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  1. The O-Line Roster

    biggest mistake they could make this year drafting tackle at 21. They could transform the line easily with selection of guard and center. I hope there is a run on tackles before 21 and 46.
  2. The O-Line Roster

    By the way RT is my number 1 wish but I don’t think you immediately solve anything drafting one in this class in the first. They get one of the guard and center they are off to the races,IMO. of course Marvin is still the coach and is a choke on the offense.
  3. The O-Line Roster

    Point I tried to make before. Last year there was this prospect Lamp from WKU. Played tackle but a guard at NFL. It was a weak class at the top but there was plenty of hub bub about having to have him because he was the best graded of the group. Purely from grade standpoint. Nelson is a much better prospect. Wynn and Hernandez right there with Lamp. I think Hernandez should be higher right behind Nelson, IMO. Flip side RT McClinghey is getting the Lamp effect this year. He’s the best of a suspect tackle class. Teams drafting tackles in the first round this year are reaching. I hope some do as long as it’s not the Bengals. Transform this line overnight is grab Center and on of these guards. Combined with Mixon. Nelson, Hernandez, Wynn paired with a Center at 46 is one of A+++ scenarios. Another scenario is the tackle from Texas not being a tackle but rather a guard. If he purely projected as guard and had majority of film at guard how much higher is grade would be. Center + him would be for me A. Lamar Jackson and Center A+ scenario Any tackle in the first is C for me Vea Vita or Alabama NT + Center/Guard B++ or A
  4. The O-Line Roster

    Nelson, Hernandez and Wynn would be excellent at 21.
  5. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    “Brian Price,fired?” “Model...Castellini is a savage”. “Katie get down to that homeless camp on 2nd street and pick up the Price’s”. “We can put them up in the Club Level until he gets back on his feet”
  6. The O-Line Roster

    With a mediocre tackle class last year there were 4 offensive lineman off the board before 46 in 2017. With the tackle class this year, I don’t think 8 offensive lineman go off the board before 46 this year. any of those 8 most Bengal fans would grade an A or B if taken at 21.
  7. The O-Line Roster

    Another way to look at it: Who Dey nation will stand up and applaud any first round pick addressing biggest need of offensive line. Conventional names bantered about: Nelson, McGlinchey, Williams, Daniels, Wynn, Hernandez, Price, and Fagnow. No matter who, Who Dey nation will nod in agreement. At least 1 if not more will be available at 46. Bengals will grade out high in first two rounds. They’ll play the BPA game @21. The initial reaction on Friday morning will be negative IF not O-line. Then wildly applauded when they swoop in and grab a player we all would and national media would have agreed with if taken @21.
  8. The O-Line Roster

    Can’t draft Fagnow! Already has his bust nickname. Anyhoo. Even in the loaded interior lineman drafts of 2012 and 2013. Even in years with Mangold and others. Years with Faine and Steinbach. It is very very rare to see 4 guards/centers go before 46. I don’t think 5 have gone since Marvin has been HC. I have no idea who they prefer but there’s 5/6 guys you could start day one at guard or center. Just don’t throw the TV remote if pick 21 isn’t a tackle or offensive lineman unless they pass on Nelson.
  9. The O-Line Roster

    Lol. The CB stuff is a joke. For the court record: I don’t think the Bengals will draft a tackle at 21. Mostly based on what I’ve read about the OT class. I do think there are Centers and guards a plenty to draft at 21. So much in fact that they might not do it at 21 because it’s a deep class supposedly. McGlinchey, or Tackle IMO will not be the pick. Last year Cam Robinson is a better prospect and would be the top player this year was had at 34. He struggled on a good performing line that couldn’t lift up the Jags offense. That’s the Impact you are looking at. Garrett Bolles. Last years top tackle taken (probably a reach) gave up 8.5 sacks with 10 holding calls. Hurries and Hits a plenty but with horrible QBing Ram check another prospect that could top this year’s class. Played well for the Saints was had at 32. With great QBing and offensive system. Lamp the top overall OL prospect last year was acquired at 38. All these players rank higher grade wise than ALL offensive tackles this year. Nelson is the premier OL prospect this year and towers over Lamp. Daniels Wynn and Hernandez are very close to Lamp, Ramcheck, Cam from last year. For reference both Ced and Fischer in were slightly higher graded prospects than this year’s tackle class and about even with last year’s Ced’s grade influenced by injury but also his inability to anchor. Fisher had a lot of mentions of his fit in Cincinnati’s scheme. Last year’s tackle class was not highly respected and it played to that during the season as a whole. We know the story of Ced and Fish
  10. The O-Line Roster

    What’s more important? Rushers destroying your QB today OR having slot WRs running through your secondary all willy nilly in 3 years? Any sane person would fear those slot WRs in 3 years. So it’s Cornerback at 21.
  11. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    “Pete?” “Pete Brown Stadium?” “Nah”. ”FC Cincinnati welcomes you to.....Mike Brown Stadium” “ Why Not?” ”Fuck you Dad” “and you too, Pete”
  12. The O-Line Roster

    I don’t think so. 9 slots lower won’t cover two aspects 1. Missed value at another position 2. Boost overall ceiling of the tackle Could be wrong I don’t see them taking tackle at 21 and I don’t think you get instant quality starter out of this tackle class.
  13. The O-Line Roster

    12 to 21 is 9 spots and that isn’t a magic wand. It jives with what the experts are saying about the tackles. I have my doubts about them drafting at tackle at 21. I think it’s another weak class. Question becomes Center? Will they? @21? Supposed to be deep and good class of interior line players all the way to the 3rd/4th round. Large pizza says Cornerback,lol
  14. The O-Line Roster

    Overlooked every year during draft time is the actual quality of the class itself by position. Just from the rumblings of draft experts, I think you’ll be hard pressed to draft a quality starting tackle at 21. They may draft one and everyone may nod in agreement but it’s a wide spread problem about tackle development. Probably why the traded for Glenn and moved down. Just a guess. Supposedly interior line will have starting quality player in 3rd and 4th rounds. How soon? Anyone’s guess. As we have found out recently just because you draft a tackle in the first doesn’t necessarily mean you solved anything. Ced and Fisher we’re probably higher rated prospects than the tackles available at 21. Similar issue as last year.