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  1. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    He making his case for no. 1 wideout which is great since AJ isn’t anymore. Still a need but d9nt have to go crazy next April.
  2. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Like the call
  3. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Darius Phillips being carted to the locker room
  4. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Too easy.
  5. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Tee back on the sideline looks like he’s ok...whew.
  6. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Higgins undergoing concussion test
  7. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Perine with the TD
  8. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Wow they actually got a dpi call!
  9. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    D holds with an assist from the wind.
  10. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Bates saves the TD with an end zone pick!
  11. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Good opening drive bogs down in the red zone, Fat Randy for 3. I don’t thing FGs are gonna win this one.
  12. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Given the wind Burrow should be handing off a lot today. Not having Mixon really hurts.
  13. General Free Agency Thread

    All I can think is that if they lose Sunday and then have a bye week to stew it’s going to get ugly.
  14. General Free Agency Thread

    Ross is only making $2.8 million this year. I doubt money is an issue. Bigger problem is he’s in the last year of his deal. What do you trade for a half season rental? Might get like a 7th or just a conditional pick if he gets resigned. At this point I’ll take it.
  15. General Free Agency Thread

    Aaand here we go...
  16. Dunlap traded to the Seahawks

    Yup. And the offense (meaning Joe Burrow) is what both the staff and FO have bet on pulling their collective asses out of the fire. That they can scrape together enough wins to be able to sell fans on Zac: Year 3.
  17. Dunlap traded to the Seahawks

    Well, just addressing the rumor, if he was producing while playing how he wanted to play and the new coaching staff wasn’t good with...producing like that...I’d say they were idiots. And if they demanded changes so that he wasn’t producing anymore...I’d say they were idiots. But that’s just a response to rumor.
  18. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    I hope Joe doesn’t die.
  19. General Free Agency Thread

    I still think he could be great but clearly it’s time for a change of scenery.
  20. General Free Agency Thread

    And again, hmmmm. (and yes, I’m calling bullshit on the “illness” crap)
  21. Dunlap traded to the Seahawks

    I don’t know, man. If the FO did indeed bow to the coaching staff’s desire (demand? campaign?) to get rid of Carlos, that puts them pretty deep in the tank with the staff. I don’t think the FO trades a player it (again reportedly) did not want to trade if it lacks confidence in the coaches pushing the move. In short, if you were looking for a sign they would move on from Zac and/or Lou at some point between now and January, this not only isn’t it, but is a sign they aren’t planning any changes.