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  1. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Keep in mind. Lewis coordinated one of the greatest defenses ever. His defenses sucked until Zimmer showed up and they started hitting on draft picks. Many many X-Raven defense coaches were promoted up the ladder even up to head coach. They should all write Ray Lewis a check. Lewis had bad hires at D-Coordinators. It’s a critical hire but these past weeks are being overblown. The biggest thing will be talent for any new d-coordinator. Same with O-line.
  2. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Marquand Manuel. 1. I think today’s NFL is going to require hybrid safeties. Players that can run/cover but also function as LB. So him being a former safety is a plus. Mostly he’s just a grinder. 6th round pick grinded out 8/9 year career. Scholar in Highschool and College. Might have gotten his masters. Soon as his NFL playing days are over he’s grinding up the ladder in coaching. His Atlanta Falcons defense sucked. So we’ll see what happens but I think he’ll bring a lot of good reality experience to the table. Del Rio would have been my choice but a young secondary type coach would have been my choice over Capers. Grantham was surprising to me. First that he even considered it. But then 2nd interview and eventual Florida raise. IMO, that’s pretty impressive for Taylor even if he didn’t land him.
  3. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    I’m sure Bengals leaked the Del Rio stuff to Cincinnati Enquirer when public opinion was forming they were being turned down by candidates. Cincy Jungle is just reporting what Cincinnati Enquirer reported.
  4. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Aaron Glen would have been a good choice. Too bad he’s blocked. Still rooting for Marquand Manuel. But again Taylor impressed several teams with his preparation for interviews. Maybe Del Rio took it for granted?
  5. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Interesting twist. Del Rio would have been my first choice. I didn’t think Saints could block a promotion but I guess they can.
  6. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    $$$$ is all relative. Grantham was already making more than most D-Coordinators in the NFL. So yeah it could be $$$$ issue if he wanted Wade Philips dollars to leave Florida. I dunno if he’s worth that. Grantham can now boast to recruits he’s got NFL contacts to get them to the league or use it in his negotiations with Florida.
  7. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Grantham was a tough target, period. Impressive they got 2 interviews, IMO. He’s been at Georgia and Florida. Paid very well. Sits in the nations biggest high school talent pool. SEC fans know him. It would be hard sell for any NFL team to pull a coach from SEC for same title. Probably used Bengals to further his stature and contract status. Would anyone leave Florida for same title and similar money? He has access to a lot 5 star high school defenders. NFL is tougher lower profile job.
  8. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    who knows in this world of Star Wars football. i think you need length of the edges of a pass rush to block quick throw passing lanes. This seems to be a trend. IMO, Lbs are just hybrid safeties. Need guys to operate in a zone fluidly and then run and tackle. If going 3-4 you definitely will need. 2-gap NT to Control A Gaps. Probably a Rey Malaluga type LB to eat blockers. Grantham wasn’t popular at Georgia by the time he left. Used to call him “3rd and Grantham” Florida seems to like him. Louisville was excited to get him as well not sure how that worked out. Aside from personnel the defense last year played soft. Horrible tackling all year. So whatever scheme the new D- Coord will need to turn that around. What about Marvin Lewis as D-Coord? Lol.
  9. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Don’t really care one way or the other right now about coaching hires. We’ll see the results soon enough. The most important thing is; gone are the days of speculating which coach is being forced upon the head coach by Mike Brown. Now Tobin is the top football person in the building. Can he get it done? Can he work with his coaching selection? How do they mold the staff and roster together? Is there a tipping point in which Taylor overcomes Tobin in favor from Blackburn’s? What would cause them to look for a new GM? Gone are the days of owner trying to be father/football guy and holding onto coaches players because loyalty. None of these hires seem to be Mike Brown influenced at all. How much of it is Tobin? All this should have happened in 1998 after Pickens acted out and carrying a “New Dey” into a new stadium. 20 years late and slowly they’ve gotten there.
  10. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    The guy is picking his WHOLE staff at least as much freedom we’ve ever seen a Bengal head coach have in year 1. If you don’t know why a guy is not accepting a job, then why read into it? Del Rio ( Who was my top choice) failed many times. Capers? Not worth the worry. This is what comes with freedom. Safe and mediocre was Marvin. Could have had experience for days and miles with Marvin. Unknown is what we wanted. Glad it’s here. Very rare is the Super Bowl success built with known Super Bowl quantities. There is a certain amount of hunger, accountability, and inventiveness that drives it. Stuff we argued for years that wasn’t here under Lewis. I have no idea if this dude ,Zac, can get it done, but have at it son because, *** damn Lewis wasn’t going to ever win a Super Bowl with us and we kept him years beyond realization of that fact. Zac Taylor Band! Party in the Endzone, 2019 tour.
  11. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Yeah we should have kept Marvin. There’s no way in hell these young coaches can win 6 games.
  12. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    I think/hope Dalton is comfortable enough in the system that’s he’s really calling the plays. Qbs have so much control now that play calling is more of an issue with younger guys. Getting them into the right protection is mostly a Center/QB issue. That’s half the play call right there. Basically declare which side of the line is zone and which is man and where does the center help if uncovered? Then the QB has to decide which WR is hot in case the 5th rusher comes. They check in and out of runs so much. The annoucing of Romo kinda points how often this happens.
  13. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Grantham is an interesting name just considering how many Georgia players we have. Im personally hoping for Marquand Manual
  14. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Martin didn’t want to play football or pay back his money so he created the bullying crap. But Hey the internet mob never gets it wrong or Goodell. Afterall allowing air out of a football swings the integrity of the game.
  15. Marvin Fired - 12/31/2018

    Lol. Go get them internet mob. I’m more outraged than you, lol.