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  1. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    SO bad on the right side. Just, abysmal. That's on the front office, ZT and Turner. They assured everyone it would be better. It is NOT better. Eff them. This is their gamble. So bad.
  2. 1st Round Pick: Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

    Thanks for the heads up on that Hoosier.
  3. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    With covid protocols their options on a short week are limited.
  4. Bengals @ Browns Game Thread

    He was was DNP and limited before Sunday's game, so hoping this is simply rest for him. Really, he doesn't need to put on pads again until Thursday night.
  5. Let's have a talk about the offensive line

    Jordan was in all game. He was good. hart is still a disaster. I assumed that Johnson would have been given a chance to win the job. He never was. This is on Turner.
  6. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    They tackled, Hoosier. That was a marked departure. Bynes and Pratt are legit NFL linebackers. They didn't get killed on passes to Ekeler. They did get hurt on one big throw to a TE, but even that was better. Reader in the middle made a huge difference. When he cramped up and had to leave was about the only time in the game the Chargers could run the ball effectively.
  7. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    FYI - not a surprise that TOs were burned in the second half with a rookie making his first start in those circumstances (the lack of any off-season or pre-season game snaps)... As for the game, that was his first ever live NFL snaps. No rookie mini camp. No OTAs. No real training camp. No pre-season games. And drew a vicious top 10 NFL defense with a top 5 defensive line for his first snaps, and at no point did he look overwhelmed, lost, or that the moments were too big for him. He made mistakes, and he made plays, but there was nothing there to be down about. He is CLEARLY what we thought he was. We can win games with him, and, eventually, a lot of games.Hell, the team even made adjustments in the second half and blocked better.I am encouraged, but then again, I wasn't expecting the playoff this year, but nothing there makes me think 7 wins is out of reach for this year, which is where I am guessing they will end up.And the defense was damn good. They can actually tackle again. And cover. Hell, we had actualy NFL linebackers. I almost cried.Burrow gave himself a "D" by the way. Took the blame away from Bullock. Took the blame away from Ross. He's an absolute leader. We're finally going to be fine.
  8. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    He faked the injury when saw the shank. They should cut him.
  9. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    That is how you punish a team for selling out that hard on the upfield rush. Fuck yes.
  10. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    The Bengals new social media presence continues to be straight fire:
  11. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    The Athletic is running a massive special. $1 a month. If you ever were wanting to subscribe, now's the time.
  12. Chargers @ Bengals Game Thread

    Bosa should be across from Jonah Williams. Melvin Ingram across from Hart.