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    lol alright ill see what i can do...im getting sick, so ill get to it as soon as i can.

    no problem

    Alright I got it done, there are a few variations of it tho. Just take whichever you like the best.
  4. Madden 09 Talk

    Yep, the Vikes have a beastly running game. I improved my record from 15-31 to 33-37 using the BOLTS. LT n Mr.Gates all the way baby!!! Yeah it seems like everyone I play lately is using the chargers.
  5. Favorite Guitarists

    another I forgot is Matt Rach. He is no big name or anything but he is on youtube. He is like 17 or so, but he is awesome.
  6. Favorite Guitarists

    Buckethead? He can do the retro thing, which I can dig, but I still wouldn't rank him this high. I was randomly throwing them out as they came to me. Like i said "in no certain order" but he can rip it with the best of em. Guitar One voted him number 8 on a list of the "Top 10 Greatest Guitar Shredders of All Time"

    If I have some free time tomorrow i'll try and cook somethin up for ya.
  8. Madden 09 Talk

    I play with the Vikings....there rushing attack is just beastly...especially the way i run it Just played a friend of mines brother and rushed for 205 yards on 30 carries. My overall record including league games is 8-3.
  9. Favorite Guitarists

    In no certain order...just all badass guitar players. But in my opinion Satriani is the best cause he is not only great technically but he is also knows tons of music theory. its just amazing to hear him explain how to play some of things he plays. He knows his stuff. Joe Satriani Kirk Hammett Jason Becker - If you don't know about him, check him out on Youtube Alex Lifeson Yngwie Malmstien Steve Vai Eddie Van Halen John Petrucci Buckethead Prince Slash Randy Rhodes Jimi Hendrix Carlos Santana Some newer Guitarists I like are Mark Tremonti - Creed/ Alter Bridge Mike Mushok - Staind, used to be in a shred metal band before staind. I've heard him solo in concert and he was pretty damn good. Synyster Gates - Avenged Sevenfold
  10. Official Titans @ Bengals Game Thread.

    anyone else not getting a picture?...I just have audio.
  11. Which Brand do u prefer?

    Some new games were shown today in Leipzig, Germany at the Leipzig Games Convention they have every year. And there was a couple games I wanted to show you guys, to show the PS3's amazing tech in these games. EyePet - Yeah it's aimed more towards kids, but the tech behind it is awesome, imagine this tech in something a bit more serious. That game uses this tech that was show about a year ago from Sony's R&D department....Pretty Awesome. Heavy Rain - Origami Killer
  12. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    De De dorsey is in......and a Nice catch by Utecht
  13. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    wow a laser by Fitz!!!!! TD to Glenn Holt
  14. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    Very nice scramble by Fitzpatrick, picks up the first down and then some
  15. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    damn Utecht just dropped a pass wide open....but its nice having a TE wide open to throw to lol
  16. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    Kenny Watson is looking good, busting some good runs
  17. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    Yes it is...Former Bengal
  18. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    Blackstock Sack!! Detroit Misses FG
  19. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    Marvin White just had an INT go right through his hands
  20. Sunday night game, Bengals v Lions

    damn....FG blocked
  21. Which Brand do u prefer?

    lol i think its time to upgrade
  22. Is it just me ?

    wow yup anything to do with NFL football wont let you send it....lol totally agree espn as a whole is a joke!
  23. Which Brand do u prefer?

    Yeah that was true for the first couple years, but thats not the case anymore. Its Cheaper now $399 for 80GB. Those first years devs were just figuring out how the system works, it much more advanced than the 360. They had to learn a different way of programming then they were used to. They PS3 has 8 processors, 7 of them are for gaming. Devs were trying to cram as much as they could on one processor and that is why games didnt run very well. Most companies are using the PS3 as the main development platform now as before it was the 360, one of the big ones is EA. I saw an interview the other day with one of the Madden developers and they said "the PS3 version is identical to the 360 version." They also said "the dev team prefers to play on PS3 this year." (ill try and find that video before i go to work) BTW I have GTAIV on PS3 and it plays perfect. Watch this they explain it well. Here is some developers that have a better handle on things. http://playstationlifestyle.net/2008/08/07...hots/#more-1667 Yes you fight things that big! BTW my PSN ID is sourskittles
  24. Photoshop

    Yeah I do, I have CS3 Extended.
  25. Jeff Dunham clips

    There is another one I can't find, where Achmed's Arm falls off and Jeff forgets part of the act but ends up being really funny. Ill post it if i find it.