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  1. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    This is why I come here. i laughed.
  2. Marvin Fired - New Coaches

    What COB said - it was painfully apparent that Marvin simply wasn’t as prepared and didn’t have his team as prepared as opponents - and that was glaring in the “big games”.
  3. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    From Albert Breer's MMQB column: https://www.si.com/nfl/2019/05/13/vikings-cap-space-kyle-rudolph-browns-odell-beckham-jr-rookie-minicamps-dahale-warring-drew-sample
  4. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    That's an A draft no matter how you cut it.
  5. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    Thanks for this. I giggle'd. And so on. I am REALLY curious what this will look like going forward - with coaches who are engaging the players. Genuinely curious. There was more to that quote from AJ too:
  6. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    Weird thing to worry about.
  7. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    That’s exactly it. It was no accident their inability to perform in big moments.
  8. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    But, in practice? Literally, telling the offense to cool it so the defense doesn't look bad? What. The. FUCK?. That serves neither side of the ball well. That guy was such a dink.
  9. Good on Taylor but WTF Marvin?

    I am livid.
  10. That re-fired my Marvin hate all over again. So glad for something different. You want to know why this team sucked in prime time games, against the Steelers, and in the playoffs? It is because Marvin was an absolute unimaginative shitshow of a coach who imparted messages like the above. Want to make your team worse? Prop up a unit at practice - makes both units worse. He was such a ***damn tool. In any event, the rest of those quotes as to how things are under Taylor giving me some hope. I bet the offense is feeling like they have been let out of jail.
  11. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    Soooo...reading between the line listening to Zac Taylor on the podcast with Dehner and Page last night...if Williams and Bush had both been there at 11 - they had Williams higher on their board. He didn't come out and say it, but...that's how it sounded.
  12. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    Zac Taylor's staff can't make up for 10 years of neglect. It can start to fix it. I would submit they did what was reasonable in starting to do that - getting a rabbit who can tackle in the third round. Once the Devins were gone, 3rd round was the next area of value at LB. To take one before that would have been a hella reach.
  13. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    As for the hand-wringing at LB - I honestly don't get it. The Devins were gone, and, frankly, getting a legit T was as huge a need for this team as LB. Once the Devins were gone, there was NO reason to reach for the next one. You all saw how far Wilson fell, dude is SLOW and if you look at the tackling metrics, not a particularly good tackler. I would submit we already have enough of that in the LB room. What they DID do was get a LB who fits the new NFL mold in that he can run like the wind and cover. That we did NOT have enough of in the room. And, frankly, I suspect we have potentially another guy there as Malik Jefferson was not used last year but has that same profile and Dane Brugler said in one pre-draft interview that if Jefferson were coming out this year, he would have been his LB 5 still. So, really, Pratt and if they actually use Jefferson are two new LBers in the room. Don't forget with regard to Jefferson that this coaching staff had three days of on-field work with him to get comfortable with him (or not) in addition to their film review. I suspect they think they can do something with Malik...
  14. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    You can time Wilson with a sundial.
  15. Draft pick grades after reading scouting reports

    Mack Wilson was fucking awful.