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  1. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Just call it the Burrow-EFFECT! Thanks to Burrow's crazy good college year; The Bengals find themselves a top of a QB draft class sparking league wide interest. My in-laws (from Indy) that might catch a Colts game here and there; "Colts going hard after that Burrow guy". Look at all the Nebraska connections that we now know about. Crazy Saints trade offers. Paul has been in this league so many years he's got plenty of 1st hand, 2nd hand, and 3rd hand sources and Senior Bowl is when the off-season gets going. So yeah. It doesn't shock me that football people are impressed with Chase Young and Herbert. They always have been and for longer periods of time than they have with Joe Burrow. Is it hard to believe a "Bengals" source might see awesome football potential in Herbert or Chase? Nope. Not hard to believe Paul would have access to those thoughts either. Doesn't make Joe Burrow not the pick though. I said this months ago. QB movement drives offseason talk. The veteran QB market will be loaded AND the QB college class is loaded. Going to be fun off season for rumors/speculation etc. Anybody with an association with Bengals, Nebraska, or LSU is in prime time to get more play for their thoughts vs. any other time.
  2. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Kinda odd. I don't twitter so maybe Paul commenting on the draft is normal. Seems out of no where. Burrow-EFFECT
  3. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    Got the same thought. That piece talked more about LBs and Defense. If it plays out that way then Price, Jordan, Johnson, Williams can't be a pile of shit like it was last year. Those young OL have to step up. My confidence is low.
  4. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Bengals have had 2 QBs for about 16 seasons. Browns have had 20+ starting QBs. I’m sure there are other franchises with poor QB drafting records. Yet, I’ve heard multiple media personalities rooting for Burrow to pull an Eli. The Colts basically ruined Luck. Sure give them Burrow.
  5. Going "All in" on Burrow is a 2 prong deal. First awesome QB. 2nd - marketing. To get full bang for your buck in both. Keeping and most importantly getting a productive AJ Green helps for both. Extend Mixon. Get him a road grader. If Burrow comes in and the team gets back to .500 football in 2020 and mixes in some playoff hope. They'll sell a ton of tickets and have positive vibes after a period of staleness stemming from keeping Marvin too damn long.
  6. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    It's complete BS. A trade like that takes the Saints out of Brees going for a Superbowl. So why would they do that? 1. Thomas just signed an extension. Saints would have $30m dead cap. The cap hits are $15-$19m through 2025. That's awesome for a major talent like that. 2. Mixon, Gio, Kamara? - The Gio contract is not big at all. The biggest reality is Kamara and Mixon are from the same draft class so 1 one of them is not staying. This is a neutral gain for the Bengals. So I doubt they go for it because Mixon/Kamara would mean over $35m in cap space tied up in RBs keeping both. Both are FA after this season. 3. As you note the trade takes them out of the big 3. Although I think Fromm and Eason could easily be risers as draft evaluations proceed along. 4.Bengals could free up $18m not tagging AJ. 5. The bunch of picks could fix the line and defense quickly in this class. If you come back to Dalton which is what I think the thinking would be IF a BS trade like this happened. So basically fixing the line for Dalton. Giving him Thomas, Kamara, mixed in with the rest. I think AJ is out at that point. Mixon is out. Can you trade those 2?
  7. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    lol, relatives from Indy came into town today. Colts are going to get that Burrow kid. On the Saints rumor: Post draft conversation was the Bengals loved Michael Thomas in that draft and was their target AFTER the top WRs were gone. They ended up with Boyd. Draft trade rumors are fun and might as well have fun with it. But, I have thought for a long time the Bengals need to get a QB out of this class because it is so strong. Even back in the days of TC when people were contemplating trading with the Skins for Trent Williams. It's hard to take a deal that drops the Bengals out of range for the top 3 QBs at this point. Herbert is impressing at Senior Bowl which was predictable. I think Tua eventually will impress once his workouts come about. If I'm the Bengals the Saints would have to do a crazy deal like that Rumor suggests. Kamara, Thomas and a bunch of picks. I just haven't heard enough on Fromm, Eason, and Love to match the hype of Burrow and now what Herbert is getting so it's going to take a lot to move out of range for those 3 QBs at this point.
