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  1. He will probably pick up the Margus Hunt interior rush role
  2. Some had him going 1st round. I know a bunch had him going 2nd to Bengals. Basically bengals are killing it.
  3. Last decade it wasn't for lack of talent.
  4. Bad character, great pick
  5. Jim Brown was a woman beater too, lol
  6. Definitely BPA not need. This won't be AJ Green walk in and become the baddest motherfucker in the league by week 3. At least I don't think so. Snaps and Targets are going to have to be earned in his rookie season. Possible special teams return action. Going forward it really protects them from a loss of Eifert's production IF he leaves via FA or finds his way to the IR again. IF all these guys pan out it's going to be spread the ball and noone over produces kinda like it was in 2015.
  7. Bengals are going to be loaded on offense. It's up to the coaching to get the yards and points out of them, period.
  8. 19 picks went to defense in the first round. I think one talking head had it right saying that it was a deep defensive draft grab offense first then defense. My hope is Cook/Mixon end up at 41 to the Bengals. More elite offensive talent and eventually teams that have taken Defense back off and 1 of the top defenders finds it way to 73. Someone like Demarcus Walker from FSU.
  9. If Ross would have just been damn fast instead of holy shit fast he probably would be seen more for his football abilities. People see the record 40 and they just lump him into bucket with the former track stars that were trying to parlay their speed into NFL dollars. No better example of this than Will Fuller who can burn but not 4.2. So people evaluated him more a receiver and many pundits would have applauded that selection last year for the Bengals. Ross is a better football prospect than Fuller and he's faster. Injuries are a concern. I do think he'll have to fight for snaps among the WR core. He will be able to impact special teams and he can could carve out a small offensive package with just his speed.
  10. Wow Jarrad Davis off the board before Foster. Mayock saying bad news about his shoulder.
  11. Good pick. Between Ross and Willie Jack they've added serious speed to the team.
  12. IF they draft Haason Reddick; you heard it here first:
  13. It becomes appropriate as soon as that kid can cover at a NFL level and to earn a spot on NFL roster.
  14. I'd probably roll my eyes but it's understandable. Although I think you could get a corner later.
  15. Reading the tea leaves from Lap the pick will be Foster or Ross. IMO, he has invoked the name of Ray Lewis many times and as we know Marvin Lewis is very close with Ray Lewis and his career. He has also called Foster the best player in the draft which sounds like it would come from a source because nationally Foster doesn't get that tag very often. Also loves his "FOOTBALL" leadership. Mentioned his game tape is so good it looks like a highlight film. Lap has also taken a time machine back to last year in which he implies Will Fuller was a target for the Bengals until he was selected. Ross is a better prospect than Fuller and all the reasons they like Fuller still exist this year and they have a chance to add a better prospect. Not a shock, but Mixon sounds more and more like he's in play for the Bengals. Lap even went back to when he met him as a Freshman at Oklahoma or something and how he was dominant back then. Just from general draft talk - Jonathan Allen has a good chance to make it to the Bengals. Shoulders are a big concern but has a great character background with great football prospects. Then supposedly this is a deep defensive draft and many talking experts have suggested going after the prime offensive players first then go get defense because there are a lot.