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  1. Fantasy Football 2019

    Anyone planning on running a FFL for 2019? If so, I'm in.
  2. 2018 Bengalzone Premier League

    I got the renewal-I'm in! September 1st works for me also.
  3. Can someone update the Fantasy Football site? We're only a week away from training camp and I'm starting to get that draft itch for the upcoming year. Thanks, the Bouncing TaTa's
  4. He's back!

    Let's hope the 3 game suspension and the 500k loss in revenue causes Tigger to loose some of his bounce! The team should get a bounce out of having him on the field!
  5. Fantasy Football 2016

    Still have room for a former champion? The Bouncing TaTa's
  6. FF for the 2014 season

    Can you send me an email, I didn't get mine for some reason....I won last season too, The Bouncing Tata's johnswahoo@yahoo.com
  7. FF for the 2014 season

    Anybody running the FFL this season?
  8. FF for the 2014 season

    The Tata's are very happy....however, it was the only team that even sniffed the playoffs for me this season....so I'll take the accolades!...Now if we can beat the Colts on Sunday, that is all I care about!
  9. Chargers @ Bengals Wild Card Thread

    Dalton would have been better off telling the defense that they were going to throw it to them. Dalton is terrible. He just said, Dalton's critics won't allow him to forget this one. Damn, the entire city won't allow him to forget this...losing today's game should cost someone's job. On the bright side, at least it wasn't the Steelers doing this to us.
  10. Chargers @ Bengals Wild Card Thread

    They are applying so much pressure that Dalton can't handle it. Hence, he tossed the ball into the defenders hands...if they score a TD here it will be over.
  11. Chargers @ Bengals Wild Card Thread

    In reality it is Woodhead...he has been running like a freight train up the middle against the defense.
  12. Premier League Sign-ups ready to go!

    The Bouncing TaTa's are back and we are going to win it this season!
  13. Fantasy Football

    I just tried to log in but it says league not available---------never mind, should have read more on page one!
  14. Bad feeling about this upcoming season

    There is reason for Doom and Gloom. While there is a cap on the amount a team can spend, just like in previous seasons, the floor that was negotiated in the CBA does not take effect until 2013. So teams like Oakland, Buffalo and the Bengals do not need to spend the 90% necessary. I expect some of these teams, including the Bengals, to try and save as much money as possible during the next two years. They will go through a very trying season this year, rely on Dalton and Gang to rally the fan base in 2012 and then put forth a marketing campaign in 2013 with new FA and this new team that is going to compete for AFC North Title. This has been played out too many times in Cincinnati. The NFL needs to step in and do something right now. Or better yet, fans should cancel their season tickets until 2013! The rally cry should be, we'll spend when you spend!
  15. Carson Palmer Thread

    Maybe it's me or maybe its the signing of Joseph by Houston that has brought me to this thought, but I think Carson is being made an example of because Mike Brown knows there are more dissenters who might be planning on asking for a trade. If he gives in to Carson, then others will think Brown will trade them if they cry hard enough. Brown knows these guys can't just go out and not play because they will lose money in FA, so they must perform. Hate to say it, they are slaves to the contract they signed. Personally, if I were a player I would demand a trade clause or an opt out that allows for me to leave a team if management hasn't lived up to the bargin of the contract, meaning yes I'll sign and play for this team provided that you are putting on the field the best possible team to win. If for some reason this is violated I could demand a trade or be eligible for FA at the conclusion of the season. If that were to happen, some teams might begin to try and become more competative. Mike Brown is a smart business man, but running a football team and making sure they become contenders year in and year out, he is not. I guess the question to that type of thought is, does an owner have an obligation to the players they hire to put a product on the field to be competative?