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  1. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    After beating the Vikings on Bengals line the conversation around Carman was that he was trending upward most noting he was active instead of impressive rookie Smith. So hopefully this is not a disastrous debut.
  2. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Yeah. I didn't want to believe it but after the metrics are matching the eye test. Mixon has had some gash runs first two weeks wide, but needs to keep his feet on more runs.
  3. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Eh, the twitter expert probably identified the wrong party in the clip. The pulling tackle should have taken first defender maybe. That's a tough block for #53 trying to reach the front side backer that's lined up in the what the D/E gap? Either that or the RB should have pressed inside to set up the block and the TE blocking down let the DE get too much ground. My guess is the first. Pulling tackle should have taken LB then let the Center try to get DB on 2nd level. I hope this dude isn't grading for PFF.
  4. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    I hope this defense doesn't let Pittsburgh's offense up off the mat.
  5. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Boyd gets it. The biggest reason they are not 2-0.
  6. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Exactly. There's something for everyone looking to support their offseason world view. People in favor of drafting Chase can point to OL metrics that are favorable to the OL. People that wanted Sewell can point to the incredible high sack/hit rate on Burrow. So on and so on. As for Taylor. He's not going to win anyone over until he posts a winning mark.
  7. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Bengal fans and Bengal media on various message boards and social media seem to be in a rush to push forward "HOT TAKES" that support their view of the offseason. Probably a good time to press pause on all the "HOT TAKES" and remember what the narrative was going around a couple weeks ago with Chase's drops.
  8. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    I would not run a whole lot of play action that would require Burrow taking his eyes off the rush. Even QBs with good pass pro get a rusher in their face. There should be opportunities to give marginal fakes wide to Mixon and throw behind the over zealous LB. Mixon has had success on the edges.
  9. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    The absolute best Big Ben drama queen moment was when he hurt his shoulder in the playoff game but rode the cart out. LOL.
  10. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Interesting. Good stats and info.
  11. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Do they count holding calls in that metric? I think Hendrickson has forced multiple ones and maybe some procedure penalties too.
  12. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    IMO, Andy was gifted a BS PI call that first drive. Overall the truth with this defense will be the division games and how they perform. They have shut down two top RBs. My biggest worry is 3rd down but you also have a ton of new starters so hopefully they get off the field at higher rate. KC is about unstoppable so I don't know, I'm sure yards/points will drop their ranking. The litmus test for me is Lamar Jackson they haven't come close to stopping him since he was named starter. Just a nightmare draft taking Price over him. Thanks Marv
  13. Its simple. Bengals lost. NFL history shows teams that lose the TO margin have their chances reduced to somewhere around the 20%. The chances for success are further reduced as the TO disparity grows. Probably goes below 5% for a road team with a -3 margin. The reason for the TOs were poor execution by the players. The question begs an explanation why is there any other reason to look past that very clear reality? By rule of the game, Zach Taylor can't call offensive plays when his team doesn't have the ball. So how do you look at game plan and play calls as a primary issue when in fact they never got a chance? The 2nd half of the game was wrecked by careless QB play, poor pass protection and poor ball security. The fact they only lost by 3. Is a huge credit to the defense and IT IS at odds with those questioning game plan because the plays work when Joe Burrow makes a good throw and the intended target catches it and holds on. Amazing. The last paragraph is exactly what needs to be said to Burrow and Chase IF there is a true beef with play calling in the lockeroom.
  14. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    Watts leg is falling off but my guess is he'll play and somehow trump the time Ben had a 200 degree fever and avoided death.
  15. Week 3: Bengals @ Steelers

    He's biting my penis, help!