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  1. Offseason Thoughts

    The weird thing about this offseason. Before they drafted Joe there was a lot of talk about Bengals ruining Joe. Joe being too good for the Bengals refuse to be drafted by Bengals. So Bengals draft Joe. Joe proves to everyone that he was what they said. So.... Eh, Bengals were a fluke. Makes sense.
  2. Yes. Thought it since the day he signed. Hope it happens.
  3. Well it has entered my head that more Marvin era Bengals should be on the list for this vote. I am still Willie and Boomer, but I wish there was a 3rd because Chad Johnson shouldn’t be a 3rd class induction (neither should Willie or Boomer) Maybe you induct Chad by himself if he falls 3rd class. That would be classic. Overall, there is not fair rep for Marvin era Bengals. TJ should be up for votes. Rudi. Maybe a couple others.
  4. Offseason Thoughts

    White Castle hands down has the best breakfast sandwich
  5. 2022 Schedule

    Yeah I don’t think buying tickets from the team via Ticketmaster is saving you very much when they tack on the fees.
  6. Offseason Thoughts

    Conclusion: Sacks are bad! Unless they come from White Castle.
  7. 2022 Schedule

    It is always nerve racking waiting to buy tickets but I think its worth the gamble. Tampa Bay looks like an expensive game but you just do not know how it will be in December. My guess it will not be crazy more expensive that it is today on seat brokers and a good chance it drops. Superbowl tickets lowered closer to the game and that was with 1 team playing in its home town. I just assume people list these things at the pie in the sky price and then lower as they get nervous about eating them.
  8. 2022 Schedule

    I think the opposite. Based off this past playoff run prices were considerably higher and then when inventory dropped so did the prices on some ticket broker sites which is at odds with the typical supply and demand view. Superbowl tickets dropped considerably as did the Raiders playoff game. I think alot of people selling these are going for pie in the sky price and they COULD come down come game week. The last time they were New Orleans against a good Saints team we waited and got uppers for half of what was being asked a month prior. Now Burrow factor could fool with that but the Dome down there is huge.
  9. Offseason Thoughts

    70 sack number includes post season. So there is an acceptability factor there. Give me the extra 15 post season sacks all day and every day for an AFC Championship. It is not always a problem getting hit by a defense. The mush rush is used for a reason. Keep the QB in the pocket. Clearly Burrow looks for the deep ball or play extension. He will get hit/sacked at a higher rate doing this but he is very good at doing that. QBs also bate defenders to hit them to draw penalties. Of course you also are not signing 3 FA linemen if Sacks are not a problem.
  10. Round 4 (136): Cordell Volson, OT, ND State

    Ultimately they need a combination of the mid round lineman they have drafted the past 2 years to develop into quality starting options. We know the skill guys are getting mega contracts eventually. Jonah Williams on 5th year already jumps significantly but anything long term is going to be a big deal. Collins plays like everyone assumes, a hold out would not be unthinkable because he signed a team friendly deal. Aside from LG. The line looks set this year and next so they got some time but its coming were Adeniji, Carman, Hill, Smith, Volson. It will have to be more than one playing as a quality starter.
  11. Round 4 (136): Cordell Volson, OT, ND State

    I think fan and media have gotten over their skis with the LG spot. First they got overly focused on the plan of drafting Linderbaum then moving Karras because of PFF grades, lol. It never got a chance to be proven out but I feel that had very little chance of happening with obvious defensive needs. I thought there was very little chance of IOL being used in the top 100 picks. Using pick 136 does not scream that the team feels the same way about LG as the fans/media. MJ was pick 136 just like Volson. MJ got starts as a rookie by default. Boling retirement and failure of the replacement plans. Mainly Jonah Williams getting injured and then Glenn and his concussion-gate. Struggled badly. Now the current LG whoever that is will have a more stable C and LT surrounding them. So that is plus for whoever it is. However, MJ was a 4 star recruit and had offers from several power 5 teams. Showed up on Campus and won the job in spring ball and started as a freshman in the Big Ten. Needed fluke stuff to happen to get starts his NFL rookie season. Volson - appears to be the same class/age as MJ. His freshman year 2016 he was red shirted. At the FCS level. His 2nd and 3rd years he was a reserve at the FCS level. His remainder years was a starter and nicely decorated. Had 6 years of College football due to red shirt/then Covid year. The majority of his starts came on a different side, different position and at lower level of football than what media/fans are jamming him into his rookie NFL year. Volson teammate (Radunz) was drafted by the Titans much higher. Same class as Volson. Red shirt 2016 but starter the 2nd year (injured). Volson did not start when this happened. Radunz graduated early, gave up eligibility to go to the NFL. Struggled with the Titans as a rookie. This would be some McNally type scouting and OLine whispering if this guy starts opening day at LG. Its a huge challenge. My personal opinion and hope is the Bengals opening TC starting o-line will be handled completely different during the preseason. Last year was clearly an open rotation and try out at several spots. Some of that was clearly to try to get film for Jordan and Price for prospective trades. This year I think the approach will be set it and forget it. Any change or introduction of competition will be from complete failure at one spot or injury.
  12. 2022 Schedule

