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  1. Glen Steele to the NY Giants

    "Pretty sorry shape" is a generous assessment. Meli is about to discover that their o-line is little more than a speed bump, their wideouts are average on a good day, Barber can't hold on to the ball on a consistent basis, and the only thing their D has going for it is Strahan. And he's about 85 years old. And oh yeah, the league's already dinged Coughlin two days of practices because of labor violations, and parts of the team continue to grumble about his tactics (y'know, like making them show up on time and practice and stuff... ) Bottom line: the biggest worry I have about the Gi-gnats game this year is that it might turn out to be a "trap" game!
  2. What now Ravens ??

    I've been stuck watching Collins for years. Immobile and easily panicked. He blows. Frankly, so does Fassel. But if you guys want to stock up on NYG castoffs, be my guest.

    Not to mention that Hardy is angling for time at DE, too...
  4. What now Ravens ??

    That's certainly what hired kibitzer Jim Fassel has been pushing for, and this might give his arguments extra weight. But I don't think that they do it unless Kerry agrees to come dirt cheap. The Ravens do have about $4.2 million in cap space per Clayton's 4/22 update, but the per year price of a franchise CB just went up to nearly $9 million -- yup, NINE MILLION -- according to Lenny P's Tip Sheet. So McAlister is going to cost them massively. And then there's Jamal, who only has this year and next left on his deal and reportedly wants an extension -- specifically he wants an extension that will make him the highest paid RB in the game. Well...maybe he deserves it, considering how he carries the offense...but that's another big money hit. My bet is that they find some career journeyman (like, say, Matthews) to plug in behind Boller and pray for the best.
  5. Stacy Andrews...WTF !

    One of the recent bengals.com stories (I forget which one) addressed exactly that question, and the jist of the answer was that Andrews was so totally raw that they didn't want to overcomplicate things by trying to teach him the mechanics of two positions at the same time.
  6. How will help us the most?

    Hmmm...among the rooks my pick is Kyle Larson. He can do more than any other player to improve our defense, by giving them longer fields to defend. (And yeah, I think he will beat out Richardson.) FAs? Think I'll go with Webster here.
  7. How shall we label the losing years.

    The Bungle Years
  8. Palmer

    Todd Heap is a very talented player. Is he the best TE in football? Shoot, I dunno -- but at a minimum he's the best TE, by far, in this division, and from a Bengals perspective that's bad enough to go on with. I look at Heap and I see the next Frank Wycheck. He was the only reason the Tits had a passing game for all those years, and Heap could do the same thing in Baltimore. Heap and Jamal can carry the Ravens a looooong way. Ain't gonna win them the Super Bowl by themselves; they have to find at least one WR and hope Boller pans out before that happens...but credit where credit is due. As for Boller v. Palmer predictions? Hmmm...wait a sec, let me root around in the closet here for a sec...ah! Here we go: [Homer Hat] Ravens Suck! Heap Sucks! Boller Sucks! Lewis Sucks! And that other Lewis Sucks, too! Billick Really Really Really Sucks! Baltimore Sucks And Smells Bad Too! www.ravenssuck.com RULES! GO BENGALS! PALMER RULES! MARVIN LEWIS IS GAWD! WHO DEY! WHO DEY! WHO DEY! [/Homer Hat] :player:
  9. Toughest Test

    Washington. They've been the High Lords of Mediocrity for years despite Snyderbrenner's bottomless wallet, but there's a ton of talent there and like the Bengals last year, they finally have a real coach. I don't care if Gibbs hasn't coached in a million years and is older than Methusala, he's still a consummate pro and a huge step up from Spurrier. He will get performance, because also like Lewis he won't hesitate to bench/cut slackers and bums. Being up here in Jersey I get an eyeful of the NFC East, and they're my team to watch in the division next season. The Giants are rebuilding, the Eagles have peaked and I think are headed downward this year, and Parcells is going to have a tough time (again just like Lewis) duplicating last year's succes with a tougher sked, garbage at QB, and Julius Jones as the feature back. Redskins will win the NFC East. Mark it down.

    I think we'll land someplace in the 16-20 range. Our defense will be improved, but I expect it will still struggle to cope when faced with a "complete" offense: we'll be able to stop the run or the pass, but not both at the same time.
  11. ...over Jags, Bills, Saints, Raiders, Bears, Browns, Texans, Lions, Cards & Chargers ;D. Hey, it's a start! But what the hell are the Niners, Jets, Steelers and Bucs doing ahead of us?? (from americasline.com)
  12. Odds Lewis Will Be Fired

