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  1. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    Army, Dim was pointing out that winning 34-23 is what the Bengals now do (see scores from games 1 and 2)...
  2. Week 3 - Panthers talk

    This piece is awfully positive with regard to procedure Mixon had done: https://www.google.com/amp/www.sandiegouniontribune.com/sports/profootballdoc/sd-sp-pfd-joe-mixon-surgery-knee-0914-story,amp.html
  3. A few things from last night

    Firmly disagree with complaining over end of first half. For YEARS people (including me) have been all over Marvin for being too conservative to end the first half on offense. I won't be killing him over going for it, even if it didn't workout. You want them to win a playoff game? They need to have that mentality. Can't play scared. Need to go for things, even if they don't work out. Better chance that next time it will work out, I think.
  4. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    Having had a short night to reflect (couldn't sleep, stayed up to drink in an as much ESPN and NFL network as I could since I couldn't sleep and was anticipating a happy day at work amongst all the Ravens fans...), the following:1. I absolutely will not kill them for the play selections to end the first half. I have railed for years that Marvin is too conservative there, I will not get mad at him for allowing them to try and put foot on throat. Execute better next time, but keep trying to score. That's how you get ready to win playoff games and other big games, frankly.2. The Lazor offense is a joy to watch. So creative, not just at scheming guys open, but in protecting Andy and maximizing the effectiveness of the line.3. Cool to see what Green looks like with help and someone to move him around in various sets. He is uncoverable in man in that scenario, and if they do double cover him, it makes the other weapons that much more effective.4. Uzomah looks like Eifert's replacement in real time. 5. Mixon looks like the real deal to me for sure, putting the ball and team on his back in 4th quarter for that last drive to go up eight and then to set up the clinching field goal felt right. 6. Tyler Boyd is a legit weapon. Once they start sprinkling Ross in more effectively, I see no reason for them to take their foot off the gas at any point.7. Gotta give Austin credit, that defense does look like it is trying for turnovers at all times. That's a nice change. And, while we are at it, loved the aggressiveness from Austin on the blitz call that resulted in the Williams forced fumble and recovery late in the 4th. Guenther would have had them in a shell. 8. Big kicks from Bullock again, he has earned my trust. Wish he had a bigger leg, but nice to be able to count on him when they need him.9. NO sacks allowed by the offensive line. That's quite something, considering what everyone expected and feared heading into the game...Thrilled with this start to the season. Just huge. It was fun to watch the national narrative shift in real time last night...
  5. Week 2 - Ravens Talk

    NFL Network, I would imagine. It's the only game and it is national.
  6. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    Finally got a chance to sort through my thoughts:1. I am super not used to seeing the Bengals get down , keep getting down, playing from behind and winning - especially on the road. I am not sure how resiliency happens, but that was resilient yesterday and that's not something we usually get from a Marvin team, even the good ones. 2. Bullock earned a lot of rope from me with the kick to put them up four, I was sure he was going to miss that, the Colts got good pressure, but he got it away and it made a huge difference, keeping the Colts from simply needing to get in range at the end of the game.3. I wondered how much intel Hewitt gave the Colts which may have caused the passing game some problems. Felt to me like the Colts were in the right defensive sets for our looks way more than I would have expected - and I suspect it is one of the reasons we didn't see much from Boyd and Ross - since Andy does so much pre-snap reads - I suspect Indy did a good job pre-snap driving him away from those options and forcing him to the run game.4. Which leads me to...the run game. Nice to see it is indeed there. Mixon was decisive and looked the part of a #1 back. Giddyup. 5. I thought Redmond was more than adequate, even maybe good. Other than Price's dealing with his first real baptism and struggling in the first quarter (and then getting better), I was pretty pleased with four of the five spots. As for RT, I really think they need to address that now, in-house. I would rather see Fisher there than Hart, but maybe that's just me.6. Green, for as great as he truly is, has had some awful fumbles in his career, and more than just a handful. He has to make awareness and ball security a priority. That game turned early on his fumble. If he doesn't fumble there, the entire first half plays out differently.7. Helluva an effort from Dalton to save the initial pick-6. Massive play, as the game played out. As for Dalton, solid game, and I did like that he seemed to be trying to keep his eyes downfield a few times as the pocket broke down. Not always successful, but at least not the immediate tuck and run of last year.8. I guess I am still processing that the team actually made adjustments at halftime. Especially defensively. About time. Feels like a huge weight off the shoulders to be 1-0 right now. Especially since that appeared to be a vintage Andrew Luck. Beating a premier QB on the road is enormous. Onward.
  7. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    Dennard, DreK and William Jackson are a really strong defensive backfield. Weakness in coverage is relative. Soft spots are probably aiming at TE as usual.
  8. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    Him playing gimpy is just as problematic for the Colts. He has a hamstring issue and then has to deal with Lawson's speed off the edge or Dunlap's strength and speed? Good luck.
  9. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    Re: Billings, watch this from Peter King of all people:
  10. Week 1 - Colts Talk

    The Colts defensive backfield is wafer thin. Green, Boyd and Ross may be in line for huge games. I suspect they will be.
  11. Final Roster Discussion

    Look, there is really no offensive line help out there. There are a LOT of teams at least as needy as the Bengals or even moreso on line. There is precious little ready help coming from college nowadays. The Bengals managed to grab one of those in Price. As for Fisher and Ogbuehi, as god is my witness, if the Bengals had cut either or both of them, they would have been snatched up immediately by other teams. They are not great, but I think they are okay as back-ups. Hell, even Bodine has a job, and may even still be starting in this league. Line play is terrible.
  12. Final Roster Discussion

    Tate was not cut.
  13. Final Roster Discussion

    There’s nothing to indicate that Tate is cut other than Hobson speculation.
  14. Correct. They can do both when the time comes. Shula sometimes has to really reach to be a dick.
  15. Adam Schefter‏Verified account @AdamSchefter FollowingFollowing @AdamSchefter More Geno Atkins: 4-year extension for $65.3M, $25.5M in first year, per source. More than 50% contract($37.5M) paid in first 2 years. $16.3M yearly average is highest yearly average signed by a 30+ year old non-QB in NFL history.