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  1. NFL Top 100

    The 2016 version of Peyton Manning is the worst quarterback ever to win a Super Bowl.
  2. The Eagles Decimation

    Mccoy was trade to Bills. Maclin was trade to Chiefs. Foles was trade to Rams.
  3. The Eagles Decimation

  4. Bengals 2015 Draft Pick?

  5. The Sprint Cup comes to Kentucky again!

    I love some good competition. human nature。
  6. Why does Danika bother to drive race cars?

    Well, Dale Jr's sister had more talent than him, but he's the one wasting good rides. Don't know if that says more about him or his sister though. I thought one of John Forces daughters was pretty good at drag racing? Oh well, there will be a good women driver sometime soon. The story is just to tempting, if Danica would win a Nascar race it would be the lead on most news sites, not just sports sites. Oh and she is not hard on the eyes either. yes.
  7. Pirates v. Reds

    Yeah, that was fun to see. Less fun? Leake's performance. Throw strikes, dude. yea
  8. Reds vs. Cards

    find someone that is hitting.
  9. Bengals Sign AJ Hawk

    AJ is too old.
  10. Bengals Re-Sign (1year later) Michael Johnson

    one year contract?
  11. Bengals Re-Sign Rey Maualuga

    you can say that again.
  12. Worst 1st Round Pick Since 1990

    JaMarcus Russell.
  13. Good News

    yeah.good news