    Found this on a Titans board, attributed to the Nashville City Paper (I would have dug up a direct link but I didn't feel like registering for the rag). 18-1? Are they drunk? I'd say the chances are about 1,000,000-1 against. But here's the line: Weird odds, I can't see Gibbs getting fired, Snyderbrenner would be hanged by a torch-and-pitchfork-toting mob of enraged Hogs. That ought to be about 1,000,000-1, too. Most of the guys on the second half of the list are safe unless they're caught having carnarl knowledge of barnyard animals, IMHO. Capers is way to high, ditto Martz, neither is going anywhere. But anyhow, just thought the list was interesting...
  13. Bengals Insiders Mock Draft

    I've had fun bouncing around to all the various draft sites and reading opinions on how the Bengals drafted. With the exception of Kiper, who gave them an A, most grades run in the B- to D+ range, so basically a C. The funny thing is, no two sites seem to agree on why they downgrade the Bengals draft. One pooh-poohs the Perry pick, yet likes the rest of the draft. Another might like the Perry pick, but hate the Ratliff selection. A third like Perry and Ratliff and Williams but can't stand the two 'backers in the 3rd. I've read variously that Caleb Miller won't make the team and that he's the steal of the Bengals' draft. I've seen Ratliff described in one place as a project and in another as a guy who'll push for a starting job this year. Perry's the most complete back in the draft, no wait, he'll never be a feature back. Etcetera, etcetra, etcetera. It's like a football version of "Crossfire": "They sucked for reason A! No, A was a good move, they sucked because of B and C! What are you, stupiud, B was a reach but C was a steal! A steal, don't you have eyes, you moron..." I still think that 3 years from now we will look back on this draft in perfect satisfaction.
  14. Odds Lewis Will Be Fired

    Why not? It's a long time until September... & that reminds me, don't forget to visit profootballtalk.com and vote for the all-time worst NFL coach. They've been winnowing down the field the past few weeks and both Coslet and Schula have made it to the "final four." But right now, Morningweg is beating Schula handily (tho I voted for Coslet). Don't let the Bengals get dissed again! Our Lost Decade coaches were the worst!!!
  15. Odds Lewis Will Be Fired

    I agree, I've never figured out why Martz is supposed to be such a genius, either, but I haven't heard a peep about him being in any danger. Really, there have been so many coaching changes over the past two seasons that it's tough for me to see any major changes after 2005. Guys like Lewis and Green and Mularkey and Mariucci and Coughlin and Mora Jr. are all new, and many of the long-timers, like Cowher and Fisher, aren't likely to get dumped even after a bad season. The two I see "on the bubble" are Herm Edwards and Dave Wannstedt. I think they both have to make the playoffs to keep their job, and since they're both in the same division... Holmgren is probably in the same boat, too, now that I think about it.
  16. Defensive depth chart

    Not bad... I think Geathers gets slotted in behind Clemons as his eventual replacement, tho. If Powelll makes the cut he'll be Smith's No. 2. Ross is a tossup. If he goes Miller may be behind Webster at MLB. I think Ratliff pushes James, not O'Neal, at least initially. He'll see lots of nickle time. I'm not convinced Porter will make the final roster. Williams v. Herring? Yeah, I could see Williams winning that battle. Not sure Manuel makes the cut either. I think K2 gets that slot.
  17. Proud Poppa

    Congrats from another dad! Hope both mom & daughter are doing fine. Bet there's going to be a lot of 3 a.m. posts from kev in the next 6-12 months!
  18. rudi signs 1-year offer

    Dead on. The thing that has amazed me most about the Lewis era is the huge infusion of common sense into this club. Forgive me for quoting an entire Bengals.com article, but it's completely apropos here:
  19. rudi signs 1-year offer

    Read what I wrote again (emphasis added): "I think drafting Perry had more to do with CD going to NE and the Bengals not having any really attractive options should Rudi go down. " Rudi is set to replace CD as the No. 1 guy. But injuries happen -- remember when both CD and Rudi were hurt early last year and Bennett was "the man"? Personally, I feel a lot better with a Rudi-Perry-Watson RB lineup versus a Rudi-Watson-Hicks combo. Perry isn't going to cost a great deal. Last year's 26th pick, Kwame Harris, got a seven year, $9.8 million deal (which could void to 5 years and $6.8 million). I expect he'll end up with a deal that averages about $1.5 million a year. A bit pricey, but not in the same league as carry two $4-5 million QBs (a situation the team may face next year). As for Rudi, I don't buy his agent's spin about how the price will go up as time goes by. Rudi wasn't about to sign some $2 million or $3 million a year deal, not with the chance for a UFA jackpot in '05 which could go $5 million, $6 million, or even more depending on how he performs. Yes, it may turn out that we could have gotten him cheaper now versus later, but we're talking about $5 million a year versus $6 million a year, not $2 million a year versus $6 million a year. Which is, I think, a good situation. Everyone seems happy -- the team, Rudi, Perry -- and all appear content to let things work themselves out on the field. That's a welcome change from "I'd rather be flipping burgers," eh? Welcome to offseason hell.
  20. rudi signs 1-year offer

