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  1. O-line Watch 2022

    Collins being cut by Cowboys so we'll get to see how serious they are about RT and Collins.
  2. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    They had an offer out to CJ and then tried to get this Conklin guy. I think if there is a TE they like they'll try to get him for the right $$
  3. O-line Watch 2022

    If you ain't signing OL; then were the fuck you aaaaat?
  4. O-line Watch 2022

    Yeah. I would love for them to make a move at RT. However, at this point I would lean towards development at RT if it means more stable vet starters at TE or DB, or DL.
  5. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Yeah his price is the big ????. He signed a top market deal with Cleveland and thus those fans thought they were getting Kelce, Kittle. He's a 2nd tier behind those guys. But he's a complete TE. He cut into Njoku's numbers and vice versa. Just bad planning by Cleveland.
  6. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Need to get in the Hooper business. Set to be released by Cleveland. Both TEs there are under valued assets due to Baker.
  7. O-line Watch 2022

    That would be my current guess. However there are several scenarios that will be fought out. I think you can mark Williams at LT and Cappa at RG.
  8. O-line Watch 2022

    Football fans are mostly results oriented. The last result we had was Burrow losing in the Superbowl due to pressure. Had it been a lose with few sacks BUT Eli Apple getting roasted constantly. Then the current holes in the DB room would be front and center. At the end of the day the OL on paper looks improve which should help them continue to improve offensive productivity.
  9. O-line Watch 2022

    Glad to be of help. I think they could get a RT candidate. I think they have to watch the amount of money. We need DBs something fierce and wouldn't mind some DL either. I think they'll get something done, don't know what.
  10. O-line Watch 2022

    I have no idea. They keep 9 usually. They are already looking at 1 cut of someone they counted on starting double digit games or drafted last year. Use a top 150 pick or sign another FA and of course that makes another tough cut. When your in that situation the total collection of the room is much better. One of the younger lineman will probably earn a job too. But someone is already leaving and they haven't even mentioned Spain or RR.
  11. O-line Watch 2022

    I'm not a big fan of Collins. The best scenario is to get him on a prove it deal and maybe get a 2 year deal (with no dead money). He seems to be the opposite of what they are bringing in if you read the local beat writers and fan opinions. I also don't think his PFF ranking is a true picture of his ability. Fans have latched on to his 2018/19 years kinda the same way someone declared Andre Smith "a top 5 RT" once and that's all you heard. Collins wasn't as good as Andre Smith in their top years, IMO. Daryl Williams - has been on my wish list for a while. I don't recall the Bengals ever seriously kicking the tires. I assume because of knee and age worries. He once was an All-pro but that's not him anymore because teams aren't constantly cutting and moving on from an All-pro level player. Moses? - Yeah I don't know. He plays in the NFL and doesn't miss games.
  12. O-line Watch 2022

    Goodberry isn't sure the Line isn't much better than last year. I disagree. I think you'll see PFF rank them higher (although the way fans rely on PFF is silly) and I think you'll see this offense march upwards.
  13. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Baker might have posted his farewell to Cleveland on Twitter
  14. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    The Cleveland handshake would be appealing to Watson.
  15. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Watson in Cleveland would be bad. However, Watson meeting with Cleveland and then actually going to Carolina or whatever is would be great. They basically are throwing Baker under the bus which I'm sure is going to cause some drama.
  16. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    That would be weird getting Gronk when Brady came back. Would love a short term deal for Joe Haden right about now. Need to start getting busy in the DB room.
  17. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    It was us…..sad to see him go.
  18. O-line Watch 2022

    Twitter rumblings Bengals beat out Pats for Karras return in NE.
  19. General AFC North thread

    Steelers, I hope will be in transition. He just needs to be good enough to keep them out of franchise QB range and bad enough to keep them in wild card spot.
  20. O-line Watch 2022

    Which by the way..... Hobson hinted at it.
  21. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Yeah hopefully they get a RT upgrade to then swing for some D-line or DB help.
  22. O-line Watch 2022

    Bam. Center upgrade. Or maybe guard. He's played all over the place.
  23. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Although it sucks to lose Larry. It was rumored or hinted at the Bengals had $$ for him ear marked. (not sure they had Chicago $$ earmarked). The Bengals probably move on to some other player that they value in the Larry O. range. We'll see. 3T pass rush is a concern. Would love to get Geno back on a prove it deal.
  24. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Lost Larry O. to Chicago. That sucks. Was hoping he'd be back.
  25. General AFC North thread

    Trubisky - have no clue really on what kind of move it will end up being. I hope he has limited success so it keeps them out of true franchise QB range but far enough from them ever winning the North over Burrow again.