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  1. A kick to the jock....

    Pathetic! Protect yourself just in case. Wow. Wow. Wow. Ain't coming back to this bad energy place for Bengal fans waiting for something to go wrong. See you at the Superbowl. You can hop on the train then.
  2. bengal zone can kiss the baby!

  3. Have a great season! Really enjoyed myself on this forum. Sounds like you guys are just having a blast being dazed and confused by the Bengals being 4-1. Easily this has been the absolute worst experience ever as a Bengal fan. I could vomit. Exacta
  4. Bears, at Pitt and at Minn, SD are 4 games we can lose. I think the others right now we match up terrific against. Still can get 1 or 2 of those first 4. This has the feel of a 11-5 or better team.
  5. You are playing devils advocate with yourself.
  6. St Louis Cut

    Wow. What is going to happen to bradstlouis.com ? I hope this guy can handle this blow. I have a strange feeling on this one.
  7. Do your research. Wait a bit. I know how you operate TJ. Make sure you can impress your buddies here. Go through my posts. Keep going. And begin...
  8. Anyone have a noose?

    Trust me, no Troll here amigos.
  9. Anyone have a noose?

    Lol. I did not say anything. I am taking something from a quatraint written by Nostradamus.
  10. Anyone have a noose?

    TJ the only troll is your boy Laverneus "Non Factor" Coles. Don't be sick because the man you call Cheech has chonged the Ravens secondary.
  11. And yes the only any team has beaten us so far in 2009 is by a miracle. FACT. One loss. One loss was by a Miracle, thus the only way the Bengals have lost is by a miracle. Therefore Houston will need a miracle to beat us. Fact.
  12. Do you even understand the differences between the following two sentences? 1) Still it literally will take a "Miracle" to beat us as the undefeated broncos can tell you. 2) Still I believe it literally will take a "Miracle" to beat us as the undefeated broncos can tell you. Some help One is statement of guarentee One is a statement of opinion here's another 1) Sunday will be a blow out. 2) I believe that Sunday will be a blowout. Got it yet? Do you even understand the differences between the following two sentences? You mean to say don't you under stand the DIFFERENCE. NOT DIFFERENCES TJ JACKSONS? STOP ADDING "S" and start learning football you waste your time trying to correct people and find when they are wrong after the fact. I grant you the troll of Monday Morning Qb's. Have you ever made an accurate prediction regarding the Bengals? You just sit and wait to rip on them. I guarantee when and if we go to the superbowl you will be saying Let's see what happens blah blah. You are the Official Bengals Buzz Kill of the 2009 Season. Living in the past bro. it is 2009.
  13. That was Carson's 4th game since being out for a long time. Some of our key players were really banged up and the Browns had Derek giving them false hope like Rex Ryan and the Jets the first few weeks. Also there were many mistakes and lucky plays that went against us. Still it literally will take a "Miracle" to beat us as the undefeated broncos can tell you. With Benson getting the blocking and running game the way it is complemented by yes the passing game with Ocho and Henry giving defenders fits and Caldwell getting open never mind our solid defense, we now have our strategy to move ahead. 5 games to get this well oiled machine together. Sunday will be a blow out.
  14. Everyone has got there own style. I see that plenty of you predicted the Bengals record as evident by all the posts people are pulling out from pre-season. I came on here guaranteed Henry would emerge and Coles would be a non factor. NO doubt in my mind we were going to beat Baltimore on the road. Yes i was off with the stats but you get the idea. I do believe the Bengals have the stuff to have a great chance to make the superbowl. Is it early? Yes. I have I ever thought this in the last 10-15 years watching the Bengals? Never. This team has what it takes. They have the balance you just do not see often in the NFL. You guys can rip me apart if the Bengals are not 6-2 after 8 games. Houston has some nice weapons no doubt, but they do not match up well against us.