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  1. Does anyone like Andy Dalton?

    Frankly, Dalton's first 3 yrs would make most #1 overall picks feel more than satisfied. The one thing he has avoided is going full retard. Minimise mistakes, don't cost the team wins etc. If the guys make the playoffs this season I think we at least end the one and done business. The D under Zimmer is looking even stronger than usual. Remember when losing a starting CB would be a disaster the size of which has not been seen since the days of trans-Atlantic cruise liners or zeppelins? We've actually drafted some really potent weapons on the offense too which helps any QB, regardless of calibre. Finally the days of also building from the outside in that Marv used to spout are long gone. That was always bats**t insane. Strong in the trenches and every part of the team suddenly looks better. So yeah, Dalton will never be a Peyton etc but if Flacco can win a SB and Matt Ryan can make it a single win away from a SB appearance in their 5th yrs then why not Andy?
  2. Does anyone like Andy Dalton?

    Considering the upturn in the entire franchise's fortunes since I stopped posting regularly (and no doubt to the relief of you all on here), I'll probably stick to lurking but just to say, I like the cut of Andy's jib. Even if he is a carrot. Frankly, it's unlikely he'll ever be an "elite QB" but considering the desperately sad state of affairs the NFL has turned into wrt contact, he doesn't need to be. You no longer need a frigging robot like Manning who can thread the eye of a needle from 70 yds away and even he flubs multiple throws a game. If a DB looks at a receiver funny the flag is thrown these days. What Dalton does largely is avoid bonehead plays and in time the experience he gains could easily make him capable of taking this team deep into the post season. As for Carson - not a single f**k given. Hope you're all well.
  3. Greg Cook is Dead

    Damn shame about his injury. So much promise. The cruel side of sports/life. He was a fairly successful artist too I think? I could have just made that up but a brief interview I saw a few yrs ago showed him being all artistic and not sucking at it, if I'm remembering it correctly. RIP
  4. Rod Woodson in a Bengals Cap

    Experience and a winning mentality. Add as much of this to the staff as possible for the youngins to soak up.
  5. Bengals @ Jags game thread

    Not sure if this is benginner's luck or we've hit the effing jackpot with our young guys - for fricking once - but I'm thoroughly satisfied. I'm still waiting for the clusterf**k game/games but they can wait. Right now, we're above 5 hunnert!
  6. Bengals @ Jags game thread

    Plenty of scissoring action. Without wishing to offend the Mocker Gods, I think we'll be 3-2 by the end of play today.
  7. Bills @ Bengals Game Thread

    Finally saw some highlights. JNice to see some more fighting spirit. Mistakes are made and that's good for these young guys. Showing a good attitude though and some mental strength. As for Dalton - Best. Ginger. Ever.
  8. 49ers @ Bengals Game Thread

    Huh, not sure either team deserved to win that game. Dire stuff mostly. Why do the Bengals coaching staff seem so reluctant to try to run the ball as the gameplan? Over the last few years they've tried it and had mostly good results. Da f**k? Pick an identity and go with it for a season. I mean, sure, we might lose with it but we aren't exactly sitting around polishing any SB rings anyway. Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how this team goes next time out. Two losses on the trot. Let's see a bounce back whilst there's still some life in the kitty.
  9. 49ers @ Bengals Game Thread

    It's all realtive. If you like it, go for it. Depends on what you get started on I suspect.
  10. 49ers @ Bengals Game Thread

    Yep, my FIL introduced me to Bourbon properly a few yrs ago. Nice stuff. Usually stick to the tried and trusted locally brewed ales over here in Blighty. That's an area in which the States is criminally undderated. Must have tasted dozens on your side of the pond which are just stupidly good and there are thousands out there which I have yet to even try.
  11. 49ers @ Bengals Game Thread

    Now, stouts is the area the Irish excell at for me. A meal in a glass. To get back on track, hope the Bengals pound the 9ers faces into the ground today. I want a win, and not some high-scoring shootout guff either. A real schooling please. Show us what you got Bengals, especially you, D.
  12. 49ers @ Bengals Game Thread

    Whiskey is fine if you're a lass. There, I said it. Uh oh. It's on in the Isles! Haha, nah. Like most on this bleak, bankrupt rock in the North Atlantic I'm a bit of a mongrel (including a sprinkling of chippy Scottishness), despite being a fine, upstanding and often mildly pretentious (as is my national birthright) Englishman. Just that Irish stuff tends to be sickly sweet and more akin to a child's drink. Like a nasty cheap sherry. Prefer a decent Dalmore or Balblair. Any good honest whisky will do me. Shove the Bushmills up yer arse.
  13. 49ers @ Bengals Game Thread

    Whiskey is fine if you're a lass. There, I said it.
  14. bye ced

    He's just extracting the urine now is our cuddly little Roger. I hope he gets dick cancer.
  15. NIckname for the alleged pot dealer

    Dumbass. Or whatever prisoner numbering system they use in Federal penitentiaries.