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  1. Smart move changing name to Ocho-Cinco

    Do you think he even has a clue that 'Ocho Cinco' does not mean 85 in Spanish?
  2. 'I was blind-sided"

    Id take both and give em backup spots on our roster! The Bengals are just gutting and rebuilding, IMO. They have lost a top lineman and their best RB. SO much for defences staying honest with the Bengals O.
  3. I have to agree. I mean if you want to look outside of Cincy, the Pats went 0-4, I wouldnt exactly bet against them in most games this season. For the Browns, when we were winning 3 games a season, we were also going 3-1ish. The bottom line is Preseason is all vanilla, bad teams win preseason games. Teams that dont think they will win in the regular season need to win a little and will put a decent effort into game planning while good teams just use this time as an audition for bubble guys, 3rd stringers and last years practice squad members.
  4. Deltha O'Neal

    Bump. Look who just got released
  5. Carson trashes Coach Tressel and Ohio State !

    (You know when we lose 80% of our starting roster to graduation/NFL) Also he didn't have the balls to say that in Cincy, this was all said on an L.A. radio show. f**king tool. He is a tool for supporting the team he led as a QB during his college years? It is a case of circumstance and environment. If I grew up in Califronia (thank God that is not true) I probably would be either a Trojan or Bruin fan and would probably dislike OSU just like I dislike Texas or Oklahoma as it is. Teams that consistently have good records are despised by fans of other teams that are regularly ranked close to them in the polls. It is sad that you are not able to seperate your dislike for the Bengals and a very talented NFL QB's support for his college Alma-Mater. When Michigan plays OSU in the next big game and Edwards is supporting the Maze and Blue while he is being interviewed by the Michigan press, will he also be a tool? My evaluation of your post points to you being the tool, not Carson. No it makes him a tool because he has no reason to bash them. How the hell would he even know what he is talking about? Did he even play them? If I heard Braylon talk down to OSU I would think the same, just shut up and play something he has no business in. However Braylon has way more experience with the Buckeyes and their fans. Braylon has played them multiple times, Carson has not. This is not a matter of supporting his team, this is a matter of running your mouth when there is NO need. He is coming down with a CJ syndrome, talking about things he has no business in. Just shut up and play.
  6. Carson trashes Coach Tressel and Ohio State !

    LMAO! Ah, so you see now that he is such a god damned tool. Here are a couple quotes for ya to nurse. (You know when we lose 80% of our starting roster to graduation/NFL) Also he didn't have the balls to say that in Cincy, this was all said on an L.A. radio show. f**king tool.
  7. Steelers, Browns are class of AFC North

    Dude, I love your sig.
  8. Deltha O'Neal

    Lol, you realize half of your starting roster is currently in a county prison right now, don't you?
  9. Steelers, Browns are class of AFC North

    Its funny how the media jumps on teams bandwagons. Just one year ago we were rated as a playoff n\bound team preseason. We endure many injuries and have a subpar season. Now the target is off our backs and we are a bottom tier team even though we have jettisoned our socially handicapped players and gotten everyone healthy. Im happy we are being overlooked. Overlooked just like Cleveland was going into last year. No one expected cleveland to play well (even though they didnt make the playoffs just like t he bengals so it doesnt matter how they played) Now they have a brutal second place schedule with like 5 night games (big one on Monday night against Buffalo - Monday night matchups blow now) The Browns have a lot to prove. They squeaked by every game last year. http://www.nfl.com/teams/schedule?team=CLE...;seasonType=REG There is also the deal with their quarterbacks. 75% of the city wants Quinn in there. People dont like Anderson and have put a short leash on him. They are very thin at running back and corner back. Their defense is bad. Its going to be an interesting year to say the least - Right now, I am confident the Bengals have a better team and will have a better year. Who Dey!! Ill have to come back to this one tomorrow when Im not so damned tired. However Ill agree that ESPN has the worst case of band waggon hopping, kinda ironic coming from a Cincy fan though.
  10. Steelers, Browns are class of AFC North

    Whelp, we'll see if the Browns success will have a 'sophomore slump' soon enough. Especially with the 5 prime time games, if we can play well in those NO ONE will have any business questioning us. But for now we haven't proven s**t.

    Lol, have fun trying to enforce this one.
  12. Bengalszone Premier League is now set!

    Sounds good to me.
  13. Bengals Fans, Help defeat the Ravens!!!

    What the hell? How in the world did the Browns lil puppy dawg make it out of the first round? That thing is pathetic. but yes it is true nobody likes Baltimore....or Pittsburgh.
  14. Deltha O'Neal

    ^Yes, thats what Im saying. Hes currently on your roster, and I want him on our roster, lol. @ Hoosier, everyone is a Chad killer, its not that hard. But if you think that move hurt our D you seriously need to get your head checked. Do you honestly think our D could have got any worse from last year? You can only go up from the bottom.
  15. Paul Brown Stadium

    You realize that your type of football and our type of football are two total different things, right?