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  1. Iloka Released

    Agree. Eventually the proof will be in the pudding sorta thing. We will see. Better have more turnovers etc. I hope it works out but it’s a confusing move. Couldn’t even trade him?
  2. Iloka Released

    Head scratcher. But new coordinator and there’s competition for snaps with a decent cap savings. I dunno, never saw this one coming. I heard Hubbard got some inside rushes last night from DT spot. So MJ watch could be happening as well.
  3. IMO, the front office/Marvin screwed the line more than Alexander. Unless someone can find a quote saying Alexander would rather play with Hopkins and Ced over Z and Whit. The simple fact is they missed on 3 critical picks in a row with the line. Marvin personally scouted Bodine. They lost Whit playing money games. Who was an “all pro” catching defenders. They simply were not paying a guard over 8 mil. Fisher and Ced are not even factors in the line competition for jobs it seems. Flops. 3/5s of this line could be different in 2 seasons. Pollack has to be judged on how he duck tapes it together this season. Your right side might be Roland quality with a rookie center. Tough task.
  4. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    Glad the bengals won. Didn’t hear about any injuries. Preseason don’t mean shit.
  5. Preseason Game 2 - Bengals vs. Cowboys

    So Jon Brown has no shot to make the team? That’s a mistake if true. Radio broadcast said he claims to have hit 70 yarder in practice. Radio broadcast also praised one kickoff in which he hit the crossbar.
  6. Auden Tate, WR - 7th Round

    Good news on Tate. He’s getting more teams work this preseason game. He’d have no shot without special teams. Said he was held out from special teams work due to concussion first week.
  7. Similar topic Hill could have resurgence in NE. Keep him going downhill and he’s a quality runner. His best games post 2014 came against teams that would force DEs/LBs up the field. Bengals would run more counter trey stuff which was perfect for Hill. Reading blocks not so much.
  8. Bodine could do better in run scheme similar to what they employed in 2014. After that year in it was more read and react by blockers and backs. Bodine simply couldn’t execute reach blocks in which he gained ground/stalemated often enough. Most of the time he lost ground. I wrote about this concerning TV view vs end zone view you get on all-22. Memory serves that Bodine was asked to lateral step to reach a guy in the B gap and then take him where he wanted to go. With the RB reading that and cutting. On TV it looks he is driven backwards. All 22 different story. A good upper tier center will get stalemates in those reach blocks most of the time. Bodine would also lose leverage in pass pro often enough. Considering every Center 90% is in help mode and rarely one on one that is something he needs to get better at. Guys switching off guards simply could get under him and drive back. Not sure what Buffalo does. Would not be shocked to see Bodine start for a few years. Would be shocked if he was ever considered top half good.
  9. A Football Life

    Wait, he stole footballs too?
  10. Could you say? Ced’s career has fallen and it can’t get up?
  11. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    What was Tate’s special teams role last night? Did anyone note it?
  12. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    As far as preseason game 1 goes: pretty good performance. They won. No major injuries. They looked competent in all areas. The two things I have concerns with. Fake punt in preseason is bush league and they get the penalty as well. Settle for FG. Bad. Getting the ball out quick is nice but easier to do in preseason. So like last year I’m not sure pass pro got a good test. Barkley did have a long conversion in which he was in the pocket a while and got good protection. Very encouraging signs, I did not realize or had forgotten that Andy and AJ never led TD drives in the preseason and of course went the first 2 regular games without a TD. Nice to be able to get a TD on the first and 3rd drives.
  13. A Football Life

    What you ultimately believe about Palmer is influenced by your ultimate beliefs about the Brown family and the Bengals.
  14. Preseason Game 1 - Bengals vs. Bears

    I learned very long time ago: 1. Just win baby! Doesn’t matter how the win happens the aftermath reaction is always better with a win. Even if it comes from guys that will be cut. 2. Don’t want to blatant incompetence. Those things rarely “get fixed” by the season start. 3. Injuries happen and they suck 4. Preseason don’t mean shit So I don’t want to see injury. I hope the line can look at least decent against a Decent Chicago front. I would worry if they get beat constantly in the first quarter.