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  1. Bengals-Steelers Game Thread

    nice hit by reggie myles
  2. Bengals-Steelers Game Thread

    good job on special teams... kyle larson needs to get some more hang time on the punts though
  3. Bengals-Steelers Game Thread

    nice sack Medeiu Williams
  4. Bengals-Steelers Game Thread

    FUMBLE!!!!! recoverd by Justin Smith
  5. Bengals-Steelers Game Thread

    touch down kelly washington
  6. Have to love the catch

    you have to love the catch that Tory James Made on that INT that is 2 weeks in a row with a 1 handed INT
  7. ESPN Football

    madden 2005 is no doubt going to be the better game. I bought it too just because it was $20, it came out first and my madden 2004 i cant get to work. but madden is still got the better game play. madden 2004 gameplay was even better than that. but i guess its worth 20 bucks, but i wouldnt pay 50 for it. plus in madden 05 you get all the classics too. just hope the madden cover curse continues, then we dont have to worry about ray ray beating up on carson