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  1. Bengals Best Bolts

    Told y'all this wasn't going to be a blowout. Good to see them come out with the W, tho, I was worried. I'm sure Marvin will have some words with the D about that second half. Good to see Corey back in 100-yard-game form, nice work by Kitna, again a good job by the O of playing keep-the-ball to run out the clock. CJ was awesome, which is to say, his usual self, and how about K-wash? Graham's good with the FGs but the kickoffs are still making me (and him, I'm sure) bonkers. We got a few good calls from the officials, too (about time!) But enough...who care right? Wer got a win on the West Coast and we're 1-0 on the road trip so far. And looking at next week...I'm thinking we blow Pitt out by about 3 TDs..
  2. BENGALS vs Steelers

    And the early line is... PITT by 3. Which, since the home team is usually spotted 3 points, is basically the bookies shrugging their shoulders. Still, I like it. No respect. Go get 'em, road dogs!
  3. Bengals Best Bolts

    We're all pulling for him, Sis. He clearly has the ability. I think you're right, he just needs time and work and good coaching. He should get all three here.
  4. Bengals Best Bolts

    On a lighter note...from sportsline.com... :lol: http://www.sportsline.com/nfl/gamecenter/r...20031123_CIN@SD
  5. Bengals Best Bolts

    Starting? Welcome to my world. And yeah, it's a tad late in the year to be blowing assigments (like the Roman/James miscue on the Boston TD) or getting out of position and having LT roll over you for 40 yards. The sign in the Bengals locker room says it all: put your head down and shovel. They need to focus *every single down* and they aren't. They're close -- and sometimes they just get beat -- but close isn't going to cut it in the next two weeks, and certainly not in the playoffs. But they are *so* close. C'mon, boys, put it together...
  6. BENGALS vs Steelers

    Bengals 30 Tin Curtain 6 WHO-DEY!
  7. Well, Well, Well

    Look who's crawling aboard the bandwagon, tossing the Bengals in among his "fine 15": http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2003/writ...mmqb/index.html All I can say is that I wish I was the guy with the "problem" on the flight he mentions...
  8. Warrick Gets His Props

    P-Dub gets the nod as AFC Special Teams Player of the Week for his big punt return for a TD. First Bengals named ST player of the week in 7, count 'em, 7 years.
  9. Bengals vs. Chargers

    Nah, I've always been a pessimist . This team just doesn't have much experience dealing with trap games -- that showed in AZ -- and I think that'll make the game much more difficult than it ought to be. Like others here, I'd love a blowout that sees Palmer get a few snaps...I just don't see it happening.
  10. Bengals vs. Chargers

    I just keep seeing Arizona all over again. Chargers have no fear of the Bengals (they've beaten us silly two straight times now) and will certainly be fired up to take on the league's media-darlings-of-the-moment. Meanwhile Marvin has to find a way to deflate the team's undoubtedly swelled heads. And with big games coming up in Baltimore and Pitt right after, he has to get them focused on SD. Bottom line: this matchup has TRAP GAME hanging over it in big neon letters. My bet...Bengals come out, look like crap, and are down by two scores at the half. Marvin lights into them at halftime and they come back out fired up, come back in the second half, and win it 23-20 on a last-second Graham FG.
  11. The OFFENSE finished it off. We ran out the clock on the Chiefs. That's been a big thing this year: we needed the D to come up big in the Seattle game to seal the win, and we lost to Pitt because we could not get the ball back in the last five minutes. BIG BIG BIG day for the O. They won a big game today.
  12. Congrats Lorenzo and Takeo!

    First, I just want to say thanks for the thought-provoking answers from everyone. I've asked this same question at various time on two other boards (one of which I still post on occasionally, the other of which I gave up on) and never got comments half as good. I think we're all pretty much in line with the screw-the-money-if Kit's-winning-let-him-play theory. My only comment to redsfan's 2nd option above is that, if we put Palmer in, I don't think there's any going back unless it's a case of injury. Once we make Palmer the guy, we have to let him play through the rough times, which to my mind means not even looking at benching him until his third year as a starter at earliest. By that time, someone will have grabbed Kit, there are too few even decent QBs in the league. Thanks again, you guys are great! (I know, I know, I can't have your Bud Lights...)
  13. Well, Well, Well

    So much for wating for tomorrow to fret . I hope your hope is right, kev. But all the signs and omens are, well, ominous. 1. The Bengals are 2.5-point road favorites (i.e., they "should" win). Just like AZ. 2. San Diego has clobbered us the last two meetings, once when we were 2-0 and another the season opener after we'd gotten a lot of playoff hype. In short, they clearly aren't intimidated by us. 3. The Bengals are coming off a big win and lots of glowing press. Just like AZ. 4. The SD game is followed by not one but 2 crucial division away games against the Ravens and Steelers (so the Bengals are likely to be looking past SD). 5. The Chargers are out of it; all that's left for them is the chance to play spoiler -- and who better to knock off than the team that just whacked KC? No way they won't be up for this game. 6.. And finally, with the KC win, the Bengals have firmly established a pattern of playing up/down to the level of the competition this year. Marvin Lewis has his work cut out this week.
  14. Congrats Lorenzo and Takeo!

