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  1. 2018 season

    I mean, this all seems like really positive news with regard to Price: http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Price-cleared-but-continues-to-grind/e43bb138-1524-43d3-a71c-b04a665a8706
  2. 2018 season

    Billy Price has been cleared for all activities. He will be a full participant when camp opens.
  3. He's technically not hurt. He's not back yet from the most recent back surgery. Everyone had to know when they signed him that this was a part of it, not knowing if or when he would be cleared. There really isn't anything new here.
  4. It's an unnamed source because Rebecca spoke to the person and got those quotes - happens all the time. I am not dismissing it. It is WAY more positive chatter about Ogbuehi than we were hearing from similar unnamed sources the past few OTAs about him... He has physical gifts. If Pollack can actually give him coaching, he can be useful.
  5. Holy crap, how neat a trick would this be? https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/6/7/17434272/cedric-ogbuehi-making-big-strides-with-frank-pollacks-help-bengals-offensive-line I mean, really. Eff Paul Alexander of course, but IF Pollack can somehow salvage Ogbuehi and make him useful, that is the biggest LOL ever to what we had to endure with Alexander here as line coach. I know this will amuse Shula and TJ in any event...
  6. 2018 season

    I don't see an off-season thread, so will just bump this one. For what it's worth: For those of you on the Willis train looking for a step forward from a good rookie year (that's me on that train anyway) - he had a really interesting interview with Dehner that was played on the Bengals Beat Podcast. One part of it that should catch people's attention - he's up to 280 pounds now, after playing around 260 last year, and says based on the measurements in camp, he's lost no speed...Count me intrigued.
  7. Rd. 3 78&79

    Yes, he should. You don't begin to think about cutting someone with his speed. He gets every opportunity to make a difference. He was hurt last year, now is he not (at this point). He actually took reps yesterday in practice, something that apparently barely happened last year. He's not going anywhere. You cutting him to make room for Auden Tate and his 4.68 40?
  8. Rd. 3 78&79

    You're losing me TJ. Unless Hubbard somehow doesn't make this team out of camp, I don't get calling bust. And the 11th of 11 draft picks not making the team means he's busted? I mean, isn't the default setting for 7th round picks to NOT make the team (for pretty much all teams)? Put differently, there is NO way that all 11 picks makes the 53-man squad. Simply no way. Unless one of the cuts is to the guys taken in the first four rounds, not sure I get the premise of your thought when we are just now getting OTAs...
  9. Rd. 3 78&79

    Just because? he's a 3rd round pick, how much can he bust?
  10. Alexander arriving in Dallas:
  11. Everything about this article makes me giddy. So, so, SO glad Alexander is gone. To the extent I am able to muster optimism for 2018, it is rooted in Alexander being gone and Pollack arriving. Of all the things the Bengals did this off-season, leaping as quickly as they did to hire Pollack once the Cowboys weirdly let him go was their best thing. http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/May-grind-for-O-line/96c3f405-1f10-4449-a65e-ba52ee0b6ff8
  12. Mark Walton, RB - 4th Round

    Army, whether this is true or not, I can't say, but in the Locked on Bengals podcast Goodberry said the Cowboys drafted Williams with the aim of him playing guard, and that a lot of teams viewed him as a guard. So he wouldn't necessarily have been the answer at RT, maybe. I have no idea how the Bengals viewed him, but if they viewed him as a guard, it may explain why they passed on him 2. Dunno.
  13. The O-Line Roster

    I am just having to find my peace with Glenn and Price being enough of an upgrade on talent. And, don't get me wrong, those two are a HUGE improvement from where they were last year. But in a perfect world would have liked to have had one more legit talent drafted to fit into the puzzle on the right side. I do happen to think that their RG is in-house already in Westerman and/or Redmond (I am not a Hopkins as a starter fan), but RT remains a point of worry. I guess that's where trust in the new coach comes in. If Pollack is as good as I think he is, and if Fisher is truly healthy and was able to work out and bulk back up etc this off-season, perhaps we are set at RT without having had to address it. Or maybe the corpse of Hart's career can be revived. Or maybe Boling can kick out there and they back-fill RG. But that spot is a definitely one where a giant flashing question mark is the order of the day still. Fingers crossed that Pollack has enough to work with out there as on-field activities begin today.
  14. The O-Line Roster

    If they pass on the three centers in round 1, there is no guarantee one of them will be there when they pick in round 2. They need to get one of them in round 1. Unless McGlinchy falls to 21, that's my hope for what they do, one of the three centers. I would prefer Ragnow, and TJ, not sure where you are seeing that he is still limited? He went full in Arkansas' pro day? https://247sports.com/college/arkansas/Article/Pro-Day-Report-Arkansas-Razorbacks-center-Frank-Ragnow-safety-Josh-Liddell-shine-116718349