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  1. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Ordinarily I would not only consider it, I would be all for it, but if Sewell is what apparently might be, I don’t in this case. You don’t pass on a Munoz, or an Ogden, etc etc if they are there. No guarantees, but if that’s his potential, then...you take him. Plenty of time to sort it out. happy thanksgiving.
  2. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Um, he's ready now. From day 1. You have latched onto the one thing that could be described as a question and are using it to advocate passing on him. That's...weird. It would be like not having wanted Burrow because he only played two seasons with one transcendant. If THAT is the only thing that can be pointed to, well, then it isn't a thing. That article quoting former offensive lineman gushing over his footwork, his balance, and his speed are all anyone should need. If they can trade down to 5 and get him, fine. But make no mistake, if Burrow's injury put them into position to get him and they pass on him, that will be as dumb as I have ever seen from this franchise. He's that good.
  3. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    We should NOT pass on a potential HoF talent on the off-chance he won't somehow be ready day 1. Period. As for not playing this year, I promise you he's spent the entire year getting ready for his NFL career. Pull up ANY footgage or film of his 2019 at Oregon and you will be chill. It was widely noted that he would have been OT #1 if he had been allowed to be in last year's draft - a draft that was deep in OTs. He's unreal in skill set. Quick feet, massive, never off-balance. He's a lock All-pro at either T position, but I would put him at LT and move Jonah to RT and call it a day for a decade. Read this: How good is Penei Sewell, really? 3 former Oregon Ducks offensive linemen and an NFL scout examine his potential greatness (msn.com)
  4. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    if they pass on Sewell for LEatherwood they should close the team down in shame.
  5. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Sewell is 6'6" 325 pounds with the speed of a TE and quick feet and long arms. He's a potential HoF T. If they can draft him, they draft him.
  6. Offensive Line Draft Talk Thread

    Raw and inexperienced is the absolute opposite of the book on Sewell.
  7. Giants @ Bengals Pregame Chatter

    Correct. People need to sack up. This happens. And qbs recover and are just as good as before.
  8. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    Given Carson got back in time for August camp after a January injury that was also an ACL+MCL I will take a hard pass on Schefter's and everyone else's alarmism. Burrow will be back by September.
  9. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

  10. Fuuuuuuuccccc...

    I am gonna just decide to look on the bright side:
  11. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    All finley doing is showing people just how extraordinary Burrow has been.
  12. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    Assuming it is a normal ACL and timeframe, then Penni Sewell is now in range - because they won't win a game with Finlet at QB and should be picking top 3.
  13. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    I am broken. This time it may be permanent.
  14. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    Just an all-time curse.
  15. Bengals @ Football Team Game Thread

    What is it you want them to do? Play him hurt? They have not been hamstrung seeing if he would clear.