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  1. I personally like benson. I am not ready to put him in the hall of fame, but I think he would do nice behind a good O line. I would offer him a nice (not break the bank) 3 year contract. I really do believe that behind a better line he will turn out to be a great pick up given time.
  2. hello all

    thx guys, its off to do the christmas shopping today, so I can go to the game tomorrow. Ill catch up later tonight, again thx for the kind words
  3. hello all

    hey. I am new to the board. I was banned from go-bengals.com after 3 years of posting because I called out the owner. I met him on several occassions and he always treated me with disrespect when I would post. It got old. He banned me after I responded to one of his post, I spent about an hour on my response. He deleted it after it was up for 5 minutes, sent me a degrading email and suspended my account. I hope this site is truely a fan friendly place. So any way I hope this board is better, free to discussion, even if its venting, or negative, and/or positive, etc. It seems that many boards out there have turned so polarized that real discussion has died. Any way I am here to stay, (i hope) -) I hope to have some great discussions in the future. hello all.