    I think drafting Perry had more to do with CD going to NE and the Bengals not having any really attractive options should Rudi go down. As for Rudi, I've expected him to sign the tender all along. With UFA looming, he has no incentive to sign a big deal, unless the Bengals are prepared to drop franchise/transition-RB-level dough on him, and he hasn't justified that kind of price tag yet. If he performs, then the Bengals will have to decide if they want to show him the money, or go with Perry (and perhaps tag and shop Rudi in an attempt to add some draft picks in 2005).
  21. Cool Cat

    Yup, the D gave up a 7-minute drive -- in the third quarter. After which, despite the blazing heat of the Arizona desert, they clamped down and zeroed the Cards out for the remainder of the game. By contrast, the Bengals offense put up a big fat goose egg in the second half of the game (and Kirk's right that, especially after piling up 14 points in the first half, that suggests some serious coaching issues with Brat and halftime adjustments). As for Jon, he was vintage Kitna that day: 2 picks to 1 TD pass, and a couple of fumbles (neither, thankfully, lost). The offense was an anemic 30% on 3rd downs and 0-1 on 4th-down attempts. The running game was almost nonexistent; Rudi did score but had only about 35 yards total; Dillon had 5. Now...looking back at a game like that...are the offensive changes set for 2005 any real surprise? Palmer can throw picks and fumble just as well as Jon, I'm sure. Obviously the o-line and the run game weren't distinguishing themselves, thus we have a new first-round pick in the backfield and two new o-linemen. I think it's pretty clear that Marvin & Co. are determined to stamp out the boom/bust nature of last year's offense, even if that means trading a little bit of the "boom" for a little less "bust." Like the old saying goes, the best defense is a good offense, and if we can get an offense that can consistently score points, that will free up the D to be more aggressive with blitzes and going after the ball in coverage. I'm not trying to absolve the defense of its share of blame for last year's 8-8 record, but simply pointing out that the D was consistently, constantly poor and that the offense, when it went out and executed, consistently overcame the poor defensive performance and carried the team to victory. The problem was that the offense could not go out and execute consistently -- and this despite being in the same system with many of the same skill players and same coaches for three straight years. The $64K question is whether this failure to execute is primarily a coaching/playcalling-related issue, as Kirk suggests, or a player-related issue, as Marvin appears to believe given the retention of Brat and the offensive player decisions made so far this offseason?
  22. rudi signs 1-year offer

    According to bengals.com, far from failing to reach a long-term deal, the team and Rudi's agent continue to chat about a contract. So I agree with everyone, the enquirer is off-base. Like I said in another thread, this is a pretty standard scenario with top-tier RFAs. Most times the players themselves aren't pushing very hard for a long-term deal, because of the lure of unrestricted FA next year. If Rudi performs, look for them to do something in midseason, a la CJ's extension last year. Failing that, there's always the franchise or transition tag options (and with Perry in the wings that brings up some interesting possibilities for next year's draft but it's way too early to speculate about that now... )
  23. Cool Cat

    As I said in a long-ago (what, about 3 months) discussion with Kirk, even the '85 Bears defense would have had a tough time going 8-8 when the offense averages less than 2 TDs a game half the time. Was it the defenses's fault that we lost the first game vs. Pitt last year? They only gave up 17 points...but we could only score 10. How about the infamous Arizona game? Another 17 point performance by the D sunk by 14 on the offense's part. Thank gawd for Peter Warrick or we might have lost the KC game. The D held the unbeaten Chiefs to 19 points but the offense could only score 17...it was Warrick's 68 yard punt return for 7 that made the difference. And let's not even revisit that Buffalo disaster... The defense needs improvement, yes, but the bottom line is that the winning team is the one that scores the most points. Even a better D might not have helped much last year because of our offensive ups and downs, whether you want to blame them on Kitna, play calling, the o-line, or other demon of your choice.
  24. Cool Cat

    What he said.
  25. Cool Cat

    Waitaminnit....why do I have to do all the work around here? "Blame" is a strong word, but the link between Jon's good/bad days and our wins & losses is too strong to ignore. And note it also cuts in the opposite direction: you'll get no argument from me that Kitna also carried this team in many of last year's victories. To this day I remain in awe of his performance at the end of the Pitt game, when he marched the team down the field, and on to victory, looking for all the world like the second coming of Johnny Unitas. Expecting Palmer to match that kind of performance is unrealistic, to say the least. On the other hand, Jon had plenty of ugly games that Carson ought to be able to improve upon, even as a rook. Heck, if he just remembers to throw the ball away and preserve the FG opportunity at the end of the half...Jon, how many years you been playin' this game again? Arizona's right: the kid will make his share of mistakes, but that's going to happen whenever he starts, and there's no better time than the present.