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  1. Run On Your Own Gas

    I was offended when they didn't include renewable sources of energy in their slogan. Run on your own windfarm. But to the point of the slogan. As I said in the draft threads there's no excuse there's either TALENT OR they are not developing TALENT. So if the coaching staff isn't running on their own gas are they going to get the axe in mass or is it just going to be pass the buck and 1 guy takes the fall? Or if these guys drafted aren't as good as advertised is there a front office shake up? This is the ending that has been coming since the 2013 and 2015 playoff meltdowns. They've had their chance to try and sew it back together but unfortunately it's going the way many feared. The fall from grace is never easy. The Bengals make it worse because they never do things quickly and like to drag it on.
  2. Zampese just got fired

    Whether it be Fisher or Ced or another group of failed highly draft OTs the solution is still the same. You are going to have to develop tackles in a league that is making it more difficult to develop tackles (according to National experts from pro and college). You maybe able to go back pre 2011 and kick the tires on an aging Vet to bridge the gap but that's not going to viable very long and still probably won't yield quality results. Let's be honest for second. Winston when inserted in the line up was better than Ced by a fraction. He'd be hear if he was that much better. He wouldn't be a street FA right now. Andre Smith, nobody was beating his door down. It's going to be just as much hit and miss. You need to change staff and go find a Willie Anderson type that played D1 in the 90s and played in the NFL to begin to relate and repair some of these damaged but athletic players that will be coming up in free agency. A LeCharles Bentley type that did run his own linemen training school. Someone that's going to know what recent college playing life is like and what the NFL needs/demands and develop that without a lot of contact reps. OR The league goes to the Union and begins negotiating to fix the practice rules. OR You run a greater risk of injury and start using the preseason for what it's actually for instead of using it for Revenue and fearing it might take out a starter or two. Start playing these young players into the 3rd quarters of the first and second preseason games. AND when you finally mine gold or strike oil use the FUCKING franchise tag or at least the transition tag so you are not putting an asset on the market with 0 protection. That was just an all time dumb move.
  3. Is Andy Next?

    Dalton got Zamp fired, really. Dalton's strength the past two seasons was command of the system. He is now making error after error.
  4. Is Andy Next?

    The o-line hasn't played well at all but Dalton absolutely is costing the offense and since we faced similar offensively challenged teams while playing great D, it cost a chance at 2-0. Same can be said about Zampese. They only needed a few plays on O and not give the other team easy scoring oops. They even squandered good returns in the 2nd game. Now when they match up with the Packers. Assuming they improve but still struggle the 0-line isn't good enough to expect him to go blow for blow. But first two games you only needed to protect the ball and string together some small scoring opps.
  5. Zampese just got fired

    I've also heard the WR coach is considered among the best, too. However, your rep whatever it is doesn't matter toady. Ced, Fish, and Bodine are struggling it's beyond time for them to start moving forward. If they don't it's time for a new view on the offensive line. If it doesn't turn around every offensive coach's job should be on the line.
  6. Zampese just got fired

    No. He's considered among the best supposedly. Bengal fans don't like him because he was a hold over from pre Marvin days and I believe was extended prior to Marvin officially signing. The story I've heard or read (can't remember) was the reason he's Assistant Head coach is because Marvin wanted to make sure he couldn't leave. Supposedly Alexander was fed up with organization and not coming back until Marvin made him Assistant head Coach. I think I've heard Lap tell the story on radio or something.
  7. Zampese just got fired

    Kinda surprised they did it.
  8. 15 seasons and no playoff wins.

    I don't care what type of QB play you get or what type of o-line play you get there is 0 excuse for 9 points in 8 quarters of football. ZERO. That's on Marvin and Zampese. Those two goofs need to decide between being a spread offense or a power offense. They haven't been able to mix the two so far this season. My vote since we can play really good defense is to go back the 2009 and 2014 plan and forget about all the supposed "weapons". Play additional line and unbalanced line, two TEs and go straight up downhill run blocking. Then IF you get some success then maybe consider trying to involve all the weapons. Right now it should be live and die with 4 guys. Green, Eifert, Gio, and Mixon. Those guys should be 75% of the touches. If you get 60 offensive snaps the total carriers/target should at least be 45 combined.
  9. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    And Boyd excels in the medium range area. I like Erickson and thought he played well but those targets he was getting, Boyd is the better player to be getting those. Not attempting to use Ross and the constant RB merry go round are two big team management issues that have Marvin Lewis written all over it.
  10. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Didn't see a whole lot from last night that reminded me of what Jax did to have success and roll up 27 points.
  11. 15 seasons and no playoff wins.

    I think the title of thread can be updated at this point. 16 seasons and no playoff win, ugh. To be honest it's inherently not fair to a number of coaches and players but some should lose their job or demoted. 1. Zamp's offense doesn't have any flow at all. Should be dropped down to Offensive assistant/consultant or QB coach. Take the current WR or QB coach and let them call plays. 2. Alexander - Unless he was up there telling them he didn't want Whitworth and Zeitler because he had Ced, Fisher, and Hopkins. But he's failed at developing the players given. Should be fired and grab McNally who is a consultant currently and have him fill the gap temporary. Not sure if anyone could else could pick up O-line duties. 3. Bench Dalton. Just isn't making the plays that are there. AJ isn't a better QB but I think he does have better ability to move and throw over Dalton. 4. One of the 3 RBs. 1 has to become the main guy, I vote Mixon although I think Hill has run well. Then Gio. 3rd man sits. 5. Tackles - I would bench Ced. Andre Smith at RT, Fisher at LT. Ced becomes tackle eligible. They should play a lot of that. OR I sign Winston. Move Fisher to RG. Johnson to C, Smith at RT. Winston becomes Tackle eligible and you play a ton of 6 man lines and two TE formations. Marvin will never be fired, IMO. Because they want him to be involved in the front office with Katie for the future, IMO.
  12. Texans @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Yeah. Andy is off and pressing. He can't function. Even when there is no pressure he thinks there is. He had a ton of bad throws tonight Time to see what AJ can do.
  13. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    What was the point of activating Ross for 1 snap? Did he get hurt?
  14. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    2 teams with o-line problems lesser skill talent and worse QB situations have found a way to get enough points to win. clearly players aren't performing but there's 0 excuse for 9 points in 2 games.
  15. Texans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Only the fucking bengals could suck so bad during a season long 50th celebration.