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  1. I'm always in favor of grabbing talent. It's the league's job to take out the trash. If the player is eligible and able to do the football things you want then have him on the roster. However, the Bengals have been burnt constantly under Lewis by several players.
  2. Said it the day of the draft. Coaches are hired to figure shit out. There's no excuse not to generate points and yards with this unit.
  3. My thoughts: 1. Goodell fucked up with his behavior policy. It puts the NFL in the role of correction of society problems instead of Justice system. It also created a gossip type industry surrounding players. 2. IMO, I've said this about Pac Man too. There is just a certain percentage of dirt bags in society and the player pool supplying the NFL is no different. If you want to clean up the league, refuse eligibility from the beginning. Mixon would have been in the NFL regardless this season. So knowing that, I want him on my team IF he's going to be a good player. 3. Annoying media. Mixon won a bar fight with a girl. Dominated her. Sure it looks as if it could have been avoided. This is not domestic violence were a Man has control over a girlfriend, wife, significant other. The fake outrage of the media ignores the reality of low life in bars as Women attack and get punched out every weekend. As far as I know Mixon and this girl is not a Nicole Brown Simpson and OJ type deal. It's described as domestic violence for the simple fact that gets an emotional response from people and draws more interest. Far less interest if it is describe as a bar fight.
  4. Based on pre draft conversation, any team that took a QB in the top 20 should have received a D or F on that selection and that should have drug their entire grade down given the First round is considered a critical selection, if the Draft Graders are consistent.
  5. Read on another board this guy had a UDFA deal in place with Philly before Bengals drafted him. I wouldn't expect much because they have two big battles brewing at D-line and WR. It's entirely possible they go heavy at those spots to keep as much talent as possible. Which leads to going light elsewhere. Uzomah and Kroft aren't all-pros but they've made enough plays and earned snaps I really can't this guy landing on the roster. Especially when they also have a roster spot for Hewitt as well.
  6. Advantage Jake in following an unpopular kicking that left at rock bottom.
  7. I think it's speculation and I believe it's him starting TC on the PUP vs. starting the season on PUP. Which are two very different things. A lot of players start TC on PUP and come off quickly as they pass physicals. Starting the season on PUP as we know wipes out a lot of games. Ross having surgery and currently rehab puts him at risk for being on PUP starting TC, especially due to Washington's school schedule which prevents him from being at mini-camps until June so the Bengals will not have too much information they can evaluate themselves.
  8. O-line/D-line is going to be interesting in training camp. Last year early reports were the O-line was dominated by the Bengals and then by the Vikings. So you are going to have Veterans trying to prove themselves on the o-line and then intense roster and snap competition on the D-line. Too bad we are under a soft NFL now a days. If this was back in the 90s there would be epic intra squad scrimmages.
  9. NFL system gives a team 7 new players a year. The Bengals grabbed 5 players from the top 75, alone. It's a homerun draft just based on this. Ross, Mixon, Lawson, Willis, and Malone all tremendous steals that fell to them. Keep in mind this all based on paper rankings. Then given last year's draft the Bengals have increased their speed and athleticism. Don't be surprised when the random sports writer shows up to training camp and starts the "Bengals have top 5 roster" talk again.
  10. The Bengals don't develop any linemen at all. In years (which there have been many) when the offensive line plays very well it's due to the Andy Dalton release time. The years the o-line plays bad. They suck. I think Andy Dalton will be releasing the ball this year and we won't have developed a signal linemen yet again this year too. It's amazing reality that has only been identified on Bengal fan message boards, lol. We all know that Whitworth was an All-Pro at LT from the day he was drafted enhanced by Andy's superhuman release time.
  11. I think it's more of a sign that journalism in this country is dead, dead, dead. Gone are the true draft pundits that actually scouted and ranked players based on their own evaluation. The model today is based on "inside sources" from NFL teams to evaluate players. So the media "draft boards or top 150" are going to follow by and large the consensus of the NFL. With some smoke screen mixed in that creates the "great value" like a Jordan Willis or Billings last year. So when NFL teams are following the value boards the only subjective piece from the draft grade is someone's evaluation of the team's need. Gone are the days of Jerry Jones drug store list in which he would grade the players on his own and was so good at it, Paul Brown let him in the war room. It's the same in College Recruiting in every spot men and women's. You see it all the time were a player pops out of nowhere then all of sudden Coach K and Calapari show up at a AAU game and now the kid goes from unknown to 5 stars. It's just a shame. Only a couple might be doing evaluation. I suspect Mayock does but still he isn't going to go out on a limb to destroy his reputation which is getting him mega paid as an analyst so I'm sure he's moved up and down several players when he thinks he has good information from a team. That's probably why the majority of draft grades are about the same. Nobody has the balls or information to support their judgement that player A graded by NFL personnel gurus to be a First rounder really can't play at that level. It's only a couple big misses like that and your cushy paycheck is gone.
  12. Nothing wrong with competition. It's a dangerous practice giving a rookie a spot unchallenged. Every rookie drafted or even signed as UDFA has reached a goal they've been busting ass fighting for, for years. Start giving out playing time and these guys will relax longer than they should. That's probably why the first round has so many busts. High expectations matched with money guaranteeing them a roster spot for at least a season or two. Meanwhile 5th rounder has to fight for his spot day one. Drafting a kicker is the equivalent of a first round position player.
  13. Good draft class
  14. Carl Lawless it works.
  15. Don't buy that Erickson jersey. Ross and Mixon will be active and both are high caliber return guys