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  1. Fantasy Football

    The Shillelaghs will be back as well, looking to improve on last year's 2nd place.
  2. New Year's Mock Draft

    no. no more Strong Safeties. we have enough big hitters who can't cover. we need at least one natural pass defender at Safety.
  3. Mike Singletary fired in 'Frisco

    he got into (another) shouting match with one of his players.
  4. Shut out of the Pro Bowl

    no one on this team deserved it. Dunlap and Gresham might make an All-Rookie team.

    big congrats to Desperate Derelict. I just couldn't keep up with his offensive juggernaut (128pts per game). still i feel reasonably happy after my first season of FF, and look forward to taking the crown next year
  6. Mike Singletary fired in 'Frisco

    i think his D was overrated. passing defence was shoddy, and the rushing defence was decent only because of Patrick Willis. i'd quite like him as a linebackers coach. he could do great things with MJ, Reyrey, and Rivers.
  7. Bengals-Chargers Gameday Thread

    A post Christmas wet one! I've had worse. GO BENGALS! Absolutely. I'll take back to back wins anyday! Definitely. guys... we beat the Chargers on a side note, i'd take a few of your Holiday Hotties as well...
  8. Bengals-Chargers Gameday Thread

    A post Christmas wet one! I've had worse. GO BENGALS!
  9. Bengals-Chargers Gameday Thread

    woah, just fired up atdhe.net, and my Bungles are winning against SD? what is this dream i'm in?

    Looks like we're headed for an all-Gaelic final!

    I do. they're pretty much the only reason i frequent this website, apart from the Boobiemeister's threads, and to occasionally commiserate with you guys about the state of the Bengals.

    I'm feeling quite nervous about this one.
  13. Would the Bengals take Luck?

    I don't think we have that much work to do, honestly. Defense is (theoretically) pretty good apart from the safety position. Offense is OK right now at TE, RB, and part of the WR corps. we need a starting interior lineman, a QB, and a (new) impact WR, and the Offense should be pretty much settled.
  14. Bengals LIVE on UK television

    To quote a slightly updated sketch: Marvin: "Same procedure as last week, Mister Brown?" SoP: "Same procedure as every week, Marvin!"
  15. And now for something completely the same...

    definitely caused by his weight. seriously, why can't we force this guy to be like 330lb or less? it's not like he'd have to stop eating...