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  1. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

  2. 2022 General Free Agency Thread

    Wondering if Chrisman being signed this early for camp fodder means anything in regards to Huber (don't know his contract status off-hand).
  3. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    So...is he playing? I can't find anything on his status. I assumed not. Not sure what I'm missing.
  4. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    I don't really understand the Tweet.
  5. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    Donald is the best defensive player in football. That match-up is bad and you know it. I'm interested in how they deal with it. I fully expect the D to have some success getting to Stafford or forcing a TO or two.
  6. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    And one coach mentored the other in his (NFL) approach, so I guess I can see why the offenses would be so similar. The sack diff is a bit scary. Hopefully the Titans' game helps them prepare for the Rams' D-line, and it isn't an ugly sack fest like that game again. But point taken, very similar teams despite the season record diff's.
  7. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

  8. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    Initial reaction: *Gulp*
  9. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Game highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nhtkNBDk31A Other than the defense (which was lights out 2nd half), and his INT, it's hard to understand how good Burrow was, without watching the plays again. Might be the most memorable 4th quarter in their history. Damn.
  10. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    Here we goooo Niners
  11. SUPER BOWL LVI: Bengals vs. Rams

    I want the Niners.
  12. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Exhausted tonight What a great game and moment, happy for the city and everyone here and anyone who's been married to this franchise since they were a kid (in my case 52 years). Just an amazing defensive effort and adjustments in the 2nd half. The usual clutch throws by Burrow to Chase/Higgins/Boyd and Shooter for the win. Props to Mixon for gutting out those runs on the last drive, that was huge and sealed it.
  13. Brady Is Out Here Cheap Shotting People

    Yep, right before the AFCC game too, so you know half the coverage tomorrow will be about him now, and then you won't hear the end of how great he is for at least a week 24/7. I am looking forward to him leaving the news cycle asap, incredibly boring, uninteresting person really. So glad he and Ben retired, utterly sick of watching both of them.
  14. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Yikes, did not realize Taylor tried to call timeout before the game-winning INT play. He at least seemed to give up once the ball was snapped, but seemed unsure of himself. And why did he wait? Weird.
  15. What does that mean? Kind of? Eli's quote?
  16. Wait so Amazon, as in the Sunday night game broadcast on Prime? (I think it is) I don't watch sports media shows or news, so I'm clueless, is Amazon planning on exclusive games of the week? More?
  17. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    So Bates texted Atkins about coming back. What about Dunlap? Better start scratching around for some help if they can find it - 4 injured DT's, now Sample.
  18. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Joe Burrow Funniest Moments
  19. AFC Championship Weekend: Bengals @ Chiefs

    Weather may be another factor. Supposed to be 26 degress in Buffalo next Sunday, 46 in KC (no snow/rain it looks like at least). Huge difference. So yeah, I guess give me the KC matchup again, they will be pumped to exact revenge and go to the SB, but I just like the matchup better in terms of odds on paper.
  20. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    AFCC for the first time since the year I graduated HS. Sign some FA o-lineman?
  21. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah
  22. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers

    Evan time....aaaa
  23. Divisional Weekend: Bengals @ Oilers