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  1. Rey Maualuga Starts week 1

    I think this has a lot to do with Jeanty's abilities on special teams. Gotta keep him fresh. From scrimmige they both have limitations but Rey has the bigger upside. No problem at all with this move.
  2. Who do you hope the Bengals take?

    If they take A Smith and he turns into a fine RT for 10 years, I could live with it. The cap dictates that you pay the kind of money they'll pay #6 to a LT but you take what you get. I've just heard a number of places that he really grades as a guard and that would not be good . . . even if he's a good guard his pay will throw the cap out of wack. This is what makes me uncomfortable. That being said it's not my decision. Last year there were a few players on the board other than Rivers they could have taken but they went with what most concidered the sure thing. I agree with that stance concidering the money they'll be shelling out at #6.
  3. Who do you hope the Bengals take?

    Most if not all reports say that A Smith is a RT or a OG in the league. RT concerns me at #6, but a guard at 6 would be disasterous. I like Maluaga's wreckless attitude . . . a balance to River's approach. I liken it a bit to the Spikes/Simmons combo. That said I feel there are parts of every player's game that will discount them. I'm trying to match with what we already have. As far as the other players "assigned" to us by the pundits, we need production at 6 more than anything else. If they get a guy who they feel confident will play hard every down then I will be happy. This team doesn't have room for any more projects IMHO.
  4. Who do you hope the Bengals take?

    If the top two OT's are gone then I would like to see Raji or Maluaga. Either of these two would bring a mean streak I'd like to see on that side of the ball. A Smith has too many on-the-field question marks for me. Give me someone productive over a headcase any day.
  5. Funniest part is they have AS listed as a RB!
  6. "Do what you got to do"

    All I know is I'm turning down the spending. Unlimited resourses I don't possess. As my wife so eloquetly put it late in the game, "your medication (rooting for the Bengals) doesn't seem to be giving you much pleasure right now." She was spot-on in her analysis. Time to make some changes.
  7. Cornerbacks

    I'm only sayin' that we felt they should easily handle a rookie qb and felt that was a major advantage heading into the game. Flacco didn't win the game for them, but he didn't lose it either. Also Flacco will not be mistaken for Randal Cunningham anytime soon (although many have disparaged our troops for not pursuing harder than they did - me included, I believe Flacco is a bit faster than they were led to believe). No Collins can't run. But he can pick apart a defense if left unmolested in the pocket. Based on our passrush last week let's say I'm not confident.
  8. Cornerbacks

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you insert Flacco's name, isn't that how we all felt exactly one week ago?
  9. "Do what you got to do"

    Ya'll can FU Marvin all you want, but the only response is with a decrease in the amount of $ spent. That 's the only currency that Mike Brown understands and he's the one who ultimatly makes the decisions down there. I'm a season ticket holder and will be in attendance on Sunday. Haven't decided if I'm wearing my colors for the game (and no, I won't be in lite blue). What I do know is my usual trip to the proshop before the game will not happen. I may buy a bottle of water, but plan on eating before the game. In other words I'm holding back my currency until I see effort on the field. Last Sunday was abismal on many levels. However the effort put forth reminded me too much of the effort throughout the 90s. I can't and won't supprt that with my $$. I can be just as much a fan sitting on my couch on Sunday afternoon.
  10. Holy Crap It's Official

    I agree COB. This is all about "look at me!" CTV lives . . . or should I say COCTV?
  11. Holy Crap It's Official

    The name is legally changed and he wants to use it. I doubt they have much choice. The CTV reality series rolls on!
  12. Jeremi to IR

    I agree Hoosier. We'll move on without him. I suspect we'll see more of Kelly or Utecht in the backfield as a lead blocker/pass catching threat then we will see of Coats lining up to hit the backer in the hole.
  13. I have 2 give the Bengals credit

    I'm not so sure I agree. The cuts this weekend had a lot to do with changing the leadership roles in the lockeroom. To lead you must be present and neither Rudi nor Willie were present much last year. I think they had both become distractions that weren't producing at a level that much better than their competition . . . ie Chad is a distraction (maybe the ultimate distraction) but he produces at a high level. I believe Marvin wants the leadership mix to change to Palmer / Hoosh / Witworth / Peko / Rivers and this was the way to do it.
  14. Bengals Or Ravens???

    Focus will be the key. Bengals 23 - Ravens 13
  15. Bengals worked out Eugene Wilson

    Wilson is primarily a safety and they're fine there. I look for a corner to be signed after the first game and Castille added to the PS.