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  1. Training Camp

    That would mess with the DTV contract. All out of market preseason games live though.
  2. Training Camp

    FYI, if you have Roku or Amazon Fire Stick, (I have both, one family room, one bedroom) you can watch the preseason games on your television.
  3. Training Camp

    I think they've beefed it up since last year Cat. You can watch any game from 2009 forward, and condensed games from 2011 forward, Plus all the fluff like Hard Knocks and such. One of the features I will like about it, is being able to sync the dvr to Lap and Hoard every game.
  4. Training Camp

    He may end up being one of those 'if only' players, sad to say. A great player with record breaking potential, if only he could stay healthy. Everyone knows guys only go through the motions at the Pro Bowl, so for someone to receive an injury there, and six months later, he still isn't healed, and may take 6 more months to be 100%, is pretty fragile, IMHO.
  5. Training Camp

    Depending on who Zimmer plays and for how long, it could be a long night Friday with McCarron possibly sidelined.
  6. AJ Green

    Nicely done video of AJ's career highlights. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sk9aaExFWPI
  7. William Jackson III

    Some research done on Kirkpatrick on another website: "There have been a certain group of people around here who have never had any respect for Dre Kirkpatrick. After last season many of them threw around the fact that ProFootballFocus ranked Dre as one of the absolute worst CBs in the league. Even after I pointed out that based on PFF logic a CB who played less and messed up more often could be ranked AHEAD of Dre they still insisted that Kirkpatrick was horrible.I have been waiting for Football Outsiders to post their CB rankings for '15. They just posted their top 20 and worst 20, and hopefully they will have their complete rankings available within a few days. Unlike the ridiculous PFF ranking, FO tries to use actual measurable stats to rank CBs. They required that a CB either start 8 games or be targeted 50 times to qualify for their ranking. In 2015 seventy-five CBs qualified. So if a player does not appear in the "worst 20" that means he ranks at least in the top 55.Average Yards Per Target....Dre ranked 18th in the league (7.0 avg). Patrick Peterson lead the league with a 4.4 avg, and Adam Jones was 2nd at 4.5.Success Rate, the percentage of targets where the corner prevented a successful gain (45 percent of needed yards on first down, 60 percent on second down, and 100 percent on third or fourth down)....Dre ranked 32nd. Patrick Peterson was also #1 in this catagory (70%) and Adam Jones was 5th (65%)Completion Percentage Allowed....FO actually does not rank CBs by this stats, but from looking at the lists I can calculate the completion percentage allowed for 70 of the 75 qualifying CBs. Dre's .483 ranks 19 of those 70. Delvin Breaux ranked #1 with a .373 and Adam Jones was 13th with .455.Estimated Target Rate, the percentage of possible targets with the corner on the field where the corner was targeted in pass coverage by the opposing offense....Dre ranked 54th. I really don't put a lot of credibility in this stat because I think it is more about the other players in the secondary and which CB plays the #1 WR most often. The Steelers William Gay ranked #1 (11.2%) mainly because the Steelers other two CBs were among the worst in the league (Antwon Blake was 73rd in Success Rate and Ross Cockrell was 65th)Dre also finished in the top 20 in passes defended with 13.Dre's biggest weakness was poor tackling. His broken tackle percentage was the 8th worst in the league. Despite ranking 3rd in tackles by a CB with 65 he had 16 broken tackles.Just like everyone else here I have seen dre get beaten, but too many people think that no other CBs in the league get beat as often as Dre. That just is not true. It is good to finally find some stats to prove this."
  8. Geno Speaks!!

    http://sports.yahoo.com/video/whats-pro-geno-atkins-151300606.html Great guy to have on our side!!!!!
  9. Training Camp

    He also said it's very possible we may not see Eifert until the end of September.
  10. Schedule Out Tonight

    McCaron should have some nice offers once his contract expires!
  11. Training Camp

    It wasn't Ghee that I was thinking of. He may have even been a LB. It was Sean Porter! That's who I was thinking of.
  12. Training Camp

    I see they put James Wright on the PUP again.What was the name of the defensive player they had high hopes on that kept getting hurt? Wright is turning out to be the offensive version of him.
  13. Training Camp

    Are you sure you aren't referring to Ferdy Fussbudget??? (I wonder how many here are old enough to remember him??)
  14. http://cin.247sports.com/Bolt/NFL-Noles-Anquan-Boldin-to-sign-with-Detroit-Lions-46436468 Looks like Marvin Jones will have to settle for being the number 2 receiver again on a possible losing team, at least for 2016.
  15. Marvin Jones Hopes Spoiled for 2016?

    Housh was frustrated when he heard about Jones leaving. He said he wished he would have had a chance to talk to him beforehand. He said you don't leave a team that has a system you know and where you are successful, ESPECIALLY, when you are being offered a similar deal!!! He said once he left the Bengals that was the end of his career.
  16. Training Camp

    Looks like Burfict will sit for the preseason. http://cin.247sports.com/Bolt/Marvin-Lewis-to-sit-Vontaze-Burfict-in-Bengals-preseason-46439187
  17. http://cin.247sports.com/Bolt/NFL-exec-Steelers-get-preferential-treatment-from-the-NFL-46423073
  18. So It's Not Just Bengal Bias!!!

    From the lips of Lewis; 'IGNORE THE NOISE!!'
  19. So It's Not Just Bengal Bias!!!

    I don't think playoff wins and even a SB will change the media and critics whatsoever. IMHO the only possible way the talking heads may be forced into changing their tune, is if there is a few Lombardis in the franchise resume. Otherwise, any progress the Bengals make will be written off "as winning in spite of themselves, and playing over their head, how can you expect them NOT to win with that talent," etc. etc. followed by, "we are to expect them to get back to being the Bungles next year."
  20. So It's Not Just Bengal Bias!!!

    I don't think the Bengals are intimidated by the Steelers whatsoever. I think the Steelers know this and have reverted to Plan B, which is pushing their buttons to get them to react causing the costly 'after whistle personal fouls'. The Bengals need to learn how to play them with the same 'poised aggression' the Ravens do.
  21. So It's Not Just Bengal Bias!!!

    Well said rbb.I said it before and I'll say it again. As frustrating as Marvin and Brown can be, if the Bengals organization become a 'win at any cost' franchise, I'm out!! Brown and Lewis truly care about these guys and their life outside of their job of playing football. Yes, the Lombardi would the icing on the cake but not at thuglike mentality, IMHO.
  22. Le'Veon Bell facing 4 games suspension!

    The Steelers continue to slide. I'm amazed that Bryant got the suspension he did! Certainly there was something Rooney could have offered Goodell?
  23. Le'Veon Bell facing 4 games suspension!

    http://steelerswire.usatoday.com/2016/03/13/martavis-bryant-suspension-due-to-missing-drug-tests-not-failed-results/ I guess missing a test is just as costly as testing positive!
  24. Le'Veon Bell facing 4 games suspension!

    Ditto. If nothing else happens this year, I hope we will see these two games with these thugs, where the Bengals don't respond to any 'button pushing' that the Steelers do. I've always revered in walking off the field soundly beating the other team leaving no excuses (no bad calls or irresponsible penalties) for their loss other than we just got out played. If they lose, make them beat them between the lines within the rules.
  25. 2016 Cincinnati Reds thread.

    This season, long before the All-Star break, it was time to, as Whitey Herzog used to say, "Piss on the fire and call in the dogs!"