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    I go to Troy University in Alabama. And i love bengal football... WHODEY!!!!!!!!!!!
  1. Ravens @ Bengals pregame chatter

    We just HAVE to play together,.. We can do it,.. We can't make dumb mistakes,.. And boom, we win, we're in... I have a scary feeling we're shoot ourselves we just have to OVERCOME http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CFLXxqoapPY&ob=av2e
  2. When the Bengals make the playoffs...

    Lol Merry Christmas!
  3. Dalton issues

    The guy from miami runs so high,.. Its crazy,.. I htink he could be a frank gore or he could be a freakin bust... Dont know what to think of him
  4. how cedric benson gonna do tomorrow?

    Benson should do well, hillis did great... So yeah i can see those numbers... But we need to have a complete game,.. We need to corral Skelton and hold fitz to a reasonable game...
  5. News for upcoming games

    This season has been so highs and lows,.. And a literal last second loss is the equivalent of down. I think if he gets the chance, he'll make it the most important kick of his career... And so even though hes not that good, he'll make it... He can make kicks,.. He just didn't seem like he cared... Buuut with that being said, the unbelievably high highs of this year would make him miss,.. But we gotta beat the cards first... Lol
  6. News for upcoming games

    If shank beats us on a last second FG... I'll be so mad,.. And with the way this season has gone,.. It wouldn't surprise me... lol
  7. Arizona @ Cincinnati Pregame Chatter

    Chris Berman is...terrible. Retire already. C'mon man,.. He's my favorite!! How do you not like him!!! He loves football and sports all togeter! He teared up when talking about sanfran regaining prominence,.. He really is great IMO,.. but I guess everyones entitled to their own,..
  8. Roster moves

    The white DT we got had a nice TFL Sunday,.. He seems pretty good,.. Hopefully he keeps it up!!!
  9. Play-Off positions

    Which I'm totally fine with,.. Of course it'd be a crazy environment,.. 1st playoff appearance?!!? but still... rookie qb,.. I know he beat us but we'll be pissed

    F*ck dude
  11. Carson Palmer Thread

    I am so joyous right now i cant explain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Bills @ Bengals Game Thread

  13. Bills @ Bengals Game Thread

    Offense get a good drive and a td here,.. And we can get this!!!!!!!
  14. Bengals at Denver Game Thread (9/17/11)

    I think andy has played great! Like very well.... honestly