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  1. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    I melted down all over the Bengals twitter-verse over the fuckawful Turner hire being a particularly disappointing and bad sign from Taylor and, well, fuck it sucks to be right. This and the rest of the line issues/retirements/decisions has the hands of an incompetent bully all over it.
  2. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Back with the season in ruins but in time to help with some wins to fuck up the draft for next year. Sounds about right.
  3. 2nd Round Pick: Drew Sample, TE, Washington

    Boy does it. Every explanation for why they made that selection has been blown up too. They don't run two TE sets, they haven't used him for his supposed blocking abilities in 11 personnel, and he barely sees the field. Just...awful. Add in that he was taken 1-3 rounds too high and it was a spectacularly awful pick at this point. I assumed when they made it the new staff had a specific plan for him, but...guess not.
  4. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    There may be three or four QBs with top 10 grades. They don't need to be #1 overall, top 5 is sufficient. But given the dead cat bounce, don't want them screwing up and winning one against Jax. Need to bank those Ls now...
  5. Jaguars @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    This upcoming game genuinely worries me - feels like a trap game where they might accidentally win.
  6. Is This the ‘90s All Over Again?

    They need to secure a top 3 pick and hope like hell that Tua, Burrow, Herbert or Fromme all show to be worthy of a top 5 selection. And then they have to hope they end up with the right one.
  7. Bengals @ Ravens Game Thread

    I went up to Delaware to play a poker tournament and lay some legal bets. Had the Ravens -11.5 as part of a parlay, and the Bengals even managed to fuck that up with that garbage time meaningless TD drive. How I hate them.
  8. Time to begin the rebuild

    Right. Which is why I propose to trade everything of value not tied down. So what is bad can move into tank mode. Do that and re-boot. They won't - but they should.
  9. Time to begin the rebuild

    The ONLY thing that would interest me at this point is for them to do this right - and sell off Green, Dalton, Atkins, Dunlap, Dre and WJIII and bring back a bevy of picks and re-boot this thing. That would be interesting and potentially a way forward. But I know they won't even do that.
  10. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    I laughed. Also, I kinda think he's indeed not rushing back, at all, due to contract uncertainty.
  11. 49ers @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Boy and how. This cannot be underscored enough. Even better, I believe that Taylor and company will have a specific gameplan for the 49ers that is different from what they had ready for Seattle. Because they think and what not, and don't just run the same thing out there.
  12. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    I am still kinda giddy. From my perspective:1. Confirms this doesn't have to be a lost season and that this isn't a rebuild.2. On the defense, they held the Seahawks to 72 yards running - a team that averaged 160 per game last year. So...I guess that going with only a few linebackers was NOT a problem.3. On that note, both P. Brown and Vigil made plays at LB that were few and far between last year. The play with Brown forcing the fumble was extreme quality. If Dre doesn't trip, they score there on the defense.4. The d-line is gonna cause problems for a LOT of teams. It looks like Hubbard is making a leap, and the combos they can run at teams are gonna be a problem. Dunlap was huge, Billings was really good, and the consistent pressure from the d-line all game was noteworthy.5. Seattle had like, what, 6 three and outs? Felt like we didn't force that many all of last year.6. For all the worrying about the o-line, no false starts in perhaps the nastiest and loudest road atmosphere in the league. Andy got hit some, but also had enough time to do things. Get Glenn back and build from here.7. Sounds like Seattle was doing schematically things to make it hard to run. At least we didn't force it. I assume that they will have a bit more room in future games.8. John Ross was a revelation. This team's trajectory is a LOT different if this staff has finally unlocked him and he can stay healthy.9. TE screens!!! Uzomah is a load too. Yes please.10. They had some plays that were there that got blown up by good Seattle plays. Clowney knocked down what looked like would have been an enormous screen to Mixon in the first.11. They need to go ahead and get the W next week. Somehow the 49ers are favored by 2. Whatever. We're gonna win that one. I remain bullish on this team. Get AJ back at some point and man do I want to see where this can go. This team is better than Cleveland and Pittsburgh. Right. Now.
  13. Offensive Line

  14. Bengals @ Seahawks Week 1 Game Thread

    Seems to me this a house money game - under Marvin they would play like ass in these situations (that 44-10 or so beatdown at Baltimore on one opening night comes to mind)- but I am genuinely curious as to how they do under Taylor. I am more optimistic than most of you.
  15. How bad is AJ hurt ??

    The guy they signed from buffalo - John Miller.