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  1. Bengals 2016

    Congrats buddy!
  2. Possible trip stateside

    hey hey Scottishbengal, what happens state side stays state side remember. I'm definitely looking forward to my first Paul Brown experience so I'll keep an eye out for you folks plans and hopefully make a reunion work. Cheers!
  3. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Army I've been trying to get a read on "my gut" for a few days and while this flu bug running through the team scares me, I'm all over your 10 pt prediction brother! WHO DEY!
  4. Browns @ Bengals Game Thread

    WhoDey Scottishbengal WhoDey! Enjoy some Brown stain squash brother!
  5. Bengals @ Jaguars Pregame Chatter/Game Thread

    Army I can attest first hand that this particular Scottish lad abuses alcohol and I loved every minute of it lol! You Scots have some strange traditions ... How did I miss that ?? So is the "cheesy" a reference to the smell after a hard days work or is this a Cheese Whiz type thing ?? Either way, this would have to be considered alcohol abuse !!!
  6. 2012 Schedule

    Hey buddy, are you having a pint waiting for the fixture dates?
  7. Updated RB Thread: Bengals Sign Law Firm

    well that's a shame as Stewart(1a) seemed like a perfect back for our system although Bush(1b) is right there from my perspective as the Lawfirm seems like a non fumbling version of Benson. Color me all in on the Bush bandwagon. I believe he's still in Cincy, lock him up!
  8. La Canfora tweets that RB Mike Tolbert agrees to 4yr deal with Panthers. Would RB Jonathon Stewart be a better back for us than Bush depending on what Carolina wants in return, possibly a 3rd might do it as he's in the last year of his contract? Did anyone hear our newly signed offensive guard Travelle Wharton on Sirius this morning, IMO he sounded grounded and focused stating that he can't wait to get in and get at it and feels like he's way behind...just what I like to hear! Coupled with the addition by subtraction loss of Nate Livings and the signing of Reggie, things are starting to look up around Bengalville! WHO DEY!
  9. Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

    Wow Gaz I live in Saskatchewan, Canada and started cheering for the Bengals the same year as you did and have hung in there ever since even though we've had our share of reasons to jump ship, especially as the lone Bengal boosters in our regions but it shows staying power and character like our team did yesterday against the Titans! You must try to join ScottishBengal and myself for the reunion tour in Cincy next year, I've never been to a game at Paul Brown and can't wait but meeting SB in Minny for a Bengal match a couple years ago was memorable (at least the parts I can remember). I found our Bengal brothers and sisters that travelled there to be awesome and it was like meeting family for the first time at the tailgate, I can't imagine what it will be like in Cincy. SB will make the game call and I will be there and you should too! A.J., the Red Riffle, Dunlap, Aitkins, the Carson draft booty etc. all things Bengal are fully headed in the right direction. Now if we can stay focussed and take care of business in our division, things couldn't be better and I never would have imagined it.
  10. Pittsburgh @ Cincinnati

    Congrats to you folks on a live match over the pond! Practice up on that beer drinking SB 'cause our reunion is only a year away now brother...maybe we won't lose each other after one heavy night in the pub this time, you pick the game in Cincy and give moe the word but I'd prefer a division battle! Whodey! Don
  11. Free Agents

    Michael Huff #11 but Weddle #6 ?.............I like Weddle (Prisco ranked #6) but if I had a choice? No question I would go with Huff. While they are both good tacklers and good in coverage (with Huff getting just a little more INT's) the big advantage is what you saw Oakland do with him last year. They sent him after the QB more on a Safety Blitz which resulted in 4 Sacks (which would have been good for 2nd best on the Bengals last year behind Dunlap).....I'd like to see what Zimmer could do with Huff (Especially with solid cover guys like Hall & JJoe)......Good Tackler, Good in Coverage, good at getting to QB, just a very solid all around Safety who's best years are ahead of him. Dig the Sig careful what you wish for... http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2011/06/28/watching-michael-huff-in-practice-made-warren-sapp-want-to-vomit/
  12. 1st Round Pre-Pick Thread

    my 2 cents, 1. If Dareus somehow / some way slipped to 4 take him no question. 2. Trade down. 3. A.J. 4. I wouldn't cry if we took Gabbert and moved on. 5. Peterson (ok), or Fairley (big fatty risk imho). Please lord shine down on us down trodden Bengal soles today!
  13. Von Miller

    I find myself unable to make any serious criticism of Miller and consider him to be the player who has risen fastest and highest of all of the prospects in this draft. But after months of trying I still find myself unable to make the proper fit with Miller and the Bengals. Nutshelled, I see an outstanding 3-4 prospect. FWIW, Von Miller sill isn't on my short list. In fact, if given the choice between Von Miller and Robert Quinn I'd take Quinn in a heartbeat. just curious Hair, would you take Quinn over Julio at Dallas's pick if a trade down were to occur?
  14. Von Miller

    The main reason I give the edge to the WR is that it enables us to both unload Chad and get an extra pick next year (or box of tape), and to me that's an offseason priority, albeit a year late.