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  1. 2020 Draft

    I can’t say I know anything about the players but I like the position breakdown.
  2. If the Bengals ever move I found their new home.
  3. So it’s Steelers week again. I wonder which teams’ fans will be in the majority at PBS Sunday. I’d figure it to be a shoe-in for Pitt but they’re so blah this year too that I wonder if anyone will show. Anyhow, a little chuckle courtesy of Hobs. Shot: Chaser:
  4. It's NOT the Fault of the Front Office

    I’ve always said. Mike wants to win in the NFL the same way I want to win the lotto. I want to win the lotto, but I don’t buy tickets because it’s a ripoff. So I want to win the lotto, but I don’t actually do anything (like buy tickets) to do so.
  5. It's NOT the Fault of the Front Office

    Well, I suppose it all depends on how you define “success.” Look back to the late 1980s. At that point, the Brown family was facing a possible repeat of Paul’s ending in Cleveland: being forced to sell the team in order to pay the inheritance tax due upon Paul’s death. But true to his innovative nature, the elder Brown has one last trick to play, a stock scheme that allowed him to pass along the Bengals to his heirs without their paying a cent to Uncle Sam. And when the IRS sued, they lost. Paul’s death, of course, came just as the money volcano now known as the NFL began to erupt. Over the next three decades, literally tens of thousands of players, coaches, managers and executives would put in countless billions of man hours of work to build one of the most lucrative sports entities to ever exist. Mike Brown’s role in this? He cashed some checks. So, success? Mike’s the very definition of success: he’s become a multi-millionaire by doing nothing but cashing checks earned by everyone else. Isn’t that the American Dream, to attach oneself leech like to a fountain of success and suck until you die? To contribute nothing and be rewarded for it? To be one of the most successful parasites in the history of American business? okay, well, it’s maybe not everyone’s definition of success. But it appears to work for Mike.
  6. 2020 Draft

    DC picked up some ground this week over at FO. I think it’s just that their side looks weak, but I believe that FO drastically underestimates the level of suck currently in Cincy. I still believe! Current odds of first pick/top 5 pick: CIN 45.7% 98.3% WAS 37.9% 98.2% MIA 10.7% 87.7% NYG 5.4% 75.7%
  7. And the death march that is the 2019 Bengals season trudges on...
  8. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    I think we can scratch him for the rest of the season. Hopefully there’s no long term damage.
  9. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Can we just forfeit the rest of the season?
  10. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    First play sack second play pick lol.
  11. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Damn Tate carted off after being put on a board.
  12. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    These two guys rock.
  13. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Just sign Kap.
  14. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Raiders trying to keep the Bengals in it.
  15. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Yeah, that was a pretty bad two-minute drill. Too many penalties, no urgency, the usual. OTOH do we really want a W at this point?
  16. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    TD baddies.
  17. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Carr carrving them up.
  18. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Classic over pursuit on the part of the Raiders. Dillon used to reverse field and take advantage just like that.
  19. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Defense woke up along with the run game.
  20. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Nice drive
  21. Bengals @ Raiders Game Thread

    Just got back in time to hear them fumble it back to us. Ford vs. Ferrari is pretty good, btw.
  22. Time to begin the rebuild

    Yup. The idea that Marvin is a bad coach because he built not one but two playoff rosters in the NFL’s dead zone has always struck me as nuts. And observers are getting a crash course in exactly why this year.