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  1. Andre Smith's (on-field) fate decided

    I think Andre is capable of playing either side at a very high level and while Whitworth is slotted at LT right now, I think AC is really the future over there. Ive said for a long time that Whit is an All Pro caliber G and a capable LT but I really do believe AC could be better than him in that position. Andre will be able to really show his run blocking at right and I dont think this move will be a problem at all. Also, changing spots along the offensive line(with the exception of center) should not even be compared to the switch the team wanted Pollack to make in the sense that it is not nearly as difficult. Not even in the same ballpark really.
  2. Henry Focused, Ready for Season

    If he can return to form and continue to develop he could be one of the best WRs in the league. I used to say he was the most physically talented receiver on our team even with Chad and TJ playing. That honor may now go to Jerome, but he still has a ton of potential and hopefully he can begin to realize some of that.
  3. Big Willie Calls It a Career

    Willie is probably my favorite Bengal and I am happy to see him finally hang it up on his terms. Great career, one of the best this organization has ever had, and a borderline HOFer. I really think the Bengals should consider retiring number 71 in his honor.
  4. Reds Pitching Statistics Update

    Great series for the Redlegs. They really took it to a great team.
  5. Offseason additions

    Yea, I totally forgot about Leonard but I disagree that Roy will start over Chinny. Least I hope he doesn't.
  6. Offseason additions

    This is my take on the off-season acquisitions in regards to the depth chart: QB- Carson Palmer, JT O'Sullivan RB- Cedric Benson, Kenny Watson, Bernard Scott, FB- Jeremi Johnson, Chris Pressley WR- Chad Ochocinco, Laveraeus Coles, Chris Henry, Jerome Simpson, Andre Caldwell LT- Anthony Collins, Andre Smith, Andrew Whitworth LG- Andrew Whitworth, Nate Livings, Dan Santucci OC- Kyle Cook, Jonathan Luigs, Dan Santucci RG- Bobbie Williams, Scott Kooistra, Dan Santucci RT- Andre Smith, Anthony Collins, Dennis Roland DE- Antwan Odom, Frostee Rucker, Johnathan Fanene DT- Domata Peko, Tank Johnson DT- Pat Sims, Jason Shirley DE- Robert Geathers, Micheal Johnson, Johnathan Fanene WLB- Keith Rivers, Brandon Johnson MLB- Dhani Jones, Rey Maualuga SLB- Rey Maualuga, Reshad Jeanty CB- Johnathan Joseph, Morgan Trent SS- Chinedum Ndukwe, Roy Williams FS- Chris Crocker, Marvin White CB- Leon Hall, David Jones
  7. Bengals Make Trade: Orien Harris for Brian Leonard

    Well I will start off by saying that I am higher on Scott than most. I feel as though he will be able to be an excellent backup to Ceddie and I also feel as though he could end up being our starting RB for years to come. Seriously, as long as this dude ends up not getting in trouble, I feel as though he can be a starting RB in the NFL. As far as this trade is concerned, I feel as though we won on all fronts. Even f Leonard ends up being damaged goods(which he probably is), I feel like this is a great chance for us to take. Essentially, we give up a DT who was probably a fringe roster-maker and we get in return a guy who can be an excellent weapon for our offense. Even if he doesn't end up panning out, I love the risk associated with this because I feel like the guy is WAY above what we paid for him.
  8. Who would you rather have??

    You know, know that I really have had a chance to sit down and think about it, I'm actually quite happy with the Coles acquisition. I love TJ as much as anyone but we did offer the man a great deal more than I would have ever imagined. TJ opted to go with a "better team", but I think we actually made off better as far as personnel is concerned because I never ever thought that TJ was so good that he couldnt be replaced at a much lower price. I was surprised at the offer we made to him and it is obvious he was intent on getting out of here. I wish him all the best but at the same time I understand that we might be better off without him for a lot less money with Coles. He may actually end up being a better second option than TJ would have been. Only time will tell but given the situation, I am actually happy with this whole thing.
  9. How quickly we forget....

    you know I actually gave up my seat to that game. It wasn't for any normal reason(For a season ticket holder at least) I was actually not feeling well that day and decided to give my ticket up because of it. I still regret it to this day but I got to watch every minute of it so it wasn't too bad. Wish I woulda went though.
  10. Reds Pitching Statistics Update

    Of course as soon as I compliment the pitching we get shelled.
  11. Bengals cut Levi Jones

    Can't say I'm surprised by this as he has just not been the same player the last couple of years. I think they are really confident in what they have and with pretty good reason. I wish him all the best as he was one of my favorite players for a time.
  12. Hello There

    Well I will say that I once played in College but nowhere big.
  13. Hello There

    Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself. Been reading these forums for the past few days and decided to join. I am a regular poster on Scott Wright's Draft Countdown and one of the few Bengals fans over there so I felt like I needed to be able to discuss with more of my own kind. Lifelong Bengals and Reds fan and I hope to contribute to this board as much as possible. Already received a wonderful welcome from ArmyBengal and I look forward to finally becoming a member here. Long overdue!! Also, I would like to encourage all of you to join in on Scott Wright's Draft Countdown(hope that's ok?) as we are in desperate need of every Bengal fan we can get. Thanks again!
  14. The Michael Johnson Piece on .com...

    Like this guy: I think this is going to be amazing for us as far as Rey Maualuga is concerned. He's gonna be ready to bust some heads and its sure gonna be fun to watch us do that for a change.
  15. Reds Pitching Statistics Update

    If this team starts to hit the baseball like I think they can, WATCH OUT. The pitching is going to be there for the most part and we just need to capitalize on that. We may not have that powerful offense like we have had in the past but I think we have plenty of guys that can hit the baseball well. GO REDLEGS!