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  1. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    I’m not sure how hard Marvin did or didn’t work. All I know from 2012-2015 he some of the best talent in the league. 0 playoff wins. Mostly playoff embarrassment. A lot of primetime embarrassments. Brown family got lazy or comfortable with Marvin so it’s not a big leap to think he was comfortable too. Brown family really has no pride. I would be fuming knowing the hard work it took to mine the talent and not get credit because every time people watched they sucked. How could you keep a coach that long, if supposedly cared about winning?
  2. Changing Things With Free Agents / Draft

    No. 1. Hart didn’t get a big contract. Hart got a market deal with it slightly increased in year 1 in exchange for team control for 2 years beyond. No risk beyond year 1 for a team at the time had 2 tackles and now obvious they will give him first shot to start this year. His numbers look bigger because of cap growth. No. 2 Mcoy! Motherfucker! He isn’t coming here. I don’t care that they have interest and I don’t care that he says he has interest in them. Not happening. Never ever does. Welcome him to Cleveland.
  3. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    You should see the guy writing the article
  4. Just getting caught up with some draft prospects. The guy is bigger than Billings. My first thought is will they keep Billings? Second thought was he’ll be the NT role like Peko in a 4-3. Asked to eat blockers. 3rd thought was if he gets passing downs he’ll be in the Margus Hunt role at DT just to push pocket and eat blockers. Then I watched the above film. Played a lot on passing downs. Dropped into coverage some. Dominated his man several times if he lined up one on one. Look like he has first step get through a gap. I don’t see short area quickness once beating the blocks to get a lot of sacks. It will be interesting to see what happens with this guy.
  5. 6th Round Pick (B): Deshaun Davis, MLB, Auburn

    More excited about this pick after reading Bengals.com piece.
  6. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    File this under for what it is worth: Reports on Cincy Jungle saying if Williams wasn’t there the Bengals had targeted Lindstorm from BC and/or Ford next on the board. The Steelers vast scouting basically put too much faith in the mock drafts of us taking Bush.
  7. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    Marvin was a CEO type coach who’s best regular season success came when he had coordinators exceeding well enough to get HC jobs. This again comes as no surprise. It was an often mentioned criticism. Teflon Marvin. Hey Bodine is bust. That damn Alexander even though Marvin personally scouted and persuaded them trading up. Hey why didn’t you run the ball more? Well you common folk don’t understand Andy has wide ranging authority at the LOS.
  8. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    Look at it from the opposite. 2015 they drafted Eric Fisher in the 50s. Everyone runs around going nuts. Steal! Because the draft pundits had him first round. Rookie contract over, he can’t find a job as NFL tackle and barely played as a starter. I just don’t get the treating of pick 52 as if it were a top 5 pick. A lot depends on the depth of the draft for that year. Catch 25 balls, block your ass off and improve offense and I don’t care if it was the 52nd pick. Sure as hell a bunch of players taken before will have flames out.
  9. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    I wouldn’t say I’m livid, because you kind of knew that already. Any end of half near 2 minutes with the ball was shut it down time. There’s half a dozen complaints on this board of situations that Marvin would take a 3rd and medium and instead of looking at it as 2 downs it’s all 3rd or punt. He was horrible at game management and a lot of times it was done from defensive perspective.
  10. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    If the line can block. They stay healthy. Really no excuse not to have top half offense this year. Maybe top 10.
  11. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    Why? When the Free Agency comes for this class look at Picks 1-51 there will be a bunch forgotten about. People act like there’s HOFers a plenty. If this guy comes in and carves out a role with decent amount of snaps played well worth the selection.
  12. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    Well our LBs suck. So Bush would have have been a good pick. But so has our blocking. Most people(fans on various message boards radio stations) I hear evaluate our draft ding it because the Steelers trade and Haskins. I haven’t seen anything that says we were do or die for Bush. I honestly don’t think they take him if both Williams and he are on the board. I don’t think they take Bush over Dillard either just based on Lap’s track record. Haskins was simply overrated this year. Should have stayed at OSU and then made a serious play for No. 1 overall if his stock was that good. Cody Ford was the player they were trying to trade up for according to NY newspaper.
  13. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    Pitt didn’t steal anything. Lapham who has the best track record of predicting the pick basically said Dillard because Williams wouldn’t be there a day or two before the draft. After selecting Williams they reportedly tried to trade back up in 2nd for another tackle. They did trade back up for OSU OL. They resigned Hart. Entertained Buffalo FA tackle. Bengals probably take Dillard over Bush IF Williams was off or Sweat. If anything Pitt ensures they got their top guy. Denver took Risner in the 2nd and then the Bengals traded out. Denver keeps the pick they could have gone tackle.
  14. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    My take aways and not trying to brag just trying to support my position that this was a really good draft. 1- Dalton is safe in the short term. This is the right move for people that want to see a competitive team. It’s the wrong move for those that believe Dalton will never deliver on key primetime and playoff games. 2. Haskins OSU qb got bad advice. Should have stayed another year. Overrated prospect. A Duke QB selected over him. Denver passed then took Lock. Dolphins passed then traded. Bengals passed then took Finley. Anyone downgrading Bengals draft because they didn’t take Haskins is off base. 3. Offensive Tackle. We know the story and the wounds. Last year’s tackle class not good. This year’s good. Some where on here is me giving A++++ grade to Jonah Williams, Dillard and probably any other highly graded tackle. 4. Blocking TE. Again somewhere on here there is plenty of complaints about bad TE run blocking. Hasn’t been close since Gresh left and Hue’s scheme change. 5. Top 3 pick should have opportunity to get on the field. 6. Somewhere on here there is me saying former Safeties turned LB is what they need. 7. Seems like a yearly mocking of comp picks and never trading. It happened 8. Bobby Fart or Hart. In the melt down of resigning him it was pointed out by me. They had no one and they aren’t done. Rumor is they wanted to but couldn’t trade up in 2nd to grab another tackle. 9. Direction. Again we know the story and the wounds of horrible line moves. Took last year’s pick and turned it into Glenn and Price. This year’s top pick Tackle. Trade up for another OL. Blocking TE. I think this is a solid draft. Did what I thought was important so I gotta give them an A. None of this means crap after they get on the field. Hopefully it works out.
  15. 4th Round Pick (C): Michael Jordan, OG, OSU

    You got worry about this guy going off and playing minor league baseball in the middle of his career.