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  1. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    He wasn’t playing corner, that got garbled in the reporting. He hurt his foot running a route. Tough break, hopefully it’s not anything major. There was apparently a conversation about moving him to corner, which would be fucking stupid given his size imo but whatever.
  2. General Free Agency Thread

    Disgruntled, some injury issues and production wasn’t there (for a first round pick, at least). Assuming he’s healthy — reportedly he’s been battling a groin injury this year — he’s got every incentive to turn it on (if of course there’s anything to turn on). If he has a big last half of the season, he’ll have a shot at a decent FA deal vs. a one-year prove it contract.
  3. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Hobs: Running back Joe Mixon (foot) didn't work Thursday for the second straight day, so it looks like they won't have him for a third straight game, the longest absence of his career. Same with right tackle Bobby Hart (knee), which may put them in a bind. Fred Johnson, Hart's backup who started against Tennessee, is on the Covid list, status unknown. Plus left tackle Jonah Williams (neck-stringer) went limited again. Rookie Hakeem Adeniji made his first NFL start in place of Williams against Tennessee, but it is unclear who can go at right if Hart and Johnson are out. Also looking like he'll be out is backup cornerback Darius Phillips (groin) after he missed both Wednesday and Thursday. Defensive tackle Geno Atkins has not practiced the last two days for personal reasons.
  4. General Free Agency Thread

    I like that *something* lit a fire under the FO’s ass and got them making moves like this and Spain. The rumor for a while has been that Tobin was the force behind hiring Zac, and this makes me believe that a bit more.
  5. 2021 NFL Draft

    The thing about the OL is that there have been so many injuries and so much shuffling that we really don’t know much more than we did ahead of the season. We all figured Williams would be OK and Hopkins was serviceable at least and Bobby Hart sucked and beyond that who knew. Eight games in and yeah, Williams in OK, Hopkins has been serviceable and Hart, well, hasn’t sucked quite as bad as we feared but still isn’t threatening to go to any pro bowls any time soon. Hopefully over the second half of the year we’ll get a better look.
  6. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Seems like there was a Dunlap-type situation going on with him in Atlanta. Hopefully a change of scenery does some good.
  7. Fantasy 2020

    No idea.
  8. Fantasy 2020

    Anyone up for it again this season? Yahoo is sending me notices so I figured I’d gauge interest.
  9. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Former first round pick...
  10. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Nduke sighting.
  11. 2021 NFL Draft

    1. WR 2. K 3. P 4. WR/KR 5. TE 6. traded to NE for a bowl of chowdah, Duke was hungry 7a. TJ’s dead gramma 7b. OL
  12. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Some good news.
  13. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    He almost died! Part 8,664:
  14. Bye Week Game Thread

  15. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Damn the Waynes signing has just been a major dud.
  16. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    Our turn with the rona apparently.
  17. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

  18. Lou’s last game? Zac’s? Assuming they aren’t fired this week (and I doubt it) another L before the bye would be the time...
  19. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    Burrow getting guys fired.
  20. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

  21. Titans @ Bengals Game Thread

    I think Ace was right on the oitnb podcast yesterday: Mixon is the better RB, but Gio is a better fit for the offense since he’s solid all around, as a runner, receiver, blocker and pass protector/blitz pickup. That doesn’t mean Mixon should be cut or anything, there’s room to grow, but Gio just gives them more dynamism right now..
  22. Bengals @ Steelers Game Thread

    I’d expect a tight game. The Pitt D will get pressure but they do give up points. Every team they’ve played has scored at least 21 except for the Clowns and the hapless Giants. They should have taken their first L against Baltimore but Lamar turned the ball over like 87 times so... I would guess it will end something like 31-28, 28-24, 24-21, something along those lines. Who wins is probably the last team with the ball.