    Me, neither. But it does raise another issue. Way back before the beginning of the season, Jon Kitna made a remark that this could be a "Pro Bowl type year." I dunno if Kit's Pro Bowl material yet, but he's having a very good year. Which brings up a question that I asked back when Jon made his comment, and that Lenny mentioned in his Morning After column today: what do we do at QB next year if Kit does get us to the playoffs this year? Do we keep him in the No. 1 slot and Palmer as a $50 million backup? Do we go ahead and insert Palmer anyhow, and slide Kit to No. 2? Do we hold another (ugh!) QB competition in camp next year? Do we take a big chance and *trade* Kitna while he's up and go with Carson? I think we have to go with option 1. Palmer is bound to struggle no matter how much prep he has and the pressure to pull him for the "playoff QB at No. 2" would be immense. QB competitions have a lousy success rate around these parts. The trade option is the most intriguing, but I would be reluctant to part with a playoff QB...remember Trent Dilfer...
  15. Well, Well, Well

    Yeah, I saw Levy's piece, too. I just thought King was worth mentioning (and knocking) because he's rarely missed an opportunity to dump on the Bengals over the last few years. I was actually surprised that his MMQB column today didn't have a headline like "Bungles Get Fluke Win." And don't worry, the b-word will be back just as soon as this team pulls another "Tempe." I'm actually more concerned about the Chargers game than I was about the KC tilt...but I'll save the fretting over the next game 'til tomorrow .
  16. Congrats Lorenzo and Takeo!

    I admit, I did want them to go after Bledsoe a couple years ago, but now that Palmer is on board our QB future looks pretty good. As for Kitna, he certainly should have been the starter last year; giving the job to Gus (who did nothing to earn it) was one of LeBeau's biggest mistakes. I'm still sort of waiting for the proverbial other shoe to drop this year, but the fact is that Kit is playing well right now and is a big part of the reason the Bengals are still in the hunt.
  17. Could you help me with a draft question?

    Haven't really thought much about the draft...which is unusual for a Bengal fan in November . But I'd say: Desperate needs (a position you have a big hole at): Defensive Tackle (of the big, run-stuffing variety), Center, Right Guard Draft priorities (positions you need to concentrate on): Cornerback, Punter Not a priority, but will draft if right player is available: Right Tackle, Wide Receiver, Middle Linebacker Might draft for depth: See previous answer Will not draft these positions: Quarterback, Running Back (unless we trade Corey Dilon in which case they may look for a No. 3 behind Rudi and Watson), Fullback, Safety, Defensive End, Left Tackle/Guard, Kicker, Outside Linebacker, Tight End I'd expect the Bengals to look at DT or CB in round one, whichever one they didn't take in round 1 in round 2, and probably the best o-lineman in round 3. But April's a ways off.
  18. Congrats Lorenzo and Takeo!

    Lo Neal was a class act from start to finish, and his leaving was all about money, namely the Chargers offering a million-plus bucks to him, unheard-of dough for the FB position these days. Spikes, OTOH, did act like a wick, especially with his continuous "this is so much different than my old loser team"-type comments. But in all fairness to TKO, it isn't the Bills D that's the problem, it's the offense, led by Drew "I'd never play in Cincy" Bledsoe. Now *that* brings a warn glow to my heart...
  19. Poll on ESPN!!

    If indeed that collapse doesn't happen, you may be right. Again, let's wait a few more weeks and see how things play out. The real test for both Parcells's Cowboys and Lewis' Bengals -- winning the big games in December with the playoffs on the line -- is still to come.
  20. Good Game

    With any luck, we'll get a chance to reprise our smack fun at playoff time. See ya then!
  21. Not yet, Marv, not yet. But kudos to Mikey anyhow. Game ball? I want a game ball for Mikey. It's on top of a trophy...
  22. Can corey see the writing on the wall?

    Now, now, now, calm down. CD was in the house today, he was good, if we're going to crap on him every time he says something bad let's acknowledge when he does good, too. Bottom line is TEAM won today and as far as I can tell everyone was on board today.
  23. Smash Mouth, Snot face,Hardcore Football

    From a guy who couldn't be there to a guy who was, thanks for making noise!!! GO BENGALS!
  24. we beat the Chefs, but what .........

    Well, as someone who predicted 7-9 before the season, I am tickled pink (as the phrase goes) at their 5-5 record. As for the next 6 games, Pitt and Balt after SD, and Cleveland at the end of the year are clearly the keys. SD next week would be a nice bit of revenge, and I think there are enough guys on the team who feel the same way. Let's ground the Bolts!!!!!
  25. Poll on ESPN!!

    First things first, I will put in my vote for NFL coach of the year when the year is through. But...at this point...I have to hand it to Bill Parcells. No offense to Marvin Lewis. And he still may take the prize. After all, Bill's been here before (and before and before) and Marvin is in season #1 as an NFL HC (and is still making mistakes, as seen in the no-time-out FG screwup in the first half). But Dallas has less to work with and tho they have had a relatively -- I won't say easy, but "soft" sked -- there is no way on Earth they should have the record they do. The Bengals could be expected to get 5 or 6 wins, they had talent but crappy coaching. The Cowboys had little talent and no coaching. And now they're in the driver's seat. Personal disclaimer: I hate Bill Parcells. I think he is massively over-rated. However, I have to face the clear possibility that I am a total idiot. Bill's the man...so far.