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  1. Lewis must go

    Philly fans are THE biggest morons on the planet is why. Despite being a perennially s**tty team that was turned around by Reid they feel entitled to being like the Pats or Steelers. They've always felt entitled to being a dynasty decade after decade. Reid can "only" get them deep in the playoffs each year, not good enough, he's trash to them. Just like Joe Banner was for whatever reason trash to them, despite having the ability to constantly have $40+ million dollars available in salary cap to spend each year. Ponder that for a moment. For over a decade now Philly has had a HC that consistently has them deep in the playoffs and SB contenders, they had a team President that was a math genius and able to create an endless supply of funds to keep their team built and stocked with players and they still bitched and whined the entire time. Ran Banner out the door and now Reid. Morons. Hey, I dream of the same my man. I'd love nothing more than to see "BREAKING: Marvin Lewis fired from Cincinnati" followed by "BREAKING: Andy Reid named Bengals General Manager and Head Coach." I'd LOVE it. I would finally have hope every year and be excited FOR each new season. I'm just not holding my breath or getting my hopes up on it. If Lewis ever goes I fully expect Brown to return to form and hire from either within or hire someone formerly from here(Bresnahan? Brat? *Puke*) like old times. More than likely Lewis will be out, Hue Jackson will be in. My biggest fear right now with Clevelands new owner hiring Joe Banner to run the team Banner brings in Andy Reid. It is a possibility. They will then have the same F.O. and Coaching staff Philly has had up until two years ago. Same President, GM and HC that turned Philly around. Wouldn't be good for us at all.
  2. Moch to IR

    Heh, I wanted us to grab DE/OLB Justin Houston when he fell from a top 20 prospect to the 3rd(tested pos for M.J. at the combine). Instead we went with the Al Davis type pick. Houston: 71 solo tackles, 11.5 sacks, 7 passes defended, 8 stuffed plays in the last season and a half. Whew, glad we passed on that guy for Dontay "I.R." Moch. And yes either Dre is also a bust or Lewis is THAT big of a dumbass.
  3. 2013 Draft

    Landry Jones followed by a RB and WR in the 2nd, please. We need a QB with some arm strength, someone to take pressure off A.J. and someone who can actually gain yards running. Fix the offense then IF by some MIRACLE we move on from Giggles next year let the new guy work on rebuilding the D.
  4. 2013 Salary Cap Spending

    Baghdad Hobson. Isn't that the truth. Every year I see his salaray cap explanation and I want to throw my fist through the f**king computer. Yep. It won't change either. Fans will get their hopes and dreams up that we're going to FINALLY do things right with this new requirement and when it doesn't happen Hobson will come out with some more fake math numbers and spin on how we we are so far ahead of the rest of the NFL with our spending and moves, how we brilliantly sat back and let everyone else overpay while we waited and pounced at the perfect time and instead of buying "a name(AKA a great player)" we grabbed 4 or 5 even better players, how we upgraded every hole we had and how we still have money to spare "in case of injuries or unexpected circumstances that may arise." Just like every other year.
  5. Lewis must go

    As I understand it after 9-7 and 1 and done last season Brown gave him another extension here through 2014. He isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Vol: I hear ya. Sorta related but last year when Lewis was heading for FA after a 4 win season I proposed on another board that we needed to go after John Fox. Half that board was living out this delusional fantasy(and their Steeler worship) that Bill Cowher would come here and that Mike Brown needed him to get on the phone. The other half, comprised of a 450b Black Panther, his racist buddies and their apologetic liberal lapdogs were all arguing that Marvin Lewis was secretly this wonderfully great HC, just as good as Bill Cowher and that "the (white) man" was holding him down from his greatness. The only option was to keep him or replace him with Tony Dungy, Dennis Green, Herm Edwards, ect. So I suggested Fox. Reality was Cowher would NEVER come here and Lewis blows and that for the Bengals our Jon Gruden, our Bill Cowher was John Fox. Fox was a guy who figured out how to win with an owner almost as bad as Mike Brown, had won playoff games, had posted back to back winning seasons and had been to the SB. People universally hated it over there. TBBP said Lewis was infinitely better than Fox and the daydreamers were in Cowher or nothing mode. Since that board no longer exists i'm briefly patting myself on the back. AFCC game with Timmy Teblow as his QB and now with Peyton Manning as his guy the skies the limit. Yep, glad we overlooked that one. What's that got to do with Andy Reid? Well, Reid is the PERFECT fit here. He's experienced and successful as the GM/HC. He's one of the few able to do both jobs at a high level. Is he perfect? Far from it. Better than what we have? Infinitely. He's exactly what Mike Brown expects in a HC, a guy who'll do the jobs of five guys. Which is why Mike Brown will pass on him just like he passed on the other guy that would have fit here, Bill Belichick. The problem is Reid WOULD succeed here and he WOULD win year after year after year. That doesn't work for the Brown Family. That means having to spend good money to keep players, that means spending money on playoff games(which keep in mind, MB testified in a court of law you lose money in the playoffs) and that means raised expectations. Lewis is exactly what Brown wants. Now i'm not trotting out the tired old "Brown doesn't care about winning" cliche`. No he cares... Up to A POINT. Mikey is a guy... Who wants one of those one year bounces here everything clicks for a season and he gets his Lombardi. He ISN'T a guy who wants to be spending his money on making the playoffs year after year after year. It's expensive remember. .500 most of the time, some losing seasons here and there and taking a shot every 4 or 5 years is what Mike Brown likes and wants. Andy Reid would screw all that up by going 10-6 or better year after year, consistently making the playoffs and consistently costing Brown money. He has no interest in a guy like that.
  6. Marvin Lewis and team show no urgency

