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  1. Wonder what the thinking is at RB?

    Well, this year we did get James Johnson..... I believe he was in the free agent portion of the draft. Of course we tried to get a RB last yeas (Irons) We also have a TON of talent at the RB positon.... just need more snaps experience for DDD and Watson
  2. Columbus Bengals Nation

    Wow, it's about time ya'll got sound for the games. WhoDeyBaby and I have been going to "Jordan's Pub" since we couldn't ever hear the games.... it's kind of hard to see the games at "The Pub" as well. Good luck to you all in the CBN
  3. A situation has presented itself that may allow me to move seats...... Therefore I will be likely be selling my current tickets without the COA. Section 314 Row 20 Seats 9,10 These seats are on the Bengals side about the 5-10 yd line. They are just underneath the canopy (which is nice on super sunny days and rainy days. The 300 sections has 2 levels the first level has 12 rows in section 314 and the second level starts at 13..... so row 20 is only 7 rows from the 2nd level...... not bad. I love these seats, but as stated...... may be on the move. These seats are being sold for face value of $72 a ticket. Please reply here if you have a question (IE... how are the people around you....etc).... but PM me with any actual offers to purchase the whole package, or single-multi game packages. Thanks
  4. Dayne?

    I dont' know much about Dayne, but I had him in one of my fantasy teams last year and he did pretty well for me. Couldn't hurt to take a look at him if the price is right
  5. The Bengal Thing

    Yep.... I had a totally different plan for the video....but when it snows 12-14 inches. What can ya do!? haha
  6. Chris Henry hoopin at the UC gym

    Where did you get that sig... I swear I have seen it before!
  7. Not to get all mushy, but...

    It's nice to come back here and visit with you all and not have to deal with all the negativity and BS you get from other boards... I agree... I hate all the negativity
  8. The Bengal Thing

    It sure is....it sure is! So, by the look of your sig you are hoping for Dorsey, eh!?
  9. The Bengal Thing

    hahaha.... all the "prep" wprk was done in bundles and bundles of clothes. I threw the outfit on and we shot the video in one take. It wasn't too bad. The worst was it was still snowing pretty heavily while we were constructing the stooler fan and setting everything up. I had just pulled the chairs out of the house so they were room temp.... the snow melted right away and left a pool of icy cold water to sit in! I was hoping my ferocious dog would attack or at least pee on the stooler snowman..... instead he just wanted to lick my face! haha
  10. The Bengal Thing

    Thanks for all the votes folks! I actually WON the contest!!!! WoHoo I am actually in another one now I have a picture entry and a video entry. Click my in my sig to watch the video of me pummeling a Stooler fan. Feel free to vote for either entry if you want. I also launched my website.... it is super lame, but worth a look if you are bored: www.thebengalthing.com Thanks gang!
  11. Bengalszoners Party - 2008 ??

    I could be interested in this..... I would need to know pretty far in advance as I would have to sell my 2 season tickets and all. Be sure to keep me in the loop. I kind of lost the site here during the off season, but I am hoping to check back more often. I just added it too my favs, so that will help!
  12. We need to look at a RB in round 2

    I agree we need to look at an RB, but I don't think it needs to be at any certain spot. It all depends on who is available at the time and what would be our best pick at that time. I would not be too upset with a RB at round 2, but I think it can wait until a touch later. I am thinking I may like to see a WR come off the board for us a first. Especially if there is more to the Cj thing than we (the fans) think. We may also have a littel trouble extending TJ if he has another great year.
  13. It's kind of funny

    Yeah, I see your point....but as of now I think we have a decent spot. Personally I am hoping one of the "wanted guys" slips to our spot and we get offered a sweet deal for trade. I am not saying we do it, but I hope we at least think about it depending on what the deal is for our spot. I personally don't want to do what it would take to move up to a "better" spot.....too much guranteed money and top draft pick money type stuff for my liking. I like the number 9 spot if we can get a difference maker type guy. If not trade that sucker away for some more pics to fill our holes.
  14. The Bengal Thing

    Mike Myers, and PEKO Yeah, I got a late start.... I am slowly climbing the ranks Thanks for the vote.... if you register it counts for more points, and you can vote daily THANKS TO EVERYONE THAT VOTES!!!! BUMP..... A little less than 2 weeks til the end........
  15. off season moves

    I don't try to pretend like I know what will turn this club around..... I just hope we "make a splash" somewhere, somehow because we NEED it. I think we have a good "base" to work with, but need to "fine tune" a few places.