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  1. 2018 season

    They absolutely need Price to be an out of the box solid contributor day 1. The thing that worries me is we always get burnt it seems. Fans seem to mock the coaching staff when they refer to durability as a key factor for a bottom tier player. But when the shining new car spends more time at the mechanic vs Sunday driving it’s a big headache. Bengals are due to have a offensive lineman come in and provide an upgrade
  2. Whit easily. Zeitler wasn’t signing with the Bengals unless it was highest paid. I don’t fault them for not signing Z when it took 12 mil a year. But I do fault them for letting Whit go in the same year AND ending up having UDFA Hopkins at RG to start the year. Last year there were several FA guard to be had in the 5-8 mil per year range. Marvin Jones wasn’t signing here either. Pac over Nelson has been a bad deal.
  3. 2018 season

    Jungle pass is a great deal, IMO. They’ll probably drag me back in. My understanding is you get same seat and playoff ticket priority.
  4. Marvin sounded put off by Eifert’s. Mysterious absence. Gresh was a frustrating player because you could see the athleticism that should have equaled more production. Fumbled a lot. At least that guy could line up and block. Where is Lap throwing Eifert under the bus? Eifert still with the team but he’s a major loss from 2015. Along with Jones, Sanu, Big Tits, Whit, and Z.
  5. Buy it! Sources say Pollack handed Ced a bottle of Heinz Ketchup. Dude flipped it over gently tapped the “57” and appropriately condimented a plate of fries. Same source indicated when this test was done previously by Alexander, Ced inserted a straw and drank it like a soda. If true. Unquestioned progress and the light has come on.
  6. Good point. Covington is need of a good fish sandwich joint.
  7. I hope it’s true. They desperately need 1 or both Ced and Fish to play to their draft spot. At the same time you can create a separate Hall of Fame for players that were OTA hype. Competition is a good thing and the biggest mistake with Ced was removing all competition in his path to start the last 2 seasons. Alexander’s biggest failure is he had 3 critical o-line picks and they all played like crap during the transition years of the line. So Pollack gets any quality snaps from the 2 remaining, he’s a hero in my book. Exactly what this team needs in this season.
  8. Mike Brown Thought of the Day

    Run on your own viagra......
  9. Rule Changes

    Lol, Krumrie playing NT at 270. That was probably undersized even for back then. Amazing.
  10. Rule Changes

    I wonder if the NFL does in-depth analysis? Just from the Twitter clip above majority plays: Offense throws underneath zone coverage defense plays kill the man with the ball. David Fulcher was bigger than Jim Skow, lol. Lowering your head has always been bad in football, I’m kinda shocked the football media treats this as some new revelation. A lot of Bengal fans cried foul and knew Shazier was playing with fire after the 2015 season. Same with Mitchell. Same with Burfict in 2014 when he concussed himself twice trying to knock out QBs lowering his head (Flacco’s steel cup and Lucks rib jacket) I watch a lot of 80’s football just because it was a more entertaining product to me for a variety of reasons. Maybe somebody can find a clip of Fulcher launching head first but my recollection is that he hit you with chest and hips and tried to run through a ball carrier. The correct way to tackle that’s been perverted so much in the NFL that style is referred to as rugby style tackling now, WTF? Anyway. Throw underneath and let defense hunt is the style of football with extended offense via penalty. Number 1 that’s boring football. Let defenders hand fight more encouraging more man coverage. Kick out the head first launchers instead of excusing them ala Shazier. A lot of Bengal fans predicted something like that would happen to him. Just a dirty ass player.
  11. Rule Changes

    NFL has always made the mistake of enforcing “safety” during the game. Only the over the top blatant calls should be flagged, IMO. Then after the game film is reviewed by a team then fines and suspensions are handed out. Eventually leading to league expulsion if the using of the head continues. NFL tackling has declined since the salary cap indirectly reduced contact practices. NFL is correct in trying to remove the head from tackling but it’s impossible to call it fairly in today’s game. Might want to introduce real performance enhancing drug testing too. If they do, surprisingly these players will shrink and slow down. Those allowing for better form tackling All this rule will do is drive fans away from watching. Games will looked more fixed than they already are and with increased sports betting coming it will be a mess.
  12. 2018 season

    LB failure sticks out against the top conference teams like Patriots and Steelers. Those two offenses excel at throwing the ball a little distance and getting big results. They hammer the concept until it eventually “pops” a big play. Vigil is better than what most fans think about him although he’s not a standout. I think you’ll have to factor in Safety into the conversation as well. It’s really the mix of the back 7 from down to down. Hopefully this draft will prove out they added speed and athleticism. I expect to see more nickel/dime packages with 3 safeties.
  13. 2018 season

    Really hard to say at this point. Nobody knows what the new DC likes to sub. MJ had good success in the Zimmer/Pauly scheme of bumping a DE down to DT for interior pass rush last year. Gilberry/Hunt got extended roster life just because they could eat up pass protectors from the DT spot. MJ actually showed better ability to get the passer to the ground over Hunt and Gilberry. How will the new D-Coord sub along the line? Also how much of a green light will edge rushers get vs. Zimmer/Pauly G. Do they still favor containment and batted passes over rushing from DE spot? MJ isn’t a dynamic edge pressure guy anymore. Was better at setting the edge and volleyball blocking.
  14. 2018 season

    Talent is there. A lot of new critical coaching changes. Plus using all those draft picks. Points to turnover. Then the line has to move drastically forward.
  15. You have to have the talent and that’s the biggest question still with this line. Glenn if healthy is a big plus. Boling will be his Workman solid self. Then who knows after that? Price has to come in out of the box ready. He can’t pull a Bodine and be hidden by 4 over high level players like 2014. Ultimately one the previous drafted tackles has to step up big one at a minimum. The last two draft classes have been weak and overall highly touted linemen in the draft have gone from safe to risky players in years 1-3. Pollack could be undermined if Dalton and WRs struggle to pick up whatever new scheme. Dalton is pure crap in progressions 3 and 4. So any discomfort there is going to lead to pressure. Most NFL protection schemes assign the 5th and 6th rusher to the QB/WR. Sometimes the 4th rusher because Dick Lebeau invented a truly revolutionary concept that has stood the test of time and Defenses can overload and mess up the count etc. on the flip side he’s got talented RBs. So I hope they stay healthy and the line can give them more room.