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  1. Nobody wants to play for the Browns

    What they said has pretty much been true about the Bengals since as long as I can remember. I suspect it has been true for the most part about the Browns for quite some time too.
  2. Expectations for the Packers Game

    I dunno... "Solly" knows the Bengals as good or better than any of the national sportswriters. I have always found him to be pretty objective when it comes to the Bengals too.
  3. Expectations for the Packers Game

    I actually expect the Bengals to come in and give the Packers a good game. They may not win it, but Lambeau in September is not exactly the "frozen tundra." Oline of course is the scary thing here. One guy is still questionable and the Bengals oline backups are practice squad bad. Maybe Brat will adjust his gameplan. Bwhahaha yeah right.
  4. Geoff Hobson Critical of Bengals?

    "Geoff Hobson?... Jim Lippypoo, Cincinnati Bengals. We're putting you on waivers."
  5. Nine Point Dogs

    9 points is a lot of spread to cover. And it isn't like it is Lambeau Field in December. I see this as a trap game for Green Bay.
  6. Agreed. Plus they just saw it last week. They will see it a lot this season, even more than usual.
  7. Prediction

    Agreed. With the understanding that this is the way I think it will play out: Denver L Green Bay L Steelers L Browns W Ravens L Texans W Bears W Ravens L Steelers L Raiders W Browns W Lions W Vikings L Chargers L Chiefs L Jets L If they somehow went on a winning streak at the end of the season, they might sneak into the playoffs. But my guess is JTO will be QB by that point so I see the latter half of the season as more of an afterthought. It doesn't look like there will be any "dead cat bounce" this season though. The Jets and Chargers will be fighting for wild card spots I suspect. Maybe they beat the Chiefs...that would get them to 7-9. Its "improved" from 4-11-1, sure. For all that gets them. Rooting for a Mike Brown run team makes me wish the NFL was setup more like English Football Leagues(soccer). If you are a team that excels, then your team gets bumped up to the next higher league. If you are a team that sucks badly enough, you get bumped to the next lower league. Cincinnati Bengals vs. Northern Kentucky University might finally rattle a cage or two in the corner office at PBS. Dare to dream.
  8. the next Bengals head coach has to be...

    Brian Kelly gets my vote too. If they hired him as head coach, I would go from intentionally not spending a dime on anything even remotely Bengals related...to instant season ticket holding fanboy. He would never coach here though. Not for all the Luminas in China.
  9. Does anyone think the season isn't over?

    I think it could be debated with strong points on either side as to whether or not the Bengals really had any viable options this offseason to improve their oline. Some say there are steps that could have been taken that were not, others say the Bengals did the best they could with the options they had. But one thing that cannot possibly be debated by anyone even halway paying attention, is that this line is a bad one and it will most likely be the "anvil that breaks the camels back" for the Bengals this season. Its a shame too. Because if they had a decent oline and their defense continues to look solid, my prediction would have been playoffs instead of 6-10.
  10. Does anyone think the season isn't over?

    No, but the majority of those who voted here, predicted 9-7 or better. Many here also assured us that the oline was "solid." And in all fairness, the oline starters seemed to do pretty well I thought, with Collins as the weakest link. But every time one of the backups were subbed in, that was usually the guy getting burned on the slow-mo replay. I called 6-10 and I stand by that. But it is curious how many people here are over-reacting to bad luck on one play for one game. The same ones that 2 weeks ago were like "don't be so negative," are now certain that "the sky is falling." The sky is not falling. This is the same franchise it was 2 weeks ago. The sky fell long ago.
  11. Why does Marvin treat Dave Lap. like s**t?

    Marvin tends to be pretty hard on the local press in general. But I agree, if there was a local press guy to be nice to, I would think it'd be Lapham. The guy bleeds orange and black.
  12. lol I stand by both of those statements. try harder, FlamingHair.
  13. Hard knocks

    Last night while watching Hard Knocks with Mrs. Groundhog Day, who is not a football fan: Mrs: Is that Chad Johnson? Mr: Chad "Ochocinco", yeah that's him. Mrs: He thinks he has a lot of jokes, doesn't he? Mr: Yep. Mrs: He doesn't. Mr. lol, nope.
  14. Its funny to me how you interpret things: -I say, "when Mike Brown dies, I will throw a party." You interpret this as "I pray that Mike Brown dies." -I say, "Carson Palmer and Andre Smith will get injured." You interpret this as "I want Palmer and Smith to get injured." The list of what you mis-interpret goes on for miles. The not-so-funny funny part about it all, is as one after another of my predictions come true, watching you get angrier and more desperate to silence me here. Its sad really. Of course, many times it is unclear as to whether you are rooting for The Bengals, or for Mike Brown's financial portfolio. So I'm not really sure whether you even consider yourself a Bengals fan, or if you are more of a "Brown" fan.
  15. Finally Another Owner Confirms Mike Brown's Laziness

    I don't think it is laziness. Mike Brown does not strike me as a lazy person. Driven, stubborn, family oriented, sure. But lazy? I just don't see it. I think Mike Brown gets exactly what he pays for.