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  1. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    His mentions on that tweet are BRUTAL. Mine included. He's so bad. If he were still with this team, I would worry. Thank god he's not. And thank god that coaching room has almost completely turned over since he left two years ago - I think only Simmons remains.
  2. 2020 Draft

    That also sounds fine. Thanks for heads up.
  3. 2020 Draft

  4. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Jeremy Rauch @FOX19Jeremy · 2h Replying to @FOX19Jeremy Family source also tells me Joe Burrow would never “pull an Eli Manning” if drafted No. 1 by the #Bengals. The family has been a bit annoyed by that narrative.
  5. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    That makes me happy. The Saints thing is literally sports message board masturbation.
  6. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    No first round pick for the Steelers really does hurt them in terms of dreaming on grabbing Herbert or Love.
  7. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    Agreed. IF the Bengals were picking 8th, I would be hoping to snag him. At #1 - there's nothing to look twice at. This will be a lot of coverage this week because the Bengals coaches are literally with him. Once this week passes, that will all recede.
  8. 2020 Draft

    I saw one first round board from one of the usual draft heads that had nine WR with a first round grade - my guess is WR at #33 will be a slider with first round value. That's gonna annoy a lot of people if the board falls that way.
  9. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    You really need to chill. They are not taking Herbert #1 overall. There is going to be a lot of Herbert talk this week because he is in Mobile and Burrow is not and it doesn't mean anything. They are taking Burrow over Herbert. Seriously, relax.
  10. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    COB is right on that part - calling a 2-14 season "earned capital" in this context is particularly macabre...
  11. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    He's only saying what any team would say, Hoosier. Literally.
  12. Official Joe Burrow Thread

    She’s his girlfriend. She’s from Mason and they met at Ohio state.
  13. Official Joe Burrow Thread

  14. Bengals to Coach Senior Bowl

    It’s fine. He has no reason to go and he has had a rather busy week.
  15. 2020 Draft