    Watson should be good but how many of his great years were with Hopkins? He is a top tier QB but the contract, trade comp and current issue will ramp up the pressure to be an immediate success. The RBs are good but if the team stubs it’s toe all the blame will go towards Watson. Like they did Baker. Be interesting to see how it plays out. I hope their shiny new toy takes away from their true strength the RBs.
  13. 2022 Schedule

    I blame Modell moving the team. Major League and Draft Day movies for the Cleveland love. National media love them some Cleveland hype. Eventually they will break through and win a division title but it has not happened since 1989 season. Think of all those predictions gone wrong.
  14. Offseason Thoughts

    The Bengals were going Secondary and Dline in the top 100 of this draft regardless, IMO. There was enough prospects and needs in those two groups you can rest assured Hill was BPA. It would have been interesting if Linderbaum or Karliftis would have found themselves available along with Hill. My guess it would have been the defensive players absolutely. Probably Hill because they felt the pressure to trade up twice to grab 2 secondary players after securing Hill.
  15. Offseason Thoughts

    I don't think he's being ungrateful. He's pulling the only string he can pull to try to get his market value without taking the injury risk.
  16. Yeah Dillon, Palmer, and Pickens certainly would be awkward adds considering them trying to force their way out of the organization. However, Dillon does have a HOF case. As far as HOF Willie and he would be locks if they played on a Titans like team in that era,IMO.
  17. Offseason Thoughts

    First how does "how much is enough" only apply to employees? Second, the family are actual employees collecting salaries. I'm sure they get market value for their titles if for no other reason to reduce the tax liability of the revenues generated by the team.
  18. Willie and Boomer would be my choices. Willie Anderson gets HOF consideration and it is an injustice that he is not in the actual HOF. Boomer is your only other MVP at this time and IMO would be fitting to have both MVPs, and the QBs of now 2 of 3 AFC Champions. I have always been in favor of a more exclusive Ring of Honor so once you get your no brainers in like Willie, Boomer, Chad, and Dillon. Maybe hit pause for a couple years. Of course everyone won't agree who are the no brainers.
  19. Offseason Thoughts

    Card goes both ways. Brown family has more money than any singular player. Its just a function of the system. I personally think it is best for fans if players are not gauranteed full contracts. See baseball. But the trade is hold outs. Bates can hold out, time will tell whether or not the agent is right on his value. Then also time will tell with the team that invest in him whether or not its worth it. Bengals have won a couple times and got burnt a couple times on not moving off their market value analysis.
  20. Offseason Thoughts

    TJ Watt just won Defensive player of the year did not practice til game week 1. Emmit Smith held out through Week 2 1993, won Superbowl maybe MVP of both the season and Superbowl. (Can not remember exactly.) There's been several probably if you think back through the years. Hold outs are media talking points because it stirs emotion both ways. It ultimately depends on the individual player but they can move past hold outs and have successful seasons. In modern day TC/Preseason its not a negative at all for a Vet player. Probably helps their legs and avoids injury. Teams typically do not want starters in pre season games anyway.
  21. Offseason Thoughts

    Not mad at Bates or Bengals. The system be what it be. Jessie is not Ed Reed. He is a good solid player. I hope he does not sit out games but Training Camp is so soft now a days he could miss it all probably and contribute week 1.
  22. Offseason Thoughts

    Jessie simply doesn’t have the splash plays to reset the market. You always need the PFF sites of the world to tell you he’s elite. Now playoffs? He had splash plays. If you got the playoff production rate in a 17 game season? Yeah 18m is more comfortable.
  23. Offseason Thoughts

    If there’s a true impasse maybe a trade is the way to go?
  24. Offseason Thoughts

    I’d like to have Bates on the field and with an extension. That’s a big blow and distraction to overcome if he sits. However, I’d hate to see a deal that inches towards 18m. But then again it’s not my money and they could make up for it by losing Bell after the year. Of course a Bell extension wouldn’t be bad either. I don’t think Jessie has much leverage.
  25. Round 3 (95): Zach Carter, DL, Florida

    After 21 games they desperately need a couple players to rotate in on the D-line.