiple LBs ranging from DYOP to role players have been found as Undrafted FAs. They got beat by one of there 6 round RBs in the playoffs while his replacement was playing WR (Boom and Burk). Bernard Scott outplayed his draft spot. Clinton McDonald was traded for a former 1st round CB. Flowers and Wright probably carve out roles last year if not for injury. Iloka, Jones. Heck people think they should have traded AJ after 3 starts. Claims they don't scout beyond a certain number or start reaching are clearly unfounded.
  9. 5th Round: Chris Westerman OG, Arizona State

    Kinda odd comment. Whit didn't join the team until 2006. Then Braham was entrenched as the "Whit" at that time. Braham only played 1 game in 2006 or 1.5 games, can't remember and was replaced by Guy-check. Of course Whit is going to have Halo effect man crush on Braham. Alexander is rightfully speaking from a Point of view that Braham was trashed constantly because he was wavier wire pick up and played early. It wasn't until Parcels tried to sign him a RFA that Braham started getting some respect as a player. Although he never got true respect until they fixed the major hole at LT and then fans saw the value when they extended at 1 year deals because they couldn't find a better Center. Whit should understand because there's still a small undercurrent that believes he can't play Left Tackle from some fans.
  10. Your 2016 Draft Class

    Haslett scouted the LB. When it got around the league that Haslett was going to Utah State other teams started snooping around one of which was the Packers. That was the story on the radio Sunday morning. Utah State has a good academic reputation nationally.
  11. 4th Round: Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

    Never too early to talk about DT trade. Bengals will probably cut a decent rotational DT this year.
  12. Your 2016 Draft Class

    CBS sports line has Bengals in the top 5 draft hauls.
  13. Third Day

    There is zero job growth in the NFL. Every year 300+ new applicants come in as cheaper labor. In addition the Bengals have been a playoff team 6 out 7 years so playing time has been scarce for young players typically selected in the bottom half of the rounds. They still had two former 5th rounders as top FA targets. Iloka and Jones. I bet they are out performing the majority of teams.
  14. Your 2016 Draft Class

    Didn't Mario Alford have return experience? I give the class a B.
  15. 5th Round: Chris Westerman OG, Arizona State

    On one hand Bengals fans love a good witch hunt involving a Center. So Paul isn't completely off base because fans for decades have trashed centers even when they are playing very good. Mostly Brahm and Cook. On the other hand, Guy-check sucked and they stuck with him too long although that was a result of Cook getting hurt in pre-game and lost for the year. Bodine is heading down the path of Guy-check and not Brahm or Cook.
  16. 2nd Round: Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

    He has been on the radar for a while along with Micheal Thomas from OSU in various spots from late first to here. Its why missing on WR in the first wasn't a big deal. There isn't much difference between the 2nd round WR this year and the guys taken day 1
  17. Third Day

    Malcolm Mitchell please
  18. 3rd Round: Nick Vigil, LB, Utah State

    at this point on just about every player drafted there's going to be something to like and something not to. To have a reach the player typically is filling a roster hole out of desperation and there is a consensus of being available later. neither is true with this pick because 3 draft "experts" go along with the pick. All of a sudden the bengals are going to start reaching? Small school player that people didn't connect the dots and figure out the interest an therefore didn't mock him to us. Most people knew Marvin met with the UK lb and therefore many starting mocking him to the bengals. If they take that dude no one blinks.
  19. 3rd Round: Nick Vigil, LB, Utah State

    no such thing as a reach when your in the 80s. There will always be analysis justifying either point. Hope Our Lads, Mayock and Prisco are right. Seem to like the pick.
  20. Second Day

  21. Second Day

    Kendall Fuller has to be considered despite already picking CB.
  22. 2nd Round: Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

    Second coming of Carl Pickens
  23. Second Day

    Dude isn't small. Nearly 6'2 and 200. More Physical.
  24. Second Day

    I do think last year's scenario could once again play out again. 7 DBs were taken round 1. IF a run on D-line and front 7 occurs. Then if WR gets snatched up. Bengals could once again be looking at a too good to be true CB or S in the 2nd. Pull the trigger.