    Story of the Bengals, time after time after time. I used this example before several times n the past, usually regarding the linebackers. Example: Bengals are hot for an answer at MLB, sitting in front of them is Odell Thurman and Lofa Tatupu. One has "upside" and IF reached could be as good as Ray Lewis. The other has less upside but his downside is in the range of Junior Seau. We choose the "upside" player, which fails. 2008, still needing LB's we have in front of s Keith Rivers a soft as f**k layer with "upside" once again. We pick him. Right after the Pats decide to humiliate us again, move up in the draft and grab Jerod Mayo, a guy with less upside but also alot less downside. Rivers sucks balls, Mayo continues to perform at an extremely high level. Ditto '09. After drafting a lazy assed RT in the top 10(due to "upside") we're entering round 2. A MLB falls within 3 picks of us with less upside yet whose downside is in the range of a James Farrior type player. In other words at worse you're getting a Farrior caliber player. Also dropping at the same time is an undisciplined alcoholic with "upside" who "could be the next Ray Lewis if things pan out." Instead of moving up we stand pat and draft the "upside" guy in Maualuga. The Rams grabbed the first guy, Laurinaitis. Once again Maualuga bombs, Laurinaitis ends up a top MLB in the NFL. Gresham is no different. Anyone who knew anything knew he was the 3rd best TE in the draft. He was a guy with? UPSIDE. Ahead of him was Gronkowski, a guy whose ceiling was Jason Witten and whose floor was Jeremy Shockey and Aaron Hernandez. Gronk fell in the draft due to a back injury and Hernandez failed a drug test. We blow our wad on Mr. Upside again and Bill Belichick decides to humiliate us again and grabs BOTH of the guys who were universally ranked higher than Gresham. Result? Gresham bombs, go figure and Gronk ends up reaching his "limited" upside as does Hernandez. THAT is our biggest Achilles heel. Especially since Marvin has been here. We don't draft flat out good football players who may not end up superstars but even if they don't they will still be above average players. We get stiffies and chase after Athletes who possibly, sorta, maybe, MIGHT turn into these huge marquee players but if they don't they'll bomb, no inbetween with 'em and WHEN they don't we end up screwed. Very rarely do we draft football players who might end up elite. J. Joseph, A.J. Greene and Geno Atkins are the only three I can think of recently. Justin Smith counts, although we let him walk because Marvy Marv said he sucked and had to hook his buddies Geathers and Thornton up with huge contracts. Re the OP: As I said in another thread, Marv is existing. No, there isn't any urgency nor a give a s**t within Lewis. He tried making his escape last year, noone wanted him. He's stuck here, he doesn't want to be here(can't blame him) and he no longer cares. He's collecting a paycheck until something else comes along. As I understand it his contract is up after 2014. Marv doesn't care about the now, he cares about trying to get something set up so he can hit middle of the road in '13, playoffs in '14 and he likely just hopes to win a playoff game in '14 so he can try F.A. again and land a job elsewhere. IF h even cares at all about THAT. He really does come off resigned to finishing out his career here.
  7. 2013 Salary Cap Spending

    Sorry but no, this isn't good news, it's no news and we have seen it before. Our best players will be lowballed and walk, we'll overpay some mediocre 3rd tier FA to sell to the fans as an upgrade and then we'll resign some of our own mediocre players to far larger contracts than they will receive elsewhere, save that last 15% of the cap requirement "in case of injuries" then Baghdad Hob will sell that we made the greatest moves in FA history. Same ol same ol. Creative accounting will get us to the requirements but other than that we're not going to see changes where we start going after GOOD FA's and keeping our best players.
  8. Lewis must go

