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  1. Fake Game #2: Bengals @ WFT

    Goodnight Ossai. Here we go!
  2. Bengals @ Colts Game Thread

    Just a cameo, in and out, I thought the consensus in here was, once ML and AD left, this team was Superbowl bound! Looks like a 90s run again to me! This franchise died with Paul Brown! Enjoy!
  3. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    Actually Mike and McCarthy are pretty tight! Here they are several years ago!
  4. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    NO! Not unless he is willing to stay in his office and let the new HC bring his own people in and run the show. I don't see it happening. It's already worked in Cincinnati with Marge Scott with the Reds and she got a WS championship out of it
  5. The Problem Is Clear

    Paul and Mike Brown have final say so as ANY owner does. He approves staff and player selection. Nothing changes as long as he is at the helm. I got a whole lot of other much more important priorities to attend to then football, BUT if things stay status quo, I'll stop by at the end of next year after all the frustration and anger is vented with a smiley face to lift everyone up and a promise not to say, "I told you so"!!
  6. The Problem Is Clear

    No wait, I'm confused. I thought you were one of the ones Army, that was all about playoff wins regardless of whether they win the last one or not??? My bad. I had you confused with someone else. I have already given up on the idea that this team will lift a Lombardi as long as Brown has the final word. Maybe Katie is the answer! Marge Schott won a championship in this town! For the last 6 years, (2011-2015) it has been nice to watch them knowing each and every week they have a good chance to win. The wheels kind of fell off this year, but they were due. If you're watching based upon Lombardi dreams, you better find another hobby! From the lips of Aaron Rodgers .... "RELAX"!
  7. The Problem Is Clear

    I've already stated my opinion and all one has to do is look at the history or the franchise: 1968-1990 Owner - Paul Brown - W-177, L-168, T-1. 12 playoff appearances resulting in 5 wins, 7 losses, including 2 SB appearances. 1991-2016 Owner - Mike Brown - W-171, L-227, T-2. 7 playoff appearances resulting in 0 wins, 7 losses. I'm done.
  8. The Problem Is Clear

    Opinions are like assholes .... we all have at least one!! BTW he's got the most playoff wins in franchise history!
  9. The Problem Is Clear

    Which goes right back to the first OP!! The article mentioned Wyche leaving, he left because Brown fired him!!! So many football minds here and it can't be seen that the elephant in the room is Mike Brown!! 1. He's NOT going to fire Marvin. Marvin will decide when Marvin leaves. 2. He's NOT going to give control over to his HC. He's already proven that he's not interested in the fireball coaches which is, reading between the lines, part of the reason why Wyche got fired. 3. NOTHING changes until he passes the baton. We can sit here and try to divert the blame away, but things will remain the same. 4. Lastly, his father was a different breed. When he passed the baton to Mike, things went south as far as the Lombardi goes. Yes Marvin is a great man, and a good DC and probably would make an excellent GM, but he lacks what it takes to take his team to the next level. Period!! The Reds finally figured that out with Dusty Baker.
  10. Bengals @ Ravens Pregame Chatter

    They might finish 4-11-1 if they can beat Cleveland. I'm thinking it may be Cleveland's only win.
  11. The Problem Is Clear

    3 Sidebars: 1. I saw a post where Mike Brown went bonkers because 15 hot dogs were given away to hungry vendors!! 2. Glad to hear Green will make it back for no other reason to get the 36 yards he needs to hit 1000 for his first 6 years tying Ross and with a chance to do 7. 3. Marvin Lewis is a good man and a good DC, just not a good HC.
  12. The Problem Is Clear

    The two biggest ego mistakes Mike and his father did was: 1. Naming Tiger Johnson as HC, instead of Bill Walsh, when Paul Brown stepped down. 2. Firing Sam Wyche after 2 straight years of playoff appearances, going 3-2 in the playoffs.
  13. The Problem Is Clear

    Too busy in my life to let football get out of it's proper order spending too much time beyond watching the games, but the problem with this franchise is real simple, actually. There is only one constant with this franchise since 1991, the year he took over, Mike Brown. Coincidentally, they have not won a playoff game since then, let alone made a SB appearance. Coaches and players have come and gone and the only coach that may have made a difference was fired by Brown the year he was handed the baton. (Sam Wyche) Nothing will change until he passes the baton on to someone else, and even then, it's no guarantee depending on who ends up with the baton! Pick apart and analyze all you want until the cows come home, but it is, what it is! No 'fix' until/when he steps down!
  14. For me, reading between the lines, I think, consciously or subconsciously, fumbling away the playoff game made him rethink his focus. I think he was convicted by it, putting more emphasis on what jitterbug dance he was going to do, and less emphasis on protecting the football. I like it, and for me it's refreshing to see!! Hoping he stays healthy and has a beastly year!! http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Hill-connects-the-dots/9b03995c-c2a9-48cd-862e-71295ad104f8