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  1. Remember Huber’s Jaw?

    They are playing the victim and they do have favorable media coverage. They are basically cheer leading trying to take Burfict off the field because he dare hit AB. Gio takes crown of the helmet hit and later that same guy about paralyzed himself lowering his head trying to injure. Bengal fans and media need not fall for their bullshit. IMO, you can’t knock enough of them out of the game.
  2. After every Steelers loss there is always is an understandable level of frustration among Bengal fans. Often it leads to Burfict being vilified in the media and even by many Bengal media and fans. Steelers have a large fan base. They have a ton of fan boys in the media. They win the head to head against the Bengals in an alarming fashion so they control the narrative. Just remember eventually they’ll land another shot that’s dirty and instantly shrug it off and have some justification for it and move on. I’ll never understand the portion of our fan base that think Burfict isn’t any good because he continues to send their players to the sideline woozy. Go back and listen to Collinsworth justify going after a punter. Compare it the media comments of a clean hit from Burfict because he happened to hit one of their star players. They wont lose 2 seconds of thought next time one of ours gets a broken jaw.
  3. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Dennard was injured could be out this week too. They broke the last play down on Sunday Night Football. When AB motions. Jackson alerts McRae of the possible rub play. If the rub play occurs McRae has to beat the rub man inside and take AB while Jackson takes the rub man. If it doesn’t Jackson takes AB. Rub play occurred and McRae was illegally blocked downfield. Although I don’t think refs are ever going to be consistent on it. It will be an interesting Bengals line tonight because my theory is Fedj fucked up by continued blitz instead of dropping into the throwing lane. See if Lap has the inside talking points on the last play. Either way. Pitt has the FG in their pocket already.
  4. Chiefs game flexed to SNF

    Chiefs can’t defend the run. Any 4th and 3 or less has to be considered for go for it in a 1 score game if the ball is beyond the 40. Otherwise you are going to send your defense out just to quickly give the yards you gained with the punt.
  5. Chiefs game flexed to SNF

    I’m not picking the Bengals to win. I think we’ll see a game decided in the 4th quarter with another round of “should have/could have”. They have seemed to moved on from complete cluster fuck in big games to frustrating near misses.
  6. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    I thought could have run the ball more in first half when passing game was struggling with drops. The second half opening drive punt was critical,IMO. Just shows Marvin over valued his defense in favor of trying to play files position. End of game clock management seems like they don’t even consider it. Colts game this year was the same way.
  7. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    I heard this and not sure if it’s correct ,but...., 4 home games vs Steelers in a row they have lost after having a 4th quarter lead. That can’t be right it’s so absurd.
  8. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Burfict played very well today. Other than losing another should have could have won, I’m not sure why this is turning into a Burfict bash fest. Simple fact is Pittsburgh Steelers are hard to defend. You have to manage a game. Critical points in the game in my mind are punting the first drive of the second half on a 4th and 1 from Pitt 40. Then watching a FG drive ensue, then not learning your lesson and turning the ball over to them with a minute 1:18 and three timeouts when game managing would have taken seconds and timeouts. They did same shit in Indy and it goes unnoticed because Fed gets the TD. The go ahead drive Dalton is snapping the ball with double digit seconds left on the play clock. Could have easily taken a minute plus off the clock or timeouts. It’s just dumb. I heard today and can’t believe it but we’ve lost 4 home games in a row to them after having a lead in the 4th quarter????? That can’t be real.
  9. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Another thing that gets my goat. 1st drive, 2nd half, 4 and a short 1, Pitt 40. Punt. With in 3 plays Pittsburgh is right at their 41. Marvin just can’t shoot straight in these big games.
  10. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    It’s pretty bad when you score a go ahead TD and purposely leave early. Got my Who Dey’s and high fives in. Sang some Bengals growl on the out of the concourse and then stood by the end zone gates waiting for the inevitable. I just don’t see how a coaching staff can’t see something so obvious. Just leaving time on the play clock.
  11. Week 6 - Steelers talk

    Snapping the ball early with 17 seconds or whatever is just lack of game management. Steelers should have never touched the ball with over a minute and 3 timeouts left. It happened in Indy too, we got a scoop and score to save us from that one. That’s just a complete lack of game awareness. All out blitz doesn’t bother me as much because the Steelers already had a decent FG attempt in their pocket. Got to take a chance to ruin it. Of course they do not call holding ever on the Steelers line.
  12. I don’t know how they define or determine pressure. Last season both edges gave up ground very very quickly. I don’t watch the all-22 anymore. Dalton was bailing early or anticipating a lot more last year. If there is the same amount of pressure (which I question). Dalton has managed superbly to a mvp level. Still protection this year seems shaky a lot of times. If there’s the same amount of pressure as last year is Pollack a bust? Has slightly better players. I thought the guy was doing a pretty good job in comparison to last season.
  13. 2018 NFL draft R2 - pick 46

    Wonder what the deal with Iloka is? Strange he isn’t getting more love from Zimmer. Heck we know first hand Zimmer will take a safety and throw him in there. Used to bring Crocker back from the dead all the time.
  14. Dalton clearly is showing top QB command of the offense. I thought he struggled more last year than he got blame but o-line was so horrible too. They are definitely clicking. There was one bad throw that sticks out in Dolphins game and I don’t think his protection is all that reliable this season. First weeks of the season he has been at the elite/mvp level. I think o-line has to up their run blocking to a more consistent level so it can take pressure off him. It will be hard to sustain an entire season and especially if we go up against a team that can play press/man coverage.
  15. Chiefs game flexed to SNF

    Certainly an awesome game. In Marvin I do trust to run a draft board or win a division. In no way in hell do trust Marvin in the wildcard round and of course primetime pressure games.