    He tried to leave, he received a phone call for a DC opening and another for SF where it was clear he was the Rooney Rule candidate only. It backfired big time on him. He knows he has no escape from here outside of maybe one day landing a TV gig and it's showing on the field, in his pressers, and in his facial expressions. He's stuck bending over for Mikey and he knows it. Mikey meanwhile has to be LOVING it, the boat can no longer be rocked and he has an average to mediocre HC who'll keep the stadium filled as long as he posts a winning season every few years by the balls. Make no mistake, he has Giggles by the raisin nuts and is in full control. This whole fantasy seen among Bengaldom that roles are reversed and Lewis is secretly the President and GM as well now is just that, fantasy. Lewis is the new Paul Alexander/Jim Anderson. A lifer not good enough to land anywhere else who is stuck being MB's bitch.
  9. 3rd Round #2: Brandon Thompson

    Not a fan, not when DT/DE hybrid beast Jared Crick still on the board at the time.

    So just to recap, 9 years of mediocrity, 3 playoff showings in nine seasons, three winning seasons out of 9, ZERO playoff wins and people still defend this assclown and clamor to give him more time. Unbelievable. What are we doing, working on the 20 year plan now?
  11. Big game in regards to Marvin

    Well he'd certainly be acting as he is unqualified for the position.
  12. Despite Bengals fans having this idea in their heads you can actually find offensive linemen outside of round one. Good ones. In some cases better ones than the overrated fatasses in round one. Ask New England about that one and if they'd rather trade Vollmer for Fatdre Smith, straight up.
  13. Big game in regards to Marvin

    He's never done F.O. work before and has a long history of playing inferior talent so his pets get to play, the last place Lewis needs to be is in our Front Office, ESPECIALLY now that Katie has it running smoothly.
  14. My first thought is to laugh at your first draft pick. Blow a first rounder on some fatass interior lineman? Really? Come on bro. Anyways i'll play.... Fired today: - Marvin Lewis - Mike Zimmer(Sorry, these lapses and lack of adjustments are piling up. When he is on he is on. When he is off we're creamed.) - Paul Alexander - The Hayes Brothers Hired: - Mike Pettine, DC, NY Jets to be Head Coach. - Mike Nolan, DC, Miami Dolphins. To replace Zimmer. - Bill Callahan, Oline Coach, NY Jets. In the event Gruden heads to Jacksonville. Possibly even if he doesn't, Callahan is a damn good OC teams have been trying to pry from the Jets for years. He also runs the same system. - Juan Castillo, DC, Philadelphia. The Oline to DC experiment in Philly has failed and Castillo is likely out the door. He is one hell of an Oline coach though. - Bryan Cox, Dline Coach, Dolphins. He's a damn good Dline coach and VAST upgrade from Hayes. - Tony Sparano. TE Coach. Cut: Crocker, Benson, Pacman, Livings, McGlynn, Roland, Bobby Williams, Caldwell Resign: Simpson, Hall(provided his health checks out) FA: G- Russ Hochstein, SS- Jim Leonhard, FS- Sean Jones, OLB- Marcus Benard Draft: 1a- CB Janorice Jenkins 1b- ILB Luke Kuechly 2- OLB Bruce Irvin 3a- G Kevin Zeitler 3b- RB Bernard Pierce 4- DE Derek Wolfe 5- WR Juron Criner 6- BPA 7- BPA Bengals upgrade both Guard spots, upgrade the secondary, replace Benson, replace Caldwell and start laying the foundation for a fulltime elite 3-4 Defense. Of course I am not sure how i'd get some of those players to fall to those spots for sure but we're dreaming out loud, right?
  15. Big game in regards to Marvin

    I said it since 2007 and i'll continue to say it: Marvin Lewis is a homeless vagrants Marty Schottenheimer, he can get your team to .500 and occasionally higher but he's not going to get you deep into the post season. This is what you get with Lewis, a winning season every few years followed by an ass kicking in the playoffs. The wait and see's, the excuses, the "one more years", it's all over at this point. He has a young, highly talented team without the distractions and he got beat by 21 points put up via a rookie 3rd string QB and a team nervous as hell being in their first playoff game EVER. There are no more wait and see's, he's been here for 9 seasons now and we have seen all we need to see, he's NOT going to morph into Chuck Noll. Marvin Lewis NEEDS to go. He's the biggest liability holding this team back and for our growth, Dalton's growth and every other young players growth a change at HC needs to be made. HOWEVER we all know Mike Brown and we know that Lewis won't be going anywhere. Come tomorrow morning he will still have a job. Come the start of the season he will still have a job. He will probably be extended on his contract yet again. Gruden might be gone, by some chance Zimmer might be gone but Lewis will remain.