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  1. Worst Draft Pick

    Too many post 80s fans. You can't get anymore let down than the TWO TIME HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER!
  2. Worst Draft Pick

    Saw a thread on FB Bengals group asking for opinions on what draft pick turned out to be the biggest flop in franchise history. Picks like Akili Smith, John Ross, David Klinger, Billy Price etc. From someone who's been following since franchise birth, I don't see any pick playing out any worse than the 1976 first round pick of Archie Griffin, TWO TIME HEISMAN TROPHY WINNER!!
  3. O-line Watch 2022

    He beefed up the defense with FA, but OL was neglected AGAIN. Its been years. What I'm asking is will he fix OL and keep players if it means rising to the top of the cap limit, or will he continue to try and draft the OL which has been a failure? You seem butter and frustrated AB in a lot of your posts lately. Hope it's just franchise frustration and not something else going on. Life's too short to have ongoing irritation.
  4. O-line Watch 2022

    You can see all the OL drafts since '13. The OL issue hasn't just been a 2 year problem. It was bad before Whitworth left, so maybe it's time to start trying FAs or trading for OL, duh?
  5. O-line Watch 2022

    Will MB allow spending to get close to cap ceiling to keep players he should AND get some help here, and draft depth? 2022 OL FAs 1. Terron Armstead, T, New Orleans Saints 2. Ryan Jensen, C, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3. Orlando Brown Jr., T, Kansas City Chiefs 4. Brandon Scherff, G, Washington Football Team 5. Laken Tomlinson, G, San Francisco 49ers 6. Duane Brown, T, Seattle Seahawks 7. Connor Williams, Dallas Cowboys 8. Ben Jones, C, Tennessee Titans 9. Jason Peters, T, Chicago Bears 10. Trent Brown, T, New England Patriots Going back every year to and including 2013, here are the OL draftees starting in 2013; Fragel Hawkinson Bodine Fisher Ogbuehi Westerman Dielman Taylor Price Jordan Hill Carman Adenji Williams
  6. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    How many times did they show Rams sidelines and Beckham? Every other play?
  7. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    The OL had been under construction since Whitworth, Boling, and Zeitler left!
  8. One More To Go

    Here's another thought. Will he reach deep into his check book and KEEP these guys and continue to improve the OL? They already passed up on an extension for Bates.
  9. One More To Go

    From what I 'heard', Eric Dickerson called them 'Bungles'. How many rings does he have? Sounds butt hurt if you ask me
  10. One More To Go

    Many SB champions have said that you HAVE to have a break (luck) here and there to get to and win a Superbowl. Nothing new there.
  11. One More To Go

    After a Bengals win Wraith, I think with a Bengals win, the local media will back them. Acknowledging their accomplishment of reaching the championship and establishing themselves as legitimate contenders, but I don't think the mainstream media will EVER concede that even WITH a Lombardi at PBS. I think you are right in the ballpark that the narrative will NEVER be what this franchise did right and are deserving of. Just like the Chiefs game. It will be what the Rams did wrong to give the game away!
  12. One More To Go

    Dan Hoard was on a talking head radio show and because it was Dan, I decided to take a listen. This was before the first playoff game. He said how, when he first got to Cincinnati as an announcer in 2011, EVERY year starting at OTAs the constant narrative was, yes even by the Cincinnati media, "Is this the year the Bengals finally win a playoff game?" He talked about how that continued to hang over their heads year after year, and every year another number was added! Well, they've gotten over THAT hurdle and also the hurdle of winning a road playoff game and an AFC Championship, putting them in another Superbowl! There's just one hurdle left to accomplish and that is to WIN a Superbowl. Hoard was glad to overcome the playoff win AND the road playoff win to put those narratives to bed so they won't be hovering over Burrow and this new regiment! Every time they've been considered underdogs in this season and playoffs they've won. They've only been blown out twice, by Cleveland and the Chargers, both games at home, and both times they were given the 'edge' because it was a home game. After some research on SB predictions this year, I was surprised to see several predictions that the Rams will 'blow the Bengals out'! Talking head reasons for predicting a blowout; 1. Rams DL vs Benglas OL 2. Stafford and McVay more experience. 3. Beckham Jr and Kupp will torch Bengals secondary. 4. Ramsey and Rams secondary will shut down Chase, Higgins, and Boyd. I did research on PF and PA for both teams, one for the season, one for the playoffs. SEASON Rams PF - 460 PA - 372 Bengals PF - 485 PA - 376 PLAYOFFS Rams PF - 81 PA - 55 Bengals PF - 72 PA - 59 Not a great disparity of point difference. Consensus seems to be that they only need to outsmart the X-perts one more time and put all these hurdles to bed and be considered serious contenders and world champions. A loss will: 1. Change the narrative from "Will the Bengals ever win another playoff game?" to "Will the Bengals ever win a superbowl?" Not so much concern about mainstream media but more on the local Cincinnati media, that's noise harder to shut out than the mainstream media noise. 2. The narrative could also very well be "They didn't deserve to be there and would have never won the division or MADE the playoffs if the Ravens had not been decimated for 3/4ths of the season, yadda, yadda." Get some well deserved and well earned R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and as Al Davis used to say, "JUST WIN BABY!!"
  13. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    They've been a second half team off and on most of the year. Can they make any adjustments with what they have to get a stop on KC's first possession and put points up?
  14. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Chiefs are the Pats of the '20s
  15. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Geesh Army! 'Caring' about what they say or don't say is pointless. You heard what Burrow said in the interview after they beat Baltimore the second time. Q: Did you hear what Martindale said about you? A: Yes, I did Q: Did it have any bearing on you putting up 525 yards of passing? A: Maybe Talking trash or negative things said about someone or a team NEVER benefits the person(s) saying it. It can only be used to fire up the other team. Re-read the post. I agree with you. I don't listen to them either. But, it would be a great tool for the Bengals to use to their advantage IF they DID say it!!