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  1. Some Game Pass Observations

    After watching the condensed version of every Bengals game of the 2011 season, three things jump out at me. 1. It is glaringly evident of how much Dalton has improved over the years. Even though, statstically it wasn't his worse year, (2014 was) it looked worse than 2014 because of all the bonehead passes he made and benefited from several near/should have been interceptions. 2. Cedric Benson was a beast that year. 3. The defense is so much better/solid now.
  2. 2016 Season Predictions

    I agree about knowing what we have and my prediction was based on no major early season ending injuries. I also went conservative assuming the Bengals didn't learn the lesson with the Steelers new ploy of button pushing. I also agree that, combined with the Bengals medical staff and Eifert's fragileness, this could turn into much longer down time then first anticipated.
  3. Burfict Suspended

  4. Andy Drives Away With Gas Pump Still In Car

    Based on consistency and durability I think this is perfect!
  5. Andy Drives Away With Gas Pump Still In Car

    Real simple answer here. NFL players are under the same microscope all 'celebrities' are. Anytime they mess up it will be reported. Bottom line: Steakhouse isn't a celebrity so we aren't privy to every time he farts in public.
  6. Burfict Suspended

    Said it before, they are no longer intimidated by Pittsburgh and have become the intimidaters! Big problem now is, Pitt is on to them, and now have reverted to pushing their buttons and getting them to engage in the after whistle penalties and fights. If they can't play intimidating but poised, and walk away from the button pushing, they sit home this year and do a none and done instead of a one and done! That's how the Ravens are successful against Pittsburgh now. They intimidate Pitt, but stay poised! Funny how the Ravens seem to own Pitt, Pitt owns the Bengals, and, of late, the Bengals seem to own the Ravens?????
  7. Here We Go Again!!!

  8. Here We Go Again!!!

    The bottom line is you have a fragile player with a 'suspect' medical staff, at best! Woe is me!
  9. Here We Go Again!!!

    The Bengals medical staff says 3 months. Probably actually 6 months before we see him!!! I don't believe in curses but this franchise has definitely got something going on now for year 48!!
  10. The Cubs????

    Cubs are predicted to win the WS???? Maybe 2016 will be the year they win the WS and Bengals win a SB?????
  11. Bengals 53 man roster

    Any UFAs that have a shot?
  12. Bengals 53 man roster

    http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Hunt-seeks-Greenes-pastures/b15049f1-4ce2-46d2-b9e0-3dcbc40c7121 This may be a help to him.
  13. Schedule Out Tonight

    Pretty much on the mark Cat! Steelers will always dominate them with attitude alone, and they can't win in primetime!
  14. Schedule Out Tonight

    I see they have one of the games during Burfict's vacation. Rooney rules the roost with the commissioner. If Rooney had his way, he would have had the Bengals opener at Pittsburgh and game 3 with Pittsburgh at Cincy!
  15. Schedule Out Tonight

    Nice to hear that from someone who can say it and not get hammered for saying it!
  16. Burfict Update

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_j3zR91RnkA I guess the NFL has decided to 'make an example' of Burfict as they appeal was denied and the 3 game suspension stands. It appears he met with the commissioner, although it was after the appeal and supposedly not about the 'incident'. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/NFL-says-Burfict-suspension-upheld/e84458b5-7c91-46b9-9581-a2e42a358ce1
  17. http://cin.247sports.com/Gallery/43737379/Photos/USATSI8005171jpg-3815634?View=Full#kamchancellor-troywayrynenjpg-4128972
  18. Andy Lost His Luggage - Help!

    That would be devastating!
  19. Andy Lost His Luggage - Help!

    Ridicule is ridicule, I don't care WHO it is. I shouldn't have to stand by a Bengal player for being constantly attacked and ridiculed by 'professed' Bengal fans. I would expect that from Steeler fans. Put me on ignore like everyone else does because I will continue to 'call out' attacks on Bengal players, for simply not playing 'perfect' football.
  20. Andy Lost His Luggage - Help!

    You really need to deal with that anger issue and start paying more attention to the posts, if you really haven't heard the personal attacks he has made on Dalton. I don't agree with all of your posts Army, but I've never called you out or criticized ANY of them, regardless of what you think about mine. Put me on ignore if it bothers you that much!
  21. Andy Lost His Luggage - Help!

    Having an opinion is one thing. COB doesn't really care for Dalton, but I've never heard him ridicule, and personally attack him like Shula does. It is what it is.
  22. I heard this last year...

    Not to mention, the ONLY team to make the playoffs 6 years in a row, is the Pats, who are now at 7.
  23. Andy Lost His Luggage - Help!

    It's Shula's post. He probably got a chubby when Dalton went down with the thumb! He would have probably had a 'gasm if Dalton had gotten a career ending injury.
  24. Off Season Wishlists

    James Wright is promising but not sure he can stay healthy.
  25. Super Bowl/Playoff games discussion thread.

    I kind of prepared myself ahead of time! As soon as Jennings scored, without flags, but I also saw 3 plus minutes left,I turned to my dad and said, "Watch Montana march down the field and score with no time left!" I was wrong. He scored with 25 seconds left!!!