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  1. Bengals @ Chargers Pregame Thread

    I'm not sure which team I want to root for Sunday, Chargers or Chiefs???? The Bengals haven't done so well with teams that are in 3 and 4 game skids! But on the other hand, is it better to face the Chargers off an emotional high with a victory over the Chiefs????
  2. Let's look at the season so far...

    There's this thing called reality. Check it out sometime. Well if everyone wants to keep Zimmer, that's about the only option, unless, the teams that want new coaches, want OCs instead of DCs, which is one reason why I think he hasn't been picked up by now! The good thing is, Zim said that sure he'd like to get an offer, but it's a win/win for him, because he likes what he does and likes the guys he is coaching at Cincy!
  3. BroncosZone

    It was hard to for me to root against them last night because I do not care for the Diva Cam Newton. Do not care for Divas on ANY team!! But, it was a lot easier rooting for Cam since they were playing Diva Tom!
  4. BroncosZone

    Absolutely! They have to win out! In order to control the destiny, with the exception of the Patriots. We need help from Denver. But the Colts we can take care of by beating them.
  5. Let's look at the season so far...

    So many guys on defense give Zimmer credit! He's good at what he does. I just hope if he gets HC offers next year, in order to keep him, I hope Brown is willing to offer Marvin GM, Marvin willing to accept it, and then offer Zimmer HC position!
  6. Does anyone like Andy Dalton?

    And I wouldn't point solely at the weather either. But I don't think it's a coincidence that two of Dalton's worst days came in windy conditions. To echo hokie elsewhere, he isn't as bad as he's been the last few weeks, or as good as he was the few weeks before that. He's a mid-tier QB whose ceiling is Phil Sims and floor is Jon Kitna. We can win with him as long as he limits his mistakes, the talent around him shows up and his OC puts him in good situations. It's really a simple bottom line. Joe Flacco has a stronger arm and more height than Andy, and 3 years more experience. But even with those advantages, he is a bout the same quality QB Andy is, right now. Just check each of their first 3 year stats. Flacco has been blessed, before this year, with a tremendous D,a running game, and good receivers, which is how and why the Ravens were able to make the playoffs 5 years in a row. Andy, although 3 years behind him, is now being blessed with a great defense, great receivers, and a running game in progress. We need to be patient and let Gio learn and grow and see what happens!
  7. Browns @ Bengals Pregame Thread

    Marvin Lewis has resurrected his 2000 Ravens! That's what you see happening!
  8. Vinny Rey

    I'm sure Zimmer is as pleased as we are, and will probably use Rey a lot, keeping the D as fresh as possible. As far as Zimmer is concerned, this is what I would love to see happen. First of all Mike Brown and Jerry Jones are the ONLY two owners who currently wear the owner/GM hat. Marvin and Brown are close. I'd like to see Brown take off the GM hat, and offer it to Marvin, and offer Zimmer the HC job. I would like to think that Marvin might take the job, especially if they go deep into the playoffs with that defense, knowing that the organization might lose Zimmer. It's a long shot, but a possibility.
  9. 2000 Ravens Resurrected???

    This Bengals team has a very similarity to the 2000 Ravens! It's almost as if Marvin has resurrected the Ravens in the bodies of the Bengals. I do believe that Andy has the talent to be a much better QB than Diller was. After the horrific 90's the Bengals and fans suffered through, I'm grateful for this team and would be elated with a '2000 Ravens like' SB championship!
  10. 2000 Ravens Resurrected???

    You are spot on Ear. In football, teams can win SB with average offenses, stellar defenses, and minimal mistakes. Paul Brown: "Football is a game of errors. Whoever makes the least usually wins!"
  11. 2000 Ravens Resurrected???

    I said in my quote that outside of the stronger arm, Flacco was no better. Here's another thing. When Baltimore clinched the division last year, I predicted they would win the SB riding the Ray Lewis Retirement High. No reason the Bengals can't ride a similar mental high motivator and call it the 'Leon and Geno Injury High'!
  12. 2000 Ravens Resurrected???

    Well said! I like this team.
  13. 2000 Ravens Resurrected???

    The one thing about this group of Bengals is that there's some serious family type chemistry on this team that Whitworth eluded to more than once. The positive about Andy is he is smart and mentally tough. The announcers commented during the game how players kept coming by and encouraging him after the 2 picks. Look at it this way here are the QB standings as of today 11/18. Andy is ranked 17th. Matt Ryan is ranked 11th but his team is 2-7. 19. Brady 21. Kaepernik 23. Alex Smith 26. Joe Flacco 29. Eli Manning Outside of a stronger arm, Joe Flacco is no better than Dalton. He threw 5 picks against Buffalo this year!
  14. 2000 Ravens Resurrected???

    I think their defense holds an NFL season record for fewest yards and/or points allowed.
  15. Does anyone like Andy Dalton?

    My 2 cents. Do I like Andy Dalton? Yes. I think Andy is a hard working, intelligent, humble, passionate, gives 100%, a non-Diva. Do I think he has what it takes to take the team beyond one game and out in the playoffs? I think he's capable. He took over a 4-12 Bengal team. I think, what he's done so far has been very positive. I think everyone needs to wait and evaluate things after the season is over. I do think there is a lot riding on this game Sunday with the Browns. Andy needs to step up and manage the team to a win. After a win, we have the bye to rest and heal. With the Ravens playing the Bears at Chicago and the Steelers playing the Lions at Pittsburgh, the division could very well end up looking like this after Sunday. Bengals 7-4 Ravens 4-6 Browns 4-6 Steelers 3-7
  16. Now or Never!!

    This is the game that I believe we will see what happened last year. We were 3-5 and ran off a 7-1 run!! We have one year experience and we can also ride the mental high of playing it for the guys injured, especially Leon and Geno! I predicted last year that when the Ravens won the division, that they would win the SB, riding the 'Ray Lewis Retirement High'. I am hoping for the same thing Sunday. If the Bengals win, we are in great shape because the Ravens play the Bears at Chicago, and the Steelers play the Lions in Pittsburgh. After a victory the division could very well look like this: Bengals 7-4 Ravens 4-6 Browns 4-6 Steelers 3-7 We'll see if the Bengals can step up! WHO DEY!!!