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  1. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    That’s pretty cool
  2. Got no idea but I think 9 wins would be good to get the last spot
  3. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Season as a whole I'm not disappointed in this team at all. Just have to remember with a water down AFC they aren't good or as bad as they look on any given week. Stuff to remember when the conversation jolts into off season talk.
  4. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    So what's the injury situation look like for this week? Lots of body count from the last game.
  5. Bengals offensive line

    Steeler fans are spoiled. They got to live the dream at little longer than Bengal fans after the 2015 playoff meltdown. It probably won’t take them as long to reboot either.
  6. Bengals offensive line

    Unless they make a commitment to blitzing more often I don’t have much interest in a hybrid DE/LB. it seems they like to rush 4 and play coverage. I would be interested in a LB/S hybrid to strengthen the depth there.
  7. Props for the Bengals FO.

    Cart thing is hilarious
  8. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    one man's unpredictable is another man's versatile. Young team growing and learning to win that has multiple ways to move the ball against another team.
  9. Bengals offensive line

    I also saw on another board Michael Jordan is back to starting, and we have alarms go off whenever Hart resurfaces. I think Price is starting. But these things add credibility to Pollack and the young lineman. They aren't on the roster just because of being draft picks. They actually beat out other players that are still finding jobs in the NFL. But to get back to the weakness of attempting to rank position groups 1-32. By default some group has to be 32. The evaluation should be done based on standards. Its quite possible you don't have any elite Offensive lines or maybe 1 or 2 and the rest are poor or average. Who knows? This line and the chemistry with Mixon seems like it can do enough damage the second half to earn a playoff spot. We'll see. So what part do you call "Elite"? I don't know or care. Get the yards going, move the chains and get points on the board.
  10. Bengals offensive line

    IMO, just from what I saw from Carman he was impressive in terms of potential. Very powerful run blocker and nasty finishing blocks. Not perfect and not All-Pro level. I think puts him on the Right side but who knows that is kinda old thinking running to the right majority. I initially thought his removal from the O-line was injury related but its encouraging that Adeniji comes in and looks better than a player that was showing promise, IMO. The whole process gains credibility because we have not seen the blow ups we have seen from Price, Bodine, Jordan, Redmond and whoever else from these young guys. The only one that has seen action and struggled has been Hill with penalties. I do remember Hobson throwing out Adeniji on the left side guard at one point but then he got hurt.
  11. Bengals offensive line

    I thought Carman eventually would be RT since they drafted him based on some of the comments/evals. We’ll see if that materializes. Reiff is a guy you have to get back for at least another year. I’d hate to go unproven at a edge spot. Spain is another to get back. I’d like to see if Pollack could fix the Center spot with 3-5 round pick. He’s got Hill, but maybe another and have a competition.
  12. Bengals offensive line

    These advance stat services like PFF are worlds better than what fans had prior which was nothing or somebody basing an evaluation off the TV feed which can be very misleading as you don't get depth etc. I do think they make a mistake of trying to rank units or players 1-32. In reality if you got all the league's line coaches and a handful of college line coaches in the room. The majority could probably agree on elite unit play and the elite players. They could probably determine bad unit play and bottom tier players. There's no chance in hell you'd have any agreement in a ranking 1-32. There's probably a few elite units. Some horrible and then a mass population of all others and it depends upon the individual preference on how they would rank them. In terms of the Bengals they are top half yards. Higher in points scored and rushing yards so it makes sense that the line is at least considered average to good as I doubt those numbers are possible with bad o-line play. Reference the "zone blocking" tweet posted on this board. There's no way any outsider is accurately grading every zone run without being involved in system installment. There simply are not black and white assignments very often that's the weakness of the advance stat services.
  13. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    What is Zac’s OU connection? I thought he was a Nebraska man.
  14. Props for the Bengals FO.

    The early issue for the offseason will be how much do you trust Pollack? They have some spots to fill or extend AND they have young guys showing promise. Can you put off drafting a Lineman past pick 150 given the success we've seen? I dunno but keeping/improving that O-line has to be a priority.
  15. Props for the Bengals FO.

    During the offseason, I thought they didn't get enough credit for backfilling Lawson and Jackson. I would have been plenty happy with extensions for those two, but their replacements are just simply more productive this year than Lawson and Jackson were their last couple years as Bengals. Bengal fan always revert back to the 90s after a loss. Blaming Mike Brown. Marvin brought in talent off other teams when he got here and then in 2008/09 time frame. Marvin chased Sapp and others. A big difference under ZT and Tobin is the ability to land a higher grade FA not just chase them. Then to have those key acquisitions pay bigger dividends has been fun to see. Still alot of stuff for ZT/Tobin to knock down because the Mike Brown narrative is only a loss away in message board world.
  16. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Pollack proving to be the biggest offseason get. The only thing I would argue from above is the "missing piece". Pollack doing a great job. Adeniji doing awesome. The missing piece was probably time because I think this line has been showing signs of improvement since Game 1. Both protection and rushing. They hit another level these past two weeks after the bye and a lot of it is Mixon gaining confidence and keeping his feet more. He has just had some deadly cuts the past few weeks.
  17. Week 14: Niners @ Bengals

    4 o' clocks starts, IMO are the best when attending. You get Monday Night, Sunday Night like atmosphere but get home at a decent hour. The last time the 9ers played here they had a ton of fans. I would say they actually had more fans than the Bengals. Might be trouble in the parking lots afterward IF they get level of visitor crowd with a late start. Fun to watch from a distance but bad to participate or get caught up in.
  18. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    It would be nice to get Mixon the NFL rushing title. The dude for the Colts has 12 games but a nice lead. I don't think a Bengal has ever gotten it.
  19. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    I know. I just hate the fact they got it wrong.
  20. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    The only problem I have with this is….The Bengals own Jim McNally popularized zone blocking. Gibbs lines were know for the counter trey and the Hoggs If you dig up the 1988 Bengals year book it has a brief but similar break down of the lineman in sync.
  21. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Back when the Bengals were cobbling together 5 playoff season in a row under Andy Dalton they were routinely picked as the team to not qualify during the preseason banter for the next year. Outsiders are just not going to pump this team up until it smacks them in the face.
  22. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Hard to believe it was only last season Burrow had the Chargers beat only to be foiled by an untimely Offensive PI removing a game winning TD and then Fat Randy pulling both calf muscle to miss a game tie FG. That team seems like a decade ago.
  23. Week 13: Chargers @ Bengals

    Joe Thomas to be exact tried to turn the cart into “Bengals too cheap to buy a podium” rant. It was an odd criticism but they are having fun with it.
  24. General AFC North thread

    Baker is either on a death bed OR he's a bigger drama queen than Ben. Early in last night's game Baker had to exert himself and then he's limping this was like a couple plays in the game. If he's that bad they need to shut him down. Browns and Ravens looked horrible. I think Steelers bounce back and beat Ravens. Then Browns do after the bye.
  25. Week 12: Steelers @ Bengals

    Nice to win TO battle 2nd week in a row.