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  1. Dillon may be gone next season?

    I'm a little different than the rest of you. I wouldn't mind if they let Corey go. You can tell that he's not buying into Marvin's system and by the time comes when the Bengals are ready to make some legitimate shots at a Super Bowl ring, Dillon will be too old. If he's smart he will leave and get a ring somewhere before his time is up. When you're a running back and you start getting older your body can go out on you at any time. Just look at Curtis Martin this year. The Bengals would also benefit from a nice draft pick, and a little bit of money to sign more free agents. If we could get 4 starters for Dillon like we did for Spike's money, I'd say do it.
  2. 1-4 Going into the bye

    Good call Bengalboy, if Marvin would've taken the wind and the Bills scored on the first possession, everybody would be complaining about that. Unless you win, people are always going to criticize. Hell, we beat the Browns and people were still complaining.
  3. Nick Harris is out off here

    I was getting tired of those kicker screw ups like Rackers and Harris. I'm glad Marvin's cleaning house on the special teams. I just wish he would have kept Dugans around, he was a great special teams guy.
  4. Same old Bengals?

    Who would have thought after Marvin Lewis was selected to be the coach of our Bengals that we would be going into the bye week with a 1-4 record? Honestly, I did. I knew that this was going to be a rebuilding year, and it would take another one or two drafts and offseason of free agent signings before this team would be where it needed to be. The thing that upsets me the most is that they are playing as good as they are, if that makes any sense. If we would have beat the Raiders and Bills, which we physically beat in this early season, we would be sitting at 3-2. We would be 2-1 in the division, undefeated on the road, and on top of the AFC North. It would be an exciting bye week in Cincinnati, but then we would probably fall short of the playoffs or lose in the first round. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see the Bengals in the playoffs, but not this year. We're just not ready yet. Let's take this season to learn how to play as a team and post W's on the board, and then we can set our hopes high for 2004 and on. After all Marvin Lewis has done for the city, all I ever hear are radio personalities bashing him for the way he didn't use timeouts, or didn't change the quarterback, and so on. Palmer will be the starter next season, and will really give us a good shot (hopefully). Could you imagine the way the team's been playing now with a quarterback who doesn't make costly mistakes in the red zone. Well, I'm babbling on, I just wanted to see if anybody else feels this way.