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  1. If he's a RT, fine with me. I do NOT want them reaching for a LT - that's how we got Ogbuehi. As for "too tall" for LT. Really? That's...weird. Someone tell Jonathan Ogden he was too tall for LT.
  2. If they are going line at 12 I would love the ND guard. I think all the tackles are flawed at that spot. Push came to sizeable shove, I would prefer Brown.
  3. I guess I will drop in to note that I think McGlinchey is over-rated as hell and is already falling on some draft mocks that I have seen.
  4. NFL Playoffs

    God no. Mularkey’s offensive approach sucks.
  5. NFL Playoffs

    This is making me so happy.
  6. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Alex Van Pelt hired as qb coach. He was the qb coach in Green Bay for Rodgers previously. Another great hire from my point of view. For those who are still fans, anyway.
  7. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I see we've returned to the eeyore portion of the program. I am weary of that. Have fun with the anger party, all.
  8. Potential Coaching Candidates

    That indeed makes no sense. What I am hearing/reading is since Garrett came back, others had to go. Regardless, the Dallas line was monstrous under him in 2015 and 2016 and fell off this year only due to injury. Give me his scouting eye and voice in the draft room and his fresh eye on who is already in the room please and thank you. also, since we often rightly complain at how slow the bengals move on hires, he was JUST let go in Dallas in last 24 hours. The bengals wasted no time getting him. This is a very nice development. I know the default setting is suspicion and cynicism but this seems like a pretty great move. Going from Alexander to Polack??!! Awesome.
  9. Potential Coaching Candidates

    I am genuinely pumped over this development. Did not see that coming. And I would imagine he was going to be in demand - the Bengals apparently moved very quickly.
  10. Potential Coaching Candidates

    We got Frank Pollack for the line coach??!! That's absolutely fantastic.
  11. Potential Coaching Candidates

    But the DL and Secondary unquestionably have legit talent, star talent in several cases. There's plenty for Austin to work with here.
  12. Potential Coaching Candidates

    Why? Austin is known as a DB guru. He’s gonna want his own guy. And whoever it is may be second to Austin in that room...
  13. Potential Coaching Candidates

    By the way, for as much deserved shit as we give the Bengals front office for moving slowly - they didn't in replacing Guenther. Not only won the services of a guy in demand, but in looking at the Ravens, they haven't done much to being to replace Dean Pees as their DC yet (and Pees "retired" about one second after the loss to the Bengals)...
  14. Potential Coaching Candidates

    He started a true freshman RB, LT and QB at the start of the second half - didn't just change his QB. He also had six true freshman in for their tying TD drive. I do think Marvin could learn a little something from that myself...
  15. Potential Coaching Candidates

    All the bengals writers confirming - nice to win a battle for his services given that he was in demand.