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  1. Eifert Re-Signs with Bengals

    Seeing it reported the max dollars in the deal are $8 million. Nice prove it deal on health for team and Eifert. Pretty happy about this.
  2. One year deal. Don't know dollars. Delighted to get him back on a one-year deal - see if he can stay on the field. Good move.
  3. Bengals trade for Cordy Glenn!!

    Not only that - but the bengals get the Bills’ 5th and they get our sixth.
  4. Apparently! I will assume this was Mike Brown's long plan to "in your face" COB for his post an hour ago. As near as I can tell, they swapped places in the first round. Seeing confirmation from the Enquirer beat bengals beat writers...
  5. NFL Playoffs

    No way we can. That damn the torpedos approach to the way Philly played that game on offense including the decisions to go for it several times on 4th down (especially that awesome decision with 6 minutes left) - there is NO way that Marvin can coach that way. Literally, he can't wrap his mind around it. It's just not him.
  6. I just like that he was mad to see him go. Makes me feel even better about the bengals getting him.
  7. I like this - Aaron Rodgers is salty about losing Alex Van Pelt as his qb coach...: @jasonjwilde 26m26 minutes ago Aaron Rodgers making his disappointment about Alex Van Pelt's departure as quarterbacks coach -- "without consulting me," he says -- very clear on Golic and Wingo. @jasonjwilde 20m20 minutes ago Full quote from Aaron Rodgers on losing Van Pelt: "My quarterback coach didn't get retained. I thought that was an interesting change -- really without consulting me. There's a close connection between quarterback and quarterback coach. And that was an interesting decision."
  8. If your thesis is he would have been back, no matter what the outcome against Detroit and Baltimore, I disagree. I think Detroit and Baltimore wins gave Brown the cover he needed to sell continuity as the reason to bring Marvin back. I think that because that is what Mike Brown literally said.
  9. That was literally the words from his mouth.
  10. Yup. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/nfl/bengals/2018/01/19/cincinnati-bengals-owner-mike-brown-why-marvin-lewis-back-head-coach/1048725001/ Marvin literally saved his job with the Detroit and Baltimore wins. Straight from Mike Brown.
  11. fwiw (I don't have insider) - Schefter tweeted a screen shot of Kiper's 1.0 mock - he mocked the Bengals to picking Tremain Edmunds, LB, Va Tech. He had Nelson off his mock at #7 overall (1st lineman taken) and McGlinchy as first OT off the board at 11. He had 3 other tackles in his mock, Brian O'Neill at 16, Kolten Miller at 30 and Conner Williams at 31. He didn't have Brown in his first round mock 1. He gave the Browns Josh Allen at #1 overall...
  12. Here's an extremely early pre-senior bowl mock from a guy I follow on twitter who lives this stuff. Take with usual grains of salt etc and only offering it here because it might be of interest: https://www.ndtscouting.com/tuls-2018-nfl-mock-draft-pre-senior-bowl-edition/ Fwiw, he doesn't have McGlinchy in first round. I am guessing the senior Bowl and combine will help people figure out how they feel about McGlinchy, but I am guessing the tape from this year isn't helping him in terms of first round chatter from what I have read a bunch of places.
  13. If he's a RT, fine with me. I do NOT want them reaching for a LT - that's how we got Ogbuehi. As for "too tall" for LT. Really? That's...weird. Someone tell Jonathan Ogden he was too tall for LT.
  14. If they are going line at 12 I would love the ND guard. I think all the tackles are flawed at that spot. Push came to sizeable shove, I would prefer Brown.
  15. I guess I will drop in to note that I think McGlinchey is over-rated as hell and is already falling on some draft mocks that I have seen.