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  1. Undrafted Free Agent Signings (unofficial)

    I'd like to see us sign Chase Daniels QB Missouri
  2. 7th Round #1: Fui Vakapuna

    This was an ok pick but just wondering why we didn't take R. Jennings with one of our first 2 7th rnders or even a 6th?
  3. Your Draft Grades Please

    I would have to give it a high B+ or a low A-
  4. 5th Round Pre-Pick Thread

    I want Ringer, Ian Johnson or N. Davis here.
  5. 4th Round: Jonathan Luigs

    Being from MO I got to see MO and AR play alot this year and believe me when I say we got a steal when we got to take Coffman then Luigs in these rounds. I love the fact we got a TE who is almost as good as Pettigrew who went in the 1st in the late 3 rnd. I also love the fact we got a dominant center if he continues to work hard in the 4th.
  6. 3rd Round #2: Chase Coffman

    being from MO I got to see this kid play alot this year, I really think he is almost as good as Pettigrew who went in the 1st. We got a steal with this pick.
  7. No more whining, no more complaining

    I'm loving this draft even though I wanted Unger with our 2nd rnd pick everything i've been reading is saying we got the best linebacker in the entire draft so that makes me ok with it.
  8. 2nd Round: Rey Maualuga

    Everything I've been reading since the first day of the draft from the so called experts are saying that we got the best linebacker in the entire draft! This makes me happy even though I wanted Unger.
  9. 3rd Round Pre-Picks Thread

    I say to def. trade a rnd. 6 to move up to ensure we would get a Caldwell, who I highly doubt is there when we pick 6th in rnd 3. I was really hoping Unger or Beatty would still be on the board at the start of today but oh well. The players I hope we target today are A. Caldwell, M.Johnson, M. Coffman, S. Greene, I. Johnson and N.Davis. Or in order I would like to see us take A. Caldwell with our first pick in rnd 3 followed by M. Johnson, who I doubt is still there. I would target N. Davis in rnd 4. M. Coffman or one of the Rb's in rnd 5.
  10. 2nd Round Pre-Pick Thread

    W. Beatty or M. Unger; that's it!
  11. Who do you hope the Bengals take?

    I don't see us getting 2 OT's at the top of the draft, nor a QB before round 6, and no way Unger's there in the 3rd. Or is this just a list of people you'd like in stripes next year? This team has ALOT of needs, and will only satisfy them all this year by TRADING DOWN. We need alot of quality OL help, increase pressure on the opposing QB, LB depth (especially MLB), secondary depth, a quality Tailback, a fullback, and a punter - plus special team players and projects. With Sanchez a 'hot' commodity, BJ Raji's drug test being discredited / deemed unimportant, Crabtree likely to still be there, and Andre Smith coming back up the charts, the Bengals will get trade offers - and should listen to them if they're even somewhat close to fair market value. Possible trade partners: Green Bay, San Fran, Denver, Detroit, Philly, and New England - all of these trade partners allow them to grab a very good OT in the 1st (Oher, Beatty, or man-boobs Smith) and address their other needs with better players. Assuming idiot Mikey makes no trade: 1) Jason Smith or Eugene Monroe / B Orakpo / A. Curry 2) C. Barwin or L English / A.Smith or Britton or Beatty or Meredith / A. Mack or E. Woods 3a) If 2 OL earlier, best DE/LB (P. Kruger?) else best OL (Caldwell, Tropog, Loadholt, Cadogan) 3b) BPA - probably RB (Jennings / Greene) or ILB (Beckwith) 4) BPA - TE (J. Casey) or DB (Barnes or Clemons) or LB (Holtzclaw or Freeman) 5) BPA - OL project (Lang or Bell) 6a) FB - Brannan Southerland 6b) P - Kevin Huber 7a 7b 7c) - I hope they get special team contributors instead of practice squad fodder they'll lose to other teams (my picks in bold) You may not see us taking 2 OT at the top of the draft but I sure hope we take at least 2 OT with our first 3 picks so our QB is hopefully not running for his life again this year!
  12. This isn't a question about who you think the Bengals will take in the draft but who you hope they take? Here's my top 5 hopefuls. 1.E. Monroe OT; I don't want the headache that A. Smith seems to be. 2.W. Beatty OT 3.M. Unger OL 4.N. Davis QB, I want an insurance policy for Carson 5.B. Williams DE
  13. Will there be anybody left to trade Chad with?

    I don't know that Chad isn't the same player he once was but I would say his attitude sucked from the beginning last year and pretty much he didn't care. It's his attitude that's hurting his performance and the teams. Plus Ocho Cinco is getting older; therefore if they would do it I would trade him & maybe a 3rd for younger Braylon Edwards. Also are we all forgetting they took 2 WR's fairly earlier last year preparing for life without TJ & Chad.
  14. Will there be anybody left to trade Chad with?

    I would trade Chad & a 3rd for Braylon.
  15. Bengals Poll for Mock Draft

    Mike Brown loves skill position players, Carson has came out and said he would love it if the Bengals took Crabtree so if he's there I see the Bengals picking him and that's the way I voted but I hope to God we take an OT, so whoever ends up at QB isn't running for there life all year again. Also I would love for the Bengals to take Nate Davis if he's there in the later rounds 4-5 or even rnd. 3. as an insurance policy in case Carson gets hurt agan.