  8. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    Josh Jones reportedly kicking butt again on Day 2. Follow up up on this some scouts saying Josh Jones more impressive than Tyus Howard last year at Senior Bowl. Tyus Howard went round 1 to Texans in 2019 draft.
  9. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    Steelers may have screwed themselves because they need a QB Herbert would be perfect target but Miami has their first round pick because they traded for the Safety. They also in a panic last year traded up in front of the Bengals because they were paranoid that the Bengals were going to select Bush(wrong) and they used their 2020 third round pick as part of the deal. So it's quite a jump and may not have anything to deal to get that high. Both those defenders were productive as rookies for them.
  10. 2020 Draft

    I'd like to see them go Offensive Line because I think you get double value in protection for Burrow by also helping Mixon. However, getting a quality targets for Burrow is another form of protection. With the way the game is today there are so many throws to the sideline or with a couple yards LOS (basically a long hand off). You have to have somebody to back defenders off the LOS and to remove them from pursuit. They simply don't have that when Green and Ross are injured and they've been injured a lot.
  11. 2020 Draft

    Ian Rapport pod cast with Duke Tobin: (First note: How visible Duke is once again for major football decisions on this team, last year was coaching search) 1. Love Burrow as a prospect - He had no bad games 2. Will considered trade offers and there is significant interest 3. It will be expensive to trade up 4. Love Burrow as a prospect
  12. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    Let's look at how the signal-callers did on Day 1 (rankings are from Scouts Inc.): Justin Herbert, Oregon Team: South | QB ranking: 3 Herbert is very clearly the most talented quarterback on the field, and that's going to work in his favor. The Senior Bowl is a great opportunity for him to stand out and firmly entrench himself as a first-rounder. On Tuesday, he looked natural with his footwork, showcased some athleticism and was consistently accurate. Throw in his 6-foot-6, 227-pound size and 10-inch hands, and you can see why scouts like his physical traits.
  13. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    On the front, Houston's offensive tackle Josh Jones performed as advertised, routinely engulfing smaller defenders with his long arms and inherent power to control them at the point of attack. UConn's Matt Peart held his own on the edge after getting beat to the outside early, and South Carolina State behemoth Alex Taylor utilized his ridiculous 36-plus inch arms to widen the arc for edge rushers en route to the quarterback in one-on-one drills. A couple blurbs on some tackles projected 2nd-3rd round.
  14. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    Bengals coach understanding of Burrow's absence. As much as the Cincinnati Bengalsmight have liked to spend a week coaching former LSU QB Joe Burrow at the Senior Bowl, coach Zac Taylor wasn't at all put off by Burrow's decision to pass on an invitation. The length of LSU's run to win a College Football Playoff national championship, Taylor noted, made his absence unsurprising. LSU went 15-0 and knocked off Clemson for the title just eight days ago. "I certainly understand -- I mean, the guy just played an NFL season. There is still plenty of time to get to know all the players in the draft before April rolls around," Taylor said on Tuesday at the Senior Bowl's media day event. "... To go undefeated, win the national championship, be the leader he is, that stuff is really impressive. He certainly has a lot of great traits, things you get excited about as a coach. (We're) still going through the evaluation process with him, just like all the quarterbacks here."
  15. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    Extra points. Auburn OT Prince Tega Wanogho is one of several players who were withheld from the game following their physical examinations upon arrival. Wanogho said fluid in his knee caused some swelling and forced him to sit out the week, but he intends remain in Mobile to interview with clubs and attend South team meetings. ... Alabama DL Raekwon Davis was a late withdrawal from the Senior Bowldue to an ankle injury. Bad news for a player I was hoping would impress.